Procedures To Place A Call at Taboo Temptations

How do I place a call?

Choose a sexy girl you would like to play on the phone with. Once you have chosen the right girl for you, and her indicator says she’s taking calls. Just pick up the phone and dial the toll free number on her page. Please have your credit card handy and be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • First and last name on credit card.
  • Credit card number including the expiration date.
  • Card verification value on back side of card.
  • Credit card billing address (where statements are sent).
  • A valid phone number associated with your account.

NOTE:  The date on your bill can be delayed several days from the date of call depending on your bank.

NOTE:  If her line is “busy” it could mean; #1 she is currently already on a call, or #2 she is not working and accepting calls at that time.

NOTE: Please refer to our faq page for more frequently asked questions about payment and billing information.


How do I pay and what payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Master Card, Discover, American Express) via telephone when you place your call. See rates. Your credit card statement will read: “S.T. Connections, Inc.”. If ever asked to pay by any other methods or billing appears as something other than what is stated in prior sentence on your statement, please notify the owner at [email protected]. Compensation for your honesty will be offered.


Is my credit card and personal information kept confidential?

Absolutely! We take great pride in your privacy of our clients at our phone sex service; therefore your personal information is kept strictly confidential.  We do not share client information with each other; thus, you will be asked for your personal information each time you place a call. Individual phone sex operators may or may not keep your personal information on file for future calls.


Why do you need my billing address?

The credit card companies require us to verify your address as protection against credit card fraud. It is to your benefit because it helps keep other people from using your credit card illegally. We do not send anything to your billing address. Because your privacy is very important to us, we only use your address for billing verification.  No physical mailings will be sent to you.


Why do you need my phone number?

No. We will not be calling you without prior approval from you. Your phone number is required to match the phone records of the calls placed with the phone sex operators. You will only receive a call from our billing department if there is a problem with your card. Since we will be asking you for your phone number don’t block it! Some girls and sex operators don’t answer blocked calls.


What can I talk about?

The possibilities are endless! The taboo phone sex girls here are very open minded and will talk about most anything that your dirty mind can imagine! If you are doing a voice check prior to placing your call please be aware that all personal information about the operators can be found on their web pages (i.e.; what they are “into”, fantasies and fetishes).  The operator will not reveal any details until you commit to completing a paid call. You are welcome to send an email about your sexual fantasy or preferred adult role play with any questions you may have.  Complete satisfaction is our number one goal and top priority when fulfilling fantasies via a phone sex session with us.


When I call the toll free number where am I calling?

The toll free phone sex numbers ring directly to the homes of these sexy beauties. The phone number is toll free so nothing will appear on your phone bill. You will speak directly to the girl of your choice by dialing the toll free number, not a dispatch or operator. Please do not block your telephone number as it will be required during the credit card authorization process any way. If you cannot get through please send her an email to set up a time that is good for both of you.


I don't have a credit card, is there another way to pay for a call?

You can send prepayment (money orders only) to: P.O. Box 62 Sodus, Michigan 49126. Please be sure to include the name of the girl who you are sending money to speak with, along with an email address so she can contact you when the funds arrive. Once you’ve sent your payment, please send an email to Kendra (owner of service) to alert her there are funds pending use to: [email protected]