Age Play Operator for Daddy Daughter Phone Sex Fantasies

Hi there, I’m Taylor. Do you have a taboo phone sex fantasy role play that keeps playing over and over again in your mind? A fantasy you masturbate to on a regular basis while thinking about, but want to take it to the next level and cum even harder to? I know it drives you crazy that you keep thinking about fucking a teenager or even a preteen girl, especially when that girl is your own daughter.  I just want you to know that having incestuous thoughts about your own daughter is a fairly common thought from many of my incest phone sex callers. In fact, it sexually turns me just as much because the kinkiness of a hot age play phone sex role play with a fantasy Daddy drives me absolutely wild!

I have to tell you about this really sexy taboo phone sex role play that plays over and over in my head.  I have even masturbated a few times alone to the memory of this age play phone sex call! As this particular phone sex Daddy started to tell me what it is that he was looking for, I could totally see myself doing this and couldn’t help but become aroused from his verbal description of his fantasy.  And for this incest filled fantasy I had a serious crush on my Daddy and I hated the fact that my mother seemed to get all of his attention. But not this weekend! I was so happy when she went away on the weekends with her friends because it meant I would get forty-eight hours of alone time with the man of my dreams and sexiest man in the world; my Dad!

Teenage daughter seduces Daddy

For this age play phone sex fantasy I knew exactly what I was going to do. I was going to make sure that Daddy started paying attention to me more than he did my mother.  In fact, what I was going to do was seduce him. After careful planning I put on my white cotton panties along with an old costume I wore for Halloween a few years back; a maid’s dress that I knew he really liked!  When he arrived home from work I made him a strong cocktail. When I delivered it to him in the living room I leaned over, kissed his cheek and I told him to relax and I would get some dinner ready for us.

I smiled when I noticed that Daddy was staring at my back side and little bum a little longer than usual. I went to the kitchen, whipped up some dinner then yelled for Daddy to join me at the dinner table. When I placed his plate in front of him, I accidentally, on purpose dropped his napkin. When I bent over to pick it up Daddy caught a glimpse of my slit through my panties and firm little bubble butt. I shook my ass a little, stood up and handed the napkin over while giving him another kiss.

After I cleaned up dinner I joined Daddy on the couch in the living room. I put my feet up on Daddy’s lap so he could massage my feet like he often did. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him trying to peek up my skirt. He’s such a naughty man. Or maybe it’s me who’s he naughty one acting sexy and teasing him; giggles!

Persuading Daddy with my words

While we watched TV Daddy’s hand started moving slowly up my long slender legs. I spread my legs a little more so that he could get a better look up my maid’s dress and when I did I could feel his cock getting hard under my feet. I slowly rubbed his cock with my foot, pretending like I didn’t know what I was doing. But when he finally caught on to what I was up to, he asked me what the hell I thought I was doing.

I quickly sat up and straddled Daddy’s lap, then started explaining to him that I loved him and that I had a huge crush on him. I went on to say I needed him to be the man who took my virginity and that I wanted his cock to be the first cock to be buried inside of me. The look on his face was absolute shock as he heard the words spill out of my mouth.  After stumbling on his words he told me that we could never do such a thing; it was not only taboo, but it was wrong because I was his daughter.

Being the horny, smart girl that I am, I told him that who better to teach me about pleasuring a man’s cock. After a little more talking and persuasion after telling him it could be him or it could be a neighbor down the road, he quickly changed his mind. Those seemed to be the magic words he needed to hear! Daddy stood up with me still on his lap. I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me into his bedroom.

Our little secret

Daddy put me down next to the bed and started undressing me. Once I was completely naked he placed me on the bed on my back to watch him remove all of his clothes next. I was amazed at how big and beautiful his cock was with pre-cum leaking from the head. I scooped it up with my fingers and slipped them into my mouth licking the fluid from my fingers. Daddy pulled me close to him and said, “You can’t ever tell anyone about this”.

With a smile on my face, I promised Daddy it would forever be our little secret and he dove in kissing me deeply on my mouth. Next he took my teenage body and turned me around into a sixty-nine position and began licking my smooth slit and sucking gently on my clit. Within moments I started grinding my sweet young pussy on his tongue as I sucked the head of his cock with my mouth.  When I took hold of his shaft and started stroking it with my hand while milking his head, I knew I must be doing something right because he started moaning loudly into my pussy. The vibration from his moaning was making my pussy quiver with excitement making me suck his cock more aggressively and made me want to take it deeper into my mouth.

When Daddy slipped his finger into my virgin cunt and started probing my hole I cried out as an orgasm washed over my body. This caused Daddy to shoot his cum all over my face. I licked and lapped up all the Daddy juice dripping from his cock head and much to my delight his cock remained hard.

Daddy takes my cherry

Next, Daddy had me lay back on the bed with my legs spread open wide. I wanted more. I asked him; well more like begged him, “Please Daddy. Please Fuck Me. Please I want you’re cock to be the first cock inside me”. Without hesitation Daddy got up on his knees between my legs.

I watched as he lined his cock up with my pussy. “Are you ready for Daddy to take your cherry baby” he said. I shook my head yes and cried out as he pushed forward. Daddy kissed me while he held still so I could get used to the feeling of his cock stretching my tight pussy. As my pussy pleasure grew and my juices started flowing Daddy started moving in and out of me slowly. I reached down to my pussy and started rubbing my clit; my hips started moving with him…  Of course I can’t tell you every detail here, but I will tell you that this phone sex daddy has come back for more many times over!

Teenage daughter fantasies for Daddy

Does this daddy daughter phone sex fantasy make your cock hard? If it does then I think you should give me a call so we can create a personalized incest fantasy role play just for you! I can play your teenage daughter, or any age daughter your cock desires for that matter. If you prefer I be a virgin cock tease like in this fantasy, or Daddy’s little slut who sucks you like a cock hungry slut and fucks you like a pro. I welcome any and all types of family fun phone sex fantasies; without restrictions!

Age play phone sex role plays are my specialty and I’ll be any age you are looking for. If incest isn’t your thing, that’s okay, I can play the role of any girl you wish. If you are looking to rape the little girl down the street we can do that too. I want to be the taboo incest phone sex playmate of your dreams.

Stop fantasizing and masturbating alone, take your fantasy to the next level by calling a professional phone sex girl like me and act out your sexual fantasies with a live girl. Phone sex is safe, legal and sexually satisfying on multiple levels so, don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and let’s get started today!

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Kinky Phone Sex Girl For Extreme Rape and Snuff Fantasies

If it’s kinky phone sex that you are looking for then pick up that phone and start dialing my number!  Hi there, I’m Taylor and I’m here for your extreme fantasy needs, especially the fantasies that some would call twisted.  Some of my callers call me the queen of taboo talk and love having that title.  There is no dark fantasy that I won’t jump into so don’t be shy or reserved with me.  I like to walk on the dark side; things involving torture, snuff, rape, and mutilation.

I advertise for rape fantasies so I get a lot of rape phone sex calls involving torture and I just love to get bloody when taking on these fantasies.  It was one of my most recent kinky phone sex callers who turned the level up a notch and had my pussy squirting juice in every direction when we both hit the peak of our orgasms with his extreme snuff fantasy!

There are so many different ways and scenarios that you can role play these types of extremely twisted and kinky phone sex fantasies.  Strangely enough I like to play the victim; so you can use me and abuse during adult fantasy playtime over the phone.  As a matter of fact, a slow torturous death (snuff fetish) always makes my pussy throb! Check out this fun rape and snuff phone sex role play that I just did and am very eager to do again…

College student abduction

I’m a young college student doing homework late one night at the library. Finals are going on and I need to finish my paper to turn in for my final grade.  It seems like the library has turned into my new home.  I’m there every minute that I’m not in class or working my part time job at the coffee shop.  I guess I lost track of time because the girl who was closing up the library had to come over and ask me to leave.  She was kind enough to let me stay there as long as she did; knowing it was finals week while she did all of her closing rituals, but it was time for her to leave and lock the door.

I gathered all my stuff up into my backpack, left the library and started the walk across campus to my apartment.  It’s a bit chilly outside since it’s so late in the evening, so I stop to get my sweatshirt out of my backpack. When I’m bent over digging through my bag is when you make your move and abduct me for your pleasure.

You grab me hard and pull by hands behind my back while you dig the tip of your knife into my back between my shoulder blades. You tell me that if I make a peep you would drive it so far in that I would feel it come out the other side of me, between my tits.  I am scared out of my mind and trembling inside but nod my head yes that I understand as this abduction begins.

Relentlessly gagging on his cock

You make it appear that we were “together” as we walk through the campus courtyard by the fake smile on your face. But through that smile you are demanding me to take you to my apartment.  As we reached the door I fumble for my keys out of nervousness. I knew that one wrong move would have me dead, but I didn’t want you to have your way with me either.  I have been saving myself for marriage and the thought of losing my virginity to a stranger was making me ill.

Once I got the door opened, you shove me inside and locked the door behind us. “Get naked now you dumb cunt”, you scream.  I awkwardly began to undress.  I just can’t seem be sexy like you want, I’m too nervous and scared.  “Please don’t do this; I will do anything you want but this, please”,  I beg you.  When I rise from from slipping off my jeans you shove your cock into my mouth, force fucking my face.  The tears rolling down my face, the helpless look in my eyes only makes you pump harder and further down my throat, gagging me relentlessly.

The knife, still in your hand begins to trace the side of my face. You slowly drag it up along my jaw line.  Rape and snuff is something that really gets you off. In fact, more than any other kind of sex and here was the perfect opportunity to rape and kill me and nobody would know.  This is when you order me to lie down on my bed and do exactly as you say.

Cherry bursting penetration of a virgin pussy

I close my eyes as I see you bringing the knife towards me again.  I feel a burning sensation as you slit my nipple and let out a loud scream. You cover my mouth and tell me with a devilish laugh that if I yell like that again it will be much worse next time.  You pry my legs apart with your thighs made of steel as I persistently cry and beg you not to do this to me.

I can tell you’re getting more pissed by my cries and the next thing I feel is the head of your cock being shoved between my dry pussy lips. Once you feel my moist folds you begin to push and penetrate my virgin pussy until you feel my cherry burst.

Now lubed up from my cherry blood you begin to violently thrust yourself into my hole as I become weaker and weaker each moment from trying not to scream and fight you off. In unison, with every thrust of your cock you stab your knife into my body. You are turn on even more by the sight of my oozing blood from the cuts and my lifeless, rag doll body.

You continue to stab and fuck me for your twisted, kinky fetish pleasures and snuff phone sex fantasy until I take my last breath. After you’ve emptied your balls (more than once) you leave me there for dead, panting with an evil laugh, both covered in blood and cum.

Extremely violent fantasies are not for everyone

Yes, this rape, torture and snuff phone sex fantasy can be a bit extreme for some. But always remember, it’s just good old fashioned adult role playing with an extremely kinky twist that goes just over the edge.  For me, extreme phone sex always takes me over the edge, giving me the most powerfully intense orgasms and perhaps it will do the same for you too! Abductions fantasies are always fun because they are unique to each individual caller and their sexual turn desires.

So if you’re looking to take a forced sexual rape fantasy a bit further into a torturous snuff fantasy, call me. I can’t wait to take your extremely twisted and kinky phone sex pleasures over the edge with you!

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471

Cum Eating Confessions from Closet Cock Sucker

Hello to all you closet cock suckers out there! I’m Taylor and I’m ready to talk about you taking that delicious rock hard cock deep into your throat during a cum eating phone sex call with me! Is your fetish for cock and cum in overdrive this time of year? Want to know how I know?  Because I believe that everyone at some point in their life thinks about what it would be like to be with the same sex.  And now that the weather is turning colder there is nothing like a creamy warm sensation sliding down your throat and into your belly!

If you’re wondering if I have had thoughts of being with a woman, the answer is yes!  I’ve made some of these thoughts that run through my head a reality too! I would love to share with you what I’ve done with a woman, but in return I want to hear all about the thoughts and or realities you’ve had with men too.  Sharing kinky sex stories is one of my favorite things to do during my taboo phone sex calls with my callers.

I love hearing all the kinky sexual things that others have done whether it be with the opposite sex or same sex.  Hearing about sexual encounters is all so interesting and extremely sexually stimulating to talk about.  I have to admit that the anonymity of talking to strangers about sexual rendezvous is something that really turns me on!

If it turns you on just as much to talk about your sexual encounters and you are looking for an open minded woman to share your kinky fetishes with, then I’m the one for you!  Especially if you are a closet cock sucker and want to share your secret cum eating fetish with me.

Secret confessions of traveling man

Because I advertise for cum eating phone sex I have a caller who calls me for just that.  This particular gentleman is married, but travels a lot for business, therefore he is often either on a plane or living in hotel rooms away from his family. When he calls me for taboo phone sex he uses his time with me as more of a cock sucking confession session, as he shares his cock sucking experiences with me in the comfort of his hotel room.  He has a cock sucking and cum eating fetish that he gets to fulfill more than most men, due to his job.  Typically what he enjoys doing is posting on the internet about two days before his trip.  He posts when and where he is staying to alert people in the area of his sexual needs.

When he gets a response he corresponds with that person of interest for a few days prior to his arrival date.  After he checks into his hotel, he gets ready for his first encounter.  After showering, shaving, and making sure his clothing looks presentable, he then heads down to the hotel cocktail lounge. Being the traveling man that he is, he usually stays at the same hotel in each city he travels and doesn’t want the bartender to know about his secret life, so he always picks a table that is out of earshot from the bartender.  He makes it appear that it is more of a business meeting by bringing his briefcase and setting up his laptop computer while waiting for his guest to arrive.

Cock sucking fetishes come true

Once his guest shows up they typically enjoy a few drinks and sometimes even a nice dinner while talking and getting to know each other.  After he pays their bill, he escorts his male guest up to his room and begins fulfilling his cum fetish cravings.  My caller explains that he really enjoys the cock teasing aspect of it all too.  He loves edging these guys by rubbing their cocks on the outside of their pants before unzipping and unleashing what he’s about to feast on.

Once he gets that throbbing hard on out, he cannot wait to feel it between his lips and the sensation of it gliding in and out of his mouth.  Giving another man the pleasure of cumming into his mouth is something that never gets old and only makes his cum eating fetish that much more intense if the guy is into as much as he is.  He has been told by several men over the years that he is an awesome cock sucker and when he hears that it seems like he can never seem to get enough cum in his mouth.  It only makes him want more!

In fact, there have even been times where he’s actually had a different rod down his throat every single night of a specific business trip! I always love hearing from this caller because his cock sucking and cum eating stories and confession are never the same and definitely never ever boring!  If truth be told, his calls are something I look forward to because there is a new story, encounter, or rendezvous he tells me about each and every time he calls and its super exciting to hear! He knows that his cock sucking and cum eating secrets are always safe with me.

Sharing fantasies and realities alike

Do you have a secret desire for cock too?  Which part feeds your kinky fetish; the cock sucking, or the cum eating?  I want to hear all about it during a cum eating phone sex session with you!  It can be just fantasy, or it can be something you’ve really done in real life and want to share.  If you are ready to share and confess your cock and cum craving secrets with someone who will never expose you, then please pick up that phone and let the cock sucking confessions begin!  I am eager to hear and share stories of our same sex experiences!

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471


Kinky Fetish Phone Sex For Sissy Slut Fantasies

If you are looking for a taboo phone sex operator who is a non judgmental playmate that will also indulge in the kinkiest fetish fantasies that race through your mind, then look no further!  I’m Taylor and I enjoy connecting with like minded men who fantasize about fetish fantasies that make them so sexually aroused they are beyond the point of no return.  Where do I come in, you ask?  Well let me explain…

Fetish phone sex calls are all about you and what turns you on. Our erotic, taboo conversations revolve around the types of thoughts that give you an erection so intense that it takes an experienced woman to make you erupt. Oftentimes guys don’t consider their sexual thoughts as a specific fetish but for the sake of this reading we will consider a multitude of things, sexual ideas, taboo thoughts and fantasies as sexual fetish play.

What types of kinky taboo thoughts do you have when you find yourself getting an erection and have the desire to masturbate?  Do your thoughts revolve around sucking another man’s’ cock?  If yes, then I would consider you having a cock sucking fetish.  What other elements are present when you have thoughts of sucking a man’s cock is my next question.  Are you wearing panties while you have this man’s cock in your mouth?  Perhaps you have a fetish for being a little sissy or even a cock sucking sissy bitch?

If your thoughts revolve around the idea of being verbally humiliated while your mouth is wrapped around a big cock, then perhaps you have a cock sucking faggot fetish that needs to be addressed. Well, that’s what I’m here for!  I’m here to fulfill those sexual thoughts using my sexy voice, vivid imagination and experience with adult fantasy role play.

Sissy stalker gets caught at the lingerie store fantasy

I had the best fun with a kinky fetish phone sex caller for a panty loving sissy role play and I wanted to share the details of our adult fantasy playtime.

While I was at the local mall doing some shopping I noticed a pathetic little faggot following me around as I maneuvered through; store by store.  He followed me from rack to rack as I browsed through the panties, bras and lingerie at the Victoria Secret store.  Every time I looked his way, he’d look down and pretend he wasn’t stalking me. My first thought was to report him to security after I cashed out at the register, but then ultimately decided it would be so much more to turn the tables on this little sissy stalker.

I made my out the mall exit and headed towards my car.  After I realized he was still following me I conjured up a plan in my head before I reached into my bag and pulled out a pair of the panties I just purchased.  I abruptly turned around and asked this stalker why he was stalking me.  When he nervously uttered the words that I was pretty and my ass looked so good in my skirt, his face turned beet red.  “I wish I looked as pretty as you”, he stuttered as he looked down at the pavement.

This was the moment I was fully aware I had a real sissy before me.  “If you’d like to be as pretty as me then put on these pretty pink panties I just bought and climb into the back seat”, I said with a smile on my face.  “I’d be happy to make you my pretty little sissy slut”, I giggled as I put the car in drive and headed towards home.

Punishment for a submissive sissy slut

When we got to my house my submissive little sissy slut climbed out of the back seat of my car only wearing a t-shirt and the pink panties I told him to put on.  I led him into my house and into the living room.  I told him to bend over and place his hands on my coffee table and wait for me to return. After retrieving my bag of sex toys from my bedroom he was anxiously squirming while still bent over the table.

I gave his pink panty covered ass a firm smack of my hand as I began to tell him that he was in store for some punishment for stalking me at the mall.  “Only pathetic little sissy boys stalk women.  A real man would just walk up and ask the woman for her number”, I said in a playful mischievous tone.

I put my bag of sex toys out of his field of vision so he couldn’t see that I pulled out my wooden paddle next.  After I yanked his panties up his ass crack, his cheeks were fully exposed. I began with one hard smack on ass with my paddle, then another. After the third swat his cheeks began to redden and he began to moan like a horny little bitch.

Needless to say this was turning me on and I knew exactly where I was taking his kinky phone sex punishment next. I call it anal punishment but I knew I was making his sissy fetish dreams come true.

Forced cock sucking for sissy sluts

When I could feel the heat coming off his ass cheeks, I told him to get on his knees, turn around and face me. I couldn’t wait to fuck his sorry ass with my nice strap on cock. His eyes widened when saw me pull out the silicone life-like cock from my sex toy bag.  After hiking up my skirt and donning my harness, I snapped in one a large silicone cock with bulging veins.  “You know what you have to do now”, I chuckled while rubbing my strap on cock over his face and across lips.

I ordered him to “open up” and I slid my cock into his mouth. Inch by inch I inserted my cock into his face; slowly fucking his mouth, pushing a little more down his throat with each thrust. I was gentle at first, going in and out slowly, but then I grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth like it was his bitch ass. I told him to make my cock wet because I was going to fuck his little sissy pussy next.

Strap on cock fucking of a sissy stalking slut

When I thought my cock was wet enough, I pulled out of his mouth then told him to turn around and lean over the coffee table. He did so like an obedient little submissive phone sex sissy; he even eagerly reached behind himself and pulled open his ass so I could see his boy pussy. “Get ready for the hard fucking you deserve, you pathetic sissy stalking loser”, I chanted right before I slammed my strap on cock into his tight pussy.

It took only a few long deep strokes in and out of his sissy ass before the begging started. He began to beg me to shoot his load but I told him that was not going to happen; not yet anyway.  I wanted to take full advantage of this sissy slut and use him for my pleasure to the fullest.

I pulled my strap on cock out of pussy and smiled at his pink gaping hole.  Next I sat in the chair with my sex toys.  I draped my legs over the arms of the chair and ordered him to crawl over to me between my legs and clean off my cock. As he began to lick the length of my shaft I pulled out the riding crop from my toy bag and ordered him to lick my pussy as I landed the first blow on his already sore behind.  Between the sounds of the crop hitting his ass and the moans he was making I was edging closer and closer to orgasm.  The moment I reached an explosive cum gushing orgasm the pathetic sissy stalker did too and blew his load all over my floor!

Kinky mind blowing orgasms for fetish lovers

I’m going to let you take a wild guess about what happened next and what I had him do before I told his worthless, pathetic, sissy stalking ass to do before I sent him on his way.  I know I sure had fun teaching him a lesson for stalking me at the mall.  But I also know our orgasms were incredible and I simply can’t wait to do it again!

Do you have a secret fetish to be humiliated by a young, pretty girl like me too? If yes, then I think you need to call me for an out of this world fetish phone sex role play that is tailor made just for you! Whether you have a secret fetish to suck a man’s cock, dressing up in panties, or even to have your pussy fucked by a big strap on dong, give me a call!

I will make your cock sucking phone sex fetish or secret desire to wear panties and get fucked to a level you’ve been dreaming about and then some!  No matter what your kinky phone sex fetish is our taboo adult playtime will be a time you won’t soon forget; call me to have a mind blowing orgasm today!

Taylor – 1-866-401-5471

Phone Sex Daddy Rapes My Ass Fantasy Role Play

Hi guys it’s Taylor and I want you know that I fully understand how difficult it can be to find just the right operator for your specific tastes as well as the particular fantasies that really get you off.  If you are looking for no limits phone sex session with an open minded girl who has a fun personality and actually gets off on her calls, then you may have found your match.

Adult fantasy role play that is mutually agreed upon can be both stimulating and very exhilarating at the same time.  In fact, it’s even more exhilarating when the fantasy role play is extremely taboo.  What I am referring to are fantasies involving perverted incest and rape scenes.  Does the sound of that make your cock jump?  What if I told you that age is never an issue with me either and the younger the better? Does that make your cock ooze with pre cum?

I hope that both your cock jumps and also oozes with pre cum when you read that because I am the perfect blend that can satisfy any and all of your fantasy requests.  I can role play the victim who whimpers cries and begs you not to hurt me, or I can be the delicious accomplice who finds you the perfect little fuck toy for you to unleash your deviant desires onto.  As a matter of fact, I’ve even been the accomplice phone sex girl who ends up being the victim of your desires too.

I offer a no limits phone sex experience that will always make you cum and hopefully leave you wanting more, just like one of my recent callers and his deliciously deviant twisted phone sex fantasy went like this…

Daddy’s twisted boss gets a show

Things certainly got heated up on a “bring your daughter to work day” fantasy role play I did that I’ve been dying to share with you.  This no limits phone sex seeker had my pussy purring and then some as we moved through his incest fantasy role play session and went like this…

Daddy and I have been playing for years and unbeknownst to me he had shared some of our experiences with his boss.  On this particular day he had me dress up in a cute little school girl outfit because he had been bragging at work about how cute I was. Today wasn’t about me; it was all about his boss.  I quickly realized that Daddy had this day already set up in his mind and that it was his female boss who had interest in me.

When everyone in the office had gone out to lunch, Daddy and I went to her office instead.  When he locked the door behind us, I knew something big was going to happen.  This is when he explained to me that his boss was going to watch him rape my holes.

Daddy’s boss pulled up her skirt, climbed on her desk and started masturbating, while I got on my knees so that daddy could throat fuck me. Even though he has been throat fucking me for years now, I always gag and drool. He loves to hold my head and thrust his cock deep into my throat, making my eyes water. I know though that if I want my ass rape to hurt less, I need to get his cock ready with my spit.

Daddy rapes my ass really hard

With his cock nice and hard, spit dripping off his cock daddy had me bend over the chair. I started begging my phone sex Daddy to not fuck me in front of his boss. After flipping my skirt up around my waist and pulling my panties down, he smacked my ass really hard. He told me in a forceful tone that he would do what he wanted to me and when he wanted to do it. I knew that tone all too well.  And if I didn’t want to find myself unable to sit for a week, I would keep my mouth shut.

I knew I had crossed a line when a loud cry escaped my lips and Daddy was going to rape my ass really hard. Holding onto the chair tightly, I braced myself for the invasion into my tight little asshole. Even after trying really hard, the whimpers and cries continued to pour out he slammed his cock into my hole. Daddy loves to rape my ass and I know my whimpering turns him on even more during our rape phone sex fantasies!

Because I was so focused on Daddy raping my little asshole, I didn’t even realize his boss had gotten up off her desk until I felt her hand rubbing my little cunt. As humiliating as it was to have Daddy’s boss watch him rape my ass, my pussy was getting wet as she rubbed it. I started to whimper more as I felt myself reaching a climax. Within seconds my pussy tightening orgasm caused Daddy to shoot his load deep in my ass.

Lunch time orgasms with Daddy and his boss

When Daddy pulled his cum covered cock out of my ass he told me he was going to clean up in his boss’s private bathroom.  He then told me that I was to be a good girl and do whatever was asked of me by his boss.  After Daddy closed the door his boss demanded me to my knees and told me to start licking her soaking wet cunt. She straddled my little girl face and began to grind herself on my mouth; almost smothering me.  She face fucked me with her hot cunt until she came like a gushing waterfall covering my face with her pussy juice.

Just as her orgasm started to subside and she let go of my head is when Daddy walked out of the bathroom with a smile on his face.  His boss stood up, pulled her skirt down and returned to her desk chair.  Daddy told me to get up off my knees and go clean myself up.  When I returned from washing up in the bathroom I saw his boss give him a wink and say that she looked forward to many more lunch hours like this one.  This is when I realized I that not only was I Daddy’s fuck toy, but hers now too.

If you enjoyed ready about this no limits phone sex fantasy; it was more fun role playing it than you could ever imagine!  The deviant nature of this incest playtime with Daddy was simply not enough for this caller, and I loved the twisted plot he created by incorporating his female boss to the mix!

If you have been masturbating while having deviant sexual thoughts give me a call and let’s have a twisted no limits phone sex fantasy session and drain your balls good!


Daddy’s Princess for Gang Bang Phone Sex Fantasy

Hi guys I’m Taylor and I love to talk about all sorts of taboo phone sex fantasies. Some of the more common taboo topics I talk and or role play are daddy daughter phone sex fantasies. Although I am not a young giggly school girl anymore, I really do love family fun fantasies. I mean seriously; what girl doesn’t want to be pretend to be young again and play an innocent little girl with their dirty Daddy?

Some of my favorite fantasy role plays are the ones where I go back in time to be your little girl. I have no limits on the age that I am willing to play during fantasy sessions either. I focus more on trying to bring your daddy daughter incest fantasy to life. What I find to be even naughtier and extremely hot is when daddy wants to share me with his friends. *wink*

Sucking and fucking Daddy and his poker buddies

A recent taboo phone sex role play that I engaged in over the phone was with a caller who played my Daddy who was playing poker with his buddies in our basement.  I was already Daddy’s little cock sucker but I had no idea what was in store for me this night…

It was early evening and I headed downstairs to see if Daddy needed anything as he began evening poker game.  I was wearing a short blue jean skirt and a tank top.  After descending the stairs I skipped over to Daddy and he asked me to get beers for him and all his buddies.  I kissed him on the cheek and said, “Of course Daddy”.  He smacked me on my ass as I turned around to retrieve the beers.

I’m not sure what was said but when I returned with their drinks, but Daddy grabbed me and pulled me onto his lap. He slid his hand up my skirt and asked me if I was going to be his good little slut tonight.  I answered “Of course Daddy, whatever you want.” He replied, “That’s my good girl, now get on your knees and suck my cock.” I looked at him strangely for a moment, and then looked around at his buddies. They were all staring at me. He told me it was all right because I was going to suck their cocks also.

I slid off his lap, unzipped his pants and took his cock out and got busy doing what I know Daddy loves so much. I started licking all around his big mushroom head with both my little girl hands wrapped around his cock. Once it was wet with my saliva I began to bob my little head up and down…

Daddy said it was time for my first gang bang fuck party

That’s when I felt a hand slide of the back of my thighs, straight to my panty covered pussy. Initially I was startled, but after Daddy said it was okay I felt one of his poker buddies slide my panties to the side and started fingering my tight little fuck hole. I was moaning all over daddy’s cock, it felt so good having my pussy finger fucked. This went on for several minutes before Daddy told me to stop, stand up take off all my clothes. I did as I was told.  Once I was naked Daddy told me to climb up on the table. I was about to engage in and have my first gang bang phone sex party.

I wasn’t sure what that meant, but when Daddy told me I was going suck and fuck his buddies like I do him, I got extremely excited.  Eagerly climbing on the table, I got on my back and spread my legs so Daddy could get between them. It feels so good when he rubs the head of his cock up and down my sweet, young bald pussy. He always teases me this way and loves to hear me beg him to fuck me.  I did just that and moaned loudly when he finally buried his cock deep into my tight pink fuck hole.

While being in the moment of being fucked by Daddy, I hadn’t even realized that all his buddies had gotten naked and had their hands wrapped around their cocks stroking themselves while watching me get fucked.  “Open your mouth”, Daddy said as one of his friends brought his cock to my mouth to suck.  In the moment I felt multiple hands rubbing all over my body and fingers pinching my nipples.

Daddy’s little ball draining princess makes poker night a success

My first orgasm began to build as my mouth and pussy were stuffed with cock.  Having the added stimulation from all the men touching my young body made me feel as though I was in another world! My moans grew louder as my pussy clamped down on Daddy’s cock and I began to have an orgasm. Within seconds I swallowed my first load of cum and felt Daddy’s seed spray deep inside my honey hole.

Daddy pulled out and I felt another cock slide into my pussy while there was another cock rubbing against my cheek. I opened my mouth to started sucking.  Over the next couple of hours I drained Daddy’s balls along with all his poker buddies too; more than once!  I have to say it was the best night ever! Especially at the end when Daddy placed a tiara on my head and told me I was the best ball draining princess he could ask for. I can’t wait till daddy’s next poker night.

If you are into taboo phone sex fantasies with a slutty little princess like me, then pick up the phone Daddy!  Whether you want me all to yourself, or you’d rather share me and have a gang bang fuck party, I’m ready!  I love all types of daddy daughter phone sex fantasies and always remember; nothing is off limits with me.  Hope we play together very soon!

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Extreme Rape Fantasies Realized For Twisted Role Play

Hi guys, its Taylor, your rape fantasy phone sex specialist. If you have the hidden desire for force yourself upon a woman and take her against her will then I’m the playmate for you.  I understand those deep desires.  In fact, I even enjoy rape fantasy role play scenarios as much as you do, simply because of their sick, twisted and extreme nature.  To have my fuck holes used and abused always makes my pussy drip with excitement.

The real question here though is; are you man enough to admit that it makes your cock ache with desire by forcing a woman to suck and fuck you against her will. If the answer to that question for you is “yes”, then I want to tell you all about the twisted rape fantasy and extreme phone sex role play that I enjoyed just the other day…

Knock at the door isn’t the pizza delivery man

Just after unlocking my apartment door I walk in, drop my purse on the table and start browsing through the stack of mail on my counter.   I felt relieved it was Friday because having the next couple of days off after a long week at work was exactly what I needed.  After only few minutes home I heard a knock on my door.  I thought they must have the wrong apartment because I wasn’t expecting anyone.  “Who is it”, I asked.  “Pizza delivery”, I hear the man say through the door.  I crack my door open to politely tell the man I didn’t order any pizza, but before I close and lock the door the man pushes me into my apartment and slams the door behind him.

Within a split second the man grabs a hold of my arms and pushes me up against the wall.  He has a knife in his hand and warns me that if I scream then he’ll slit my throat.  When he eases his grip and steps further into my apartment he tells me not to say a word or make a sound.

I was shaking, scared and wanted to scream, but instead I bite my lip and tongue to keep anything from coming out. Will he really slit my throat if I scream, I think to myself. I’m shaking and don’t know what is going to happen but I have the sense I better do what he says.

Horny intruder violently rips my clothes off

The strong, muscular man grips my arm and pulls me around my apartment looking for my bedroom.  Once at my door, he shoves me inside, picks me up and tosses me on to the bed like a rag doll.  He crawls on top of me and pushes the knife blade against my neck warning me that I if I want to get out of this alive then I’d better not make a sound.

Next, he pulled a pair of scissors from his pocket while I was trying to get a good look at his face.  And before I knew it he was cutting my clothes off.  He started with my black skirt by making a slit at the bottom before grabbing the cut ends and ripping it the rest of the way off.  I can hear the buttons from my blouse hit the floor after he did the same thing by slitting the bottom and ripping it completely off.

My body is trembling with fear, but I can tell from the evil smile on his face that he is enjoying every second of this. This is when I realize he’s actually sort of good looking and my nipples instantly hardened and poke through my lace bra. Not wasting any time, he cuts my bra open and slices off my panties too. Now lying there completely naked, scared and vulnerable he has me where he wants me.  He comes close to head and whispers into my ear that he knows he doesn’t need the knife anymore because I am going to do whatever he tells me to do.  I nod my head in agreement; I will do whatever it is that he tells me to do.

Penetrating my pink, wet holes

“Spread your legs”, he says while slapping the insides of my creamy thighs and pushing them open even.  After opening them as wide as I can, I feel his fat sausage like fingers spreading my pussy lips open before nudging them inside my hold.  I slip out a slightly painful moan as pussy is so dry.  I watch as he spits on my pussy, coats his fingers with his spit and pushes in again.

As soon as he fingers are in he starts pumping them in and out and my body naturally starts to moisten and get wet. When I glance at his crotch I can see his hard cock bulging and trying to get out of his blue jeans.  When he noticed I was looking he laughed and said, “I know you want that” and immediately unzipped and pulled his cock out.  “Open your mouth” he said.  His cock was massive in size and I was afraid, but I opened my mouth even though I didn’t want to.

He slammed his huge hard cock into my mouth so fast and hard that I almost gagged.  Then he began thrusting it into my mouth with such vigor and depth that I couldn’t breathe and even began to choke. The only thing I can think in this moment is; I wonder if you could die from gagging on a cock?

He ends up blowing a hot load in my mouth and then another load after that too, but I can’t give you all the dirty details of this rape phone sex fantasy, now can I?  However, I will tell you that before his extreme fantasy was over, there was rope involved too!  It was incredibly hot!

Extremely intense cum explosions with rape fantasy phone sex

I know it sounds crazy but, my pussy creams with fantasies of my pink hole being used and abused by a stranger having his way with me.  If you have been masturbating to an extreme fantasy about rape like this role play session, then it’s time to make you extreme fantasy a reality!

I am willing to do whatever it takes to make you cum in every way imaginable.  There is nothing like hearing a man cum with intensity over the phone and it seem like rape fantasy phone sex role plays do it each and every time!  Call me for your very extreme phone sex session and tell me every twisted detail that makes your cock hard and ache to cum.

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