Hubby Watches Wife Get Banged By Big Black Cock Fantasy

Hi guys it’s your kinky fetish phone sex lover Hope again.  I’m a hot, horny housewife and I’m always ready to get down and dirty with you!  If you have read any of my previous entries then you are aware that I absolutely love big black cock and can never get enough. I love the sensation of having a big, thick black rod stretching and stuffing my holes wide open.  One, two or even all three of my holes individually or all at the same time works for me!

Does your cock twitch and make you a little horny when you think about a woman taking cock? How does your cock react when you think about your wife, girlfriend or partner taking a big black cock; stretching their hole(s) wide open?  If that thought or visual makes your cock throb and ache for release then I think you should give me a call!  Let’s explore and talk about what makes you the most sexually aroused when these thoughts arise.

Perhaps you just enjoy being a voyeur and like watching women take cock and it’s that simple. However, if the intensity of your sexual arousal charged when thinking about your wife, but you’re too afraid to tell your partner then this is where I come in! Let’s figure out what makes your cock as hard as a rock. Is it the black cock, the cheating, the anal sex, the idea of your woman being a cock whore, the idea of you being the cuckold cock sucker, or the clean up boy? If you are unsure and can’t really pinpoint the sexually arousing specifics, then maybe reading about one of my recent fetish phone sex fantasy sessions below will shed some light for you…

Cuckold cheating wife fetish phone sex play

My pussy began to drip with excitement when this particular kinky phone sex caller dialed in and told me all about his fetish phone sex fantasy. It was a cheating wife fantasy that included big black cock, anal sex and a whole lot of nasty.  I was more than ready, willing and eager to make his fantasy come true and play the role of his cheating wife!

Not just a cheating wife, but an anal sex slut to a man with a huge black cock. This guy works with my husband and they’ve become good friends. My hubby’s been showing him pictures of me but I didn’t know that was happening. Unbeknownst to me; he was sneaking around the house taking pictures of me in the shower, as well as any time I was nude for a few months. He’s also told his new friend that he fantasizes about watching someone else fuck me; cuckold fetish sex.

In fact, he gave full disclosure that he preferred a black cock and thought his new friend might oblige him by doing the deed for him while he watched.  The idea of his wife’s pink pussy and ass gaping open from a big black cock turned him on so much! So they came up with a plan.  A plan that was a bit over the top, but none the less, a plan that started my new cheating wife ways with big black cock!

Black cock anal sex penetration

On this particular night my husband had a surprise for me when I got home from work. This was the opening scene for our big black cock phone sex fantasy.  My hubby was tied to a chair, naked, and gagged with my panties. His new friend was there, also naked, with a friend of his. He told me all about the pictures my hubby had showed him and even about my husband’s fantasy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I told him this was nonsense and I am a faithful wife.

That’s when he and his friend grabbed me, pulled my clothes off and started fondling me. I was angry and telling them to get their hands off of me, so they shut me up by shoving a dick in my mouth. My hubby’s friend fucked my face while his friend started fingering my pussy. They took turns making me suck their big black cocks and then took turns fucking me.

Did my hubby struggle? A little, but that’s because his dick was hard as a rock. His friend untied his hand and let him jerk off while he watched them fuck me. Then it happened; his friend forced his big black cock into my ass. Of course I pretended that I never had anal sex before and now I was getting butt fucked by two men with huge black cocks!

Are you a voyeur or cuckold?

My hubby’s fantasy came true and now I’m a full time cheating wife and anal sex slut for his friend and his friend’s friends. I hope he’s happy. I sure am! In fact, that night I thought I had died and gone to heave in the moment.  Having my pink holes stuffed with those big black rods of steel was a sensation I will never forget! Now that I know what it feels like to be stretched open wide with big black cock all I want is more! Giggles

What type of kinky phone sex fantasies do you have? If you have fantasies about watching your wife, girlfriend or partner with another man you just might be a cuckold. I enjoy being the cheating wife for cuckold phone sex fantasies especially when there’s a big black cock involved.  Whether you’re a cuckold husband, or just looking for an old fashioned anal phone sex fantasy I’m ready for you.  Black cock, white cock, pussy penetration or anal sex I do it all!  Can’t wait to hear you cum so call me soon!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621

Kinky Crossdressing Sissy Calls with Erotic Playmate

I’m Hope and being a quality phone sex operator requires a no limits attitude, intelligence, creativity, and an anything goes lust for sexual deviance. I am all those things wrapped into a sexy package just for you!  My question for you is just how kinky are you? What drives you wild when you masturbate your cock? What kind of porn do you look at, stories do you read and or taboo phone sex role plays do you like?  I want to find out all of the dirty little details that make you hard and get you shooting huge loads of cum.

When we meet on your first kinky phone sex call with me, I’ll most likely ask you a series of questions so I can get to know you.  I’ll want you to describe your cock and balls to me, as well as our tight ass and if you like to finger it. If yes, you taste your fingers after? Do you have toys you like to penetrate yourself with? Would it turn you on to hear me describe using my big thick black strap on cock in your sissy ass?

If your cock twitched reading that last question then perhaps you’re a cuckold who needs a kinky dominating bitch wife to show you what you’re really good for. Kinky phone sex is so much fun when you let yourself go and really get into the fantasy. When you confess all of your hidden secrets to me and let me in, that is when the true erotic experience of phone sex really comes through.  Because everyone has a different version of what kinky is to them I would like to tell you an example of a fantasy role play we could engage in over the phone goes like this…

Turning you into a kinky slut

You’re a naughty cross dressing phone sex slut! You can either be my boyfriend, husband, or just boy toy; doesn’t matter to me. But I know you have been stealing my dirty panties from the hamper and my stockings and lingerie from the drawers in my dresser. How long did you think you could get away with it before I would find out? Now you know what is going to happen, don’t you? I am going to make you get all dressed up in front of me and then I am going to treat you like the dirty, kinky slut you really are.

On our cross dressing phone sex call I am going to surprise you with my big thick strap on cock and I am going to make you get on your knees and suck it for me like a good girl should. Then for being such a kinky slut, you are going to get punished as I slap your ass and push my cock deep inside of your pretty pussy. The question is will you be sorry for stealing all of my panties? Tell me; does the humiliation of being caught the turn on for you or the ass penetration the turn on? Whichever it is, I think you should call me for a cross dressing phone sex role play so I can drain your balls!

Private pleasure zone

If you are unsure which part turns you on more, from the last question let me stroke your brain with my raunchy words and erotic demand to bring out the cock sucker in you. I will figure out all of the things that prove you’re a kinky cross dressing phone sex slut for me. Are you ready to prove it to me and do anything I ask of you? During our fantasy session I may dress up in trashy clothes and red lipstick so I can pimp you out on the streets making you my prostitute whore.

There’s no need to be nervous or intimidated with me.  When you call me, you enter a judgment free private pleasure zone where the focus is on making you cum and cum hard.  In fact, you may surprise yourself to find out that being a cock sucking whore really turns you on.  I think it would be extra exciting as I pimp you out if you had you wear a sign around your neck that reads “FREE BLOW JOBS”.  It would be so hot to watch the men line up to savagely cock fuck your mouth, wouldn’t it?

Any type of taboo or kinky phone sex fantasy that roams your mind and makes you horny is what I’m after.  I want to explore all of your taboo thoughts with you and take you on an erotic phone sex adventure you won’t soon forget so dial me now for your very own personalized, cock sucking phone sex session today!

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Twisted Fantasy: Used Like a Whore and Cum Receptacle

Hey there, it’s Hope and I want to know who is ready to play with one of the hottest perverted phone sex playmates on the internet? I am willing to bet that I am just as perverted as you are, if not more! Lately it seems like my libido is in over drive and I am in need of more and more phone calls to make my pussy cream.

If you have called me before or have been following my blogs then you probably know all about my sexual desire and enormous appetite for big black cock. Can you believe that thoughts of those big, thick, black rods never leave my mind? I bet you can, especially if you love big black cock phone sex as much as I do!  If we have had a taboo phone sex session or two about black cock (BBC) before then I have a fantasy scenario that we can easily interchange between me and you.

What exactly does that mean, you ask?  Well, keep reading and you’ll soon figure out that it could be me that gets to take all the big black cock, or it could be you!  How about we do one of each and see who cums the hardest.  Wouldn’t that be fun?

This twisted phone sex fantasy that I am referring to is something I’ve been fantasizing about lately when I masturbate between my phone calls; when my pussy is in overdrive and I need to cum again. It’s a bit twisted but it makes my pussy cream every time! It’s a fantasy where I get locked in an all men prison facility!

Stripped naked and blindfolded

It’s late in the afternoon and I arrive at the local prison facility to submit a job application for a secretarial position that is open to the public. After waiting in the lobby for a short time a big black handsome man in a suit comes out and asks me to follow him. He directs me to what looks like an interrogation room and there are several male guards in the room.

With the door now closed and locked the handsome black man looks at me and tells me to strip out of my clothes. I’m a little confused by this and obviously scared too.  But forgoing my hesitation I begin to remove each item of clothing.  By the time I get to my blouse, my third item, they are calling me a cheap slut and dirty whore. Many of them even start saying they are going to make me suck them and take a good hard fucking from them.

My panties are the last to come off and there I am just standing stark naked and embarrassed. One of the guards walks over to me and pinches my nipple and asks me if I am going to be a dirty little cock whore for him. I am telling you, I get so excited when someone tells me they are going to force me to suck cock or gang bang me. It sends me into a state of pure euphoria, kind of sick and twisted I know, but I love it.

Big black cock penetration

Another one of the guards walks over to me, handcuffs me, shackle my ankles together and blindfolds me.  He then proceeds to firmly grip my upper arm to walk me into a very loud room. Once inside, I hear a door slam and he continues to push me over to what feels like a cold metal table. After jerking me to a halt, he lifts me up on a table and tells me to lie down. I am laying there and I can hear what sounds like several clapping hands. After I’m lying down, he removes my blindfold. It takes me a few minutes to adjust to the bright lights but when my eyes adjust, all I see is numerous big black men. They are all naked and standing throughout the whole room with their big black monster cocks in hand; gently stroking them.

My pussy starts to drip with excitement, even though these guys think I’m scared. I may be shivering just a tad bit, only because I’m naked and a little cold. In fact, I am more sexually aroused than scared at this point. Staring at all these huge black cocks, knowing I’m going to get to suck them and be penetrated by them for this perverted BBC phone sex fantasy has my whole body tingling and vibrating at the same time.

They grab a hold of my shoulders and force me to suck their dark long cocks; one after another. I take cum load after cum load in my mouth and on my face before they start penetrating my hungry white pussy. Once they’ve all emptied their balls either on me or in me, they leave me laying there in a wet pile of sticky goo for this black cock gang bang fantasy!

Big black cock whore fantasies

I don’t know what it is about this type of twisted black cock gang bang phone sex fantasy, but it makes me cum every time! The most intense orgasms I have almost always revolve around being used like a BBC whore.  It’s so much fun role playing as your personal, fantasy phone sex whore too!  Would you like to play the role of one of the prison guards and penetrate my pink holes too?  How many times loads will you for into my open orifices?

However, if you’re thinking to yourself, “I want those big black cocks”!  Then let’s turn the tables and make this big black cock fetish fantasy about you coming in for a job interview instead!  Do you want multiple big black cocks for your BBC phone sex fantasy like I do?  Do you want them to fuck your face and your pink pussy too?  Give me all the details about this fantasy that got you all worked up so we can incorporate them all and I can even add some extra frills if you want.  All you have to do tell me what’s on your horny mind and I’ll have you blowing the biggest load of cum in no time!

Whether you’re looking to use a perverted phone sex woman like me; a whore and cum receptacle for loads of hot spunk, or you want to be the BBC phone sex whore then call me! I’m ready to get down and dirty with a big black cock phone sex fantasy done your way today!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621

Cuckold Phone Sex for Big Black Cock Lovers

Hi guys, I’m Hope a kinky telephone playmate who has a huge fetish for big black cock phone sex!  It must be because I absolutely adore everything about interracial sex.  Having a (BBC) big black cock in my hot white pussy always makes me cum over and over again.  One of my very kinky phone sex callers loves to imagine that I’m his cheating wife during our BBC fantasy role plays. Although I guess it’s not really cheating since he knows all about my black cock fetish and all the hot, sexual encounters I have with big black nigger dick. Ha ha!

He’s my cuckold phone sex husband, and he gets really turned on whenever I tell him a story about my latest black lover.  In our last call, he asked me to describe what was going on, and I told him how I was dressed in a very tight, low cut pink sweater and a pair of my tightest fitting blue jeans.  I had a matching pink push up bra and panty set on underneath and a pair of stiletto heeled black boots.  I told him that the hot young black stud who was raking the leaves in the back yard was looking very cold so I was about to invite him in to get warmed up.

Since I was out of hot chocolate and coffee, I figured a blow job ought to warm him up pretty good, and soon that big black cock was in my mouth.  Before long he wanted more and I certainly wasn’t going to oppose!  My black cock fetish was running wild as he picked me up and carried me to my bedroom and tossed me on our marriage bed as my husband watched.

Cream pie clean up husband fantasy

He stripped me out of my clothes and then got totally naked himself.  I loved seeing his black muscular body; so strong and fine. His dark skin contrasted against mine and his big black hands all over my milky white breasts felt so amazing.  After lying back on the bed I spread my legs so my husband could see every detail.  Inch by inch his huge nigger dick entered inside my pink folds.  After every inch was in, he began to pull out and push back in until he fucked my brains out.  I came over and over until he finally shot his load inside me. Of course I wanted to keep his hot, creamy load in my pussy for my husband to lick up.  He’s such a good cream pie clean up boy.

Since I love big black cock and cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite ways to play you should call me when you’re looking for a slut for black cock phone sex!  If you’re looking for an experienced woman to teach you how to be the best cuckold you can then I’m the woman for you!

Are you into kinky cuckold phone sex fantasies like this too?  Do you envision your own wife or girlfriend taking big black cock just for you and being the best cheating wife and cuckold slut like you could ask for?  Maybe you’re one of those guys who want to suck big black cock right along side of me or your wife?  I’m good with that too!  Call me soon and tell me what your kinky fetish phone sex fantasy desires are and I’ll be sure to make them come true with me.  I’ll be waiting to hear from you soon!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621

Kinky Sex Fantasy: Brother Walks in on Sister and Mom

Mommy sure loves her naughty boys. If you are a Momma’s boy who loves his naughty Mommy just as much, then call to play with Mommy Hope tonight! Just imagine my luscious tits in your face as you watch me bounce up and down on your throbbing meat. Are you imagining it? That’s my naughty boy; now pick that phone, call me and let’s get off together on a mommy phone sex fantasy role play!

Mommy phone sex fantasies can go so many kinky directions and there isn’t one that keeps my pussy from getting soaking wet. If you’ve ever had a fantasy about walking in on your sister and mother fucking each other, you’re not the only one! I’d love to share an incest fantasy with you that I’ve been masturbating to between calls lately. I’ve switched up the family fun scenarios a few times for variety and have had intense orgasms each and every time.

I’ve been dying to share these kinky incest fantasy stories with my callers so if you’re into mother daughter sex and can’t do a lot of talking, but can listen and masturbate to a kinky family fun incest story, then this is the perfect scenario for you!

Daughter confesses her sex dream to her mother

My daughter and I have always been close; sharing everything from the good, the bad and even the naughty. After my daughter matured and became the legal drinking age we were out one evening having cocktails and our conversations got saucier and saucier. And one particular night my daughter confessed that she’s been fantasizing about women; including me, her own mother.  We then continued this conversation after returning home while relaxing on the couch in our living room.

At first, I was shocked as I listened to her confess that she had a kinky incest sex dream about her own mother, but quickly became intrigued. As I started to get her to tell me the intimate details her brother walked in the front door stopping the conversation cold. I will admit I though, couldn’t stop thinking about it the rest of the night and I had to know more. The next night after a girl’s night of chick flicks and cocktails, I asked her about the dream once more.

At first she was reluctant to tell me but finally she admitted to me that in her dream I seduced her while she was trying to study for her college exams. She continued by telling me that my seduction began with me rubbing my body against hers, kissing her neck, rubbing her pussy through her panties, then finally giving into her mother letting me, her mother to undress her.

Mother daughter sex with electrical orgasms

I must confess the whole time that I was listening to my daughter telling me about her dream I could feel my panties getting wetter and wetter with every passing second. When she got to the part where I opened her legs and hovered above her while placing my leg over hers and pressing my wet pussy against her soaked pussy was driving me wild. Her detailed descriptions about the sensation she felt as my pussy was grinding up against hers drove me over the edge and I couldn’t control myself any longer.

I leaned in close to my daughter and kissed her deeply. To my surprise she didn’t recoil or push me back, instead, I felt her tongue slide into my wet mouth and kiss me back with heated passion.  The electrical waves of pleasure that run through my body when I think of this mother daughter sex story are purely delightful.  I would love to tell you all about the naughty things we did to each other while making each other orgasm multiple times over the course of the evening.

Horny son joins mother daughter/sister sex games

Does this type of mother daughter sex turn you on? I hope so because I want you to imagine walking in on us. Tell me what it does to your cock son. If it makes you horny seeing your own mother and sister naked and going at it, let’s talk!  Let’s not only talk, let’s role play some steamy family fun and erotic incest phone sex games where all three of us get to play and orgasm.

I want you to describe to me the age of our sister, what she looks like and exactly how deviant she is. Is your sister a total slut who likes the doggie position while her Mom pummels her pussy with my strap on cock, or is she a more of an angel that likes the soft caresses of her Mommy’s soft hands and breasts? Either way makes me horny as hell!

If the thought of joining in for this type of incest fantasy role play sex makes your cock throb give me a call! I can’t wait to have my son come into my fantasy world and join me for some kinky incest sex with me and his sister! Don’t wait too long, this phone sex Mommy is hot, horny and ready to get your cock off now!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621

Cuckold Fetish Fantasies and More with Kinky Expert

Hello to all my kinky fetish phone sex lovers out there.  I’m Hope, a perverted phone sex gal who is here to make all your taboo fantasy desires come true. Being an experienced and intelligent phone sex operator has its benefits and one of those include having the knowledge and experience of what really makes a man’s cock twitch, ache and ooze with passion.

I always like to take the time at the beginning of a fetish phone sex session to find out all the details of what’s on your mind and what it is that really sexually excites you. Knowledge is power and obtaining the knowledge of what pleases you, is always a sure way to make cum.

Let’s define kinky phone sex, shall we?  Well, to be perfectly honest, I feel it’s practically impossible, because what may be kinky to you could be plain Jane or vanilla to the next person. I also think that there are many levels of kinkiness too. It simply depends on each person. But my motto is, “Never yuk someone’s yum until you try it.”

Test the waters with kinky anal sex stimulation

Is anal stimulation or penetration one of your kinky phone sex fantasies? Do you want to have anal sex with your wife, or is your desire to perhaps experience anal sex for yourself?

Talking to men who have these types of sexual fantasies is always satisfying because giving them the outlet in a judgment free zone is what I enjoy. A lot of men who are in committed relationships are too afraid to share their sexual fantasies and thoughts with their partners due to fear of their reaction. Will they reject them, shame them, or even humiliate them for having kinky sexual thoughts?

This is where I come in! As your kinky phone sex specialist, I will give you ideas and tips on how to leave subtle hints to your partner about what sexually stimulates you. It can be a way to ease them into your kinkiness and test the waters.

Cuckold fetish exploration encouragement

I have been working with one particular gentleman who is completely turned on by the thought of watching his wife be with another man.  He doesn’t feel that he himself is bi-sexual, but just the thought of sitting back and masturbating while watching his wife get fucked by another man makes him have incredibly powerful orgasms each and every time he thinks about it.

When he first started calling me he told me he had been watching porn of other men doing this and while he would masturbate to watching.  He would fantasize that he and his wife were the couple in the porn movie and wished some day it could really happen.

After doing many calls with this gentleman across time and working with him on how to open up to his wife about his sexual desires and cuckold fetish, it finally happened! Now, once a month she feeds his cuckold fetish desires by allowing him to watch her with a different man!

Kinky fantasy encounters make my pussy purr

I always enjoy hearing from this kinky phone sex caller because he gets so worked up and is very excited to tell me all about the kinky sex, including anal sex he watches his wife have. Hearing this man jerk off while he tells me all about watching this kinky encounter certainly makes my pussy purr too!

I have learned throughout the years and being on the kinky side of the spectrum when it comes to sexual gratification, that it’s all about the presentation and communication with your partner. You can’t present a chocolate cake without frosting if you really want them to eat strawberry, can you?

No matter what your sexual kink is, I’m here to talk about those kinks and fetishes with you!  If this means encouraging you to try it out, like with anal sex and penetration, bring your toy and let’s explore! If you want to talk to a real life cuckold phone sex fetish expert, I’m the one to call.  I can give you tips and pointers on how to approach the subject with your wife or partner, or I can simply share my cuckold stories and lifestyle with you and much pleasure it truly brings both me and my husband.

Don’t be shy, pick up the phone and tell me all about your kinky phone sex fantasies, from anal phone sex to cuckold fetishes and everything in between and let’s see if we can turn them into a reality and make you blow a hot, sticky memorable load today!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621


Mommy Phone Sex Role Play: Sucking Son’s Cock

When mommy catches her grown son masturbating, what’s a woman to do? Well, join in of course! I’m Hope, and I want to be the special role play Mama you call when you’re in need of a good masturbation session! You don’t need porn when you can talk live to this fantasy mama! Pick up the phone and join me for some for some special, one on one, private mommy phone sex play time.  I mean, come on, clicking away on your favorite porn site with your hand down your pants as you’re aching to get off just isn’t the same when you can verbalize your sexual needs with a nasty conversation with me. If you haven’t tried an incest phone sex session then you should give it a try and I’ll be sure to make your mommy son phone sex fantasies come to life!

I have taken mental note that you’ve been staring at mama’s D cup cleavage whenever I dress up in my low cut tops and dresses for a night out on the town. Even though you are all grown up now you’re feeling lonely and sexually frustrated, ever since your girlfriend broke up with you; you still have needs. It’s no secret baby; I know what you’ve been doing so satisfy your needs.

I know you’re slipping your headphones on so that you can watch porn on your laptop and or iPad all while trying to be as quiet as you can so that I wouldn’t know you’re masturbating. But now after some time has passed the porn just isn’t working anymore. You seem to only find relief when you think of me. You’ve been fantasizing about what my body looks like naked and what it would feel like to fuck me, your Mommy, aren’t you?

Mom secretly watching son masturbate

I must tell you that I have also taken note as your body has been changing over the years, from a young child, to a teenager boy and now to a young man. We all have sexual needs, Mommy included. What you don’t know is that I’ve placed a tiny camera in your room in a secret hiding spot that you have no idea about. I’ve been watching you stroke your stiff rod whist I fuck my pussy with my glass dildo.

But today, after weeks of secretly watching and masturbating, Mama Hope needs the real thing and I just can’t wait any longer! Watching you jerk off for the third time today there is no doubt, especially after judging you by the size of your erection that this incest fuck session could last awhile.  In fact, the incest sex with mommy that is about to happen, is going to be better than you have ever fantasized about.

I’m watching you on my laptop in my bedroom that the camera is hooked up to by WiFi and see you unbuttoning your jeans, pulling down the zipper and shifting yourself back into your bed. You push your pants and boxers down to your ankles and finally start to fondle your cock. You lean your head against the headboard and start imagining my large tits, bare ass and bald pussy as you begin to stroke…

Mommy son incest sex fantasies come true

You think that I’m napping with my bedroom door closed and have your guard down.  I slowly creep down the hall to your bedroom door to make my incestuous move on you, my son. Just as I put my hand on the doorknob I can hear you talking so I wait and listen. “Oh Mama, you are so hot. That’s it, suck my cock Mama”.

As soon as I heard those words come out of my son’s mouth I knew instantly that it wasn’t going to take much to convince you to play along with me and have incest sex. I slowly turn the knob and enter into your room. Your eyes are closed and you don’t see me but you can feel your bed moving as I carefully climb onto your mattress and instantly open your eyes.

It is so insanely crazy to see your Mama on your bed wearing only panties that you cannot even utter a word. Never speaking a word I crawl between your legs and lower my head to your cock. Looking deep into your eyes, I part my lips, open my mouth and slide my hot hungry mouth down your shaft and begin to suck.  As I slowly raise and lower my head I feel your hand caress the back of my head…

Incest phone sex customized just for you

Does this incest phone sex role play make you horny? If you want Mama’s pink lips wrapped around the shaft of your cock, pick up the phone! We can make your mommy phone sex story go in any direction you’d like. If you want to stop at Mama sucking you off until you orgasm we can do that, or if you’d like to fuck me, we can do that too!

If you’d like to take a journey back in time to when you’re a young teenage boy in his prime then let’s do it!  I know you’re teenage confessions about fucking your mom will make your cock rock hard yet again, and I want to turn those fantasies into a reality when you call me for an incest fantasy role play.

I am an opened minded woman whose main goal is making my clients have an orgasm more intense than ever before.  Whether it’s a fantasy role play we engage in during your session, or its just incestuous filled conversation; draining your balls is my pleasure! I have absolutely no limits, age restrictions or even fetishes I won’t entertain. Whatever type of phone sex fantasy you’d like to play out is perfectly fine by me; incest related or otherwise.  So the next time you’re in need of a good ball draining experience pick up the phone and give me a call!

Hope – 1-888-817-2621