Explore Your Sexual Perversions with Mutual Masturbation

I’m Stevie and I just love mutual masturbation phone sex and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Do you have a dirty, perverted side that you have been just dying to unleash and explore for some time now?   Are you afraid to bring it to the table with your wife because she would never understand, let alone explore it with you?

Well baby, that’s where I come in for you and all your perverted phone sex fantasies and then some.  I want to be that taboo phone sex playmate for you and let you bring all your perversions to the table. Being a no holds bar woman I’m eager to share and explore all of your fantasies, no matter how taboo, extreme, or naughty you think they might be. I’m here to take you and those extreme fantasy stories to the highest level of sexual arousal there is.

If your wife is at work, out with her friends shopping, or you simply have some alone time and are feeling frisky, then it’s the perfect opportunity for you to kick back and fulfill one of your deepest, darkest, taboo phone sex fantasies. Since the Mrs. won’t be home for a while why don’t you slip into the bedroom, get naked and call me for some dirty, erotic conversation and experience mutual masturbation fun like you’ve been dreaming about for so long!

Therapeutic orgasm release

I thought my caller last night was going to need me to call him an ambulance after his explosive orgasm that transpired from our taboo phone sex session.  The heavy breathing and panting was nothing like I have heard before.  Once he was able to catch his breath he confessed to me that the orgasm he experienced was the hardest, most intense orgasm he’s ever had in his whole life! In fact, while still in his cum induced stupor he went on to tell me how he wished he could share his dirty little secrets and sexual fantasies with his wife.  He had even hoped that some day she would open her mind just a little and role play with him, but he knows it’ll never happen.

For years he wished that a little dirty talk or taboo whispers while they were making love could happen, but has finally concluded she would completely flip out and completely not understand. This is ultimately why he decided to try a taboo phone sex service instead.   I reassured my caller that I understand. Not only do I understand, but I also encourage my callers to share with me what their deep, dark, taboo fantasies are. There is something freeing about releasing ones taboo thoughts and extremely perverted fantasies out loud with words to another person.

I provide that safe space for someone to release it all and without judgment.  After years of providing taboo phone sex experiences for men, I fully grasp the magnitude of how wonderful it is for both our minds and bodies for sexual release. Personally find it very therapeutic on a multitude of levels.  This is why I am so open minded and want men to feel comfortable when they call my erotic phone sex fantasy line.

Deep, dark thoughts aren’t illegal

Some men have sexual thoughts and fantasies about things that would be considered illegal or completely forbidden in the real world and I am perfectly fine with those types of fantasies, because it’s just that; fantasy. There is nothing better than sharing sexual fantasies with like minded men over the phone, because I too have a multitude of illegal thoughts and fantasies that I masturbate to on a regular basis.

If you’ve never called an erotic taboo phone sex line before, I must warn you it can become addicting  because you will find that your orgasms will be much more intense and a heck of a lot more fun when participating in a mutual masturbation phone sex session with another horny person!

Whether your wife is at work, out shopping or you are single and have the day off from work, treat yourself to a playful and sexually charged taboo phone sex session with me! Call me and confess just one, two, or even all of your secret sexual desires that you’ve been hiding and holding onto. Let’s reach inside each other’s perverted minds and have the most explosive orgasms together now! I’ll be waiting to hear from you…

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Tampon Fetish Play with Dirty Step Son Fantasy

Hello boys, its Stevie and what a delightful incest phone sex call I had on a recent fetish session.  I have to admit that it was pretty extreme just like the way I like them, so I thought I’d share and see if it sparked interest in anyone else.  I really enjoy crossing the line when it comes to taboo talk and fantasy role play over the phone. This particular call had my pussy wet within the first minute of his description of how he wanted to role play out his mommy son phone sex fantasy session with me.

For this perverted incest session I was this gentleman’s step mother and noticed lately that some of my panties had been mysteriously disappearing.  I looked high and low and could not find a few of my “period” panties anywhere.  I only wore these particular panties when I had my menstrual cycle, so I noticed this morning when they went missing.  This particular menstruation month I was bleeding on the heavy side and was soiling my panties more so than ever.  I had to go change my tampon and walked into the bathroom and you will never guess what I discovered!

Period fetish fantasy

I discovered my naked step son standing in front of the mirror with a pair of my blood soaked panties to his face with one hand and his other hand wrapped around his cock! He was sniffing and licking the red crotch of my panties.  The sight of his hard cock instantly made my loins vibrate with sexual excitement.  In fact, seeing him in this predicament actually turned me on and my pussy was instantly wet.

My motherly instincts told me I needed to punish this little fucker for stealing my panties and I knew just the trick.  If he enjoyed sniffing and licking those bloody panties, he was going to not only change my tampon for me, but he was going to lick my blood filled snatch as well.  My step son was going to earn his first set of “red wings” by eating my bloody pussy whether he knew it or not. I was not only going to make his menstruation fetish come alive with some taboo period play, but he was going to experience more tampon play than he bargained for.

After giving him a verbal scolding I instructed him to his knees directly in front of me as I sat on the toilet.  I closed the lid to sit right on the edge of it and instructed his fucking ass just where to get a new tampon from.  Slowly I made him remove the one that was already buried deep inside my snatch and watched as his little cock twitched with joy.  I couldn’t believe the feelings that were coming over me!

Ultimate punishment for my step son

After I had him remove the soiled tampon I had him clean my pussy with his tongue on this incest phone sex call. I thought what would be the ultimate punishment for my step son. But then another idea came to mind! I told him to get another tampon out of the box and bend over the tub. I wanted him to jerk that young cock off while I inserted a tampon inside him. The feeling of the plastic applicator on his asshole made his cock twitch and he began to jerk his rod a little faster.

I gently placed the fresh tampon up inside his sweet little asshole before I pushed the applicator stick upwards. He puckered his butt a little and his balls tightened as he could feel the tampon being pushed inside him. As I began to remove the plastic, the string dropped down and tickled his nuts. The sheer moan of pain yet pleasure had his little cock beginning to tense right up.
“Cum for Mommy”, I instructed, as I gave the string a gentle pull. I started to move it around in a circular motion so it was moving up inside him, and just as he began to lose his load, I gave it a nice hard tug out! Out came the tampon and out came his huge load of cum!

Kinky fetish mommy for period play and more

As you can see incest phone sex fantasies can involve your mother, or step mother doing a variety of dirty things to and with you.  If you have a tampon fetish or are seeking anal pleasures from a naughty fetish phone sex Mommy who would love to punish you for stealing my panties call me!  I would love to hear what kinky things you fantasize about and bring those fantasies to life during a role play phone sex session of your very own.

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

Fuel Your Fantasy Fire with Erotic Incest Stories

Hello there to all you mommy phone sex lovers out there! I’m Stevie, an experienced operator here at Taboo Temptations to fulfill any and all of your taboo phone sex fantasies.  I want to know every detail of what makes you cock stiff when you call me.  If hearing incest stories interest you then you have hit the incest jackpot!  I am who I am today because I was raised by very twisted, dysfunctional parents. The good old saying of “you do what you know” is also what happened to me while raising my two beautiful children.

Over the years I have really enjoyed sharing my incest stories with gentlemen who dial into my incest phone sex line. One caller and I got quiet intimate sharing our upbringing as the children of nudists and what we later found out is that they were swingers too. We shared the fact that we were so naïve and oblivious to anything sexual that was going on, and that we were the subject to some of “not so normal” things going on around us.

Clearly we both see now that our current sexual appetite for incest is a direct result of being subjected to the particular taboo lifestyle while growing up. This is exactly why incest phone sex sessions are so satisfying for me and several of my clients alike. Our own personal incest stories are just fuel for our taboo fantasy pleasures, especially ones that revolve around incest. This particular caller revealed that he too has a thing for underage children and masturbates to the thought of some day being able to actually sexually be with one. Lucky for him, I have several personal incest stories as well as underage stories to share to with him.

Erotic masturbation sessions for underage incest stories

After I learned that my caller had a thing for underage children I began his erotic masturbation session by asking him which he preferred more; little boys or little girls. He openly admitted that he didn’t actually have a preference and that just the taboo nature of it all was the ultimate turn on for him.  Based on his reply I began to share the sexual encounters I had with both of my children.  He lubed up his cock and began listening and stroking…

I quickly learned that using the terms perverted pedophile were his trigger words and used them often as I described how much my kids loved having sex at such a young age. I described their hairless little bodies to him and told him what I perverted pedophile mother I am; which turned him on even more.  As I hear his breathing increase and hear the sounds of his hand jerking on his cock quicken, I continue on with my underage incest story.

My pussy always moistens at the thought of as well as the verbal story telling of the underage incest that took place not only in my home growing up, but the home I provided for my children too. When I offered my children to this perverted pedophile and told him I’d help him do whatever it is he wants to them for his pleasure; his balls exploded! My caller gave a little chuckle and said he came too fast. But then after catching his breath he eagerly stated that he couldn’t wait to have another erotic phone sex masturbation session with me where we could go even further with this underage fantasy fun.

Erotic conversations to underage fantasy role play

Whether you are looking to share your sexual childhood stories or hear mine then give me a call! I’d love share a twisted, erotic incest phone sex session with you that involves talking about incest and or playing with underage children. Whether it’s just an erotic conversation we share about the topic of incest or underage while we both pleasure ourselves, or our phone time is spent engaging in a mommy son phone sex role play, I can’t wait to hear from you. Call my taboo phone sex line and cum with me today!

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Mommy Seduces Son: Phone Sex Fantasy Pleasures Realized

Hello, I’m Stevie a taboo phone sex playmate who is always ready to take a walk on the kinky side of fantasy role play with you! Does your cock starting to throb at the thought of playing incest games with a hot sexy mommy like me? Is the guilt of wanting to fuck your mother killing you; eating you alive to the point you’ve now become a masturbation addict?

Well, baby, you’ve come to the right place because I’m here to tell you that incest phone sex fantasies are a very common and what I specialize in. I will reassure you that there is no need to feel guilty or even ashamed for having thoughts about fucking your mommy. Always keep an open mind and just know that guilty pleasures and fantasy phone sex role play are the spice of life!

It’s only natural to have sexual thoughts about your mother, especially during puberty, because she’s the primary female in your life while growing up. Your mother is the first female to show you the power a sexy woman has over a man, right? So why not engage in an incest fantasy role play now, as an older, more experienced man and feel the fire only a mommy and son can create!

If you’re looking to take a walk back in time and turn into that young, innocent but curious young man intrigued about sex, I’ve got the perfect mommy son phone sex fantasy for you! I believe that it’s a mother’s duty to introduce her son to sex just like she introduces any of her children to everything in life for the first time. So of course, sex is included!

Seduced by Mom; adult fantasy role play

Just as you’re entering puberty I notice the bulge forming in your shorts so I dress even provocatively and show off my body even more in front of you. I absolutely love teasing you with visuals of my exposed body. I excites me to know I’m making your young boy cock throb just for me!  I’ve always been a loving and nurturing mother and I know you’ve never experienced the aggressive side of me, or any woman for that matter, but I am sure you’re going to enjoy it. In fact, you’ll enjoy it so much that you’ll be wanting, needing and craving more and more of your sexy mommy in no time.

Let’s engage in a mommy son phone sex fantasy role play where I’ve spent all day thinking about how I am going to seduce you. I have masturbated several times thinking about all the sexual animalistic desires I am going to ignite within us. Tonight is the night! Are you ready?

Acting on burning sexual desires

I come into your bedroom wearing nothing more than a short, mid thigh silk robe that is tied loosely around my waist. You can see my big breasts spilling out of my robe as I stand beside your bed. Your eyes get big with the visual picture before you and you reach under your covers to adjust your growing cock.  I slide my robe off as I crawl into bed with you and give you a gentle kiss. That gentle kiss quickly becomes more aggressive with my burning sexual desire for you. I tell you it’s time; time to learn how to please a woman and begin climbing over the top of you. After positioning myself over your face I slowly lower my wet cunt onto your mouth and tell you to lick my hot snatch.

Hovering over your mouth I put my hand on your head and instruct you to on how to lick and suck my swollen clit. I am in desperate need of an orgasm and this feels so much better than just fantasizing about it while masturbating. Fucking my son’s face has me so excited and the eagerness of your tongue has me so turned on! Just as I tell you what a good boy you are for Mommy, I have what feels like an earth shattering orgasm!

Blow a hot load of sperm inside Mommy’s cunt

While I’m catching my breath from the intoxicating orgasm, I slide down off your face and start kissing you. I can taste my pussy juices on your lips and it tastes so good. My appetite has just gone into overdrive and now I want more! I tell you I am going to ride your young cock and fuck the shit out of you next.  Mommy’s cunt it aching and I need your cock now! I grab your shaft and tell you that when I slide down, you thrust up. You have no idea what the sensations of my juicy wet cunt are going to feel like wrapped around your hard young cock either.  I can’t wait to see the look on your face when I plunge down onto your virgin cock.

I slide my hot, aching, cunt down onto your virgin cock as you thrust up at the same time. My entire body quivers with joy and begin to fuck you; my son. I start moving my hips faster and harder enjoying every inch of your cock. Moaning, panting and begging you to fuck me harder has me cumming all over your young hard cock within minutes.

Between the heat from my cunt, the slippery juice oozing from my hole and the friction we are creating, it has you close to blowing. I can see in your face and encourage you to blow your hot load of sperm deep inside Mommy’s cunt. The build up for you is so intense that you’re almost afraid to let it go.  “Give Mommy your sperm, give it to me, son”, I begin to beg.  Just as I feel the force of your ejaculation starting to spray into my hot box, I orgasm again!

Incest affairs with a fantasy role play Mom

If you are in need of a naughty mommy for a taboo phone sex role play like this one, call me! There is nothing like teaching your own children the joys of sex! In fact, I’d love to have an ongoing incest affair with a horny man looking to role play my son! I can’t wait to move this affair into my bedroom and show you what Mommy’s cock sucking skills are like too!

I am a horny woman who loves to masturbate with my callers while engaging in incest fantasy role play scenarios. If you’d like to do this fantasy, great! If you have another mommy phone sex fantasy in mind, we can do that too. Just pick up the phone and  give me a call taboo phone sex playmate a call to get our orgasms started!

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Perverted Church Fantasy Role Play for Incest Phone Sex

Hello there, I’m Stevie and I enjoy all types of taboo phone sex fantasies and will never turn a fantasy down. What could be more taboo than mixing a steamy incest phone sex fantasy with a dash of blasphemy?  That’s right, nothing!  I had an incest phone sex call that was so hot that it had me dripping wet by the time we hung up the phone I just wanted to share.  One of the best parts of incest fantasy role play is crossing the line into extreme territories and this call did just that!  This particular caller’s fantasy may be little extreme for some but not for me! In fact, I say bring it on and let’s play!

Blasphemy phone sex fun for incest play

Let me paint the picture for you and describe our fantasy role play session for you.  My caller and I are husband and wife; an average couple attending church with their two children: a boy and a girl.  I guess you could say our lives are typical and routine.  We are a happily married couple, have a great sex life and an amazing family. We have what some would say is the perfect family and living the dream of the white picket fence life.

One day while my husband is at work and the kids are at school, I discover a pornography DVD that my husband had been watching. Out of curiosity I placed the DVD in the computer to see what sorts of kinky things sexually excited my husband and boy I was shocked when I saw the content! This porn movie showed a woman getting horny and performing sex acts in a church!

All I could think to myself was “is this the kind of stuff that turns my husband on”.  I began tracking our computers history and found out that, indeed, he enjoyed blasphemy.  Not only did he enjoy that but incest phone sex was showing up on his searches as well.

Without getting too upset, I quickly composed myself and began to think. Being the good wife that I am and wanting to please my husband in every way possible I began brainstorming ways I could incorporate this into our own sex life.  I spent a few days contemplating just what things I could do to really please him and his cock to the fullest.

Wife gives husband hand job in the middle of church service

Sunday arrives and the kids and I are all downstairs.  We just finished breakfast and were ready for church.  I secretively knew that while we were waiting for my husband to get ready, he was really upstairs jerking off to his church porn.  When he came downstairs with a giant smile on his face I knew that I was going to make it an even bigger smile when we returned home from church.

As the choir started to sing the perverted thoughts began to race in my mind. I knew that the plan I was getting ready to put into motion would prevent us from ever be allowed through these church doors again, but I knew it would be worth it if it pleased my husband.

I moved my coat over to my husband’s lap and slowly began to unzip his pants.  He seemed shocked that I was about to give him a hand job right there in the pew with our son and daughter on each side of us.  I didn’t care.  I wanted my husband to experience sexual ecstasy and I was going to make sure it happened.

The priest caught a glance of what was going on, but pretended to ignore it.  I began to jerk my husband off a little bit harder now and that’s when he tilted his head back and moaned.  The priest looked right at my hand and I could tell that this was turning him on too.  He stumbled with his words and gave us a look that told us to “stop”.  I couldn’t though. I knew that this was driving my husband insane and wanted him to cum right there in the church pew, right in the middle of service!

Wife turns service into church orgy

Soon thereafter our daughter leaned over and whispered to me asking if Daddy was alright.  I shook my head yes then took my daughters hand over the top of mine and begin to stroke Daddy’s hard cock with hers.  The priest gasped with his eyes on us, so this drew attention to us.  I instantly felt my husband’s cock hardened even more.

I knew now was the time and I was going to take action that would not only shock my husband, but the entire congregation too.  After sliding my arm around my daughter I slipped my hand over her head and shoved her down on her daddy’s cock.  I leaned down and whispered in her ear to suck it and suck it good baby girl.  As soon as I saw her lips around his shaft I stood up and whipped a pistol out of my purse; shocking everyone. Without hesitation I stood up and I spat out that I was now in charge of the congregation. I told everyone to remain in their seats and follow my instruction to that nobody would get hurt.

The first thing I did was grab the cutest little girl from the middle of the church. I took her by the hand and lead her over to my family.  I then instructed her to help my daughter please her Daddy’s cock. The look of complete and utter shock on the priest’s face was priceless!  I knew that he was turned on too and that was the hottest part of it. To prove my point I went to the pulpit and escorted him to his chair.  When I lifted his robe I found his cock to be even harder than my husband’s cock!

Tantalizing taboo fantasies with a twist of extreme perversion

Doing such perverted things in church, in God’s house, definitely put this incest phone sex fantasy over the top! My husband’s secret incestuous filled fantasy pleasures were forbidden on many levels but I loved every second of it!  He absolutely loved having our daughter suck his cock with her tiny little mouth all while being a dirty little slut in church.  This is extreme perversion at its best!

Even though this blasphemy fantasy about having perverted sex in church is fairly uncommon, it certainly turned me and my caller on to the point of intense, mind blowing orgasms!   Do you have fantasies about having perverted or incest sex in church too?  If church is a place you’d like to have some perverted playtime, I’d love to see what other blasphemy fantasy calls can make my pussy squirt!

Whether it’s an incest fantasy role play that includes blasphemy or any other twisted or perverted sex act, give me a call! I specialize in any and all types of extreme phone sex fantasies where all tantalizing taboo thoughts become a reality.  Can’t wait to hear from you and learn all about the dirty church fantasies that you’ve been fantasizing about.  Don’t wait too long, call me and let’s create a version that will have you cumming hard too!

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Phone Sex Mommy Gives Son Cock Sucking Lessons

Hi guys I’m Stevie.  I believe that incest phone sex is a very common fantasy for a lot of people; men and women alike. However, the thing that I’m not sure about or understand is why it should be a fantasy at all? For me an incestuous relationship is something that should be common between a parent and child. Being a parent myself I can say that we teach our children everything, so why not teach them all about their young bodies and sex?

For me, as a mother, I feel it is very important that I teach my children about their bodies and sexuality. I mean, at a young age things can be very confusing both mentally and physically, especially when it’s attraction to the same sex.  My personal thoughts are who better to help you sort out your sexual desires than your own mother? Mom’s are your biggest cheerleaders and I always encourage my children to explore their feelings; sexual or otherwise.   This is exactly what took place on one of my most recent incest phone sex fantasy sessions with a delightful, fun gentleman just the other night and it went like this…

Discovering my teenage son jacking off

I played the role of my caller’s mother and he played the role of my young teenage son for our mommy son phone sex role play but there were others involved too!  I have a black lover whom I have over often and my son knows him as well.  When I discovered my teenage son had been jacking off, as evidenced by the crusty cum filled socks I found in his bedroom, I assumed he had been jacking off to the sounds of my lover and I fucking at night.  It was only days later that I changed my mind and became suspicious of my son’s sexual preference.

The reason I become suspicious is because every time my lover came over I notice he spent a lot of time staring at him.  Looking at his large muscles wasn’t the only thing he stared at either.  On this particular day my lover and I just finished a super hot and intense fuck session in my bedroom.  I did my best to keep my moans as quiet as possible but I don’t think I was very successful.

The reason I don’t think I was successful is because when we came out of my son was sitting on the couch playing videos games with a full on erection. His eyes instantly went to my lover’s crotch in his robe.  I was wearing baby doll lingerie which didn’t seem to even captivate him as you would think it would as a young teenage boy with raging hormones.  I decided after seeing this reaction from my son it was time to confront my suspicions head on.

Mom teaches her son the art of cock sucking

I’ve always been open with my children so I decided the best course of action was to take a direct approach with this situation too.  I asked my son point blank if he was interested in sucking cock.  His face turned pink with embarrassment then asked what I meant out of nervousness. I told him that I noticed how much he looked and stared at my lover each time he came over.  My son hung his head and shyly stuttered that he really didn’t know if he was a faggot cock sucker or not.  I told him it was okay, but it was time to find out.

My lover sat down next to my son and I sat next to my lover.  I opened his robe so my son could get a real good look at his big black cock.  As I began to stroke it my son’s eyes got huge as he watched it grow bigger and bigger in my hand.  My lover leaned back on the couch and spread his legs wide.  I got on floor between his open legs and took hold of his monster shaft with one hand and began to lick his big mushroom head.  There is an erotic art to cock sucking and this is exactly what I wanted to teach my son.

I used my wet tongue and slid it up and down his shaft before swallowing the tip of his cock into my mouth.  Once my mouth enveloped his big black cock I bobbed my head up and down for a few minutes only to watch my son stare at me with his mouth wide open in awe. I could even see the jealous hunger in eyes and knew it was time to teach him to suck his first cock.

Cock sucking incest fantasies for Mommy’s little faggot

I popped my mouth off my lovers cock and offered it to my son.  I held onto my lover’s shaft as I gently encouraged my son to go ahead and start by licking his head just like Mommy did.  Next I coaxed, coached and encouraged him to lick his shaft up and down and savor every inch of his first black cock.  I could tell he was loving every second and inch of my lovers cock as evidenced by his raging hard on in his shorts.  I urged him to take that big black cock into his mouth and see just how deep he could take it.

After a little more encouragement he began bobbing his head up and down and was truly enjoying his first cock.  I could tell he was going to be a good cock sucking faggot and wanted to reward him, so I slid off the couch and started sucking his cock next!  Mmmmm having my own son’s cock in my mouth was amazing!  As soon as I started moaning on my son’s cock, my lover began to moan with my son’s mouth on his cock too.  Thus, I knew it wasn’t going to be long before my lover would be blowing his load!

I pulled my mouth off my son’s cock and started jerking him off and told him to get ready for his first load of creamy white sperm.  I told him to open his mouth wide so when the ropes of hot jizz started to spurt it would hit the back of his throat.  He gagged a little when he first felt it spray but then instantly began swallowing as quickly as he could until my lover emptied his balls into my son’s mouth.

Coached cock sucking and cum eating with Mommy

As I stated earlier, there is no better teacher of life skills than your own Mom.  Let this fantasy phone sex Mom teach you everything, and I mean everything there is to know about sex, cock sucking, cum eating, pussy eating, and more!  Turn the hands of the clock back and role play the age of a young boy learning about sex for the first time.  Mommy understands that sometimes a young boy needs to suck the cock of a powerful man!

If you are a cock sucking faggot like this particular caller, I’d gladly share my black lover with you too.  If you’re not a faggot and not into cock sucking, that’s okay too.  Whatever it is that you’re in the mood for, bring it to me.  I’m open to any and all types of role play fantasies that incest phone sex has to offer!  Nothing is off limits and I have absolutely no boundaries when it comes to making my callers cum!  So pick up the phone and let’s cum together today!

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Sexually Unsatisfied Husband Rapes His Wife Fantasy Role Play

Do you have a perverted phone sex fantasy that you want to share with someone? If you do then let me introduce myself, I’m Stevie a sexy, mature woman who loves all things kinky and extremely perverted when it comes to deviant phone sex fantasy sessions. I would love nothing more than to hear all about the deviant, perverted fantasies that you enjoy as well.

Let me first say that there is nothing that’s too “off the wall” for me; I’m a no limits playmate who loves to hear all about your wildest, most deviant fantasies. What types of sexual fantasies do you keep hidden and tucked away in your perverted mind? If they are the ones you’re afraid to tell anyone about for fear they will call the cops on you, then we are going to have a really good time together.  You could say that I am the kind of playmate who believes that every man should have someone to talk to, explore and even verbally live out his sexually deviant fantasies with.  With that being said, I’d like to tell you about a recent perverted phone sex fantasy role play that I had with a caller that got me extremely excited.

Husband lacking sexual satisfaction from his wife

We began our taboo phone sex role play at the local pub enjoying a couple of cocktails over some deviant adult conversation.  He told me that he was a married man, but his wife was a total ice queen in the bedroom.  In fact, he hadn’t gotten any sexual satisfaction from her in years.  I could sense his sexual frustrations as well as his incredibly intense need for sexual release. He is an attractive man so I suggested that he take me home so we could fuck in their marriage bed. I knew that I could certainly give him the satisfaction he was craving.

After proposing this idea to him I could tell it really turned him on, especially after having several cocktails by now.  When he told me his wife was away at her sister’s house, I swallowed the last of my drink and we left.  As soon as we arrived at his house our clothes started coming off the minute we entered the house.  He took my hand as led me to his bedroom and marriage bed.  He climbed on the bed on his back and opened his mouth, inviting my hot cunt to it.  I climbed on top of his face and grabbed a hold of his thick erection and gave it a few pumps with my hand before I slid my mouth over the top of it in a sixty-nine position.

Just as my taboo phone sex caller was getting in to the moment and enjoying the blow job I was giving him is when his wife walks in the door and says, “What the fuck is going on here?”  She immediately began bitching and screaming at him.  Her face turned beet red and she was so pissed that I thought her head might explode!

Teaching “ice queen” wife a lesson

When I climbed off my callers face, I looked at him and told him it was time to teach is ice queen wife a lesson.  I was going to teach her how to be a good slut and please her husband.  His wife was still talking and rattling on, so when I went over to her and slapped her across the face, then pushed her towards the bed. I slapped her across the face again and told her to shut the fuck up.  I told her it was time she learned how to properly please her husband.

His wife started to get off the bed when I pushed her back down with one hand and ripped off her blouse with the other; buttons when flying. I told my caller to climb up on his wife’s chest and fuck her mouth. I told him he needed to slam his cock down her throat; it was one sure way to stop her from bitching. By this point he was so turned on so he got busy fucking her mouth; I loved the sound of her gagging on his cock.

After a few minutes of face fucking her I stopped him.  I didn’t want him to cum yet so when he started to pull his cock out of her mouth; I grabbed it by the base and slapped her in the face with it a few times. Of course she opened it to start bitching again, but that’s when I shoved it back into her mouth again and told him to fuck her mouth again. I could tell he was heaven raping his wife’s mouth so decided I’d let him enjoy it a bit more while I pulled her skirt off and ripped a hole in the crotch of her pantyhose.

Husband rapes his wife’s pink puckered virgin ass

I asked him if he had ever fucked his wife’s ass. He told me no, that he had only ever fucked her pussy, in the missionary position. I couldn’t believe that she would deny him the pleasure of fucking her tight asshole. The only thoughts that came to mind were that this selfish bitch was in for a rude awakening!

Next I told him to pull out and get off of her.  I grabbed a hand full of her hair, yanked her up and told her to roll over, get on her knees with her shoulders down. While across her shoulders so she couldn’t move, I ripped a bigger hole in her pantyhose, spread her ass cheeks apart and spit on her puckered virgin asshole.

My caller’s cock was dripping pre-cum when I motioned him to come closer.  I grabbed his cock and pulled him towards her now glistening wet puckered hole. I smeared my wet saliva all over her hole with his swollen head before telling him to push it in. When he pushed the head in, his wife screamed. I spit again and let my saliva slide down his shaft before I told him to just go for it, to rape that ass. He went balls deep into her ass, almost pulling out so he could slam it back in.

My cunt was dripping wet as I watched him rape his wife’s ass. She was screaming into the mattress as he fucked her hard and deep. Panting hard he told me it felt so good, he had never fucked anything so tight before. I could tell he was close to blowing his load deep in her ass. I encouraged him to pump her ass full of cum. One more thrust and he did just that.

Taboo slut teaching at its finest

As my now exhausted, spent caller got up off his wife, I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her towards his dirty cock.  I told her to suck it clean; to get a taste of her first ass fuck like a good little fuck slut would do.  As he lay on the bed, with his wife sucking his cock, I straddled his face and began to ride. Oh my God this slut teaching thing really got me worked up and I came so hard! I am going to have so much fun helping him teach his wife to be the perfect little fuck slut for him!

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