Cock Sucking Glory Hole Fantasies Become Reality

Hi, I’m Taylor. I want to talk to you about your cum eating phone sex desires. Do you love the taste of a hot load of sperm teasing your taste buds? Do you often dream of being on your knees to take a big load of hot cum down your throat? How much does it turn your on to suck cock and swallow cum? Do you love the power you feel when you’re on your knees controlling a man’s cock?

There is a humiliation component feeding your cock sucking desires and cravings, but what is for you? Do you mostly enjoy the humiliation of having another man’s sex organ in your mouth and being called a suck sucking faggot, or do you prefer the avenue of humiliation gearing more towards the sissy spectrum? Do you enjoy wearing pretty pink panties and feeling the sensations of silk encasing your hardening sissy cock?

I love talking about your cock sucking and cum eating fetish phone sex desires, cravings, fantasies and even realities. I love hearing the excitement in your voice when you tell me all about the cocks you sucked off and all the loads you took down your throat. Sometimes it happens with a bar hook up or simply from a cock sucking ad that you placed that someone responded to. I must admit though, one of my favorite stories to hear is how you went to your local cock shop and sucked some cock out the of the “glory holes”.

Have you been of those men dressed in pretty panties under your clothing in a cock shop booth watching porn flicks? You know who you are; sitting there slowly stroking yourself just waiting for one of those big cocks the pop through the hole. You’re curiously excited and wondering just how many cocks you’re going to get to suck off on this trip to the cock shop. It would be the ultimate thrill if some anonymously came into your booth and fucked your man pussy while you sucked from the glory hole wouldn’t it? You’d be leaving with wet, cream filled panties wouldn’t you?

Well this is a reality that happened to one of my regular clients! This particular client initially called me from one of my cum eating phone sex blog advertisements and we have been talking for several weeks about his desire to suck cock and eat cum. After much discussion he finally got up the nerve to visit his local cock shop to try his mouth out at the glory holes. Once he got situated in a booth he called me. He was both nervous and excited at the same time. He had been in his booth about twenty minutes and the first cock finally popped through.

In a nervous panic he whispered, “What should I do?” I told him to put the phone down and focus on sucking that cock off that was peeping through the hole. I quietly and intently listened and within moments I could hear sloppy wet sucking sounds. It was so hot, but couldn’t help but wonder if he was going to freak out and stop or if he had it in him to finish what he started, especially once I hear gagging sounds.

A couple of minutes later my client got back on the line and said, “I did it, I just took my first load of cum!” He said he gagged a little as it started shooting down his throat because up to this point he had only eaten his own cum by licking it up. He also said he didn’t realize how bitter that guy’s cum tasted. I explained to him that everyone’s cum tastes different, just like every cock he sucked would be different in size.

My client told me how hard his cock was and how good it felt in the panties he was wearing. He was really horny now and was ready to suck more cock so we hung up as soon as another cock popped through. A couple of hours later he called me to tell me that he had sucked off two more cocks on his first trip to the cock shop. But he was even more excited to tell me what happened when the third cock popped through and he was hungrily sucking.

As his hungry horny mouth was eagerly sucking on a fat cock someone had stepped into his booth. He said he felt big warm hands pull his pants down and slide his panties over to the side. He admitted in the moment he was scared, but decided not to fight against it. Before he could think any further he felt a dollop of cold lube drop on his puckered hole then immediately felt a warm swollen head pushing against his sissy fuck hole.

He said at first it hurt like hell because this man’s cock was big. We had only been practicing with smaller dildos up to this point so it really stretched him out. After a few minutes the pain subsided and it really felt good to get fucked by an unknown cock. But the icing on the cake was that when he took a moment to realize he had a cock in his mouth and a cock in his ass he admitted he came in his panties without touching himself. He was so happy that he finally made his fantasy a reality and is really looking forward to returning to the cock shop.

I love sucking cock and eating cum too so that makes me the perfect partner to discuss all your fetish phone sex needs with! Whether it’s the cock sucking that gets you off, your fetish for eating cum or simply the desire to be humiliated for sucking cock, I am the girl for you. Call my cum eating phone sex line and let’s get acquainted. I’d love to be the one who encourages you and even coaxes you to go out there and make your fantasies a reality!

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Rape Specialist for Deviant Forced Sex Fantasy Role Play

Hello there, this is Taylor and I am looking to explore a rape phone sex fantasy with you! If you have a deep hidden desire to explore the deviant side of your mind, then you’ve certainly come to the right place! I’m the perfect deviant and kinky playmate to make that happen for you during a no limits, taboo phone sex role play! There is just something that heats up my body when talking about taking someone against their will; does it do that to your body too?

If your cock is getting hard at the thought of that, then I think it’s time to play! My pussy is already getting wet thinking about how you are going to force yourself upon me. Forced sex acts, and rape fantasy phone sex calls are one of my specialties and I can’t wait to tell you about a call I had the other night that had me so worked up.

My caller was my boss for this particular rape fantasy phone sex session and I was his secretary. It had already been a long day and we were both working into the evening hours. When he called me into his office, I had hoped he was going to tell me I could go home, but instead he told me he had ordered dinner for the two of us and it would arrive in about thirty minutes.

He could tell I wasn’t too happy by the look on my face and I was famished by this hour. He then told me that I needed to do one last thing before I eat though. “Yes, Sir, what is it that you’d like me to do?” I asked. He stood up and came around the desk towards me and I could clearly see that he was aroused by the bulge in his pants.

I’m staring at him with a look of horror on my face as he reaches towards my blouse. “You tell me what I want”, he laughed with a deviant undertone as he ripped open my blouse making the buttons fly everywhere.

He’s a strong man with large hands and he began groping and squeezing my breasts. As soon as the cool air hit my nipples they instantly became erect. Of course he thought it was because I wanted him, so he started pulling, tugging and twisted them really hard. I let out a yelping sound when the pain became unbearably intense.

Without saying a word, he pushed me to my knees, pulled his pants down and began rubbing his huge hard cock across my lips. Just as I opened my mouth to protest, he slammed his cock into my mouth. He placed both hands on my head, holding it place as he began throat fucking me fast and hard.

With each thrust of his cock in and out of my mouth, I’m gagging and finding it hard to breathe. He is so into his own deviant pleasures of raping my mouth that he is completely unaware of the tears running down my face and inability to breath. He is in his own little world as he tells me how good my hot mouth feels and that I’m such a good cock sucking whore.

When the thrusts became too much my gag reflex took over and I began to vomit. The vomiting sounds turned him on even more and at the exact same time he shot his load deep into my throat. For a split second I think I am drowning in my own vomit and his cum right before he pulls his cock out of my mouth. Instantly I turn my head dying to spit it out, but I’m too afraid of making him angry, so I swallow it, almost throwing up for a second time.

While wiping my tears and catching my breath he pulled up his pants, fastened his belt and sat back behind his desk. He then told me to go into his bathroom and clean myself up because our dinner would be there any minute. He even said that there was a new blouse in his bathroom to replace the one he had ripped open.

I can’t even think about eating dinner after being violated in such a crude manner but certainly wanted to clean up and wash my mouth out. When returning from the bathroom I find that our dinner had arrived and he had it all set up for us. He even pulled the chair out for me like a gentlemen just as he has always done before.

I am completely confused by the man who just violently raped my mouth whom I call my boss at this point. I am unsure what to think as I carefully and slowly eat my dinner. About half way through our meal he told me that once we were finished with dinner he was going to fuck me next. He told me not to worry though; he’d replace any clothes that he ruined from ripping off my body.

Before I knew it, he was shoving me over the edge of the couch in his office. His large hands were pushing up my skirt and ripping off my panties all in one swoop. He used his knee to spread my legs apart and could feel his fingers opening my cheeks. The next thing I felt was his warm hard cock head pushing through my pussy lips and into my tight fuck hole.

Once his cock was into position he grabbed onto my hips and began forcefully slamming his cock in and out of my pussy; using my hole for his pleasure. He was violently bucking his hips and slamming his thighs against mine as he buried and slammed himself into my pussy…

If you’d like to know what happened next, pick up the phone and call me! I absolutely love rape phone sex fantasies and will do whatever your deviant mind wants to do that will make you cum really hard. I can pretend to be whoever it is that you’d like to rape and take advantage of. I can role play as your employee, co-worker, neighbor, waitress, babysitter, store clerk, cheerleader, student, and or even your relative!

Forced sex is a huge turn on to me and I know it is for many men too, so if you’re in the mood to get forceful and are unable to with your real life partner, then pick up the phone, dial me! We’ll have a rape fantasy phone sex session that makes you bust your nut harder than you have in a very long time!

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Kinky Black Cock Phone Sex Fantasies for Cuckold Husbands

Hi there. I’m Taylor. I think we should explore your kinky phone sex fantasy role play. You know the one; the one that you can’t stop thinking about every time you see a tall, dark and handsome black man. Why do you think it is that you have such a huge desire to watch your wife being satisfied by a big black cock? Is it that your cock just isn’t getting the job done? Do you wonder if she masturbates with her dildo after you have fallen asleep from a love making session?

Some women will never admit it; but come on, who doesn’t love a big cock? Women have had a fascination with the size of a black man’s cock for decades. The main reason your wife tells you that she doesn’t want you to watch her take a big black cock is because she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. She knows that a big black cock is going to pleasure her in ways you never could.

Let’s have kinky phone sex fantasy role play where you play my husband. You’ll be my horny husband who keeps begging me to have threesome with you and a black man. After weeks of you asking, I finally agree to do this for you. We go about meeting someone online who was willing to come to our house, to fulfill our sexual fantasy.

The night finally comes. I spend the day pampering myself, preparing myself for what I was sure was going to be a life changing event for my husband and I. I don’t think you realized the can of worms that you have opened up. For the past week all I have been able to think about is how good this cock is going to feel buried deep in my pussy.

I love you because you’re my husband and you’ve always been talented with your tongue but your cock is nothing special. I would venture to say you’re cock is average, but I’ve never had an orgasm while we were fucking and my curiosity has got me wondering if that is about to change.

I heard the doorbell ring as I was finishing up getting dressed. I had chosen to wear a tight little black dress, black thigh high stockings, four inch pumps, and of course no panties or bra. As I walked into the living room there stood the finest looking man I had ever laid eyes on. He was so sexy and my pussy started to get wet just looking at him. My husband came up to me and asked if I would like a glass of wine to loosen up but I was enthralled at staring at this gorgeous man before me and didn’t answer.

I invited this hunk of a man in to the living room as my husband fetched cocktails for the three of us. As we engaged in small talk the two of us could feel the sparks between us igniting already. He asked me if I was nervous and I replied that I was. That’s when he leaned in and kissed me deeply with his tongue and placed his hands around my head. He then pulled away and whispered to me that he wouldn’t do anything that I don’t ask for. After pulling my head in for another kiss I realized I was already become drunk with desire for this man. He was such a good kisser and I was excited to see what else he was good at!

You, my husband nervously clear your throat and chuckle when you return with our wine realizing we had already started without you. All that’s going through your mind is that this man has done this before because this fine man was hungrily rubbing his hands all over me, your wife, and kissing me too. We can both see his cock was hardening before our eyes through his pants and just knew it was dying to be released.

When he stood up, grabbed my hand and asked me to lead him to the bedroom, I did exactly that. This man has such an air of dominance about him that really turns me on. You, my husband follow us like a lost little puppy and think to yourself that this isn’t going the way you had anticipated it would.

Once we were in the bedroom, he told my husband to sit in the chair and watch while he fucked his wife. Standing behind me he unzipped my dress, letting it fall to the floor. His big hands slid across my body; one on my stomach, one to my tits, the other between my legs. He didn’t waste any time and slid his finger into my soaking wet pussy.

The sexy seduction had me so worked up and I had never been so turned on before in my life! When my lover told me to get on my knees I did as he instructed. I knelt in front of him and looked up at him. He then asked me what I wanted as if he didn’t already know. I told him I wanted his cock. I needed his cock. When he nodded I began unzipping his pants and his huge cock sprung out! Both my husband and I gasped at the size of his monster cock. Unzipping his pants pulling out his huge cock, my husband and I both gasped.

I eagerly started licking and sucking the head. I even attempted to suck it down my throat, but was impossible due to its size. This was definitely going to be a skill that I will have practice and master. After a few minutes, he picked me up from the floor and I wrapped my legs around his waist. His huge cock was pressing against my pussy opening and I wanted it inside me more than ever now.

I could tell my black lover enjoyed me telling him how big and huge his cock was and when I would glance over at you, my husband, I can see you jerking away on your little white dick. Once my lover’s huge cock entered and stretched my pussy lips wide; it only took a few more strokes before my first orgasm ripped through my body. When my lover asked if I liked his nigger dick deep inside my white cunt, I knew he wanted me to talk nasty to him while he fucked me deep and hard. So that’s exactly what I did.

“Fuck my white cunt with your big fat nigger dick” I wailed as he fucked me. “Yes, please fuck me like a dirty cock whore.” I continued on as my waves of orgasms came one after the other. When his balls were so full he couldn’t stroke another stroke, he asked me if I was ready to take a load of his baby making sperm.

We lay there in orgasmic bliss when I remember you, my husband sitting in the corner. When I look over see you sitting there with your little dick in your hand covered in cum with a hungry sparkle in your eyes. What is your sexual hunger for? I know you thought this threesome would go differently, but since it didn’t, what type of sexual hunger did it spark in you?

We can take this delicious story and turn it into any kinky phone sex fantasy role play that turns you on and makes you cum really hard. I want to know what part of this fantasy story sexually excited you. Was it the watching your wife being pleasured by another man? Or was as it specifically seeing a black man with a huge cock stretching out my pussy before your eyes? Perhaps this is the biggest, fattest cock you’ve ever seen and it simply looked scrumptious and turned you on in ways you didn’t know possible.

Maybe the possibility of being your wife’s clean up boy turns you on. If cream pie phone sex is something that makes your mouth water, I would conclude that you’re a cuckold and I’d love to role play with kinky cuckold phone sex games with you over the phone! I will encourage you to explore every avenue of cuckold that your limits will allow. I’m open to all areas of kinky cuckold play; big black cock, cock sucking, cum eating and cream pie eating.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and let’s begin a kinky phone sex fantasy role play that gives you the ball-draining you’ve been in desperate need of. I’ll be waiting…

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471

Deviant Phone Sex Partner for Delicious Accomplice Fantasies

Hi guys, its Taylor. I am what one would call a no limits phone sex operator because I truly enjoy hearing guys experience ecstasy through the telephone line with my deviant, taboo imagination. If you’re wondering what exactly I’m talking about; I’m talking about underage fantasy exploration. Some of my favorite fantasy calls involve me getting to role play as your accomplice for a little girl of any age.

I am a people pleaser and nothing gets me hotter than pleasing my callers with lust filled fantasies for young girls. Is there a certain age that really gets your cock hard when you think about her while you’re masturbating? Don’t be shy; I’d love to hear just how young she is for you and what you want to do to her. Always remember that when you call me, you are entering a judgment free, taboo zone where nothing is off limits. In fact, the more taboo and naughty your fantasy is the more deliciously deviant I’ll play!

I had an extreme phone sex caller just the other day who was worried that I wouldn’t be willing to talk about his deviant underage fantasy. But I told him not to fret because I know that part of what makes phone sex so exhilarating is using my sexy voice, naughty words and filthy imagination to bring fantasies to life and make them feel like reality, right through the telephone line. I can’t wait to make your pedophile loving cock throb with arousal from start to finish too!

For my extreme phone sex caller’s fantasy, our role play started with us snatching a little girl; right out of her stroller. Her stupid mom left her there on the sidewalk to run back into the house, thus giving me the perfect opportunity to grab her. Once we had her securely placed in the car I drove to our special place in the woods. We love this place because our personal pleasure fuck toys can cry and scream as loud as they want, but no one will ever hear them.

I could tell from the quivering of my caller’s voice that he really liked where this extreme phone sex fantasy was going. I proceeded to tell him that this fantasy was really going to make his perverted pedophile loving cock explode, and I continued on by first undressing myself. Once completely naked, I then began undressing our little one next.

Sensing the reluctance of my extreme phone sex caller because he wasn’t saying much, I continued on by visually describing to him what I was doing next in our fantasy role play. I pushed her legs up and back exposing her puffy pink slit and rose colored asshole. When I spread her tiny little cheeks open and slowly started burying my tongue deep inside, I could hear his strokes become faster and him catch his breath with excitement.

“I want to rape her little ass”, my caller managed to say between strokes. So this is exactly what I needed to hear to continue painting the visual picture for him. I continued to let my wet tongue fuck her little ass for a few minutes before turning her over. Once I had her on her stomach I placed a pillow and her slim little hips that positioned her little bubble butt in the air on display.

I used my beautiful slender hands to pull her tiny little cheeks open and let my caller get a view of that shiny little rosebud again before I pushed my hot tongue deep into her shit hole once again. “I’m getting her tight little hole ready for you”, I told my caller. “Next you get to rape this tight little pink virgin hole, are you ready?” I asked. But just I asked him, she tried to wiggle away from my tongue. I grabbed a hold of her little hips, slapped her ass a few times and told her that she’d better lay still or she was going to be sorry.

“Are you sure this is really a no limits phone sex fantasy and it’s okay to rape this little girl”, my caller asked? I reassured him that it was perfectly fine and it was only fantasy and no one was being hurt. I encouraged him to trace my hand print left on her little ass with the head of his cock next. Her ass was so small that I could spread her little cheeks apart with one hand so I grabbed a hold of his cock and guided his now swollen head to her pretty pink rim.

Just he began pushing his fat cock head in, she screams and that excited him even more! Inch by inch he pushed himself deeper and deeper while I verbally degraded and humiliated him by telling what a sick, twisted, perverted pedophile fucker he was for wanting to rape little girls. I could tell this is exactly what he wanted because he began to grunt and groan with intensity and pleasure as he raped her little virgin ass.

“I want to rape and fuck all her holes”, my caller told me. I was excited to continue on with this extreme phone sex fantasy and give my caller exactly what he wanted and make him cum so hard he’d never forget our no limits phone sex call. I told him to pull out of her freshly fucked ass and lie on his back. I then yanked the little bitch up by the head of her hair and forced her tiny little mouth onto his dirty cock. Next I told her lick his balls and just as she did, my caller spread his legs open wide so she could lick his dirty shit hole too.

My caller told me that this extreme phone sex session was just about to send him over the edge and he couldn’t hold onto the cum churning in his balls much longer. That’s when I decided to up my game by spreading her tiny little legs apart and telling my caller to rape that tight little cunt and fuck her as hard as he could. And only after a few chants of telling him what a perverted pedophile fucker he is, he blew his load deep inside her tiny little bruised cunt.

If you are perverted fucker who gets off on extreme phone sex fantasies like this for fun, then we should play! It’s only a taboo fantasy. Yes, it’s a very naughty way to “get off” but hey, why not? When it comes to making a man blast his load from a pair of fully loaded balls, what better way to do it than using my filthy imagination, right?

If you are looking for a partner in crime to make your accomplice phone sex fantasy come to life, I’m the perfect partner. I’ll do whatever it takes; from the mild to wild, to the sick and the twisted. I want to be the most deliciously deviant partner in crime you’ve ever had, so pick up the phone and let’s bring your most perverted underage rape phone sex fantasy to life today!  Our private, adult fantasy role play time will be our dirty little phone sex secret.  *wink*

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471

Deviant Phone Sex: Accomplice Fantasy For Perverted Minds

Hey there, are you looking for a sick and deviant phone operator to help you with a rape fantasy you’ve been playing over and over in your head? Well baby look no further! I’m Taylor and I love being that perverted playmate for you. I know exactly what you’re craving and I will make your forced sex fantasy come alive over the telephone as you’re jerking your cock off with me.

There is never anything off limits when you dial my number. I am open to all kinds of deviant, taboo role plays, especially when it comes to accomplice phone sex fantasies if you are into deviant age play fun like me. Yes, incest is also on the table and can always be incorporated to any and all adult fantasy role plays we do together.

Does the sound of my underage fantasy daughter who is a major cock tease begging us not to hurt her make your cock hard? What about if she’s whimpering and crying too? I know just the mere deviance of it makes my pussy drip with excitement. Maybe your cock will drip with precum just like one of my recent callers did when I described the look of fear on her face when she realized we are going to rape her virgin holes.

This deviant fantasy and accomplice phone sex role play was so hot and made my caller cum so hard and here’s what happened during our adult fantasy playtime…

Single Mom struggling to pay the rent

My caller was my landlord and I was his struggling tenant and single mom. Ever since I lost my job I was having a hard time paying rent and the first of the month rent was soon approaching yet again. I had sucked and fucked him several times to pay last month’s rent, but now he was tired of my holes and his desires ran much deeper and more perverted than I ever knew.

I liked that he was an “in charge” kind of guy but had no idea how he was about to blackmail me, nor did I ever think I would be sexually aroused by it either. He told me the only way my daughter and I would be able to keep a roof over our heads was to help him rape my young, underage daughter.  I begged him to please reconsider the idea and that I would be willing to suck and fuck him every day just to keep him satisfied.

He belly laughed and told me I could suck his cock right now, so I did. I dropped to my knees and started milking his shaft with my mouth. As I was feasting on his cock, he began telling me in great detail exactly what he planned on doing to my daughter. The deeper he got into the story the harder his cock got and the more sexually aroused I became.  He soon pulled me up, stripped off my panties and bent me over the couch.

Reconsideration of landlords offer

I couldn’t believe that all the deviant and perverted things he was saying about doing to my underage daughter was actually turning me on as he was fucking me over the couch he kept on with the details of what he was going to do to her. When he finally said he would rape the shit out of her tiny little virgin holes we both came really hard. This is when I realized that I would let him rape my daughter so we would have a roof over our head and that I might even like it too.

Not wanting to be homeless, I told him that he could come the next night and that I would have her ready for him. Just as requested we were both in my bed wearing tank tops and panties when he let himself into the apartment. When he got to my bedroom he began undressing and told me to get naked too. He then told me that I am his underage accomplice in training and instructed me to slowly remove my daughter’s clothes so he could begin stroking.

After I pulled her little tank top off he instructed me to play with her puffy little nipples and make them hard. I leaned in and sucked one into my mouth and flicked it with my tongue while pinching the other. Once I give it a little nibble I could feel them getting hard. Next, I pull her little white cotton panties off and expose her bald little slit. Now my pussy is starting to catch fire. Instinctively I spread her legs open so he can see her pink little cunnie and without delay I lean in and start licking her smooth little slit.

Gagging on his cock

He walked up to the bed, looked down at us and tells me that things are going to be a little rougher from here. Next he took hold of his rock hard cock and slapped my daughter in the face with it then continues to tell her that she’d better do everything we tell her to do or things will become a lot more painful for her. He grabs a handful of her hair and pulls her face up to his cock and tells her to suck it.

The deviant hunger in his voice turns me on so much! As he’s grunting with my daughter’s mouth wrapped around his shaft, my pussy starts to drip. I slip a finger between my slit and start rubbing my clit as my daughter is gagging on his cock trying to pull away from his assault. When he looks over and sees me masturbating he pulls his cock out and slaps my daughter on the face again and tells her to tell him how much she loves it.

When she refuses to tell him that she loves it, he looks at me and nods his head. I took that as my cue and slapped her across the face and told her what an ungrateful little bitch she is and that she is going to learn to love sucking and fucking cock and today is only the first day. Eventually, with tears rolling down her cheeks she told him she loved his cock. “Good girl, that’s much better”, I praised her.

Safe adult playground for fantasy fun

Of course this isn’t where the fantasy role play ended. Our deviant, horny and creative minds took things to the extreme giving us both incredible orgasms that shook us to the core! It was so nasty, so perverted, and so deliciously deviant that my pussy loved every taboo second of it!  After we both caught our breath my caller chuckled and told me that he had made a mistake; that I didn’t need any accomplice training and that this call was the best accomplice phone sex rape fantasy he’s ever had! Ha ha!

Rape phone sex fantasies are one of my specialties and I enjoy customizing each and every role play to meet the needs of my deviant phone sex callers. Our adult fantasy playtime can incorporate anything your cock is craving. I offer a safe adult fantasy playground where all things can be talked about without judgment, limitations or boundaries.  So if you’re in the mood for a little underage play with some forced sex or violent rape, I’m the girl for you! Treat yourself and give me a call for intense orgasm today!

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471

Kinky Phone Sex For Big Black Cock Confessions

Hi I’m Taylor and if you’re looking for a kinky fetish phone sex session where you can fully disclose your cock sucking experiences, without judgment, I’m here and ready for your confessions! I realize that sometimes it’s just easier to tell someone you don’t know about your secret sexual encounters, so I’d love to be that person for you. What we talk about is always discreet and only between the two of us.

With that being said, if you don’t have sexual encounters to tell, but would rather disclose some of your inner most private or secret thoughts and fantasies I am all ears! I am a great listener as well as phone sex role play artist that can help bring forward your true sexual desires for and with you.

Do you secretly watch gay porn? Does the idea of being a cock sucking phone sex whore turn you on? Have you been jacking off with a dildo buried deep in your man pussy, wishing it was a big cock? Its okay if you are having these thoughts, I have found that more men than not have these same thoughts. In fact, I’ve been told it’s easier to open up and express your real desires when you’re anonymous. Just know that I will become your biggest supporter and fan when engaging in a kinky phone sex confession with me.

Just the other day I received a call from a very nervous gentleman. Once all the billing part of our call was out of the way, we were free to get into whatever was on my callers mind. It took a little time for him to get comfortable and relaxed but once he was he told me about an experience that he had back when he was in high school.

My caller was somewhat of a nerd in school. He was extremely shy, nervous, petite, and had feminine features for teenage boy. He was often picked on by the other boys in his classes, all except one. He was a football player, a big black boy, with a really large cock. This boy always seemed to stick up for him.

One afternoon, this boy offered to give him a ride home. My caller shyly agreed and got into the football players car after school. He was extremely nervous the entire drive home, but very grateful to this young stud for the ride. He invited him in when they got to his house and even offered him a coke once inside.

My caller’s kinky phone sex confessions were getting good and I couldn’t wait to hear more. He then went on to tell me that after they got to his bedroom the stud told him he had a really nice ass and he instantly got an erection. There was no hiding it either. As soon as those words came out of his friend’s mouth, his boner came on.

His erection was so noticeable that he was sure that this black stud was going to turn on him, but instead he asked him if he had ever thought about letting a man fuck him. My caller said that he almost creamed his jeans right then and there! But before he could even respond, the stud pulled his gym shorts down and stepped out of them. He then sat down on the bed, leaned back and started slowly stroking his cock.

My caller told me he didn’t know what came over him; it was like his body had a mind of its own. He slid out of jeans, knelt down between the stud’s legs and started licking his big brown knob. He hungrily licked up and down his shaft then slid his tongue across the stud’s heavy chocolate balls. He sucked them into his mouth while the black stud continued to stroke. Once there was pre-cum leaking out his head my caller took his cock into his mouth and began eagerly sucking.

The stud encouraged my caller to suck his cock and told him how hot he looked with his mouth wrapped around his cock. He held on to his head and told him to open wide because he was going to shoot his hot cream right down his throat. As soon as his cock began to squirt he opened his throat and swallowed it down until the black stud emptied his balls.

The stud’s cock didn’t deflate after his balls were emptied so my caller kept greedily sucking and wanted more. Quickly thereafter the stud pulled his mouth off his cock and asked him where he kept the lube. He reached over into the night stand and handed the tube to his black friend.

He was so aroused, but also scared at the same time because he was sure that the stud’s cock was too big and wasn’t going to fit in his tight pink pucker asshole. The stud told him to get on his hand and knees and poke his ass out. He certainly had done this before as noted when he lubed up my callers virgin ass hole just before he lubed up his cock up as well.

Next he told my caller to start stroking his own cock slowly because it would help his asshole stay relaxed as he popped his anal cherry for the first time. There he was on his hands and knees with his black friend’s huge cock gently being pushed into his virgin hole. It didn’t take long for my caller to squirt his first load. It fact it only took a few minutes.

He said he loved the feeling of that big black cock fucking him and loved hearing him call him names like sissy bitch as he was being penetrated. In fact, to his amazement, he came a second time without even touching his cock when this black stud told him that his ass belonged to him now and that he was going to be his sissy bitch.

For the next several years my caller enjoyed being a sissy bitch for that stud. But after high school graduation they moved on went to different colleges. From there my caller went about building what he thinks is a “normal life”. He got married and had a couple of kids. But now that the kids are grown and out of the house, he and his wife have seemed to have grown apart. He finds himself thinking back to the time he was a sissy bitch for that big black cock.

Since my callers initial phone sex confession we have since built an ongoing relationship where I encourage him to go out there and find a new stud to have his sexual needs met. We role play where I find him a big black cock and encourage him to be the best cock sucking, feminine sissy bitch he can be. In fact, we’ve even started to dabble in some cross dressing since panties make him feel sexy.

Until my caller builds up enough confidence to go find him a big black stallion stud, we’ll continue our kinky fetish phone sex encounters over the phone and have amazing role plays where he cums really hard from the verbal visuals I give him as well as the toys he uses on our calls too!

If you have found yourself relating to this particular kinky fetish caller, and you think you need some guidance in your journey of becoming the best cock sucking, cum eating sissy bitch you can be, pick up the phone and give me a call! I would love to hear your kinky sexual fetish desires, and to help you with your personal adventure. Let’s find out exactly what it is that drives you and make you cum harder than you have cum in a long time!

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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex For Smoking Fetish Role Play

Hi guys, I’m Taylor. I’ve been doing kinky phone sex fantasies for several years now, and I really enjoy doing over the phone role plays that make men cum! I’m an open minded taboo playmate who loves the exploration phase of learning what fetishes trip your trigger, and I’ve even learned a few of my own fetishes along the way.

If you have a secret sexual fetish that you’ve had swimming around in your head for some time and would like to explore it with a sexy woman who offers a judgment free zone to do that, would you participate? I hope so, because I’m that woman for you! I want to turn your kinky phone sex fetishes into a mind blowing fantasy session that leaves you craving more!

Maybe you’re a man who is out in public and find yourself with a big boner after you see a beautiful girl or seductive woman smoking in cigarette in your presence? If you are, then I know we’re going to have a fun time together, because I am a smoker and have smoked cigarettes off and on over the years. I know I have used personally used seductive techniques when I’ve spotted a man wiggling in his pants while I puff.

There is something super erotic and deliciously seductive that turns a man on who has a smoking fetish. Watching a long slender cigarette between silky fingers with painted nails is sexy, but it’s even sexier watching a plump pair of lipstick lined lips wrap firmly around the butt of cigarette, wouldn’t you agree? Or does the long inhale creating a cherry ball, followed by the slow exhale blowing a cloud of smoke turn you on more?

Just the other day I shared a really kinky daddy phone sex call with a perverted man who wanted a role play with me his young daughter and he my Dad. Daddy has wanted to fuck me, his hot daughter, for some time now. I know this because I saw him jerking himself off with my panties a long time ago. Ever since then I’ve become a total cock tease, even though he has no clue I ever saw him.

I’ve been purposely wearing short skirts around the house that show my panty covered bottom and bending over and putting myself in a position where Daddy could see up my skirt every chance I get. I even catch him holding his breath when he see my panties, knowing he’s going to come into my room and get them later to jerk off with. But today things changed…

I came home after school and thought I was alone, so I was in my bedroom smoking cigarettes in front of my mirror. I was looking at how grown up I looked and how sexy I could be puffing on that long slender cigarette. I even had shiny lip gloss on and puckered my lips each time I slowly blew the smoke out after inhaling. I was so focused on trying to be sexy that I didn’t even hear my Dad come into my room.

I jumped up and put the cigarette behind my back, as if to hide it, but the room was smoke filled. I could tell by the look on his face that he was very upset that I was smoking, so I instantly promised I would stop and never smoke again.

Daddy reached for my pack of cigarettes and put them in his pocket and told me that he was going to have to tell my mother. I begged and pleaded with him not to tell her and even told him I would do chores for a month or anything that he wanted me to do if he would just not tell mom.

“You’ll do anything I tell you to do?” he asked as he began to squirm in his pants. I agreed and knew in that moment it was going to really naughty because his cock was bulging and straining to get out of his pants. He shut and locked my bedroom door and told me to take my jeans and panties off and climb up on my bed.

“Spread your legs”, he said as he handed pulled the pack of cigarettes out of his pocket and handed me one. He flicked the lighter and lit the cigarette for me then got down between my legs and said, “Keep smoking baby girl”.

Daddy kissed and licked up and down my creamy young thighs until he got to my bald pussy. He used his fingers to gently open my pink puffy lips then started darting his tongue deep into my tight hole. I kept puffing on my cigarette and blowing the smoke down onto my Daddy’s face while he ate my pussy.

He took his time licking and lapping at my young cunt until I came all over his lips. As soon my sweet juice started oozing out of my hole Daddy pushed my legs even further apart and started rubbing his tongue into my shit hole. I had no idea it would feel so good to have Daddy’s tongue deep in my ass! While feverishly rubbing my clit, I came again with Daddy tonguing my asshole at the same time.

Oh my goodness this daddy daughter phone sex fantasy was hot! Next Daddy stood up and unzipped his pants. He had a huge hard cock that sprung out as soon as the zipper came down. Daddy said to take a drag on my cigarette and then blow smoke on his hard dick. After I did that, Daddy said to take another drag and then wrap my smoke filled mouth around his dick and start sucking and exhaling the smoke.

Hearing the moans come out of my Daddy’s body as I gave him a smoked filled blow job was really hot and turned me on so much! When I released his cock from my young hungry mouth it was deep red, oozing pre-cum and all the veins were popping out. Daddy said his cock was aching and couldn’t take it anymore and need to fuck me now.

Daddy told me to get on my back so I did. He once again got between my legs he grabbed his shaft and rubbed it up and down on my creamy wet pussy lips until he found my hole. Once he found the opening, he pushed my legs back and slammed his huge hard cock into my tight young cunt!

As Daddy was pumping himself into my tight hole he was calling me names and telling me what a dirty little fuck slut I was for him. He even revealed that he had been waiting to fuck my little underage cunt for years. He even said he didn’t know until that day that he had a smoking fetish, but knew the second he caught me smoking that my pussy belonged to him.

This smoking fetish phone sex fantasy with Daddy was so hot and when he told me he was going to fuck me every day and couldn’t wait to knock me up, we both exploded in pure ecstasy; knowing I would forever be Daddy’s fuck toy!

There is nothing like turning back the clock and pretending to be Daddy’s little girl. As you can see I love incest fantasy role play, especially when you incorporate a kinky sexual fetish too!

Whether you have a kinky smoking fetish, or a kinky incest fantasy I’m ready to explore every detail and avenue your perverted mind wants to travel. Bring me all your kinky fetishes and kinky incest role play ideas and let’s have a mind blowing orgasm together today!

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471