Erotic Phone Sex Granny For Intimate Taboo Conversations

I’m Tess, a phone sex granny with lots of really dirty taboo secrets.  Wouldn’t you love to hear some of them?  I might look like a sweetheart but I can assure you that behind the bedroom door I shed all of my inhibitions and turn into a real sexual vixen.

I am a confident older woman who knows how to touch a man in many different ways.  That’s what makes me the perfect telephone playmate.  Being an open minded and experienced phone sex granny definitely has its advantages, especially when a man is in need of a woman who isn’t afraid to dive into a specific fantasy or fetish, leading the conversation to the highest level of mind and body stimulation imaginable.

I can offer you a no limits phone sex play date that enables you to explore even the most perverted or taboo phone sex topics with complete abandon.  You don’t ever have to hold anything back when you talk with me.  Feel free to let it all out.  I promise you, my mind is just as kinky (or maybe even kinkiest) than you could ever believe and you can rest assured that I will never judge you for thinking those really naughty taboo thoughts.

Erotic orgasms with verbal seductions

If you have always craved the erotic touch of a mature woman then I would love to help you live out those fantasies in the most realistic ways possible.  Close your eyes and let my soft and sensual voice wash over your body as I whisper the most passionate sexual suggestions in your ear during an erotic phone sex conversation with me.  Feel your cock tingle as you begin to stroke it in a steady rhythm, building up to the most intense orgasm that you could ever imagine having.

Open yourself to a powerful verbal seduction with an erotic phone sex granny who can give you everything you are looking for, and more, with an intimate quality phone sex session today.

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Leather Fetish Phone Sex for Submissive Men

Hello boys I’m Tess.  I’m a fetish phone sex operator who thinks that one sure way to fire up and amplify your mommy phone sex fun is to invite a second mommy to join in the fun.  Marianne and I always enjoy three-way experiences with horny men who are feeling a little frisky and double daring during a two girl phone sex session.

One particular caller who enjoys his mature phone sex mommy pleasure times two is a man who has a leather fetish.  He says that he gets extremely submissive when he thinks of me and Marianne getting all dressed up for him and forcing him to take our various instruments of desire in many different ways.  Once we verbally don our leather boots, leather corsets and our elbow length leather gloves, anything goes!

My fetish phone sex lover who craves two mommies is such an obedient little submissive slut.  We enjoy playing with his mind just as much as we enjoy his body.  Tease and denial gives us immense pleasure and we love to spank him as we stroke him, making him enjoy the pain right along with the pleasure.  This makes his cock so hard that he will do anything we ask of him.  This even includes sucking our big black leather dildos and yes, even begging us to fuck him in the ass.

Cum explosion with tease and denial games

You should hear our excitement as we encourage our leather fetish lover to focus on our pussies as we shove them against his lips and make him lick us until we spray cum all over his face. Of course all the while he’s stroking for our amusement.  Licking his thighs and tickling under his balls with our floggers while bound by his wrists and ankles to the four posters of the bed, provides us with such satisfaction! We so enjoy how much he’s helplessly in our control; tied up and naked.

Our submissive phone sex caller really enjoys the tease and denial games we have to offer throughout the fantasy phone sex session and he says that hearing two sexy voices in his ears is definitely double the pleasure for him.  When he is finally allowed to cum, he shoots his load so hard that it almost hits his face! This always gives Marianne and me great satisfaction knowing that our fetish phone sex caller has just drained his cum filled balls for us.

If you are looking for a mature phone sex mommy (or two) to satisfy your kinky, fetish phone sex cravings, then dial the number below.  I can’t wait to play with you and hear you’re intense cum explosions too!

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Mother Son Fantasy: Turning Dad Into a Cock Sucking Cuckold

Hello there.  If we’ve not spoken or played together, let me introduce myself.  I’m Tess, a mature woman who has been doing taboo fantasy phone sex calls for quite some time now.  I’ve always enjoyed the incest realm when it comes to mutual masturbation over the phone. Generally speaking my incest phone sex calls revolve in and around role playing the mommy or granny for my callers.  But recently I spoke to a horny gentleman who wanted to include his dad to his incest fantasy role play session.

To begin our session I asked my caller what was on his mind.  He expressed he was incredibly horny and believes it all stems from his early years at home growing up.  My caller explained that when he was growing up he was always aware of how sexy his mother was.  When his friends would comment on his mother’s figure, her sexy legs, her sensual voice, etc. is when he became even more aware of it.  In fact they would often refer to her as a MILF or a cock tease as he grew into his teenage years.

A few years later he had gone off to college.  However he would return home on holidays or school breaks and his mother would, of course, welcome him home with open arms and later on, open legs.  His is much older now and wiser from life experiences.  If fact, he feels that he has developed a keen sense of women and their sensuality; in part from realizing how powerful his mother’s erotic ways have shaped him in those younger years.  Erotic incest phone sex is what he was after so ultimately why he called my line.

Flirtatious Mom and Son Turn Dad into a Cuckold

He had always considered his father to be a bit pussy whipped.  Always willing to go the extra mile to be sure that his wife was happy and content no matter how difficult her demands were at times.  In fact, my caller even admitted that he enjoyed seeing his father take on such a submissive role in the marriage.   He said that the older he got the more flirtatious his mother was towards him.  This in turn made two of them more powerful the two of them (the mother and the son) when they were together.

During our incestous filled phone sex time together we explored the possibilities of turning his dad into a cuckold.  We did a role play where we put his dad in a pair of panties and teased him about his cock size while the son forced his father to get on his knees and suck his son’s big dick.  We laughed as mommy joined in the fun; humiliating the father and calling him a cock sucking sissy boy.  I have to admit that this mommy son phone sex fantasy was so much fun!  The best part was that his Dad didn’t mind fluffing his son’s cock and then later licking his wife’s cream pie! Mom’s cream pie filled pussy with her son’s seed was incredibly hot!

Incest fantasies customized just for you

Incest phone sex can be enjoyed in many different ways. There are no limits with me when it comes to fantasy role playing. Mommy son phone sex fantasies are one of my favorites no matter how we spin it.  We can take your fantasy (incest related or not) in any direction your cock desires. Maybe you’re the cuckold or maybe you’re looking for assistance from me in helping you cuckold your dad, like in the incest call I just had the other day? My ears and imagination are always open when you dial my line.

Tess – 1-888-878-4332


Erotic Incest Fantasy Role Play: Mom Daughter Duo

While many men have mommy fantasies, sometimes it is refreshing to learn that an erotic phone sex caller might want an even more mature woman, a woman like his granny to satisfy his incest phone sex urges.

Hello, my name is Tess and I am an experienced older woman who just happens to enjoy the company of much younger men. It has always been a huge taboo fantasy of mine to have my son and several of his friends come over to my house so that I could suck and fuck them all at once. Thus, giving me the ultimate erotic fantasy affair of my dreams!

I just think that being the center of attention during an orgy filled with horny younger men could be incredibly hot. However, if I want to turn the heat up for this erotic phone sex fantasy, the only extreme taboo thing that could make it even more pleasurable for all involved would be if my teenage daughter could join in the fun! Now that would be incest phone sex at it’s very best, don’t you think?

Imagine my teenage daughter and I dressed in something sexy and revealing, while waiting for my son (her brother) to return from a night out with his friends. Now imagine those young men walking into the house and seeing two women; one hot teenage girl and one hell of a sexy older woman. Walking in and seeing the hunger in our faces just waiting to suck and fuck some hot, hard cock is every boy’s dreams of, isn’t it?

Being drunk (or not) and having your mom or granny sit on your face while your sister rides you sounds incredibly hot, doesn’t it? Her perky little tits bouncing up and down as she coats your cock with her sweet pussy makes your head spin and your rock hard cock want to spew, doesn’t it?

We can’t leave your friends out of the fun we’re having now can we? I would love to suck one of them while I grind my slippery mommy pussy against your face. Yes, of course your other friend can fuck your sweet sister’s mouth while she rides you. In fact, why don’t you tell your other friend to slide his hard cock into mommy’s ass while I grind my pussy on your face? After all, this isn’t an erotic phone sex orgy for nothing. Let’s make it count baby!

I want to learn what will ultimately make you blast the hot cum boiling in your balls. Will it be you sticking your rock hard cock into mommy’s pussy? Or will you blow by fucking either me or your sweet little sister doggie style up the ass? We can take this incest phone sex fantasy in any direction you want.

My erotic phone sex line is your playground and I want you to use your imagination and let your cock lead the way. We can continue down the sweet, intimate and erotic path to end this fantasy, or we can get straight up down and dirty with all kinds of kinky, taboo twists and turns along the way.

I am an erotic incest phone sex specialist who enjoys all types of incest fantasy role play combinations and scenarios. I hold nothing back and will encourage you to do the same. Life is short so live to your fullest potential and make every orgasm count! Can’t wait to hear from soon!

Tess – 1-866-878-4332

Phone Sex Role Play: Mommy Takes Faggot Son to Glory Hole

Hello, I’m Tess and I want to share a really hot mommy phone sex fantasy call with you. Being a mature and experienced older woman has given me plenty of knowledge about men.  What I mean by this are sexual things such as what they want, what they need, what they like, etc.  On our private phone conversations I would really like to know everything about you so I am able to connect with you for some seriously hot masturbation, role play and fantasy fun.

I had a naughty boy call me yesterday and he was in need of some special mommy phone sex playtime. He was also in need of a long, thick cock. Yes, you heard that right. My sweet son has been craving cock!  I am pretty sure he’s a cock sucking little faggot and his secret is always safe with me, so today Mommy knew just where to take him to find out.  I told him to get in the car and I drove him down to the nearest adult book store where the clerk is a dear friend of mine.

She took him by the hand and led him down a long corridor, pushed through a curtain and entered a booth. He couldn’t help but notice the hole in the wall and he could see through it to the other side. She told him to get down on his knees and to stick his finger through the hole, signaling that he was ready.

I was watching from the doorway and couldn’t believe how excited my son was. His cock was sticking straight out in his pants. I walked through the door and loosened his jeans and pulled them down around his thighs. I began to stroke his cock as I whispered into his ear, telling him what a good boy he was and how his sissy mouth would soon be filled with cock.

Sure enough, a big black cock popped through the glory hole and my son latched onto it, taking it deep and slow. This phone sex mommy was never so proud! My son sucked like a pro. Then it came time for that cock to shoot (I could tell by the moans coming from the other side of the wall) and I encouraged my son to lock those lips tight and take that load. Being an obedient young man, he did as he was told and swallowed that whole load, licking every last drop from his lips.

I couldn’t help but notice the wet spot on the front of his jeans as we were leaving to go home and in that moment I knew that my boy was the best cum eating faggot in the making. What a proud moment for a mother to have!

If you are cock sucking faggot and want to eat a load of hot cum for Mommy too, I’d be happy to take you on a fantasy journey to the adult book store like I did with this horny phone sex caller.  If you’re not into cock sucking phone sex fun, but want to engage with a mature woman for some sexual chat and special TLC pick up the phone and dial me today!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Experience Euphoria With an Intelligent Phone Sex Partner

Hello guys. I’m Tess and those of you whom I’m not had the pleasure speaking with yet let me tell you a little about me. I provide quality phone sex conversation and adult entertainment by the way of words over the telephone line. If you are looking to connect with an intelligent phone sex partner like me, then all you have to do is dial my number.  All that I ask is that you have your credit card in hand and once the billing portion is out of the way we can let the fun begin.

I enjoy conversation as well as role play so whatever tickles your fancy, I’m open. Sure, most girls that you might connect with are smart, savvy and or sexy. But only a mature and experienced woman can be all of those things and still touch you in places that you never even dreamed possible. Our life experiences allow us to tap into your mental psyche and creating feelings that leave you feeling euphoric and totally satisfied. Experienced older woman can also provide you with hours of imaginative fantasy play that is stimulating to both your body and your mind.

For instance, I had a caller recently tell me that he wanted to role play an incest fantasy that he’d had since he was a teen. He said that he has talked with other women in the past who are able to satisfy his physical needs during his role play but not so much the mental. His mother is a very educated woman who works in the corporate world, so he felt that in order to really grasp his mother’s personality, he needed an intelligent phone sex mommy who could reach into the depths of his soul and totally become his mother during his role play fantasy session.

I completely understood what he is saying. I told him that when he calls me, he will enjoy a woman who is smart, articulate and able to create the most amazing fantasy scenarios. His fantasy will come to life through verbal communication that will make it feel completely real, as if I am right beside him, in his bed, touching him in the most erotic and sensual ways.

Of course, an intelligent phone sex encounter can also be dirty, twisted or extreme, so don’t be afraid to reach down deep and explore some of those really perverted thoughts that pop into your head every now and then.  I truly enjoy adult entertainment over the phone. The anonymity of phone sex alone makes it exciting but when you add the mysterious element to it as well, that’s when orgasms can become explosive.

There is nothing off limits when it comes to our time together and the only boundaries I won’t cross are the ones you set.  I encourage you to take down your barriers in my judgment free zone where I provide you with a safe and discreet environment. I will take you on a journey through the places you only dared to dream about in your mind.

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and experience that carefree feeling with me today!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332

Erotic Phone Sex Fantases: Mommy Owns My Balls

Hi guys, I’m Tess and I am an open minded and very kinky phone sex granny.  I love bringing pleasure to men through erotic and creative conversation so when you are looking for a mature and experienced older woman to share your fantasy or fetish with, you can count on me to give you exactly what you need.

There are plenty of men who enjoy the company of a phone sex granny, especially those who remember getting aroused by their own mommy or granny when they were young, impressionable and eager to please.

Let me tell you about one of my more recent granny phone sex calls (as always, the caller’s name has been changed to protect his privacy).

Jim is always very polite and even a bit shy when I first answer the phone but it is all part of his submissive nature during his mommy fetish fun and I am quick to pick up on his state of mind and take control of the conversation (and Jim).  He loves it!

I said hello and heard Jim’s voice and I told him that I was glad he called, he must have instinctively known how horny Mommy was this morning.  I welcomed him into my bedroom and told him to stand right beside the bed where I was still lying and to drop his pants to his ankles.  Jim is such an obedient boy and I knew that my erotic phone sex instructions would be met without delay.  As he dropped his pants, his erection sprang up and I smiled at his excitement.  It was going to be a very good morning!

I held my hand out and told him that place his balls right into my palm which he readily did and I began to squeeze and release, very gently, as I looked right into his eyes.  I reminded him that Mommy owned his balls and that he was never allowed to release without my permission and I asked if he understood what I was saying.  He nodded his head and assured me that he would never, ever disobey his sexy mommy.

As I continued to erotically massage his full and aching balls, I spread my legs and told him to lick my sweet hole.  He quickly obliged me; flicking his tongue quickly over my clit as I held his head in place with my other hand, pressing him against me until I was ready to explode all over his cute and innocent face.  I just love squirting all over him, soaking him in my pussy juice.

Of course, being such a good boy for his Mommy always brings sweet rewards so afterwards and since I had received my sweet morning orgasm I allowed him to stand in front of me and jerk his cock off.   It certainly didn’t take long for him to explode right into my hand (which is the ONLY place he is allowed to cum).  He knows the drill… if you make a mess you have to clean it up, so Jim went right to work licking up every drop.

If you are searching for an experienced phone sex granny or an erotic phone sex mommy who can fulfill the type of incest fantasy role play you are craving and wanting to indulge in, I’m sure I can help you. I have both real life experience and telephone experience so I’m sure can tickle your fancy and make you cum just as I do so many of my callers.

If you enjoy the strong side of a sexy older women and want to experience an erotic phone sex fantasy with an experienced fantasy mom or granny like me, pick up the phone and dial me now for your very own personal fantasy playtime.  You won’t be disappointed!

Tess – 1-888-878-4332