Horny Teeangers For Brother Sister Phone Sex Role Play

Hey guys its Kortney.  I’m a taboo phone sex playmate who loves adult fantasy role play where everything goes and nothing is too taboo or off limits. There is nothing better than taking a step back in time and role playing a younger version of myself, especially with like minded men over the phone. If you feel the same way and would like to take a step back in time with me for a steamy brother sister phone sex fantasy, then pull out your cock and begin stroking to my incest sex story and give me a call!

If incest fantasy role play is your thing, then I think we should have a little taboo phone sex fun, shall we?

Teenagers going through puberty fantasy

Summer is here and it’s time for our family vacation. Mom, Dad, my older brother (you) and I are going to Sandals in St. Thomas, and I can’t wait! When we get to the hotel we find out that you and I will be sharing a room, just like when we were little kids and I feel the butterflies in my tummy! After spending a fun day at the beach as teenagers do, we head back to the room to change clothes for supper.

Now that we’re both going through puberty watching you, my older brother, change and shower seems to be making my panties wet. Your body is sculpted in rippling muscles that are never ending and so incredibly sexy. I plan on showering next so I get undressed, down to my panties and wrap myself up in my towel and wait for you to finish.

Once you are out of the shower and towel drying off I walk into the bathroom and accidentally, (on purpose), brush up against your wet, glistening body. When you turn around to say something to me I let my towel drop to the floor. When you see me standing there in only my wet panties you seemed shocked at first then start to back away and say, “What are you doing, you’re my sister”.

Thick throbbing teenage cock turns me on

I take a step toward you and tell you that I saw you watching me at the beach today. You were checking out my body with those wandering eyes of yours. I noticed how much you liked staring at my tits too, especially in my wet bikini top. I grab your hand and pressing it against my breast even thought you are hesitant at first; you don’t pull it away once you felt my hard nipple between your fingers.

“How does that feel big brother?” I lean forward and kiss you on the lips and let my soft, warm tongue slip between your lips. Your teenage hormones take over and you give a little moan you pull me in closer to you. You wrap one big strong arm around me and cup my ass firmly with your hand and let the other hand slide between my legs and feel my wet panties.

We continue to kiss standing in the bathroom as you glide your hand up and down my panty covered pussy and pushing them into my slit, driving me absolutely crazy. I reach forward and wrap my hands around your hard, throbbing, thick teenage cock and give it a tug. You moan and I stroke.

Aching for my brother to fuck me

Next you slip your hand down the back of my panties and push two fingers up into my dripping wet teenage cunt! I am aching for my brother to fuck me with his beautiful hard cock! We can’t turn back now, can we? We are right in the middle of lust filled hunger for incest sex; it doesn’t get better than that!

Let’s turn this brother sister phone sex role play into a ball busting reality over the phone! Tell me what you fantasize happening next. Will you turn me into your incestuous little fuck toy, big brother, or would you prefer I continue my slutty little seduction antics and keep cock teasing my big brother for what I want? Either way, I want to explore any and all incest phone sex fantasies you have and then some!

If this naughty brother sister incest sex fantasy has your cock standing at attention then call me and let’s finish it together! I can’t wait to feel my big brother’s cock deep buried inside my teen phone sex cunt pumping me the way I lust for from my big brother. Talk to you soon!

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Little Girl Next Door Phone Sex

Hey guys its Kortney again.  Come play with your favorite little girl next door for a yummy age play phone sex call. Whatever your taboo desires are I will do what it takes to satisfy them and more!  I would love to role play as your favorite little teenage girl next door and the younger, more innocent the better. Call me and listen to my dirty voice tell you taboo tales as you stroke your rock hard cock with an age play phone sex fantasy tonight!

Hold your cock in your hand and imagine me jumping rope in the driveway wishing it was your cock that I was bouncing up and down on during an age play phone sex call with me. Imagine looking out your window and see my sexy, underage body in the back yard getting a sun tan. Or imagine me, the naughty teenage schoolgirl wearing the cutest little sun dress, feeling your cock throb in your shorts every time I bend over and show you my white cotton panties.  I know you’re wishing you could see my pink puffy pussy underneath them too!

Age play fantasy girl does it all

Better yet, invite me over to your back yard BBQ and knowingly get me drunk with spiked punch. Evidently your plans work out because you see me passed out on your bed.  Push up my mini skirt to see my black thong panties. Pull my thong to the side with your thumb and index finger to see my bright pink clit, wet pussy slit and tiny little asshole making your mouth water.

Another idea is that you offer to babysit me for the night, take a bath with me and wash every inch of my body with soap and your bare hands.  Afterwards, sneak into my bedroom to sniff my dirty little panties and fill them your warm creamy jizz. Don’t forget to put a little bit on your finger and rub it on my lips as I sleep.

Bring me your darkest, most deviant underage fantasies from the young to the very young and get them all fulfilled by me with a very taboo age play phone sex fantasy session tonight.  I have absolutely no limits when it comes to role play phone sex therefore I will always say yes! Don’t be shy bring any and all of your age play fantasies to me without any hesitation.  I can be your underage dream girl, your submissive slut or maybe you just want to give me a good spanking!  I’m ready when you are!

Endless age play possibilities

Just remember that the possibilities are endless when you call me. I’m up for any age play phone sex role play that you have in mind.  The dirtier and more taboo the better!  I reserve naughty playtime for evening hours and even into the wee hours of the night, so if you’re looking to bust a nut before you head off to sleep, give me a call let me give you the release you’re looking for!  Talk to you soon!

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Incest Role Play: Daddy Finger Bangs my Pussy

Hi guys it’s Kortney, your favorite night time Daddy’s girl.  Come play with me and tell me all your dirty fantasies, because I can’t wait to make you cum really hard!  I love exploring all kinds of fantasies when it comes to masturbating with men over the phone, but incest phone sex fantasies are definitely at the top of the list!  It turns me on so much knowing all the family fun sex games we get to play all the time, especially the ones where we get naked.  Daddy, you are so dirty the way you molest my pink holes when no one is looking and I know you get such a big boner when I tease you with my hot young body. Mommy doesn’t need to know what we do together. It can be our little secret! *grins*

Daddy blows his load for me

I have no limits when you call me for a dirty daddy phone sex fantasy role play. I love it when you sneak into the bathroom when I am taking a shower and watch me soap up my tiny teen titties. Watch me get them all wet as you stare at my silhouette through the shower curtain and rub your cock on the outside of your pants. Maybe you could shoot your load into the towel so when I put it around my body I get all sticky from it! Or you could run into my bedroom and blow a load into my panties in the laundry basket or even on top of my fresh undies in my dresser drawer! I love it when you get nasty like that. Family fun fantasies that involve Daddies cock and cum make my cunt dripping wet and leave me craving more every time!

Daddy loves molesting pink holes

Let’s get extreme Daddy!  I love it when you call me your “ball draining princess” at the end of our fantasy playtime and I know how much you love more than just one pink hole, so what do you say I invite a few of my cute little girl friends over and have a slumber party?  It will be a win-win because you know how much I like slumber parties and I know how much you like little pink holes.   Please Daddy!  I’ll invite the cute girls I know you like.  You can even slip some alcohol into our Kool-Aid so we all pass out.  Then you’ll be able to molest any pink hole you want!  It would be super hot if you could finger bang my pussy while you’re fucking and molesting one of my friends with your big fat daddy cock at the same time!

There is nothing too extreme or too taboo when we role play a daddy daughter phone sex scenario together over the phone.  Call me soon; it’s time to reveal your secret incest fantasy Daddy!

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Teacher Catches Naughty Schoolgirl Passing Sex Notes in Class

Hi guys, I’m Kortney and age play phone sex fantasies really make my puffy little pussy so wet! If you’re horny and have been searching the internet for the perfect little slut to fulfill your fantasies, stop your search and call me so we can have some taboo phone sex fun together now!  Well, I don’t mean right now if you’re reading this during the day.  I only work late evenings so that is the only time you’ll catch me to play naughty games over the phone.  If my indicator says I’m working and you can’t get through, please send me an email so we can set up your special one on one private call.

I’m a very open minded girl and can’t wait for you to tell me all about the perverted thoughts you’re having about young girls and what you want to do with one.  Then we can role play that favorite fantasy that you been masturbating to while thinking about.  If you don’t have a specific age play fantasy in mind we can always come up with one together too.

One of my taboo phone sex callers loves getting into some really hot age play phone sex fantasies, especially Daddy’s girl and schoolgirl fantasies. One of the greatest parts is that he switches the fantasy topic on each call to keep things spicy and no two calls with him are ever the same.

Schoolgirl slut taught a lesson

Last time this particular taboo phone sex caller and I talked he was in the mood for a naughty little schoolgirl.  He was my junior high school teacher and I was his young student who he caught passing notes during class. I was passing it to a boy I liked and it said, “I can’t wait to suck your cock after school, so meet me at the baseball dugout”.

My teacher intercepted the note and put it on his desk.  While we were taking a quiz and everyone was silent, he opened the note and gasped when he read it. I looked up at him and blushed.  When he was coming around the class picking up the quizzes, he stopped at my desk, looked me in the eyes then bent down and whispered, “Come see me after school and do not be late” in a stern tone.

When I showed up to my teacher’s classroom after school he decided to teach me a lesson for being such a slut sending those cock teasing notes in class.  He closed the door to his office and locked it in one swift motion.  After he told me to have a seat he began to tell me what was going to happen and if I didn’t comply he was going to have to call my parents.  His lesson was to me suck his cock; a real man’s cock, not a teenage little boy cock.

Teacher punishes schoolgirl slut

I was a bit frightened at first because the last thing I wanted was for him to call my parents.  I knew I would be in big trouble if they found out I was already doing naughty, nasty things with boys. They would take away my cell phone and probably ground me too.  Well I certainly didn’t want that to happen, so of course I told my teacher I would do whatever he said.

My teacher unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants and pushed them down to his knees.  He took hold of his cock, gave it a tight squeeze and tugged on it a few times all while telling me to get on my knees and open my mouth.  I did exactly as instructed.  However, I was so small that my face and mouth couldn’t reach his gigantic cock so all I could do was look up with my bulging eyes and ask him if he could sit down so I could reach it.

My teacher pushed some papers back on his desk and sat at the edge and told me to suck it. He took his big hands and even put them on the back of my head and pushed my throat all the way down on his shaft.  As his hands were gripping the back of my head he told me what a great cock sucking little slut I was.  That of course, made me really happy. Once I got his cock hard as a rock with my young, little schoolgirl mouth he fucked my pussy for punishment too! Of course I liked it though, so it wasn’t much of a punishment; giggles!

Age play fantasies done your way

There is something about age play phone sex that I just can’t seem to get enough of!  I really enjoy role playing a little girl for a grown man’s pleasure.  I’ll role play any age that makes your cock stiff and make your balls erupt like a gushing volcano with my filthy little mouth and dirty, deviant mind.  I would classify myself a do-it-all girl because I will entertain anything; from schoolgirl phone sex fantasies to Daddy’s little princess fantasies and everything in between.

If you’re looking for some taboo phone sex revolving around age play fantasy fun like this teacher student phone sex role play, call me! I’ll role play any kind young girl fantasy you’d like. You can call me with a story line for your role play already mapped out or we can just let it roll along as we go.  Either way works for me!  Can’t to to hear from you…

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Teenage Intern For Age Play Phone Sex Role Play

Hi guys its Kortney, your dirty little taboo phone sex girl just waiting to play naughty games with you over the phone.  I’ve been enjoying my time here at Taboo Temptation so far, but I’m not nearly cumming as much I would like to.  I mean, with all that’s been going on in the world since the COVID 19 pandemic, have you?

If enjoy age play phone sex fantasies and you’re in the mood to play with a horny girl with a young voice then pick up the phone and stroke your cock with me!  I would love to role play any girl, who is any age and do whatever you’re looking for to satisfy your cock.  I just recently had a really taboo phone sex role play session with a guy who wanted me to be his young intern for his fantasy and wow were the cum explosions intense!  Here’s how our teen phone sex role play went…

Naughty teen school girl takes an internship position

I was trying to save up for college so I took an internship at a small company just outside my hometown.  Nothing major; it was pretty much a secretarial position.  All I had to do was answer a few calls, take down some messages and smile.  Seemed like a simple enough job for me.  Not to mention, the “boss” was a super hot guy and started bringing me my favorite salted caramel frappe every day.  So that of course put a sparkle in my eye.

It was nearing the end of the day and when he walked out of the office fired up with a red face.  In a stern fashion he asked me if I wanted a ride home.  It was clear to me he had been drinking a little bit more than usual.  I told him no, that I would take and Uber home instead.  But then told him I didn’t mind staying a little bit longer and hang out with him until he finished his work for the day.

After seeing him so worked up I smiled at him and suggested we head back to his office and have a little brandy to wind down from the day.   I bit my bottom lip and batted my eyes at him, hoping he’d say yes before leading him back down the hall and into his office.  I shut and locked the door behind me once inside.

Boss spreads my creamy teenage thighs wide open

All I could think to myself was; “sheesh why did he have to be so damn sexy” while licking my lips.  I walked over to him behind his desk and slid my hands into his suit jacket and began sliding his off his wide muscular shoulders.  I had heard he had a thing for young girls, because most were easy to control, but he had no idea was he was in store for with me!  I’m a cock teasing teenage girl who gets her way.

I leaned in and pressed my body against his so he could feel my firm little breasts and perky nipples against his skin. When I reach in and felt his hardening cock, he growled like an animal and tossed me up on to his desk.  When he struggled with unfastening his belt I giggled a little then threw him my sexy black panties.

By now he had out his now hard cock out of his pants and it was dripping with pre cum.  As I started adjusting myself back onto his desk he grabbed a hold of my creamy thighs and roughly pulled them apart in one fell swoop.  His one hand slid from my leg to the base of my neck while the other drove his thick rod into my tight little box.  He moaned with pleasure as he shaft disappeared deep inside my horny little hole.

Body convulsing orgasms racing through me like lightening

My boss began fucking me so hard that the slapping of our flesh created heat!  He stopped pumping for a few minutes and started kissing me.  This was so fucking hot that I swore my heart was going to stop from pounding so hard.  Next I could feel his finger circling on my clit and before I knew it he pulled his cock out, got on his knees and started circling his hot tongue on the rim of my sweet pink puckered ass hole!  The pleasure was almost unbearable! I mean, have you ever had an orgasm from your ass before?

Holy shit this was intense!  While he was licking, sucking and darting his tongue in my ass, his fingers performed magic tricks on my clit.  At first I thought I was in control, but by this point all I could was moan in pure pleasure as I gripped the sides of his desk with my hands.  He gave me the most intense orgasm of my life!  I couldn’t breathe, scream, cry or even moan because all my body could do was shudder and convulse as orgasms raced through my body one after another.

Mmmmm my pussy is soaking my chair as I write this; remember the intensity of this age play phone sex role play.  My caller’s voice was so sexy and hearing him cum at the same time I did was absolutely incredible!   He even told me he thought his cum shot out of his cock so hard he thinks he hit the ceiling!  Ha ha!  If you’re ready to have intense cum explosions with a horny girl who loves role playing an even younger girl, then pick up the phone and call me for your very own teen phone sex session today!

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Dirty Young Girl For Age Play Phone Sex Fantasies Cum True

Hi guys its Kortney. Cum one, cum all! I’m the newest age play phone sex girl for all your young girl fantasies come true! I can guarantee you that no one cums just once when you call my age play fantasy line. My tight little body was made for sin and I want you to treat it like your personal little playground. Use me, abuse me or make sweet love to me; wherever your horny mind needs to go to reach the orgasmic heights you’ve been craving, that’s what I want to do with you!

If you’re looking for a Daddy’s girl then I certainly can be the girl for you. I have a very bad habit of being a horny little girl and keeping you wrapped around my finger, which is exactly where you belong. Nothing is off limits, too taboo or even too extreme for me. I am so damn kinky and I have zero boundaries whatsoever when it comes to making men cum over the telephone with me.

What’s considered forbidden to some is totally normal to me. If age play phone sex scenarios and fetish fantasy games are what really push you over the edge, then that’s exactly what I want to do with you. Unleash your nasty inhibitions and tell me your wild fantasies. I want to hear all about the sexual obsessions you have swirling around inside of that filthy mind of yours.

All of our sexy fun will stay discreetly between us, our telephone lines and sheets when you call me. This is our special play time and you’re going to enjoy every moment of it. I want you to relax and release when you call me. For me there is nothing better than a sensual yet young voiced brat like that’s eager to not only blow your mind, but your cock too! I will use my sweet, young dirty mind in devious ways you didn’t know possible.

I may be young but I know exactly what I am doing and I do it very well. When I am good, I’m really good, but when I am bad I am even better; if you catch my drift. Today is your lucky day and I am going to rock your world when you call me for an age play phone sex fantasy session. Don’t wait too long, and always remember; the naughtier, the better!

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New Taboo Phone Sex Girl

Hi guys I’m Kortney, the new girl on the block. I’m super excited to join this family of naughty girls at Taboo Temptations! I do have to admit though; I’m even more excited to meet all the horny men who are looking to get off with a sweet young voiced girl like me.

I’ve been doing phone sex for a little while now, but since this is a new phone sex service for me; a different platform that I’m used to, it may take me a little time to learn the ropes. I’m specifically talking about the billing portion, not the sex part! Ha ha!

I love doing taboo phone sex calls, especially getting off with older men who want to role play with a little cock hungry slut like me. There is nothing better than getting my pink little holes stuffed and stretched with a big fat cock. What? You like your holes stuffed too? Good, then it sounds like we are going to have a lot of fun together!

Whether you are looking for a sweet little girl for a  daddy daughter fantasy, or the anal butt fucking of your dreams, I am ready to get naughty and even nasty with you and make you cum.  I can’t wait to get to know each and every one of you and what turns you on, so don’t wait too long to give me a try!

I am an early bird when it comes to playing naughty games on the telephone so you can try to catch me mid mornings until early afternoons and then again sometimes in the early evening too. If we miss each other please drop me a line via email so we can coordinate some playtime together soon! Until then…

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