Cuckold Husband Fantasies For Cock Sucking Fetish Lovers

Hello guys, if we’ve not spoken before, let me introduce myself; I’m Jenna a cuckold phone sex specialist here at Taboo Temptations.  If you are looking for fetish phone sex then I’m the girl for you.  There are so many things that fall under this category umbrella so I’d like to be a little more specific when it comes to the fetish of cuckolding.

If you are a guy who is turned on by the idea of watching your wife get fucked by another man then we’re going to have a good time together.  I want to hear all about what it is exactly that gets your motor running.  However, I must warn you though; you may find this idea can turn into a whole lot more!

I speak to a lot of men who have this particular fetish to cuckold play but they just don’t realize it a real “thing”, much less know that there is a name for it. Becoming a cuckold husband typically starts out with the husbands desire to watch his wife with another man.  The idea of seeing it from a different angle or perspective can be very stimulating.

Learning your little dick doesn’t please your wife

Most men, if they are lucky enough to see and or witness their wife get fucked; always bring forth questions about their own masculinity.  They question whether their own cock is big enough to please his wife’s horny, hungry pussy.  Especially if the man witnessed is larger in length and or girth than you.

The questions you ask yourself are all very normal.  But if you witness her orgasm like you’ve never seen before, then the truth of the matter is; your cock doesn’t really please her.  At least not in the manner she wants or needs.  Maybe your dick is just too small to please her and you didn’t even know until now?

If you have masturbated while thinking about what it would be like to suck another man’s cock hard for your wife, then we need to talk!  What has piqued your interest?  Does the feeling a cock harden in your mouth turn you on, or does the idea of you preparing a cock for your wife, turn you on more?  Perhaps you’re more aroused at the thought of cleaning up your wife’s cream pie after you’ve watched her get pumped full? In fact, maybe you’ve already been eating her cream pie filled pussy and didn’t realize it?

No need to worry if you haven’t been able to figure out which part of the cuckold fetish sexually stimulates you the most.  This is why I’m here.  We can explore all the areas during a cuckold fetish phone sex session.  From cock sucking, cum eating, cream pie eating and even little dick humiliation phone sex too!

Cock sucking fantasies with little dick humiliation

I just shared a really hot cock sucking phone sex role play with a guy who was looking for some little dick humiliation incorporated into his fantasy session and I was more than happy to oblige. My caller was looking for a firm, yet playful tone and I couldn’t wait to get started.

I am the wife who knows what she wants and he played the horny pathetic husband that does what he’s told.  From getting drinks for me and my lover, to stripping naked after laughing at the bulge in his pants from watching my lover and I making out in front of him.

After seeing his pants tighten even more after getting his first look at my lover’s huge cock, I ordered him to strip off his clothes and put my panties on. I can tell he’s sexually aroused but at the same time I can tell he’s humiliated too.  This is when I tell him it’s his “lucky night” and become a real cuckold husband!

I begin to slowly stroke my lover’s big cock and tell you, my husband to, kneel between his legs and to get a close up view of a real mans cock. When I see you reach down to rub you pathetic little dick in my panties, I slap your hand away.  You are not allow to masturbate unless I tell you, you can.

I seize the moment and tell you for your “punishment” for trying to jerk that little dick off, you’re going to suck my lover’s big cock while I watch. There is no doubt about it that it turns me on to see the conflict in your face.  I know you want to suck it, but also still want to believe that you’re the man of the house.

Monster cock stretch my wife’s pussy good

With lingering hesitation I grab your head and force your face to the tip of his cock.  This is when you realized, I’m the one in charge. “Suck that cock, swirl your tongue around that monster mushroom head”, I encouraged you.  I push your head down over the top of my lover’s cock even more and tell you to make it hard as a rock so my stud can fuck me good.

It turned me on so much seeing my pathetic husband’s mouth eagerly sucking and gagging on my lovers cock just to please me. “Ready fluff boy”, I asked.  I tell him to take his mouth off my lovers cock because it was time; time to watch this monster cock stretch open my pussy and make me cum.  Something you can’t do.

I straddle my lover reverse cow girl and order you, my husband to come get a close look as my pussy is stretch open and swallows his monster cock.  “Lick his balls and lick the shaft of his rod as I slide up and down too”, I instruct you.

Mmmmm is this too much?  Does watching your wife getting fucked by a huge cock turn you on so much that you can’t keep your hands off your own little dick?  Should I let you sit back and watch this stallion fuck me like a real man while you beat off, or should I make you wait?

We can end this cuckold fetish phone sex fantasy where you blast your balls however you’d like. I can have my lover pull out and you suck the cum right out of his cum filled balls, or you can open your mouth like a hungry little bird as he sprays it down your throat.

Scrumptious cream pie eating fetishes come true

You want to eat my freshly fucked, sloppy wet pussy instead?  Okay, we can do that too!  After my lover empties his balls, I can send him on his way so you can feast on my creamy cum filled cunt while I verbally humiliate you.  If cream pie eating is what you’re after, I am more than happy to spread my legs and let you slurp up all that hot sperm.  If you’d rather I squat over your face and tongue fuck my pussy as it drips into your mouth we can do that too.

What; you want to have your man pussy fucked by my lover while you’re eating my cream pie? Oh my!  I have to say that really takes it to a whole new level for cuckold husband fantasy fun! I’d love that!  Along with anything else that makes your cock ache and balls tighten during our fetish phone sex playtime.

There are no limits when it comes to fulfilling any and all of your fetish phone sex cravings.  Cuckold fantasies for cock sucking, cum eating, and cream pie feasting is my specialty, but I’ll incorporate anything and everything your cock desires when you call me!  Just be sure to tell me if little dick humiliation is a part of what turns you on too so we can make it an orgasmic fantasy you won’t forget.  Call me soon!

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Incest Fantasies For Sensual Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

Do you have naughty incestuous thoughts that you would like to share with someone? If you the answer is yes, then I would like to introduce myself. I’m Jenna, a taboo phone sex specialist here at Taboo Temptations. I would love nothing more than to bring any and all of your fantasies to life during a taboo fantasy role play chat with me.

If you are craving some extreme age play, then I’m the phone playmate for you.  I have no boundaries or limits when it comes to choosing the age of the girl for your fantasy role play.  In fact, I understand that sometimes a smooth, hairless body is the only thing that will satisfy you’re raging hard on.  I will be your baby girl if you’d like.  But, you won’t get a giggly little girl when you call me but a sensual woman who enjoys daddy daughter phone sex role plays.

I’ve learned over the years engaging with taboo phone sex callers that just the simple word “Daddy” during sensual seduction is enough to turn them on and even make them cum with the right partner.  And this was just the case with a taboo daddy phone sex fantasy session I had with a fun caller the other day.

Perfect little whore for Daddy

For this particular daddy daughter phone sex fantasy I was his little girl; barely old enough to be in school. This was perfect because it always excites me to be the perfect little whore for my Daddy!  We’ve been watching dirty movies where other daddies enjoy fucking their little girls and these movies always gets Daddy in the mood to get naughty with me too.  His favorite is to use his little girl’s mouth, cunt meat and shit box for his pleasure.

Daddy starts by pulling his cock out while we are on the couch. He loves fingering my little holes while I take his cock into my little mouth. It’s hard for me to wrap my little mouth around his cock but, because I want to please Daddy, I keep trying to get more and more of it in my mouth.  Sliding my little girl lips up, down and all around Daddy’s cock head while my little hands around his shaft makes him so happy!

Once daddy is hard, he tells me to lie back on the couch and spread my legs so he can lick my sweet little cunt. I love when Daddy does that it makes my little cunt meat so slippery wet from my juices and his wet mouth. I know once I am wet that Daddy will take his cock and rub it up and down my slit before pushing it deep into me. He takes his time because he loves fucking my tight little pussy, watching his cock go in and out of my little pink hole. I love being daddy’s little fuck slut too.

Daddy squirts his cream all over my face

In this fantasy role play, Daddy has me bend over so he can lick my little shit box before he fucks it with his big daddy cock. Oh, how he stretches my little asshole open when he pushes the head into me.  Daddy thinks I look really sexy with his cock buried between my ass cheeks, especially when he takes long deep strokes in and out.  Pounding his baby girl’s shit box makes him grunt and breath funny and I love it!

When Daddy is ready to cum, he pulls out and I turn around on my knees so I can take his load of hot jizz all over my little face. Daddy says I look so pretty when my face is covered with his hot creamy load. Seeing the pleasure on his face when it squirts all over me makes me feel so good. I love it when he tells me that I’ve become the perfect little fuck slut for him.  It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside and I’m sure all little girls love pleasing their Daddy’s as much as I do!

If you’re looking for a taboo phone sex operator who enjoys pleasing her Daddy during sensual daddy daughter phone sex fantasies then I think you should give me a call!  I can’t wait to see what kind of extreme age play fantasy we can come up with to satisfy you’re raging hard on!  Just remember that when you call me for daddy phone sex that nothing is off limits and I will travel down any forbidden incestuous filled fantasy road you’d like to travel!

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Phone Sex Therapy For Cock Sucking Cuckold Confessions

Hi guys, its Jenna, your taboo phone sex specialist again. It seems that cuckold fetishes are becoming more and more popular lately.  A lot of “first timers” to this fetish are shy about their desire and craving when we first get on the phone together. However, after they are comfortable with me they are able to finally articulate what it that they are sexually turns them on.  Typically they reveal that the idea of watching and or hearing about their wife being pleasure by another man.

There are so many facets to cuckold fetishes that many men didn’t or don’t even realize there is a name for it.  In fact, many men who are first introduced to cuckold fetish, typically don’t have a full understanding to what they have agreed to participate in.  Generally speaking a wife cuckolding her husband is so much more than just letting her husband watching her receive sexual pleasure by another man.  Often time’s cuckold fetishes start out because the husband or boyfriend would like to see or hear about their wife or girlfriend’s pussy filled up and stretched out; something they are incapable of doing due to the small, little size of their penis. This is when the man faces inadequacies of pleasing his wife or girlfriend.

A man’s cuckold fetish becomes alive once his inadequacies of giving his wife sexual satisfaction have surfaced.  Once he realizes that the idea of his wife receiving sexual gratification from another man’s big cock turns him on he is now a cuckold husband.  Because there are so many facets to this cuckold fetish the hidden desire to suck another man’s cock can be revealed to either himself or his wife or girlfriend too.

Cuckold confessions of a husband who can’t please his wife

Just the other day, I had a client call into my cuckold phone sex line and confess that he was unable to please his wife. Our conversation started out by me asking him questions. When I began to probe my caller I asked my caller how big his cock was.  Finally in a wimpy voice he confessed it was only three inches in size when hard. I couldn’t help myself and giggled when he told me his size. I also informed him that three inches was pretty small and I could tell he became aroused by the facts I was stating. Yet another facet of this cuckold fetish.

When my client told me that his wife expressed to him that size didn’t matter, I told him the cold hard truth. Size does matter!  But we as women only tell men that to spare their hurt feelings. I explained to him his wife was in serious need of a decent sized cock to pleasure her pussy.  Ultimately his wife was a victim of sexual neglect by not receiving the sexual gratification she deserves with a big cock.  After hearing this information from me, my caller confessed to his wife that he wanted to watch another man penetrate her pussy.

Not completely sure what would happen after he confessed to his wife, but this is when he went on the prowl for a woman to talk about his sexual desires and figure out what this was all about. That’s when he found me and our cuckold phone sex conversation and exploration began. I explained to him that from this point on many things would and could happen since he opened that door for his wife.

Wanting to watch wife’s pussy being penetrated

Our cuckold fetish conversation turned into a phone sex therapy session as the questions began. I asked him what he was going to do if his wife started enjoying the pleasures of a much larger cock. He stuttered and quietly said he just wasn’t sure that was going to happen, but asked me what I thought would happen and so I told him from my point of view and experience with cuckold fetishes.

I explained to him he will find that his wife’s sexual desire will be incredibly strong after she gets the taste of a much larger cock. It would start out slow, where she no longer wants to engage in sex with him, her husband. Then she would go out more, leaving him home alone to wonder what she was doing. At this point she would most likely take on a lover for good. Then when things in the relationship would come to a head, she would tell him that she was keeping her lover and that it would be up to him if his marriage would continue or if it would end.

If he decided it was something he could live with in his marriage he would officially become the cuckold husband. What this most likely would entail is that her lover would be spending weekends at their house and even in their marriage bed. He would need to understand that his wife will now be in charge and depending on what she wants.  She may allow him to sleep on the floor next to the bed or end up in the guest room to sleep. Either way, she would be sure that her husband could hear her sexual encounters by her lover’s big cock all weekend long.

Cuckold humiliation as it’s best

As our fetish phone sex therapy session continued I told my client that if he wanted to push the issue of being cuckold husband then humiliation may be in the mix. I told him that he may find himself on his knees sucking his wife’s lover’s cock and that he very well could become her submissive cock sucking, cream pie cum eating husband as part of this lifestyle.

My client perked up and showed real excitement when I talked about the cock sucking aspect of this cuckold fetish. This is when I believed that deep down he had a hidden desire to suck cock. Turns out after more conversation my client actually sucked a cock in college and really enjoyed it. Those memories have stirred something up in him and could potentially be the reason he was longing to please his wife and be under her spell.

At this point my client hadn’t told his wife about his desire to suck a cock specifically for her, but needed to confess this to someone and test the waters by getting an expert opinion. By now, my client is sexually stimulated, masturbating and letting out all his hidden sexually desires. He expressed that he wanted to beg his wife’s lover to fuck her and please her in a way that he knew he was incapable of doing or has ever done. He knew his small penis was worthless in the bedroom and got off on on the little dick, small penis humiliation aspect of it all.

Therapy sessions for little, tiny, small penis confessions

When I asked my client if he like the idea of his orgasms being controlled by his wife and her lover he really started tugging on his little three inch penis. When I asked him how he would feel if his wife put in panties and a chastity belt he just about came right then and there, but I told him to slow down. I was enjoying this cuckold phone sex therapy session and continued on with more questions until my cuckold client finally shot his cream.

I believe everyone has a fetish of some sort. If not a specific fetish, then a secret sexual desire you’ve never shared with anyone, including their spouse or partner. If this is the case with you, then a phone sex therapy session where you can confess all your sexual cravings, desires and or fantasies is something you could definitely benefit from, wouldn’t you agree?

No matter what your sexual fetish is; cuckold related or not, my taboo phone sex therapy line is always available to you. Yes, cuckold phone sex confessions are my area of expertise, but I have a vast array of other specialties as well. I have an open door policy where nothing is off limits and we can discuss any and every topic under the sun! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and have an orgasm with me today!

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Innocent Little Girl Fantasies For Daddy Phone Sex Lovers

Hello, if we’ve not met yet, I’m Jenna. I may not be that silly young little girl anymore but that certainly doesn’t mean I don’t understand the sexual desire for a daddy daughter phone sex fantasy fun. Just so you know; you aren’t the only one who masturbates thinking about that incestuous relationship either. I often times masturbate thinking about all the perverted daddies out there longing to play their baby girl.

Incest phone sex is right up my alley and I absolutely love engaging in daddy daughter role plays where Daddy and I are both satisfied by the end. I naturally developed my breasts at a young age so if your fantasy baby girl has perky little mounds for you to savor, then I’m your girl. However, if you prefer, I can pretend that I’m even younger and have a flat little chest if that turns you on more.

The moment one of my callers tell me he’s a perverted Daddy looking to play with his little baby girl, I’m instantly aroused; my pussy tingles and starts to moisten. I can’t put my finger on it, but role playing an innocent little girl for a Daddy who is gentle and kind sends shivers through my body. If you are looking for an incest fantasy role play where it’s your first experience with your sweet little virgin baby girl, then I’m the one for you.

When I answer my phone and hear “Hi baby girl, are you ready to play with Daddy?” I know I’m about to have an incredible orgasm and can’t wait to get started. Our incest phone sex fantasy sessions are almost always the same, and what I like about that is that we are both guaranteed to cum and release all our pent up tension every single time. It doesn’t hurt that my phone sex daddy has a really sexy voice too. Wink.

Our daddy daughter phone sex role play today started with Daddy coming into my room to get me tucked in for the night. I had just slid under my covers when he walked in and sat at the edge of my bed. He stared at me for a few seconds then reached out and started stroking my hair. He began telling me how much I had grown up and how I’m just starting to blossom.

I held my breath when Daddy’s hand slid down my cheek, over my shoulder and towards my flat chest. My nipples had just started getting puffy; which is an indication my breasts would soon start budding, so they were very sensitive. For a few weeks now even the lightest material would cause them to become erect, so when Daddy’s fingers brushed over them I felt a tingly shock travel down to my virgin cunt. I couldn’t help but moan a little from feeling this wonderful new sensation.

I watched with excitement and a little fear as Daddy’s hand found its way down my slim hips and thighs. His hand slid up under my nightgown, and his thumb began rubbing on the crotch of my panties. My body had a mind of its own at this point in time. My legs opened up giving him full access to my cotton panty covered pussy. Daddy spent some time just rubbing his thumb up and down my pussy lips as he watched me squirm from the new sensations I was experiencing.

I could tell Daddy enjoyed watching me squirm and was becoming aroused. He slid onto the floor on his knees as he hooked his thumbs into my panties and pulled them off. Naturally my legs parted and opened for him. He lowered his head between my thighs and began to gently kiss my creamy smooth inner thigh. I wasn’t sure what he was going to do next, but I know I loved feeling his hot breath on my skin. As he worked his hot mouth up towards my pussy I started wiggling with anticipation.

I gasped when I felt his warm tongue slide up and down the lips of my pussy. His hands slid up my body playing with my pink puffy nipples. He licked and sucked on my hot little cunt, while he rolled my nipples between his fingers. I was amazed at how good it felt to have him doing all these wonderful things to me. I started moaning louder as his tongue kept working on my hot pussy. For a moment I felt panic run through my body, I didn’t understand the feeling I was experiencing. I was getting ready to have my first orgasm it was such an intense wonderful feeling. I tensed up and daddy stopped for a second to tell me to just let go, enjoy the ride. I grabbed the hair on his head pulling hard, as my first orgasm tore through my body.

Next, as I lay there catching my breath I see Daddy pull his cock out of his sweat pants. I had never seen a cock before and it looked so big and thick! I watched him rub and tug on it for a few seconds then he took his thumb and smeared the shiny stuff oozing out the tip all over the swollen end of it right before he got between my legs…

You didn’t think I was going to give you the details of what happened next did you? Well, I would certainly love to tell you which cherry Daddy popped next when you call me. Better yet, why don’t you pick up the phone and have your very own daddy daughter phone sex experience with me. We can do whatever is going to make you cum really hard.

You can fuck my virgin pussy and pop my cherry, or if you’d rather teach me how to please you with my mouth and let me taste your cum first, we can do that too. I enjoy being taught about sex for the first time as a young innocent little girl. So if you’re looking to teach a sweet baby girl all about the joys of sex and her reaction to the pleasure filled sensations turn you then we’ll be the perfect pair.

Being an incest phone sex fantasy artist means I will paint you a visual picture with my voice while we engage in consenting adult fantasy role play. You tell me your fantasy and we’ll go in any direction your cock desires. I will be the baby girl of your dreams as we embark on orgasmic adventures you never knew existed! What are you waiting for Daddy? Pick up the phone and call me today!

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Cream Pie Fetish Phone Sex For Cuckold Fantasy Play

Hello I’m Jenna, a taboo phone sex operator who specializes in cuckold fantasies. There is nothing I enjoy more than learning what part of the cuckold lifestyle, fantasy and or desire my callers have for this particular fetish. There are many aspects and angles to this fetish but I have found that one of the biggest sexual arousal’s for men is big black cock phone sex or BBC for short.

One fantasy that a lot of men share is the idea of their wife getting fucked by a big black cock. I have learned that men really enjoy the humiliation surrounded by being a cuckold for his inadequacies. Inadequacies; meaning the size of his penis is much too small to even remotely provide any sexual pleasure to his woman. Or at least certainly not as big as a big black cock.

If you are one of these men who fantasize about watching your wife get fucked and pleasure by another man, black or otherwise, I am here to help bring those sexual fantasies to life for you via a taboo phone sex role play. I would love to role play with you and pretend that I’m your wife. Will I be getting fucked by my boss, the teenage stud who mows the lawn, or my personal trainer?

Perhaps you have been masturbating to your own personalized cuckold fantasy for years. Well now’s the time to make that fantasy feel real by picking up the phone and role playing it with me. The list is endless when it comes to cuckold phone sex scenarios, so fill me in on what exactly turns you on and let’s do it!

My theory is that if my man can’t take care of my needs, then I will find someone who can! This is exactly what I did during a cuckold phone sex role play I did with a caller just the other day. I played the loving, sexy wife whose husband really gets off on watching and listening to his wife take big black cock. For his role play fantasy, I was to seduce the young black stud down the street that mows our lawn and let him secretly watch from behind the door.

When the young stud shows up to mow the lawn, I’m dressed in my silky bath robe that barely covers my ass and nothing on underneath. It was loosely tied around my waist and my big tits were generously exposed. I invited him in and told him to have a seat in the living room, while I grabbed my wallet.

I quickly called my husband and told him that the young stud had arrived, if he wanted to catch us together, he had better get home quickly. I needed to buy some time for my husband to get home and his secret spot, so I waltzed into the living room with my hips swinging, flashing my cunt with every step. I sat down next to the young stud, had some small talk and then how much it was going to cost this week as I loosened my robe just a bit more.

He was staring at my big breasts and I could a visibly see a very large erection trying to burst out of his shorts. I ran my hand over this young stud’s thigh and suggested that there was another form a payment besides cash that we could agree upon. I brushed my hand over his crotch and let my fingers trail across his raging hard on. I reached into his shorts pulling out his monster cock; licking my lips as I slide off the couch between his knees.

I licked his big mushroom head, licking up and down the shaft. I stopped long enough to pull his shorts off and went back to worshiping his big black cock. I took my time sucking it into my mouth, kissing it all over and giving his cum filled balls a nice tongue bath. It was only moments later that this young stud soon gave me what I was waiting for; a nice load of creamy cum. After I drained his balls, I kept sucking his cock because I wasn’t done with this young stud yet.

Not only did my pussy need a good hard fucking but I needed to have my pussy filled with his hot cream for my husband’s tasty treat too! My husband not only was looking for cream pie phone sex but also likes the humiliation aspect of me telling this young stud to fuck me in ways my husband’s little white dick can’t.

I know how much my husband loves hearing how inadequate he is and how small his little white dick is, so I am sure to say it multiple times while begging this young stud to bury his throbbing cock deep inside me. It excites me knowing that my husband is jerking off his little dick while watching and hearing me get pounded by this big black cock!

I can hear my husband grunting and groaning in the other room as he’s beating off his little dick but he knows he can’t cum until I tell him he can. When I reach climax and start to orgasm is when he knows he has to take his hand off his little dick and wait for his treat before I let him cum. This is the fun part of the humiliation phone sex sessions for cuckolds.

Once my young black stallion has pulled his spent cock out of my dripping wet pussy, I yelled for my husband to come out of his hiding spot. I ordered him to get between my legs and feast on his delicious cream pie. The visual of seeing my husband between my legs sucking and eating the hot creamy cum of another man out of my freshly fucked pussy, sends me over the edge every time! As I begin to squirt my juice, my caller blasted his cum at the same time.

Did your cock stand at attention when you read this taboo phone sex role play? What part of this turned you on specifically? Was it the idea seeing a big black cock stretch out your wife’s pussy, hearing her pleasure by it, the little dick humiliation part, the cream pie eating, or was it simply the taboo nature of it all?

Taboo fantasy role play is my specialty, especially in the arena of big black cock and fulfilling cuckold phone sex fetishes. Pick up the phone and tell me which bits and pieces of cuckold fetishes turns you on and together we’ll create a role play that feels so real that you’ll experience a mind blowing orgasm that will make you cum so hard!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Brother Knocks Up Cock Teasing Sister Phone Sex Fantasy

Hi there, Jenna here. Is incest phone sex something that you have been thinking about lately? It’s really not that uncommon for siblings to explore sexual things together. I know most people think its taboo and kinky, but let’s be honest here; how many times did you steal your sister’s dirty panties so that you could sniff them and jack off in them while you were growing up?

There must be something in the air lately as brother sister phone sex fantasies have been on the rise! If you’re wondering if I’m a sister in real life, the answer is yes. And yes, I was the biggest cock teasing sister a brother could ask for. Did you catch your own sister fucking her boyfriend that stirred up your hormones when you were young?

If you find yourself jacking off with a pair of panties around your cock fantasizing and wondering what it would be like to fuck your sister, there’s no need to wonder anymore! I’m here to bring that wonderment and fantasy to life with a mind blowing incest phone sex fantasy role play with you over the phone today!

Just the other day I shared a naughty incest fantasy role play with a horny guy who’s been wanting to fuck his sister ever since the first time he caught her fucking when they were just teenagers. He already had a brother sister phone sex role play mapped out in his head that he wanted to do and I couldn’t wait to get started.

In this particular incest fantasy we were teenagers again and our parents had gone away on vacation for a week. So, my brother and I had the house to ourselves. I am the older sister and a very sexual young girl to say the least. I took advantage of this time without my parents being home and had several men coming and going. It was ton of fun with lots of cum too.

On this particular evening I mentioned to my brother that someone would be stopping by later. Instantly he reacted with aggression yelling at me and telling me that I was such a slut. He then asked if there was a man in town I hadn’t fucked yet. I knew his frustration was sexually induced because I saw him peeking in the door several times while I was getting fucked because I accidentally, (on purpose) left the door open just a crack for him to see.

With an inquisitive, seductive smile on my face, as any real cock tease would, I replied, “Yes there is”. Again with a sexually charged reaction, my brother demanded to know who I was referring to. This was exactly the reaction I was hoping for because I had the perfect answer. With a sparkle in my eye and a hungry, naughty smile on my face, I replied, “You, little brother”.

Instantly I could read him as I stared into his eyes. I knew all the nasty thoughts that began to swirl around in his head. I leaned in and at the same time my brother stepped forward and we locked lips. Our hands clawed at our clothes, ripping them off as we made our way to the couch.

Now completely naked, I lie back on the couch and spread my legs wide for my brother to take my tight cunt. He jumped out of his underwear and crawled his way on top of me. I reached for his cock and guided him to my wet pink hole. When he sunk his huge, hard teenage cock into horny hole my body ignited with fire like it never had before with all the other boys and men I’d been fucking all week.

I just knew in that moment that feeling my brother fuck me was the most incredible feeling ever! I could feel every inch of his cock filling and stretching out my pussy. I thrust my hips up to meet his force as we fucked like animals in heat right there on the couch. While my brother was fucking me he was grunting and groaning and calling me a fucking slut and cock teasing bitch for making him so hard all the time.

It was only minutes before I was cumming all over his cock buried deep inside me and only two strokes later my brother was filling me up with his hot cum. As he was pulsating and unloading his load deep inside me he told me he was going to knock me up. As he continued to squirt every drop out of his balls he continued to tell me that he couldn’t wait to see my belly big and round with his baby inside and how he couldn’t wait to fondle my tits when they were heavy with milk.

I know having sex with my brother is considered taboo because it’s incest but it felt so good! Now my conflict is that I’m not sure if it’s because it’s taboo, or if it’s because deep down I secretly want to be knocked up my brother. All I know is that it fueled my fire and can’t get enough of my brother’s cock! We spent the rest of the week fucking several times a day, in every position and in every room of our house.

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