Phone Fantasies and Erotic Stories: Brother Sister Incest Sex

Hi guys, I’m Alexis. I’ve always had a thing for incest phone sex and just love telling erotic stories about it. If you are a guy who enjoys listening to a sexy voice tell erotic stories while you masturbate, then I’m the woman for you!

I’ve got a lot of erotic stories indexed in my pretty little twisted mind and enjoy sharing them with horny men like you.  Some are real, some are my sexual fantasies, and some are stories and fantasies I’ve done with other men over the phone that have been super hot.  I’m going to give you a little sample of a brother sister phone sex tale that is one of my favorites…

I started fucking my brother when we were just kids. He’s a little bit older than me and one time I walked in on him in his bedroom when he was getting dressed. My eyes got huge because when I saw his cock; it was a surprise to me at how big it was! I left pretty fast, but then became obsessed with it and started masturbating thinking about it. I even told some of my girlfriends about it.

Confident, sassy sister takes her brothers cock in hand

One day when I just couldn’t take it anymore, I needed to see it again and feel it too. I waited until I was sure he was jerking off and I gathered all my courage and walked right into his bedroom. He tried to cover his dick with his sheet, but I just walked over and grabbed it out of his hand.

OMG it was so hot to finally have my brother’s fat cock in my hand! I hadn’t ever sucked cock before, but I leaned over and just started licking and sucking the head. He let me do it for a while but then he told me to stand up, bend over and grab my ankles. I did and he got behind me and grabbed my hips. He lifted my skirt, squeezed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart. Before I knew it he started pushing his big dick all the way inside my tight virgin cunt. I think he loved it a lot because it didn’t take him very long to shoot his load inside me.

Sibling sex is simply the best

That was a while ago, but we still fuck to this day. We’re grown adults now and though we don’t get to see each other as often as we want, when we do, we always end up fucking multiple times. I love feeling my big brothers cock deep inside me and it’s even more exciting when we have to sneak off from family functions to fuck.  There’s nothing like family fun and fucking your brother!

Of course I know how taboo this type of incest phone sex is but I just love it! There is nothing like sibling sex! If you’ve got erotic stories about sex with your sister, real or fantasy, I’d love to hear them. We can even role play if you’re looking to re-live an incest experience. I’d love to play your sister for you for a hot brother sister phone sex fantasy.

Like I said, I have many erotic taboo stories stored in my pretty little twisted head. All you have to do is call me up and tell me what’s on your mind when you think about brother sister incest sex.  Tell me every detail so we can let the fun begin!

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