Pathetic Pantyhose Whore For Fetish Fantasies Realized

Hi guys, I’m Hollie.  If someone were to ask me what one of my favorite types of taboo phone sex calls are, I would hands-down have to say incest fantasy role playing. The incest element intertwined into to any sexual fantasy session always makes it extremely hot in my eyes.  So with this being said, let’s have a steamy incest phone sex call today!

When it comes to incest fantasy role play, I’ll pretend to be any family member you’d like me to role play with you.  What family member role play makes your cock the hardest; auntie nephew, mommy son, brother sister, or daddy daughter?  I like it wild so we could have a mommy son phone sex role play were you get me pregnant, then fast forward and get our daughter pregnant if that’s something that turns you on.  All scenarios are welcome when it comes to incest fantasy role play with me.  I’d like to tell you about a call I recently had with one of my regular clients that was so much fun…

Aunt nephew incest phone sex role play

My caller wanted a taboo incest session that also incorporated his sexual fetish too; his pantyhose fetish. Because I too have fetish for pantyhose, I was more than happy to play along!  He wanted me to play the role of his “Aunt” for his fantasy and he my nephew.  This was not your typical auntie nephew role play with a young boy and older woman either.  It was a little more sinister; super taboo and extremely hot!

My nephew; who is a grown man now, and I have always had a close relationship both inside and outside the bedroom. In fact, our incestuous relationship began when he was just a teenage boy.  He disclosed our incestuous relationship to his wife prior to them being married so she’s well aware of it. In fact, his wife even shares some kinky fetishes I have.  Is it a coincidence; maybe?  I introduced my nephew to several sexual kinks along the years and I’m guessing his sexual cravings for kink and fetish play stems from me.

Whatever the case; my nephew and his wife like to play kinky sex games while dressed up in pantyhose often. On this the particular night he had planned a special evening of pantyhose fetish fun for just the two of them.  It is now late in the evening, after I’ve had several cocktails and I’m feeling horny.  This is when I decided I’d go to my nephews; uninvited.

Pantyhose fetish sex with horny drunk Aunt

My nephew was a bit annoyed and irritated because it was supposed to be an evening for just the two of them.  However, when they heard me banging on the door they knew I had been drinking again.  Together, in that moment, my nephew and his wife decided this would be the perfect opportunity for a quick night of rough incest sex with Aunt Hollie.  They thought was time that I was taught a lesson for barging in on their private pantyhose fetish sex evening.

“C’mon in Aunt Hollie”, he said in an agitated tone when opening the door.  Once I saw that he was wearing coffee colored pantyhose and looking super sexy is when I realized I interrupted his sexy fetish playtime with his wife. I apologized for interrupting as I began to slide my skirt up over my white pantyhose covered legs to expose my bare pussy through the sheer nylon fabric.  In a playful, alcohol induce teasing tone I told my nephew how horny I was and really wanted to have a little incest sex.  I could tell he didn’t want me there but told me to join him and his wife to the bedroom.

My pussy moistened as I followed my sexy pantyhose wearing nephew down the hall and into their bedroom.  His wife was topless lying on the bed in her pantyhose awaiting his return. My nephew immediately began to pull my clothes off as soon as I entered the doorway behind him.  His wife invited me to lie down on the bed next to her and that’s when my nephew began to roughly rub my pantyhose covered pussy with his hand.

Pathetic pantyhose whore gets a hard fucking

Within moments my nephew was on top of me forcing his big swollen dick inside me with his pantyhose on; just the way I like. Once all the way inside he began to pump harder, creating a juicy friction that drives me crazy!  His wife was ready to get in on the action so she sat on my face and started grinding her pussy on my hot mouth. My nephew pinched, pulled and squeezed my nipples really hard before his wife took over as he pushed my legs up to spank my ass.

It felt so good having my nephew’s pantyhose covered cock inside me as he fucked me good and hard.  Each time his hand slapped my cheeks he told me what a pathetic pantyhose whore I was.  After a few smacks he told me to say it too.  In fact he forced me to say it over and over until he came while thrusting his cock deep inside me. I love the feeling of his cum oozing through the pantyhose fabric as it seeps into my pussy making me cum too.

Anything goes sex games for your taboo fetish phone sex needs

This incest fantasy is just one type of fetish phone sex role play I like to engage in with my fantasy callers. I always have a good time with my fantasy nephew and his naughty wife every time he calls.  Sometimes he likes to role play the same fantasy, while other times he brings me an entirely different pantyhose fetish phone sex scenario.

No matter what your sexual fetishes are, I’m more than happy to talk about them with you. We can have a taboo conversation about your fetish while you masturbate, or we can role play a steamy scenario and bring that fetish phone sex fantasy alive until you blow your load.  Bring me your stocking fetishes, pantyhose fetishes, panty fetishes, ass sniffing fetishes, stinky sock fetishes, toilet and scat fetishes or any other fetish imaginable!  I welcome any and all sexual fetishes without any judgments or restrictions. So don’t be shy, pick up the phone and give me a call!  I want to be the girl you call and cum with today!

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Cheating Wife Loves Big Black Cock Phone Sex Fantasy

Hi guys, I’m Hollie and if we haven’t talked yet, let me fill you in on the kind of taboo phone sex playmate I am. I am a do-it-all, anything goes kind of woman who likes it when our imaginations go wild. That’s right; I have no limitations or restrictions when it comes to fulfilling fantasies over the phone. Everything is always on the table with me, from playing the innocent chaste role to being the kinkiest pervert on the planet.

I really enjoy adult fantasy role playing with my callers because it can bring out things in you that you didn’t know were hiding inside you. I would have to classify myself as a horny housewife when comes to being on the naughty side of things though and you wouldn’t believe the things I did to my fantasy hubby just the other day on one of my taboo phone sex fantasy sessions…

Out of control horny housewife in the making

My caller was looking to play the doting husband role for our fantasy role play where our marriage started out with me being a nurturing and caring wife, that is until my husband decided I had to quit my job and be a stay at home wife instead. That’s great for some women, but it wasn’t for me; having nothing to do is never good for me.   Of course I didn’t plan on being a cheating wife because I always thought of myself as the old fashioned 50’s style housewife; but with a job outside the home too. However, once that changed, it didn’t take me long to figure out that there were plenty of men who would make sure my days were anything but boring!

When I was working outside the home I would fantasize about some of the hot men I encountered at the office, but now that I was home alone, I decided to find my fantasies elsewhere, and it didn’t take long to make my fantasies a reality either. Let me continue on by explaining how I became a very horny housewife my “hubby” couldn’t control…

Cheating wife craves big black cock

I have to admit; I was a little shy, shocked even, when one of our neighbors approached me and told me if there was anything I needed to make my day better, he was more than happy to help. As nervous as I was, my eyes kept drifting down to that bulge in his pants. I kept wondering just how big that black cock was and it didn’t take long to find out.  Let me just say he was huge! Twice as big as my hubby’s dick, which I always thought was big, but the cold hard reality is that it certainly isn’t! After an afternoon romp in the hay I soon come to realize this was the best fuck session of my entire life! I thought if his cock was that good, there had to be more out there that were even better.

Once word got around that I was one very horny housewife it wasn’t long and I had plenty of men stopping by to “make my day better.” I was now the neighborhood cheating wife who had a fierce craving for big black cock!  And of course it take my husband long to believe all the rumors beginning to float around either.

When my husband came home early one afternoon he knew the rumor was true. I was leaning over his favorite chair with my ass in the air taking a big black cock from behind.  I’m not sure if he was more upset about another man penetrating me or that we might get cum on his chair?

Dumping creamy loads of hot sperm

Either way, the more he thought about it the harder he got. He stood outside, watching us and jerking off at the window. The intensity of my husband’s sexual arousal was a complete shock to his system. He had no idea it would turn him on so much to watch his wife with another man until this very moment.  His strokes became faster and harder the more his wife took.

Ultimately my husband blew a huge load of cum when he heard my “guest” say he wanted to get me pregnant and visually watching as he was plunging his big black cock deep inside me; spraying his big load of hot sperm. When my husband told me I thought how great would it be to have a mixed, bi racial baby? Everyone would know it’s not my hubby’s and know I’m a cheating housewife! From that point on I tried to make sure that all of my fuck buddies dumped their creamy loads of hot sperm inside me.  Finding out I was pregnant sent my hubby over the moon. He said he didn’t deserve my pussy and he’d never fuck me again as long as he could watch black men fucking me from time to time and hear me beg them to get me pregnant.

Horny housewife wants to spread her creamy white thighs

This cheating wife phone sex role play was so hot and I can honestly say that role playing a horny housewife is certainly one of my favorites now! Do you get turned on by having thoughts or fantasies about seeing your wife get fucked by another man too? Is there a back story or underlying fetish to your thought or fantasy like in this case?

I want to know what makes your cock the hardest, watching your wife get fucked by a big black cock or your wife getting pregnant. Either way, I want to talk to you and make you cum really hard in a hot taboo phone sex fantasy like this one. Don’t wait too long,  because remember;  this horny housewife wants to spread my white creamy thighs for a big black cock and make your pregnant fetish phone sex come alive today!

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Keeping the Family Secret: Sensual Incest Sex with Son

Hi guys, its Hollie and I couldn’t wait to share the taboo phone sex call I had last night with you. My caller read an erotic story to me so we could role play it for our Mommy phone sex fantasy. It was an incest story with a kinky twist to it, just like I like. It was an incest fantasy about a young teen boy who found out the family secret.

When my son found out that his Grandpa was actually his Daddy, we had a little talk. I told him about the family fun we had when I was growing up. I explained how it’s good for Daddies and Mommies to teach their children about sex and sometimes girls can get pregnant. That’s what happened with my Dad and me.

My son was a little upset about our family secret and I thought this called for a sensual seduction. I told him that yes, it’s a secret but a very special one. We talked while I rubbed his back and arm, held his hand and hugged him. I held him close and then kissed him with a very soft, sensual kiss. I told him I thought it was very important to teach him about sex now that he’s having wet dreams. He was embarrassed that I knew but I told him it’s natural and he’s a young man now. He liked that and when I told him I thought he was hot, he gave me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen.

I slipped out of my clothes in front of him and let him explore my body in our Mommy phone sex fantasy and told him my secret. Telling him I want him to get me pregnant shocked him at first, but he warmed up to the idea quickly. We took our time, with me sucking his dick and telling him how to lick my pussy in a hot 69. It was so sweet the way he was awkward at first when he started to fuck me. With a little encouragement and direction, he caught on quickly. Just before he came I begged him to cum inside me and get me pregnant. Having my Daddy’s baby and now my son’s is a huge turn on and a dream come true for me. Our incest fantasy role play call was amazing!

Are you looking for a naughty phone sex Mommy for your taboo incest fantasy? I’ll be your sensual or slutty Mom in any role play you like. Call and cum with me today!

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Medical Fetish Phone Sex With Mommy Role Play

Hi everyone, Hollie and I’m here to tell you about an incredible medical fetish phone sex fantasy that I recently had that was so much fun and super hot too. I enjoy all kinds of fetishes and this particular role play is combined with one of my favorite roles; a fantasy Mommy. Now, I’m not a real life nurse or doctor but I love to play one in when interacting with my clients for fetish phone sex fantasy fun.

The combination my fetish phone sex caller wanted sounded fun so I jumped right in. He played the role of my son for this incest fantasy role play, and I played a nurse at a medical office just a few blocks from our house. Today he went home after school and did his homework like a good boy, like he always does. Our regular routine is that once he finishes his homework he walks down to the clinic and walks me home.

The office is closed by the time he arrived and all the staff had already gone home for the day. He decided that today, that since we were all alone he’d take the opportunity to ask me a few things that were on his mind. This is what started off our medical fetish phone sex fantasy.

He began by telling me, his mom, that he saw a video at his friend’s house the other day that he wasn’t sure was or could be real. He told me he saw a woman fucking a younger man, supposedly her son, with a strap on cock.

He was intrigued and curious because he didn’t know that guys could be fucked. He thought that men and boys were the only ones that could do the fucking. I assured my son that I was more than happy to explain this to him. However, because I am more of a hand’s on kind of teacher, I told him it would be easier just to show him. He was very excited that I would help him understand this and show him just how guys can be fucked.

I had him strip down naked and get on an exam table. I told him that this instruction would probably make him less nervous if I did the same, so I took my uniform, bra and panties off too. I placed his feet in the stirrups and spread his legs nice and wide. I showed him my “medical grade” dildo. Of course there’s no such thing, but he’s a young teenager and didn’t know the difference so that’s just what I told him.

I figured that telling him it was a piece of our normal office equipment made it feel and sound less strange or intimidating to him. For obvious reason I didn’t want him to know that I have wanted to do this for some time and couldn’t wait to fuck my son. I clicked the dildo into my strap on harness and let him feel and stroke it while I explained what I was going to do with it.

His ass was so tight that I had to work it with my finger and lube for a bit just to loosen his hole up for my big Mommy dick. As I was gently easing my finger in deeper I began stroking his very hard teenage cock. It looked so delicious that I couldn’t help but lean over and sucked his dick while I fingered his ass for a few minutes. When I felt his hole was ready, I took my mouth off his dick and told him he was now ready to be fucked.

I teased his tight little hole with the head of my dick and then slowly worked it in until it was about half-way in. I held it there for a minute to get him used to the sensation and then started fucking him; very slowly. He loved it! He was moaning and telling me how good it felt within the first two minutes. I told him now that he understands guys can be fucked too that we’ll need to do this more often because his hole is so tight. He loved that idea too!

It wasn’t too long before he said he was thirsty and I wasn’t about to stop working my dick in his ass to get him a glass of water. I popped the dildo off of my harness while I kept in his ass and hand fucked him with it while I slid up on his face. I told him to open his mouth and filled him up with my golden showers. Drinking my warm piss while I fucked my son him made him cum so hard for me. It was amazing!

If you are looking for a medical fetish phone sex fantasy role play, with or without my sweet golden showers, give me a call.  Be sure to let me know if you are into strap on phone sex and if you like it hard and fast or slow and sensual because I always love a good strap on phone sex fuck session!

I can’t wait to find out all of the fetishes and fantasies that turn you on and make you cum hard, so don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and try me today!

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Kinky Anal Phone Sex Slut For Office Gangbang Fantasy

Hi everyone, I’m Hollie and I’m in the mood for a hot, kinky phone sex fantasy, how about you? It’s only a little more than a week away from Halloween and I’m already thinking about the role play scenarios we can do. I’m ready for anything from a sensual vampire to any extreme zombie scenario you can think of!

I had a very hot fantasy phone sex call last night from a man who wanted me to be his secretary for a very kinky role play. It wasn’t Halloween themed, but very hot just the same. He had been cooking the books a bit and the board of directors came in with an auditor to meet with him. I had no idea he threw me under the bus and blamed me for all his shenanigans.

To begin our fantasy phone sex role play, I came in to the office as usual.  I was wearing a dark blue suit with a white blouse, tan stockings and navy blue heels. It wasn’t long after I sat down at my desk before my boss called me into the conference room. Everyone was there; six board members, all young men in their mid 30’s and the auditor. There was also a slightly older man somewhere in his mid 40’s.

They began asking me questions about the records; how I keep track of sales and expenses, and I even tried to explain my boss does that, not me. Nobody seemed to believe me and I didn’t understand why at first. When my boss finally said he figured out what I had been doing and called the audit, I realized he was blaming me for what he had been doing. I tried to defend myself, but my boss demanded I be punished and humiliated right then and there.

The auditor moved first and grabbed my arms. He tied them behind me while my boss ripped my blouse open in our kinky phone sex fantasy. At first, I figured that if they were going to fire me they would have done that from the start, but since they didn’t, I ultimately decided to just go with it.

My boss yelled out that something extreme should happen to teach me a lesson and one of the board members said, “Let’s all fuck her in the ass.” I’ve had anal sex before and liked it, but not by eight men! I wasn’t sure if I could take that many. Especially since all six of the board members were black men.

They all started stripping their clothes off while my boss pulled out scissors and cut my clothes off of me. Once I was completely naked he forced me over the conference table with my legs spread wide. One of the men came around the other side of the table so I could suck his big black cock while another one started pushing his dick in my pussy to get it wet for my ass.

It didn’t take long for a full out gangbang to start. They fucked all of my holes but my ass was at the center of their attention. They weren’t gentle by any means and I cried, begged, pleaded my innocence and nothing worked. They just fucked me harder. I may have put on a nice show crying and begging for them, but honestly; anal sex from eight black cocks was amazing!

My kinky phone sex caller was the last to fuck my ass and he blew his load deep inside when he was balls deep and calling me names. Our extreme office gangbang was a totally fun fantasy and I’d love to do it again!

If you are into anal phone sex and want to poke, penetrate and pound a sweet puckered ass, I have the perfect ass for you! I want you to grab onto my hips and pound away! If you are into pulling hair and slapping my ass while you forced your big hard cock into my sweet ass, go for it! I want to make you blow a big load of hot cum just for me to end a perfect fantasy role play.

Whether you want me all to yourself, or you want to openly share me for a gangbang phone sex fantasy I’m ready. I’ll be the perfect anal slut for you just the way you like it! What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call me now for an anal phone sex fantasy you won’t soon forget!

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Strap On Phone Sex: Anal Sex Lessons With Mommy

Hi everyone, I’m Hollie and I’m always ready for a naughty mommy phone sex fantasy with horny callers like you. Nothing is off limits with me, so that means you can be any age for your fantasy. You can pretend to be an extremely young boy all the way being my grown adult son for an age play fantasy role play with me. Family fun fantasies are just that; fun! If you’re not sure what you want to talk about on our call, maybe this will help get your imagination in gear.

I recently had a caller who looking for an incest phone sex fantasy with the perfect phone sex mommy; a mommy who was into anal action as well as being a little on the younger side. When he dialed me he told me he wanted a mommy son phone sex fantasy and I was more than happy to oblige!

I played the mommy role and my caller played my young teenage son for this incest fantasy role play. I had noticed that my son has been fascinated with woman’s asses for quite some time now, so I had an inkling that he would grow up to be “butt man” in his future. In fact, I figured he would have a preference for anal sex as he grew up and begin having sex too. But to my surprise, I had no idea how right I was!

For the last week or so I’ve noticed things have been missing around the house. One of my hairbrushes was missing; a round handled silicone coated serving spoon, one of my bottles of perfume that was tall and slender and even the screwdriver I kept in the kitchen drawer were all missing.

But the strangest of all the missing objects was the top of a broom; about twelve inches of the broom handle had been cut off. That’s when it dawned on me. I went to my son’s room and sure enough, all of those things were in a box hidden under his bed. This is where our mommy phone sex fantasy got very interesting and very hot!

When my teenage son came home from his friend’s house, I was sitting on his bed holding the box of pilfered items. I also had a box from my room that I have kept well hidden too. As soon as he saw the box in my lap he started out saying those things weren’t his. Then started making excuses for why he had them and then eventually tried to turn things on me for snooping in his room.

I waited until his little rant was done and told him the things he had in his box could be dangerous. Dangerous is the sense that these items should not be used to stick in his ass and fuck himself with. His face turned beet red and was totally shocked that I said that and was completely and utterly embarrassed that I knew.

I explained that there are many things and objects you can find that might be used for anal play and these items were too hard and could hurt him if he got carried away. Plus the broom, did he even think about splinters? I asked him how he’d feel explaining how he had splinters in his ass to the emergency room nurse if that happened.

Then I opened my box of toys and showed him my strap on and collection of different size dildos. I told him if he kept it secret, I would teach him how to fuck his ass safely and teach him how to have an orgasm in his ass too. He was a bit embarrassed again but I told him enjoying anal sex is normal and nothing to be ashamed of.

I undressed and slipped into my strap on harness and had him pick out the dildo he wanted me to use. I explained everything to him while we were getting ready; how the dildo locks in place and how I can control it when I fuck him. He stopped me at one point and said, “But Mom, this is incest.” I told him this is educational so it was totally different. That actually worked and he believed me. I did tell him not to tell anyone about our “lessons” though.

I squirted a stream of lubrication on my strap on cock and told him to rub it all over and stroke it up and down like a real cock. Once my strap on cock was glistening with lube I had him strip down naked and lie on his back on his bed. I had him bring his knees to his chest so I could get access to his ass.

I put a dollop of lube on his asshole and begin fingering his tight little hole so I could start stretching it out before the real fucking started. Originally he picked out one of my smaller dildos, but it wasn’t long before he said he wanted to try a bigger one. Pretty soon I had my 8 1/2 inch dick thrusting inside him as he begged me to fuck him harder. The harder I thrust the more he grunted and within seconds he started cumming really hard. It was so much fun giving my teenage fantasy son “anal sex lessons” and helping him cum too!

I can go both ways with anal sex. Giving and getting. My ass craves a good pounding as much as yours does. Whatever kind of anal phone sex fantasy you have I want to be a part of it! I am happy give anal sex lessons like I did in this fantasy as your mom, or if you want another incest scenario instead with your sister or aunt, I can certainly do that too!

I love all types of family fun and incest fantasy role plays; there isn’t a mommy phone sex fantasy I’ll turn away, so pick up the phone and give me a call today!

Hollie – 1-877-608-0818

Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy: Sexual Spanking Leads to CBT

Hi everyone, I’m Hollie, one of the kinky Mommies here who craves fetish phone sex as much as you do. There are several fetishes I have that turn me on but one of them that really gets my pussy wet is a nice, hard spanking. I enjoy both giving and getting; either way is hot in my fetish fantasy world!

Take a look at my ass. Don’t you think my ass was made to be spanked? I do! However, I find that it’s just as sexually stimulating for me to turn you over my knee too. In fact, all this talk about OTK (over the knee) spanking is turning me on.  I hope this spanking phone sex fantasy turns you on too…

I have a fetish phone sex caller who squeals when I mention spanking him. He gets so excited. His voice quivers and he sounds like a girl when he screams, “Yes! Spank me, Mommy!” Well, we recently had a thoroughly hot and very fun CBT (cock and ball torture) session that I couldn’t wait to tell everyone about.

Our fetish fantasy role play sessions are always fun, especially when he pretends to be my son’s underage, but older teenage friend who calls me Mommy Hollie. Today he came over knowing my son wasn’t home from practice and asked if he could wait for him in his room. I let him in and went back into the dining room to finish folding the clean laundry.

When I took my son’s clean and folded laundry to his room to put away, he wasn’t there. I found him in my bedroom instead. I found him sitting on the end of my bed rubbing a pair of my dirty panties over his mouth and nose that he pulled out of my dirty clothes hamper. Because I’m not the kind of person to lose my temper, I didn’t get upset with him in. However, I calmly told him that since he didn’t ask for permission go in my room or through my hamper, I thought I should give him a lesson in manners.

Imagine his surprise when I took off my dress and stood in front of him in, in just my bra and panties. I told him if he wanted to sniff my panties that he needs to do it while I have them on. He started to kneel down but I stopped him and told him that he needed to strip down completely naked first. He quickly took his clothes off and got on his knees.

I walked over to my vanity and sat in the chair in front of my mirror. I spread my legs open and had him crawl on all fours over to me. He crawled up between my legs and began sniffing at my pussy. I grabbed the wooden back scratcher off of my vanity and I started spanking his hot little underage ass with it. The more I spanked the more he squealed like a girl and begged for more.

I decided he was enjoying this a bit too much and thought a bit of CBT (cock and ball torture) might get his attention. I started slapping his balls with my back scratcher and he kept saying he would ask permission from now on and begging me not to hurt him.

The look on his face and the way he spread his legs wider so I could smack him harder told me everything I needed to know. My son’s kinky friend has a CBT fetish and I was happy to feed it for him. I squeezed, slapped, spanked his teenage cock and even had him sit on the floor so I could step on his balls.

You wouldn’t believe how hard he came for me during this spanking and CBT phone sex fantasy! He shot his huge load all over my foot and begged me to spank him some more while he licked my foot clean. This was such a fun fantasy!

If you’re a naughty boy in need of a sexually charged spanking from Mommy mixed with some cock and ball torture (CBT) phone sex then pick up the phone and call me! I’d love to take your fetish phone sex fantasy and turn it into a role play that will have you cumming hard and spewing a huge load too!

I am non judgmental person with a very open mind. I also have a vast array of experience when it comes to fulfilling fetish fantasies and role plays over the phone. So gather up your courage and give me a call today for an experience you won’t forget!

Hollie – 1-877-608-0818