Taboo Phone Sex: Feed Your Cravings for Underage Daughter Fantasy

Hi guys, its Debbie and I enjoy all types taboo phone sex calls, especially being able to engage in fantasy role plays of all kinds with my callers. Whether it’s role playing a young girl for Daddy, or pretending to offer my fantasy daughter to my caller, (fantasy dad), I’m open and ready to bring all your perverted taboo fantasies to life while you stroke yourself to orgasm. Coaxing and verbally encouraging you to stroke it faster and harder as you grunt and groan simply turns me on!

Let me say that I take great pride in myself on being a good wife and mother so whatever my husband “needs” I’m always ready to get it for him.  If you catch my drift – wink.  I love letting my perverted imagination run wild during taboo phone sex fantasies so if you’re looking for a woman who has no boundaries and whose main goal is to make you cum then I may be the woman for you!  Incest fantasy role play that encompasses around age play phone sex is one of my specialties but let me explain a little more…

Intense taboo talk makes my husband cock hard

It’s Saturday morning and my husband and I were awakening for the day when I feel his cock pressing up against me.  It’s no surprise because we are both still recovering from the awesome and intense fuck session from the night before.  In fact, my cunt was still dripping with the thick sticky load he dumped inside me.

My husband and I have been together for a long time and have always been sexually compatible. We both agree that keeping our sex life spicy is very important to us so we began with the “dirty talk” year ago. Thus, naughty role playing is part of our normal routine.  But last night I realized the extra horniness in him and the very taboo talk that had his cock harder than it had been in a very long time only sent my sexual prowess into overdrive!

The simple fact that my naughty taboo words deviant thoughts had him worked up as ferociously as it did put an idea in my head.  We have had countless daddy daughter role plays over the years but if I actually make him cum harder than he ever had by offering him our sweet young daughter instead of just playing the daughter I wanted to do it.  I wanted to please my husband in every possible way and then some.

Snuggle time with Daddy

During open discussions about having a spicy sex life we agreed that incest was a very taboo subject that turned us both on, so in the heat of the moment it’s alright to talk to feed our cravings and achieve ultimate orgasmic pleasure. However, after last night I could sense that my husband wanted more…

I quietly slipped out of bed and down the hall to our daughter’s room. She was fast asleep curled up under her covers. Ever so gently I crawled into bed next to her and started to stroke her hair and tender body to wake her up. When her eyes opened I whispered into her ear that it was time to wake up because Daddy wanted to snuggle with her. I carried her to our bedroom where my husband was now wide awake and in more ways than one! He was propped up on some comfy pillows with his rock hard cock in his hand.

Our daughter’s eyes opened wide when she saw him stroking his dick. He held his arms out for her and she darted from my arms right between his wide spread legs. I slipped her nightgown off so he could see her sweet, tender underage body. As he fed her his cock she wrapped her lips around the flared head, my husband ran his fingers around her puffy nipples till she was moaning on his cock. He loved the way that felt and it only made his dick harder.

By now he had his hands on her head forcing his cock further and further into her mouth and touching the back of her throat. All the while he was telling her what a good little cock sucker she is as she just looked up at him with those sweet adoring eyes.

Unforgettable incest twinkle

He told her to lie back on the bed next to him because it was time for him to see just how ready her sweet, underage cunt was for Daddy’s cock.  I held her legs wide open with her knees bent so he could get down and have a little breakfast treat.

My pussy was on the verge of orgasm when I see her squirm and hear her squeal under Daddy’s tongue. I can’t help myself and start to finger my wet, horny cunt.  To my surprise, I orgasm as I see him mounting her to fill her with his cream. She brings her legs up and Daddy traces the head of his cock up and down those now wet and swollen cunt lips. After he leans in to give her a nice tender kiss he pushes his prick into her hot and very tight little pink pussy.

He tells her what a special girl she is; how pretty she is with Daddy’s cock inside her. He looks over at me as I’m rubbing my cunt again and tells me to put some of his cum from last night from my fingers to our daughter’s lips. I trace my fingers over her lips so she can not only feel Daddy shooting his load into her stretched open pussy but can also taste his cum and Mommy’s juices mixed together at the same time. When my husband thrusts himself inside our daughter until the point of climax I see a twinkle in his eye that I’ve never seen before. An incest twinkle I’ll never forget.

Family fun fantasies to age play done your way

There is nothing like sharing the family love with great taboo sex on a Saturday morning! Incest fantasy role play mixed with a little underage fantasy fun is a wonderful way to start the weekend, especially with a perverted woman like me who enjoys making daddy daughter phone sex fantasies come true!

Would you like to start your day or even weekend off with a taboo phone sex fantasy like this one or one similar? All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial my number and tell me what type of taboo phone sex fantasy you’re looking for and I’ll be sure to make your incest or ageplay fantasy dreams come alive in your mind and I’ll have you blasting a load of cum in no time!

If you are not into incest or family fun, but would rather have an age play fantasy revolving around the sexy little neighborhood girl, the slender little Girl Scout who wears pigtails, or even the sweet little shy girl at church, I’m here and ready to create whatever fantasy girl is on your horny mind.  I’ll be waiting…

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Twisted Fantasy Fun for Extreme Phone Sex Encounters

Hello there, I’m Alexis.  One of the most common questions I get when men dial my line is what my favorite taboo phone sex fantasy is.  My answer is always the same; “why do I have to choose one?!” Variety is the spice of life and it’s the spice of my real life sexual encounters and phone sex adventures alike. I am definitely on the Dominant side and even my friends call me “The Boss”. That doesn’t mean I have to be the Dom but I likely won’t be your submissive either. I love to fuck and I love to phone fuck too. Getting my callers to cum really hard is my goal and I love it best when you are loud; there is nothing better than hearing cum explosions in real-time!

Massage client gets a special surprise

If you searching for an extremely naughty accomplice then I may be your match.  I have a burning flame that’s ready to be set on fire again with the right extreme phone sex partner. Will it be you?  Just how extreme do you like it?  I’m game for whatever trips you trigger like one of my recent callers.  This particular call was one of the hottest accomplice phone sex fantasies I’ve had in a long time and I’m ready for more!

It is “take your daughter to work day” so of course I have to be the good Mom and bring my daughter to work even though my job at the massage parlor isn’t quite the appropriate job for a super young girl (use your imagination to pick any age). But hey, I don’t make the rules; I only play along.

The best part of this accomplice phone sex fantasy was when I told my massage client that today was his lucky day because I was offering a special due to having my daughter with me.  He was shocked, but thoroughly excited when I explained his massage included his cock being massaged with my daughter’s tight little puckered ass!  At first he was in disbelief but once he realized I was serious, he didn’t last long.  Laugh if you will, but you wouldn’t last long either once you felt her tight, little hot preteen butt hole milking every fucking drop of cum out of your cock too!

Slobbering all over your nasty cock

Twisted phone sex fantasies can go in many directions and the more extreme the better, wouldn’t you agree?  I enjoy playing the accomplice role no matter who my partner is and what he’s looking for.  Would you like to play the role of my landlord for an extreme phone sex fantasy?

When you, my landlord, knocks on my door tonight for the rent, I don’t hesitate to offer my young daughter (and or son) in lieu of payment. They are so fucking adorable on their knees slobbering all over your nasty cock.  In fact, it’s so nasty that I can’t help but rub my own cunt while I watch as you fuck their little pink mouths. Twisted taboo talk and fantasy role plays that bring accomplice phone sex fantasies to life are just a few examples of things that get me and my callers off.

Extreme incest and cherry popping fun

As you can see, I’m a nasty woman with a very twisted mind.  I have an insatiable appetite for extreme phone sex fantasies because hearing men cum over the phone with such taboo talk always puts a smile on my face. If you also want to incorporate a little bit of incest with your taboo phone sex experience with me, then I’m game for that too!

If extreme incest fantasy role play if what gets your rocks off then let’s take your extreme fantasy ideas even a step further…  I’m your perverted pedophile loving wife and you’re my willing husband. Of course, that’s probably why you married me. It’s our daughter’s first teen birthday and now is the time to pop that cherry of hers. I’ve been preparing her for months and even gave her very first orgasm with Mommy’s tongue.

I did make sure to keep her tight little fuck box and intact though, because no one better than Daddy to be the first to fuck his little girl. And it’s not just her pussy cherry we are going to pop tonight, but her pink backdoor rosebud will be getting a workout too. I can’t wait until I’m cumming on her face while you are cumming in her no longer virgin holes.

My hope is that after reading this blog you can you fully grasp why my reply to the question; what is my favorite taboo phone sex fantasy. I love them all and love them the most when we twist them all together!  If you are looking for an extreme phone sex fantasy with a twisted accomplice who loves incest phone sex as much as you do, then don’t hesitate and pick up the phone and dial me today!

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Role Play Fantasy: Dirty Incest Girl Cums with Step-Daddy

Hi guys, it’s Ricki and if we’ve not had the chance to play over the phone yet, you should give me a try!  I enjoy all sorts of taboo phone sex calls and almost nothing is off limits when it comes to adult entertainment.  I’ll set the mood for you…  while mommy is away, Ricki and step-daddy will play!  Yes, you read that right, I have a new step-daddy caller and I love sharing dirty stories and fantasies with him when he calls for incest phone sex fun. We just had a really naughty fantasy role play that I’d like to share with you. Maybe it will make your balls tingle and want to call me for your very own age play phone sex session with me too!  This particular call went like this…

Incest phone sex fantasies that revolve around age play are always the best, especially when it’s a really dirty step-daddy like me caller.  We started out our fantasy when Mom went out shopping with her friends yesterday and left us all alone.  We cuddled on the couch and began watching ourselves on our very own porn movie that we made a few weeks earlier.  It was within only minutes before I had my clothes off and my mouth wrapped around his cock; suckling and milking his swollen head while we watched the TV screen.

As I took his giant cock down my throat, my warm spit and saliva began dripping down to his balls. I felt his hands cup my perfect tits lightly pinching and twisting my nipples.  Taking his time to make sure my nipples were as stiff as his cock, before grazing his fingertips down my stomach to my moist panties.

Aching to finish what we started

“Mmmm”, I moaned as his fingertips grazed my stiff clit.  I could feel my step-daddies cock grow harder and harder every minute, throbbing against my back.  Just as his large manly fingers slipped inside my wet folds we heard mom’s car pull into the driveway.  Kissing me on the cheek he whispered in my ear, “later sweetie”.  Smirking as he licked his fingers clean.

Finally mommy was fast asleep and we were aching to finish what we had started.  He laid me back on my bed slipping between my legs and lowering his mouth to my clit.  He was driving me wild with every kiss, lick and suck on my dripping wet pussy.  After a short period of time, I couldn’t take it another minute of him fucking me with his tongue; I needed to feel his fat cock inside me!

He is so good at what he does and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled him up on top of me and grabbed my step-daddy’s cock.  I gave it a squeeze and pulled him closer to my tight slit. It sent shivers through me when he began touching the tip to my eager slit.  Teasing me, step-daddy rubbed the tip of his throbbing cock all over my wet slit, finally with one thrust burying his cock deep inside me.

Orgasmic explosions never felt so good

“Yes fuck me,” I practically screamed out loud.  Putting my legs on his shoulders he began to pound my pussy hard and fast filling me with every inch of his massive cock.  I was first on my back, then on my knees getting fucked doggy style from behind and finally on top of daddy riding his cock. I don’t remember it feeling this good before.  It was like my pussy was starving and needed to be stuffed, drilled and pumped harder and harder.

My sweet pussy started squeezing around his cock so tight in preparation to milk his cock and balls full of cum deep inside me. As I rocked back and forth I felt his fists grip my tight perky nipples pulling them down to his mouth. At the same time he thrust his cock up into me violently letting out a loud groan as we both experienced intense orgasmic explosions together.  I could feel shots of hot cum fill my belly as he kissed me deeply squeezing my sweet ass.

Age play fantasies for the extra naughty

Wow! What an intense daddy daughter phone sex fantasy we had! Dad or step-dad, it doesn’t matter to me, any kind of incest is always a good time in my book! This incest phone sex fantasy was so hot that I left a big wet spot on my sheets by the time our age play phone sex call was over!

I can’t wait to see what my step-daddy has in mind for our next incest fantasy role play. Maybe mommy will catch us in the act next time and really bring extra naughtiness to our call that I can share? If you are looking for a dirty girl who has sex on the brain then give me a call for your very own personalized session, so let’s get naked and cum together now!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Underage Fantasy Girl For Daddy Daughter Role Playing

Hi I’m Rachel and I am one of the kinkiest girls here at Taboo Temptations and can’t wait to show you just how much! I can’t imagine anyone who loves fucking as much as me!  If you are looking for a sex crazed nympho for your taboo fantasy phone sex call then I’m sure that I am the girl for you.

I’m so excited to talk to you about all the Daddy phone sex fantasies you’ve been having.  Age play phone sex fantasies are so taboo and so much fun that I can never get enough of it.  In fact, I may like even more than you, so you’re in luck when you dial me for a good time.  If you are ready to have your little girl suck your hard cock then get ready for a cum explosion!  I’m the best little cock sucker around.  I know you’ll love our daddy daughter phone sex fantasies, especially when I spread my virgin thighs wide open; giving you a sneak peak of my smooth pink slit.  You’ve been prepping me and teaching me to master the art of cock sucking before you plunge your huge, hard Daddy cock into my virgin pussy.

I know how much you love me sucking on your cock Daddy, and I really love it when you pull on my pigtails while you slide your cock right down my sweet little girl throat. It makes me feel so good when you hold my head and push it down onto your cock making me gag.  My bald little pussy tingles and vibrates each time you grunt while I’m gagging on your cock.

Daddy pops my cherry

When it’s time Daddy, I’m ready for you to poke my underage phone sex pussy with your hard cock and pop my cherry!  I’ve been waiting for the day.  I want you to slam your big, hard Daddy dick deep inside me.  I want to feel my fuck hole being stretched out as you penetrate my pink underage pussy. Oh yeah Daddy, I really love these kinds of incest phone sex games with you!  It makes me so hot and makes my pussy scream with excitement.  When you’re ready to blow your load I want you to spray it inside my little girl pussy; every last drop!  Pump my tight hole until your balls are completely emptied inside me.

After your balls are drained and you pull out, I am going to slide my fingers into my pussy and scoop out all of your cum and lick it off my fingers! I love cum more that you ever imagined possible.  There is nothing better that eating and slurping up Daddy’s love juice that you created just for me!

I can’t wait to make you cum harder than you’ve cum in a very long time so grab your cock, credit card and phone so we can start making all of your daddy daughter phone sex fantasies come true! I am a no taboos fantasy girl and the naughtier the fantasy role play the better!  I’ll be waiting for your call…

Rachel – 1-877-253-1194

Shrinking Fetish Fantasy for BBC Sissy Bitch Boys

Hello boys, its Hannah. I love kinky calls, especially extreme fetish phone sex calls!  I’m going to share a recent kinky shrinking fetish fantasy call I had so you can see how much I enjoy a walking on the kinky side with my callers. A shrinking fetish fantasy may not be your cum of tea and perhaps even too kinky, but if you are a sissy boy looking for humiliation phone sex and having your limits pushed, then I may be just the woman for you!  Are you game?

This particular caller wanted to explore a recurring dream he’s been having lately, but hold on tight because he wanted me to be his mother for his extreme tiny dick phone sex fantasy role play.  His role was to be my teenage son for this session and boy what an extremely kinky ride I took him on; a fantasy ride he won’t soon forget get either.

It all started when I came home early from work to find my son in the living room. When I rounded the corner to see why he had our 78″ wall mounted television so loud, I was in complete shock.  All of my expensive beautiful high-heel shoes were in a neat straight line on the coffee table, as well as my expensive silk stockings, and the screen was blaring with porn; a BBC fucking a tiny sissy bitch on the screen.  When I finally turned my head to look at my teenage son to give him the “what the hell” look, I saw he was wearing one of my sexy see-through teddies and thigh-high stocking and completely enthralled in masturbating himself.

Mom locks teenage son in cock cage

He was feverishly whacking his tiny, pitiful little dick that he didn’t even hear me when I called out his name. It was evident from the amount of semen coating my very expensive stiletto heels and silk stockings that he had been at this for a while.  Masturbating and spraying his cream all over my intimates and ruining them all!  I not only lost it; I went ballistic on him!  I told my son he crossed the line this time as I marched towards my bedroom to retrieve his punishment.  Once back in the living room I took hold of his little pathetic, tiny, butter-bean of a dick and locked it up a cock cage.  I was about to fulfill his BBC fantasies and big black cock desires and then some…

Next, I snapped my fingers and just like magic he was instantly the size of a pea! Yes that’s right; he was in for a shrinking fetish fantasy that would make him cum harder than he ever has before. Once I shrunk my son, I knew I had him the size I wanted him. I picked him up by the scruff of his neck, spread my legs wide and with my other hand I spread my labia open and shoved him head first up my cunt. While I was cramming him up my honey hole I told him he’s going to stay where I could keep total control of him and his worthless sissy clit. All the while reminding him I had the key to his cage as well as I shoved an extra-plus size tampon in my cunt to ensure I’d keep him securely in place.

Sissy son rides big black cock cowgirl style

To my surprise, I became hornier than ever when I realized I was the reason my sissy bitch son couldn’t touch his itty bitty clitty while up inside me.  The control over my son made my libido go in overdrive!  All I wanted to do is to fuck all the biggest black cock I could find.  So I got in my car and went on the hunt.

After I found a group of black men I laid on my back with my legs high and thighs wide and began watching all these wet, slick 13″ shafts slide balls deep into my horny pussy!  I was heaven exploding my juices just as those big back balls blow thick loads of cum deep inside my cunt. I think I got penetration from a dozen or more big black cocks!  Between each fuck, just as soon one pulled out of my soaking wet snatch, I shoved a tampon back into my cunt so that there was no chance my sissy bitch son would escape.

I think of the best parts while I lay there feeling the slam of each one of those big blacks was the knowing that my sissy bitch son was stuck inside my hot wet cunt.  I imagined him riding each and every thick, long, slick shaft cowgirl style; just like the sissy slut he is.  Not only that, but he was also swimming around in all the cum that was dumped into my horny pussy, he was swirling around in his own Mom’s cum too.

Mommy’s clean up bitch boy

After my pussy pounding adventures were over and all the big black men had emptied their loads deep inside me, my sissy son was all alone inside cum soaked cream pie pussy; trapped by the tampon.  If he wanted to watch porn and jerk off watching big black cock and cream pies, then he would have to learn how to be Mommy’s sissy bitch clean up boy.  After all, if he wanted to play with his own little pitiful, tiny, butter-bean of a dick then he would have to learn how to be my clean up bitch boy when and where I wanted before Mommy would even entertain unlocking his itty bitty clitty!  When I told my caller that I’m the only one who holds the key, I made his super kinky, extreme phone sex fantasy feel like reality as he sprayed his hot load for me.

If are you a guy who enjoys humiliation phone sex sessions that revolve around being a BBC clean up sissy bitch too, then I think we could be the perfect pair!  Humiliation fantasies like this are always loads of fun; cum loads!  If you are a little extra kinky like this caller and want to incorporate Mommy shrinking you and burying you in my hot cunt for my pleasure; let’s do it!  There are a multitude of angles we can take shrinking fetish phone sex fantasies so if it’s a fetish you’d like to explore, call me and tell me all about your extremely kinky fantasies. I’ll gladly you lead you by your hand or your cock and guide you in whatever direction you wish.  I can’t wait to blow your mind and your cock with my extremely kinky imagination and filthy mouth to match. Call me soon!

Hannah – 1-866-410-7979

Son Fantasies for Perverted Family Fun with Mommy

Hello there, I’m Marianne, a mommy phone sex playmate here to make all your fantasies come to life. If you’re looking for a taboo mommy who loves family fun phone sex role playing, then I am the mature woman that you want. I love sharing your perverted family fun fantasy role plays with you, especially when I get to play the mommy role.  I enjoy all types of incest fantasies but this particular blog post revolves around on a mommy son fantasy was so fun and so hot that I needed to share.

Just know when you call me there is no need to be shy. I am very easy going and really get into taboo phone sex fantasies with all my callers. I am here to help you explore your sexual desires, whether it’s your first time with me or we have been long term phone lovers.  There is nothing more satisfying than sharing mutual masturbation sessions with sexy men while having taboo conversations about incest desires and fantasies with you.

I have a caller whom I have been talking for quite some time now and our extreme incest fantasy sessions are always incredibly hot. When I pick up the phone and hear his voice on the other end, the one thing I’m sure of is that I will have to a couple of orgasms with him on his one call. Well, this particular fantasy playtime was no different when he called into my mommy phone sex fantasy line for his personalized playtime with me and it goes like this…

Giving my son a delicious incest blow job

When I had found out my husband was cheating on me with his secretary, I decided the best revenge would be to teach him a lesson. The lesson I decided on was a little extreme and very taboo no matter what angle you spun it, but I didn’t care. I wanted him to hurt him as badly as he hurt me. So while on my mission to have my husband catch me fucking our own son, I donned my black stockings, garter belt and high heels then went looking for my teenage son in the house. He was in his room standing at his dresser tinkering with something when I walked in. His jaw almost hit the floor when he saw me when he turned around.

My son was in shock and couldn’t utter a word as I slid down to my knees in front of him. I reached for his zipper and began pulling it down finding an already hardening cock. Once I released his manhood I took my time working my hot mouth up and down on his cock making it as hard as a rock. Listening to him gasp as I continued to lick and suck was music to my ears. He could barely contain his excitement and anxiously began to work his jeans off. After he was completely naked he moved over to the bed and lay back on his bed and began to savor every second of the delicious incest blow job he was receiving from his mother.

Experiencing son’s talented tongue

By now my pussy was dripping wet and needed some attention so I climbed onto the bed and sat on my son’s face and got in the sixty nine position, and in just a few short minutes I had my first orgasm from my son’s very talented tongue.  Next, my son rolled me over onto my back, mounted me and began driving his big hard cock into me. Damn did it feel amazing!  I told him while he was penetrating and stretching me open that his cock was so much bigger than his Dad’s and that he sure knew how to please his Momma. That’s when he said, “I’m not done yet Momma”. He then slid himself out of my pussy and said he wanted to fuck me doggie style now so he could get inside me really deep.

Once he got me on my hands and knees and started pounding me hard, fast and deep is when we heard the car down slam, and the front door opening.   On the deepest, hardest thrust my pussy clamped down on his shaft and I started cumming all over my son’s cock and moaning in pure ecstasy.  As my pussy throbbed and milked his cock, he shot his load into me as my husband, his father walked in. Looking right at my husband, I told my son he was the best fuck I had ever had!

Endless possibilities for adult fantasy role play

I can never get enough mutual masturbation phone sex!  These types of mommy son phone sex fantasies really turn me on and the more times we can both cum the better, right?  The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating family fun scenarios that we can masturbate to while acting out an adult fantasy role play over the phone.  Whether you are looking for a mommy son phone sex fantasy or a brother sister phone sex fantasy I’m ready when you are! I can’t wait to hear all about the family combination that makes your cock stiff so we can masturbate and cum together, so pick up the phone and let’s get started!

Marianne – 1-877-279-1639

Rape Fantasy: Deviant Forced Phone Sex at Knife Point

Hi guys!  Feeling horny today?  What kind of taboo phone sex fantasy do you have swimming around in your deviant mind? If you’re feeling frustrated and need to release some internal energy then I’ve got the perfect solution for you.  Take your cock out, dial my number and tell me you’d like to have an extreme rape fantasy phone sex session with me!

What better way to release some pent up energy than to beat off with a dirty girl like me?  Let’s have some nasty, super raunchy rape fantasy phone sex where you have your way with me in the most extreme fashion possible.  That’s right; you can stuff your cock into one, two or all three of my tight pink holes any way you wish during an extreme phone sex rape call with me today.

Snatch a young girl at knife point fantasy

If abduction fantasies turn you on then imagine hiding in the shadows lying in wait for me to leave the gym. In an empty parking lot just a few steps from my car, you wrap one arm around my waist and the other cupping my mouth keeping me from screaming. “Make one sound and I’ll hurt you”, you growl as you forcefully pull me to the bushes for cover.

You pull a knife from your pocked and slice my training bra wide open.  My luscious young tits bounce free from the constraints of the fabric.  “Please stop”, I whisper in a pleading tone.  Instantly your hand holding the knife jerks toward my throat to quickly silence me once more.

My body begins to fill with fear as you slowly glide the knife down from my neck across my stomach and past my navel.  I gasp as I feel your wet tongue touch my erect nipple right before you lock your lips down and begin to suck.  I even feel a little nibble with your teeth before you pop your mouth off and point the knife back at my throat again.

Your free hand roams my body, until you land on the waistband of my shorts and slice them off too. I beg, whimper and plea for you to stop, but you only laugh. Using your manly strength you flip my slim now naked body over and press my face and bare tits again the rough cold brick sidewalk. For only a split second do I feel you hands leave my body, only to hear the sounds of you unfastening your belt and sliding your zipper down.

Forced rape fantasy for your pleasure

I feel the weight of your body pinning me down right before I feel your rock hard cock pressing into the crack of my ass.  My shorts are tangled between my legs and feel you yank them out at you thrust your shaft up and down my ass crack. Next I feel your cold hand push between my thighs and attempt to push my legs open.

Leaning forward I feel your chest against my back.  “Open your legs, bitch”, you growl in my ear.  Trembling and softly whimpering I obey your command.  Just as I open them, I gasp as I feel the cold blade of you knife caressing my pussy lips.  Scared out of my mind, I lie still and wait for what’s next.

In a demanding tone you instruct me to beg for your fat cock.  “I want to hear you beg me to fuck you with my fat cock, bitch”. Just as I start to shake my head no, I suddenly feel your hand take a grip on my head and violently pull my hair and head back. “BEG ME BITCH!  You don’t want me to fuck your pussy with my knife instead, do you? Now SAY IT”, you aggressively demand.

The tears fall down my cheeks as I let out a yelp of pain the further back you pull my head.  “Pleeeese me, please fuck me with you… fat… cock”, I manage to get out of my mouth.  You laugh at my pathetic pleas then push my face back against the cold brick in disgust.

Violent cock thrusting into my pink holes

Taking hold of your now rock hard, monster sized cock you press your swollen purple head against the opening of my pussy.  “I know you want it’, you grunt as you thrust your cock violently into my cunt.  Squeezing my tits with your free hand you thrust deeper and deeper…

Mmmm, is your cock standing at attention after reading this deviant rape fantasy phone sex fantasy that we could role play? I hope so because there is nothing more exhilarating than being taken against my will.  Adding a knife to our forced, extreme, rape phone sex fantasy only heightens the pleasure for me.  It may sound crazy, but the cold blade sends shivers down my spine and heat through my body, making me cum so much harder.

Will you only fuck my pussy, or will you stuff your horny hard cock into my ass too?  Where will you shoot your hot load if we do a role play fantasy like this? Will you cum in my pussy or make me gag on it before you blow your hot spunk down my throat?  I want you to cum really hard, and blast your cum wherever you wish when it comes to raping me!

What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and dial me to make your taboo phone sex fantasies come true with a forced rape role play today!

Zoee – 1-888-529-6520