Mystery Girl




A satisfied customer here at Taboo Temptations almost always means a happy penis, right?!

Whether your goal is to “bust a nut” or simply have an erotic conversation with an intelligent phone sex operator then you’ve come to the right place.  When you dial in to our service our main focus and priority is make sure you not only receive a satisfactory session but are completely spent by the time you hang up.  If you are a regular client to our phone sex service you may already know and understand how our toll free telephone lines work.  But if you are a new visitor to our site or are simply confused on how we conduct business here, here’s a brief run down…

Each of the ladies found here on our site work from the privacy of their homes, not in a call center.  We have an “indicator” system in place on each of the pages listed so that you can see if a girl is taking calls or not.  You may have to refresh your page if your current browser is not set to display a new page upon loading to get the accurate status of the girl you are calling.

What does the busy signal mean?

When you dial the girl of your choice you’ll either get a busy signal or the operator will answer.  If you get a busy signal, it could mean one of two things:

#1    the operator you dialed is simply not working at the time you are placing your call. You will receive a busy signal as it is a requirement at this phone sex service to keep their sanity 🙂

#2   the operator you dialed is already on a phone sex call with another client.  The girls here do not have call waiting on their phone lines, therefore creating a busy signal when their phone line is in use.  If you have checked the status of the girl you are dialing and it shows “taking calls” you can continue calling until you get through to her for your own personalized, private fantasy call.

We are always looking to improve and provide the best quality phone sex money can buy, so we have decided to implement a new avenue for contacting an operator who is available and able to assist you in “getting your rocks off” if your regular girl is either unavailable or busy at the time you are ready to play.

Different personalities and voices

This optional number: 1-269-778-2266 will work in a random rotation of the girls who are working and available to play.  Once you dial the number (1-269-778-2266) you will be put through a telephone system and the first girl who is available will answer your call and fulfill your fantasy for you.  All the ladies that work at this phone sex service pretty much do all types of fantasies and several specialize in incest fantasy role play calls.  Keep in mind that all of our operators have different personalities and voices.  Also remember that some operators are more experienced in particular areas or topics than others may be.  You may find it beneficial to ask the operator when you dial this number if she can or is willing to engage in a specific fantasy call that you are requesting or would like to do.

This phone sex number; 1-269-77-TABOO is not a typical “dispatch” line that you may be familiar with from using other services.  This line is basically a “MYSTERY GIRL” as you will not know who will answer the line. The first available operator at the time you dial in will answer.  As stated before, each and every girl who works here at Taboo Temptations has a different personality and/or style and may or may not jive for what you are looking for.  If the particular operator you’re looking to play with is not available at the time you are;  this line is an option for you if you really need to blow your load!  Please be courteous even if the voice or operator isn’t what you are looking for.

Fantasy phone sex orgasms

We have a multitude of talented taboo phone sex operators who offer a vast array of fantasy calls.  A huge perk and advantage of dialing into this mystery line is that you may find a voice/personality that you really like that completely turns you on, but would have not otherwise dialed her toll free line because she’s a blonde instead of a brunette, or has little titties vs. big tits, that you normally like and so on…  If you really enjoy your call with the operator who picks up the line you’ll want to be sure to get her name so that you can try to dial her direct line the next time you are looking to do a phone sex call. Otherwise you may or may not get her directly if you dial in on this phone sex orgasm line.

REMEMBER:  This phone sex line 1-269-778-2266 is not your typical “dispatch” type line.  You cannot dial into this number (1-269-778-2266) looking for a specific operator.  The girl who answers is the girl that is available to play at that time.  You can complete a fantasy call with her, or simply continue trying your favorite girl until she is available again.  If the operator who answers is not the voice you are looking for, please remain respectful and courteous and let her know you’ll try again at a later time.

As always please email me, Kendra (the owner) at any time if you have questions, comments or concerns:  [email protected]