Secret Crossdressing and Sissy Fetish Secrets Explored

Hello there! I’m Stefanie, an erotic fetish phone sex expert here at Taboo Temptations.  I thought I’d fill you in about a sissy phone sex lover who used to talk with me about his crossdressing fetish.  Back in the day, when he was still in the closet, he used to cross-dress and hook up with boyfriends in hotels whenever he traveled for work.  He used to tell me about what he wore and how he would enjoy a relaxing evening with his lovers.  Majority of the time the evening would include drinking champagne, long conversations and ending in sweet and sexy seductions.

Our sissy phone sex conversations were a lot like two girlfriends would have when discussing their men.  We talked about the color of his lipstick and what kind of bra and panties he had purchased for the hotel stay.  We shared intimate details about how good it felt to feel his lover’s lips on his own as they engaged in very passionate kissing and erotic teasing before they would adjourn to the bed and begin making love together.  Of course, we talked about his lovers’ cocks too!

One thing that this particular sissy phone sex lover could not do was share these feminine feelings and his sissy cross-dressing fetish with his wife.  He had to keep his married life and his travel life completely separate so he really enjoyed being able to open up and talk to me about everything that he was feeling when he was in the mood to indulge his desires.

Intimate erotic conversations

I had not heard from him in a quite a while so when I answered the phone this past week, it was a real treat and a wonderful surprise to hear his voice.  While sissy phone sex partners come and go, I feel a very personal connection to some callers and really find that I miss our intimate, erotic phone sex conversations when I don’t hear from them for an extended amount of time.

It was so much fun reconnecting with this caller and hearing all about what he had been up to.  He told me about some of the outfits that he had recently purchased and even caught me up on his newest lover and how their relationship was progressing.  In fact, he even told me about his secret desire to experiment with some sissy transformation medications and this came as a complete surprise to me.

Fetish phone sex exploration is one of my specialties therefore; I always love sharing sissification, feminization and crossdressing phone sex conversations with my clients.  If you are a caller in need of girl-talk with a compassionate and understanding woman who enjoys hearing about their lifestyle as much as they enjoy living it, dial me today.

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Teen Fantasy Role Play; Babysitter Bouncing on your Dick

Hello! It’s Debbie again and I can’t wait to play with naughty games on the phone with you.  I’m a taboo phone sex operator who does it all.  I enjoy kinky incest role plays where I’m your Mommy and you’re my son or we can flip it around and you role play my Daddy and I’m the daughter you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t have to revolve around incest though.  We can travel wherever your horny mind wants venture.  Tell me your ideas and let’s visit the adult fantasy playground where there are no rules to follow. In fact, drop your walls and release your sexual inhibitions so you can enjoy some much deserved sexual release with me today!

If thinking about fucking the teenage babysitter makes your cock rock hard, then let’s go there!  I know how much some of you kinky phone sex perverts love those little teen kittens, especially when it comes to role playing fantasies about popping their young virgin cherries!  We can simply talk about it while you jerk off, or I’ll role play that hot teenage girl for you for your own personalized babysitter phone sex fantasy. I’d be more than happy to be that babysitter for you; the one who just out of reach and completely forbidden.

After you dropped me off at home last night from babysitting your kids you just couldn’t get me out of your head could you?  Yes, I know you were thinking of me while you were fucking your wife last night too.  In fact, I also know you have been thinking of me while you’ve been “rubbing one out” when you’re alone too.

Blackmail fantasies that make you explode

So what do you say we bring those perverted phone sex fantasies that you have been having about fucking the cock teasing teenage babysitter to life? I’d love to be that hot, wicked teenage girl that you gives you an instant hard on when you see me.  Your sexual urges to poke my pussy are in overdrive tonight so you come up with a plan.  At dinner you tell your wife that you mistakenly left your wallet at home and need to run home and grab it and will only be gone for a short time. To cover your butt you order a round of cocktails for the entire dinner party and tell them you’ll return shortly. Next you head over to the waitress and tell her to refill the cocktails at the table until he returns; even if it means more than a couple of refills.

Your cock is a rod of steel on your drive back to the house and your heart is racing.  After glancing at the clock on the car dash you realize the kids should be in bed and you can talk to me alone for a few minutes.  In fact, you’ve already got a blackmail phone sex plan in your head, don’t you? You’re going to threaten me and make me get naked and spread my legs for you so you can finally poke my pussy.  However, unbeknownst to you I’m already a little busy…

Taboo teenage fantasies for all your cravings

Upon entering the house you expect find me in the living room watching TV, playing on my phone, or even reading a book, but you’re puzzled when you don’t find me there. You start looking for me by checking thing kid’s rooms because you think maybe I’m checking in on them or something.  But no such luck.  When you start to make your way down the hall you see light coming from your bedroom.  There I am fingering my little cunt with one of your porn flicks on the television screen. Your instant thought when you see me is that you’re really going blackmail me now, but before you could even open your mouth to react to the visual you are looking at, I don’t begin to apologize; I immediately start begging you to fuck me!

Of course this is not the scenario you had envisioned while driving home from the dinner party to make your move on me.  And you certainly didn’t imagine those words coming out of my mouth either. So what are you going to do about now?  Who do you think should blackmail who at this point?

I’m open to either taboo phone sex scene when you call me.  You can blackmail me into sucking your cock or bouncing on your dick.  Or if you prefer I can blackmail you into teasing and pleasing my horny teenage cunt the way it needs.  I may not be a teenage girl in life anymore, but it doesn’t stop me from fantasizing I’m that young teen girl again; always horny and craving ooey gooey sticky cum!  Call me for all your taboo cravings whether they are for young teen pussy, babysitter fun or blackmail fantasy play. Can’t wait see where our naughty games lead us…

Debbie – 1-800-460-0025

Menstruation Fetish Phone Sex For Period Play Lovers

Hi guys, its Ricki again… Do you have a fetish phone sex fantasy that you’d like to talk about? Maybe you’re turned on by a fetish that isn’t always talked about; one that is thought to be taboo to the average person. If you’re a guy who gets an instant hard-on when you see the color red, then we definitely need to talk! Well, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to period play. I think it’s one of those fetishes and fantasies that are widely misunderstood.

Yes, that’s right; it’s that monthly experience when you put away the lube, lay a towel down for your girl and fuck her to your heart’s content. Period fetish phone sex can be a delightful experience with the right partner, and I want to be that girl for you. I would love for you to slide down between my creamy thighs and experience this neighborhood slut for a taboo phone sex fantasy with me!

Taboo fetish phone sex can mean so many things to so many people. I’d like you to look at your imagination as a large blank canvas with so much room for you to paint. Let’s paint the perfect fantasy together; a fantasy picture that’s only been inside your head. I’d like to bring your fantasy to life for you.

Period play for sexual menstruation fetishes

You’re not alone if you get excited when you know your girl is on her monthly cycle. We’ll talk about how a cunt stays nice and slippery for your cock on a period / menstruation fetish phone sex call. For some men it’s more than just that extra natural lube once a month, it’s the phenomenon of the menstruation that excites them. Whilst others just want to touch and smell the used tampons and pads before we put them in the trash. Some men enjoy the smell and odor of menstrual blood as it flows from our delicate pussies. Some enjoy the view of seeing the red blood flowing out of a pussy hole, and then there are others get off of eating a red horny pussy, tasting blood and pussy juices together.

Don’t be shy; I want to hear all about your sexual fetish, whether they are consider taboo or not, especially your menstruation fetishes. I guess my cousin saw the string of my tampon while we were swimming at his parents’ pool over spring break. I have to admit; I was taken aback at first, and a little bit disgusted when he confessed he wanted to taste my bloody pussy. But after he explained that for the past few years he has been jerking off thinking about what pussy would taste like when blood was coming out.

My cousin told me he’s been watching period porn online and now really wants to know what pussy tastes like while menstruating, but not just any pussy, he wants mine. He wants my pussy because he likes me but also because he doesn’t want to gross out his girlfriend with his unusual desire. Well, what’s a girl to do when her cousin asks this?

Suckling on a bloody pussy never felt so good

I have found that my sensations are magnified and feels really amazing when I’ve had private masturbation session while on my period but after hearing this gave me an extra tingle I had never felt before.  I was super curious now how it would feel to have my bloody pussy eaten out. Luckily we were the only ones at the house on this day so we didn’t have to wait to find out. My cousin went a got a towel and placed it on his bed over his sheets.

I climbed on his bed, lay my head on his pillow and before I knew it, my cousin planted himself between my thighs and began untying the sides of my bikini. It felt like a jolt of electricity went through my body as I felt him slowly pulling on the string of my tampon. I could see his cock harden with every centimeter of the tampon slipping out of my bald pussy. I was at the heaviest point of my cycle and I could feel blood trickle down to my asshole as it popped out with his last tug.

His eyes lit up as he used his fingers to spread my pussy open as far as he could and he began to lick my pussy. His tongue was vigorously lapping up the menstrual blood from my pink cunt and it was only minutes before I was cumming! Feeling my cousin’s hot mouth suckle on my bloody pussy was fucking amazing, and ever since that day we get together once a month for some special oral period play!

Secret tampon fetishes explored

If you have a secret menstruation fetish or bloody tampon fetish and would like to experience period play like my cousin, then I think you should call me and confess your secret taboo fetish. I want to hear all about your fetish and what part of it sexually excites you. The taste, the smell, or the fucking sensations on your bloody cock, or is it simply the taboo nature of it?

What are waiting for? Call me now for your very own taboo phone sex session so we can talk about period play, tampon play, menstruation cycles and any other thing that sexually turns you on. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I’m on my monthly cycle right now so come fuck this bloody pussy today!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Kinky Girl Loves Preteen Fantasy Roleplaying with Older Men

Are you looking for a telephone playmate who loves playing the role of a naughty young preteen girl?  I’m Rachel and I’m that girl!  I love talking with and role playing with men who get a sexual charge with the thought  of underage and age play phone sex just like me!  Sometimes my filthy mouth gets me into trouble, but not with this job!  I love talking dirty with horny older men who are just as perverted as I am. Life would be boring if we didn’t have an outlet to really let our minds and mouth go a little crazy at times, don’t you think?

I sound so sweet but I am kinky as they come. I’m an authentic  taboo phone sex girl that does everything under the sun, from age play, underage fantasies, daddy phone sex role playing and anything else your perverted horny mind can think of! I know a lot of girls say they do, but I really do! Pretty much anything and everything gets my young pussy throbbing and soaking wet when it comes to adult fantasy entertainment. I mean who doesn’t like to hear a man cum, I know I sure love it and I’ll do whatever I can to hear my caller on the other end of the line panting, moaning, groaning and ultimately tugging on his man meat and squirting a huge load just for me!  Call me and tell me what makes your cock throb and let’s get off together.

Extreme underage fantasy girl will make you cum

One of my favorite age play phone sex fantasies that gets my pussy wet are preteen fantasies. I think I love it so much because I know so many of you men are get instant erections at just the thought of young underage pussy.  And when you’re turned on, I get turned on and all I care about is making you blast your load cum!

Since you can’t have the real thing, for obvious reasons, why don’t we pretend I’m your little underage cum slut in a naughty fantasy phone sex role play? I have tiny little tits for you to play with and suck on and a bald pussy for you to lick and fuck! Call me and tell me what you want to do with a sweet little underage thing that you can’t possibly tell anyone else. I know I could never share my taboo fantasies with anyone in my real life so why not tell each other our taboo fantasy secrets and become phone lovers who make each other cum?

I have lots of experience with underage fun and extreme phone sex fantasies so we can talk about or role play anything that’s on your mind. Age play phone sex is just one of my favorites but I have many more fantasies that I go crazy over too! Is there a specific preteen fantasy or underage fantasy that gets your dick hard? Then call me so we can talk all about it and I can make your dick explode! Anything goes with me, no matter how taboo it is!

I can’t wait to play with you and make you cum so call me soon!

Rachel – 1-877-253-1194

Filthy Incest Fantasies Fulfilled with Taboo Granny

I’m Peggy and if you’re looking for an incest phone sex role play session involving your mommy, grandmother (Granny), auntie or even your sister, then I’m the operator for you!  I’m an experienced older woman with lots of family incest stories to share but I have a few questions for you first…

Were you lucky enough to grow up with sexy Granny? Did she show off her big busty tits and curvy hips in tight fitting dresses with plunging necklines? If the answer to your question is yes, then I only imagine your prick turned into a “woody” whenever you were around her, especially when she leaned down and wrapped her arms around your shoulders pulling you into her big soft breasts with a firm squeeze.

I bet she would pinch your young little cheeks and tell you how cute you were and asked if you had any girlfriends before she carried on about kissing and such. I know if I were your Granny I’d be doing just that. I’d ask you to stay for a visit then give you all kinds of chores to finish. While you’re busy doing the chores for me I’d flutter around in my loosely fitted, flimsy robe teasing and tantalizing you and your teenage cock.  It would make my snatch wet watching you adjust yourself in your pants and you squirm while around me.  I know what’s happening to your body, do you?  If yes, then what would you do about it?  If no, would you like me to educate and teach you?

Bubble bath playtime fun

I just finished a naughty and very nasty granny phone sex fantasy role play that left my ole pussy soaking wet from arousal and I’m in need of another teenage fantasy fuck! Let’s lay back and masturbate together while I tell you all about it!  This particular incest phone sex caller told me he’d been following my blogs for some time now and loves my wild and twisted no limits, sex craved imagination.  He was looking to role play my teenage grandson that caught me being very naughty and wanted to be forced into submission and blackmailed to keep our little sex secrets safe.

My caller had his incest fantasy role play all mapped out and was ready to play when picked up the phone.  He explained that I’m an owner of a small day care center that offers an after school program for parents that work late in the evenings. These two particular very young girls stay with us often; until their Mommy gets off work.  Their Mom is a young single mother that works long hours and sometimes she even pulls all-nighters. When she does the girls spends the night with me and my teenage grandson.  Tonight is one of those nights so here is where my caller wanted to begin his very taboo phone sex fantasy…

I’m naked with the girls in the bathtub having “bubble bath playtime”.  This isn’t the first time we’ve played in the bathtub and the girls couldn’t wait until they had another sleepover so we could play again.  I thought tonight would be the perfect night to incorporate my teenage grandson into our bubble bath playtime so I purposely left the bathroom door ajar as I knew he’d have to walk by the doorway when he returned home from football practice.

Pleasure filled squeals

When I heard the back door slam I knew my grandson was home and it was show time.  I lifted the youngest little girl up on the edge of the bathtub and told her to spread her legs wide open for me.  She placed both her tiny hands on the back of my head holding onto a handful of my hair as she whimpered with pleasure filled squeals while I darted my hot tongue in and out of her smooth hairless little cunt. The older sister was sucking and milking my erect hard nipple as I pumped my middle finger deep inside her pink puffy pussy as the same time.  The moans and whimpers the girls were making with their little voice boxes was music to my ears! The sweet sounds were echoing off the walls of the bathtub so I knew my grandson would hear us.

It was only moments before I spotted teenage grandson from the corner of my eye at the doorway tugging on his young prick. This only fueled my filthy lustful pedophile desires, so I amped up the show with the girls until I climaxed and the girls went limp with exhaustion too.  My grandson continued to watch as I towel dried the girls before rubbing baby oil all over their smooth flat chests and hairless bodies. After gently rubbing oil in and around their holes I got them dressed tucked into bed.  This is when my grandson made his way to the couch and turned on the television.  I know he was hoping I didn’t see him in the doorway and that I would go to bed too so he could take care of his hard-on. But of course, you know this filthy horny Granny wasn’t about to let that happen!

Rigid teenage dick never looked so good

When I approached him beside the sofa he tried covering his hard-on but I called him out about it. I told him I noticed him enjoying himself while watching the whole time I was playing with the sweet young girls, but he vehemently denied doing so. So I grabbed his wrist then led him into his bedroom. As I told him I needed his undivided attention I made him undress then lay on the bed and proceeded to tie him spread eagle. His wrist tied to either side of the headboard and his ankles tied to either side of the foot board. This perverted incest playtime was just heating up and about to get really good.

Next, I began to humiliate my grandson telling him his arousal proves he’s a pedophile just like me. I explained to him that his body will do some weird things at his age and took hold of his rigid teenage dick giving it a strong tug.  It should have gone limp given their circumstance of being tied up naked as a jay bird in front of his Granny.  I mean one would think it would anyway. Nope, in fact, when I told him he was a filthy pedophile just like me his teenage dick began to leak, harden and throb before my eyes. It was now evident to me that tonight was the perfect night for him to experience so much more!  More than his teenage brain and dick both could even handle, but I would be here guiding him along with the two young girls like the perfect symphony.

Penetration paradise

My body was tingling all over and knew tonight was a night I never wanted to forget so I told him grandson I needed to retrieve some toys for our playtime and I’d be right back.  When I returned I set up my cell phone on his dresser and hit record. I explained to my grandson that I was filming this encounter with him to ensure he wouldn’t tell anyone about our filthy sexual desires for underage little ones.  When I heard him gasped I knew that this blackmail phone sex fantasy was exactly what I was after.

Tonight I was going to teach my grandson more in one night that he could have ever dreamed of.  I donned my strap-on cock and told him to suck it to give him experience of what he was going to feel in only a few minutes.  While he was doing as instructed the girls entered the room and I told the youngest to suck on his dick just like he was sucking on mine.  She climbed on the bed and did exactly as told.  When I saw my grandson’s eyes roll back in his head with pleasure as she wrapped her tiny mouth around him and began to suck and slurp is when I instructed the oldest girl to untie his arms and legs from the bed.

My pussy was dripping with excitement and decided that penetration paradise was next. I had both girls get on the bed on their backs and spread their legs wide like cheerleaders.  With a hungry tone in my voice I told my grandson to follow my lead and do exactly as I do.  This is when I took hold of my strap-on cock and guided it towards one of the pink puffy slits…

Intense orgasms with a nasty Granny

I told you I was a nasty incest granny who likes her fantasies wild and yes this one is a bit on the wild side, but I couldn’t turn it away.  The more abstract our imaginations the more fun our taboo phone sex fantasies can be!  Which part of this particular fantasy turned you on the most?  Being the voyeur to the bathtub playtime with Granny and the girls, playing sexual games with your filthy phone sex Granny, being tied up, being blackmailed, or the penetration paradise of your first fuck?

Yes, I know this fantasy encompassed a lot taboo things all rolled into one.  This is why twisted phone sex can be so popular.  Twisting a bunch of taboo, incest, underage things together can give you the most intense orgasms you can experience.  If you’ve not gone down this road with your fantasy playtime before but want to try it, give me call!  Let’s turn your pedophile lust into filthy underage fantasy games where nothing is off limits and you’re guaranteed a cock explosion!  I’ll me waiting for your call…

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744

Cuckold Husband Begs Bull to Fuck Cheating Wife Fantasy

Hello boys, I’m Alexis and if you’re seeking cuckold phone sex with a woman who understands the ins and outs of what cuckold sex is all about then I may be the woman for you.   If you have questions about being cuckold husband, then perhaps reading further is exactly what you need…

You pull up to your driveway after a long, hard day at work and notice a car you have never seen before parked in your spot. Annoyed and tired you walk into your typical suburban house and call out for your wife. No response. You call her name again and when she still isn’t answering you walk to toward your bedroom with a feeling of anxiety, dread, and even a little bit of excitement. As you get closer you hear her moaning and almost screaming. You stop dead in your tracks when you hear another voice; a male voice, yelling at your wife, “Take it bitch, and back that ass up on this nigger dick”.

Did you just cum in your pants? This is the type of cheating wife scenario you fantasize about isn’t it; your beautiful wife being used by another man while you watch (or not), or even walking in on her. Calling me for cuckold phone sex will tell you everything you need to know, even the things you don’t want to know, and exactly what it will mean to be your wife’s cuckold. Let’s have some real talk too; honest conversation about what it really means from a woman’s perspective. If she’s going to embrace the hot, cheating wife lifestyle it’s always going to be with a bigger and better dick

Mandingo breeding your wife

If you are uncertain what a bigger, better dick means then let me inform you.  It means big black cock (BBC), or simply put, a superior cock to your pathetic white dick. And it doesn’t matter how big your dick is, it will never big enough and good enough for your lovely bride. It is true what they say about “once you go black you’ll never go back”.  I mean, how fucking horny do you get thinking about his Mandingo cock filling her up with his potent sperm and breeding her too? You know she’s not on birth control and he is absolutely fucking her bare back. Once she starts popping out those little black babies, everyone you know will now know what a cuckold hubby you really are!

As her cuckold husband you better be ready to make her bull lovers happy too. Helping her get ready, buying them both dinner, and having the bedroom ready for when they get back. If she’s anything like me, you’ll be waiting by the door on your hands and knees dressed only in panties and your pretty pink collar around your neck. In fact, if you were my cuckold phone sex husband, I will use as my fluffer tonight too.

You’ll be sucking his cock good and hard to get him ready for me. Remember the instructions?  Beg him to fuck me because you can never make me cum like he does. Be a good cuckold husband and guide that beautiful BBC into her pretty white cunt.  Her pussy is his now and you should be grateful to be this close to his property. In fact, it’s the only way you’ll get tastes of her pussy from now on; off his cock or when it’s filled with his cum.

Cuckold husband fantasy play

Does this type of cuckold phone sex fantasy excite you?  Which part excited you the most?  Catching your wife in the act, the fact the cock she was getting was a big black cock, or being dressed up in a pretty pink collar around your neck?  If you chose one, two or all three of those things then I think we’ll have an awesome cuckold phone sex session!

If you’d like to elaborate on the BBC / big black cock part of this taboo phone sex fantasy we can do that too!  All you have to do is say the word because the only fucking you’ll be doing as my cuckold husband will be being the recipient of my BBC strap on cock or even a real black cock up your ass! When you become a cuckold husband, it’s all about your wife and her lover’s world and you should be thanking them for letting you be a part of it.

I’m here to bring your cuckold desires and BBC phone sex fetishes to life via adult phone entertainment, so let’s play!   If you’re new to the world of being a cuckold husband just let me know and we’ll explore every nook and cranny to figure out what turns you on the most.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973

Erotic Fetish Phone Sex for Sissy Slut Pleasures

Hello boys it’s Deanna.  If you are in the mood for some sissy phone sex with an operator who loves playing with her little sissies and sissy sluts alike, then perhaps I’m the woman you’ve been looking for. Sissy phone sex sluts are always so much fun to play with because there are so many ways to play!  In fact, it’s one of my favorite types of fetish phone sex fantasies I offer.

It is incredibly satisfying to play the role of a phone sex Mistress, especially with weak, pathetic men who enjoy begging women like me to use them for my pleasure.  If you are a pathetic sissy slut who craves cock then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  One of my favorite ways to incorporate cock is with a strap on cock, and I just got a new one too.  It’s a gargantuan sized strap on cock and can’t wait to put it use.  But the question is will you be the sissy slut I’ll be breaking my new strap on cock in with, or will my new gargantuan strap on cock break you?

I just want you to know that I’m the kind of erotic phone sex Mistress who is good with both endings.  I’d be more than happy to break it in, or break you in.  What about you?  Are you good with both too or do you prefer one over the other?  Here’s a little erotic fetish story that may assist you in your decision making process and it goes something like this…

Exhilarating humiliation for sissy sluts

It’s a quarter past ten and my pathetic sissy slut comes crawling on all fours into my room. I’m sitting in my over-stuffed chair by the bay window; wearing only a short satin robe and a huge strap on cock.  I’m parting my silky folds as I begin to slowly stroke the shaft of my giant cock. I knew you would come; you can’t deny your obsession with the satisfaction I provide you by being the cheap little whore that you are.

Your head lowers towards floor as make your way over to me on all fours. You in your pink, frilly sissy dress, complete with petticoat, pantyhose, and heels, instantly lights up my face with a smile at the sight before me. Tonight I am going to push you my sissy slut. I’m going to take our little adventures further than I had ever before. I am going to introduce you to my new goliath-sized strap on cock!

I’m pleasantly surprised to see you wearing the sexy blonde wig I gave you as a gift on your birthday last year too.  Yes, at your birthday party with all your friends in attendance who got a good laugh when I insisted you put on your new wig for show.

As you continue on your trek, still crawling on all fours your head is still lowered. It’s as if you are afraid to look up and glance into my eyes because you learned long ago that I demand respect and permission for every moved you make.  Humiliation phone sex is not for the faint at heart.  But for those who are sexually aroused at humiliation from a Mistress such as myself it can be very exhilarating experience.

Wickedly tantalizing fantasy role play

“Would you like your mouth filled like the hungry whore that you are”, I ask my little sissy slut. With his eyes still staring at the floor, he answered with a soft whispered, “Yes, Mistress.”  My mouth turns up a smile at how wickedly tantalizing our little scenario is progressing.

When I stand up and walk over to your crawling path, you stop.  I begin rubbing the head of my strap on cock on your forehead. With two fingers under your chin, I pull your face up so your eyes meet mine and you give a gasp of sexual excitement.

I compliment you and tell you that you are such an obedient sissy by wearing the harlot red lipstick painted on your lips just the way I like. Next I place my thumb delicately on your chin and push open your mouth.  I position my huge rubber dick on the bottom lip of your greedy little mouth.  “There you go slut, now suck my dick”, I demand.

You dutifully open your mouth and take as much of my twelve inch cock deep into your mouth as you possibly can before your eyes start to water. It brings me great pleasure seeing you kneeling below me with your mouth full.  All while knowing what’s happening under you frilly pink dress.  Once I see your greed increase for my cock, I pull it out of your mouth and slap your face with it with a smile on my face.

“You’re such a good little cock whore and I can’t wait to hear you squeal when I fuck your prissy little pussy with this delicious cock you’ve been feasting on”, I say….

Indulge yourself in some erotic fantasy phone sex

I can’t tell you every detail of how this fetish phone sex fantasy session will end, now can I?  Which part gives you sexual arousal?  Being a submissive for a phone sex Mistress, the cock sucking, or the idea of having man pussy penetration by my giant strap on cock?  I love every aspect of sissy phone sex that incorporates humiliation of all kinds.  So if this is something you enjoy masturbating to, then I think you should give me a call!

If you enjoy strap on phone sex play but without the humiliation part or the Mistress aspect but would rather just enjoy erotic phone sex that includes strap on play that’s alright too.  All you have to do is tell me exactly what it is that turns you on and we can indulge whatever that may be.  I’m an opened minded operator who is ready to make you cum today!

Deanna – 1-866-371-5413