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Taboo Temptations is a secret fantasy playground were you can let your inhibitions go and talk about all types of taboo things that you are too afraid to say out loud to your sex partner in real life. For years and years we masturbate and have sex doing the same thing over and over and sometimes nothing new is ever brought into the bedroom. Often times we are so wrapped up in the feelings of pleasure during the physical act that we don't open our minds to explore new and exciting ways to bring pleasure to ourselves and our partners. Phone sex is an anonymous avenue where you can open your dirty mind privately to a non judgmental stranger who will facilitate the exploration of your imagination and find out what makes your mind tick and your dick stiff! When you are alone in your thoughts do you find yourself getting turned on and your cock growing when your mind travels in directions that are considered forbidden, taboo, disgusting or just plain wrong? Well look no further because you've just been introduced the world of incest fantasies and role play where fucking and sucking a family member is accepted with open arms and legs!

What types of incest fantasies do our operators talk about?

There is nothing quite like a naughty incest phone sex fantasy call where family fun and love go around openly with no taboos. In fact, we encourage it and want you to bring it on! Are you an older man looking for the perfect Daddy's girl to be your dirty cock slut? We have several intelligent phone sex girls who not only have the young voice but also have the skill to portray that little girl for you. We offer barely legal, teen and underage fantasy calls to the gentlemen who are seeking to have their sexual needs met through taboo incest conversation and role playing. Maybe you're a son looking for a mature Mommy who can give you the love and nurturing that you so long for along with a little extra special TLC. We provide a comfortable and relaxed venue for you to freely discuss either your real life experiences that make you horny today or the fantasies that you daydream about that involve your Mother and make your cock so hard. There's no reason to fantasize about your incestuous desires alone when we have many skilled phone sex girls who would love to join you and make your masturbation session that much more intense.

Can I have 2 sexy women on the phone at the same time?

Our 2 girl call option can be very thrilling for an incest role play. Having a Mother and daughter duo at the same time or having a couple of our sweet teens role play as sisters when they play dress up in the bedroom can be very sexually stimulating making your fantasy feel like reality which only makes cock cum harder. Maybe your fantasies are more aggressive in nature and you imagine raping your twin sisters for being such cock teases in front of you and your friends. You could play the big brother in a forced fantasy and perhaps blackmail them by telling them if they don't suck your dick that you're going to tell Mom and Dad that you know about them stealing money from the family money jar that's supposed to be used for family vacations. They can either fight you off while you forcibly take one of their young bodies and virginity, or if you prefer they can begin to enjoy the new sensations and stimulation to their bodies and begin to like it and even beg for more. Any way you like it is the way we are going to give to you. We are professional, intelligent women who are here to satisfy your sexual fantasies, urges and cravings for the forbidden. If incest is your cup of tea then we'll be glad to serve it to you with our creative minds and dirty imaginations while you stroke your cock until you spurt a huge load of cum!

How old can we or the operator pretend to be during a fantasy role play call?

The beauty of two consenting adults engaging in fantasy role play via phone is that the fantasy can go anywhere we choose. All of our phone sex calls are done in the privacy of each the fantasy artists home. The girls here are not in an office building behind a desk where we have to worry about being over heard. Anything and everything we say to our callers is completely private and stops with the two of you. There is no need to have to worry about your fantasy being found out by anyone because your conversation is completely confidential. With that said, each girl has a comfort level as to where they will allow their role play calls to go on a personal level. You will find some girls here have absolutely no inhibitions and will pretend to be any age during a fantasy call. However you may find other girls who feel more comfortable stopping at a particular age range. All you have to do is ask the operator before you begin your fantasy call. If you call one operator and she does not feel comfortable talking about or pretending to be a girl in a particular age bracket for your specific fantasy kindly ask her to guide you to a fantasy artist who can and will complete the type of fantasy call you are requesting.

Don't be shy about your fantasies. When you are in the mood for an incest fantasy phone sex session that is going to make you blow your load harder than you've ever imagined, give one of our talented and sexy ladies a call. We guarantee you are going to find quite the naughty family here and feel right at home. We understand fantasy calls come from our sexually deviant minds and the calls are not real or things you would do in real life but are a complete sexual turn ons. We also understand that sometimes a Daddy needs his underage daughter to tuck in at night and sometimes a little boy needs his Mommy to put him in diapers or guide him to orgasm when he starts having wet dreams. Even when you know it's so wrong to be thinking about your family members that way, you just can't seem to help yourself. Before you know it you are jerking off your cock and cumming so hard from the idea of sliding your cock inside nice and deep. Just one chance to show Mommy how much harder you can fuck her than Daddy and you know that she would be addicted to your cock forever. Just one chance to slide your hand under your daughter's little night gown to feel her bald pink pussy and you know that you could make her your personal little slut forever. Naughty family fun and incest fantasy role play is just so much fun and great adult entertainment like no other!

What types of role play fantasies do you offer?

The possibilities are endless when it comes to fulfilling role play phone sex fantasies with us. If you can think of it, or something or someone makes you horny, just call us and we'll do whatever it takes to fulfill your role play phone sex fantasy needs! Reading material that is written by the operators of this service can be found on our taboo phone sex blog, fantasy phone sex calls and extreme fantasy calls. There are links to various other phone sex websites within our network of phone sex service sites, so feel free to browse around until you find something that tickles you fancy!

My favorite phone sex girl is not working but I'm so horny! Who else can I call?

We offer a toll free number that we call our "mystery girl" . This phone sex number (1-866-484-6929 ) randomly rotates throughout all the girls who are currently available and able to play with you at the very minute you are horny and want to masturbate! You'll want to keep in mind that all of our fantasy operators do just about anything and everything under the sun at this service, so don't be shy when calling this mystery line to have your fantasy fulfilled.

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