Brutal Rape Fantasy with Extreme Torture


I had a very fun extreme phone sex call and this caller just happens to know that I like things twisted and perverted. You see, torture is one thing that will make this pussy drip. Now throw in an underage little cunt to boot and I will be gushing all over the place.

When this caller and I started his torture session, he began to tell me what he likes to do when he places calls with some of the other girls here at Taboo Temptations. I knew that this guy was going to have my pussy purring like a new born kitten looking for its mothers tit. Holy shit was his fantasy just like I like them! I laid back in my bed and removed my panties instantly. Slowly stroking my cunt slit as we started our fantasy torture session. Megan is a girl that he would love to help him and be his accomplice. I was honored to role play Megan and take charge of owning the little bitch we were going to brutally rape and torture.

The role play for our extreme phone sex call started out where he came over after work and I was sitting on the couch.  I looked nervous and upset. I stood up the minute he walked through the door and told him I had a surprise for him. I had never done anything like this before, but the anticipation already had me excited. I grabbed him by his hand and lead him up to my bedroom. He couldn’t believe his eyes, there she was fastened spread eagle to my bed, his fantasy girl Danielle. Her sweet young pussy was wide open and ready for him to use and abuse as he found fit. I addressed him to get naked and have a seat in the Chesterfield chair that was in perfect position for him to watch me as I began to tease him. I walked over to the tray table I had set up next do the bed and threaded a long piece of fishing wire through a thick four inch needle. I gave him a good long look at it before I climbed up on the bed and straddled myself over Danielle’s torso. Using a cross stitch method, I sewed that little cunt’s mouth shut so the more she tried to scream, the harder it would hurt. This torture phone sex fantasy was just getting started…

After I had sewn her mouth completely shut, I smacked her puss a few times as if to give him permission to get up and have at it. He knelt down first and began to taste her, he longed to know what Danielle tasted like and couldn’t believe that I was giving him the opportunity. After he got a few good licks in and her juices on his taste buds, he got up and slowly started to insert the head of his cock into her underage cunt.

“What are you doing being so gentle with her?”, I asked, “Fuck that little bitch!”

He started to thrust in and out of her as if he was really raping her now. The more he slowed down, the more I would torture her. I had a 9” butcher knife on the tray table and used it to make incisions under her tiny nipples. She was already half covered in blood from trying to scream through the fishing wire. Each time she screamed her lips ripped and bled but the blood pouring out from under her nipples made it worse. There was one more incision that I wanted to make so I pushed him back away from her. I inserted the butcher knife forcefully into her anus and with one quick upward motion, she went from two holes to one larger bleeding hole.

His eyes were wide, and his cock was stiff and he finished off raping her. The load seeping out of her pretty little young cunt looked beautiful mixed with all the blood. He came so hard from this torturous rape fantasy that I actually had to move the ear piece away from my head it was so loud.

I know this rape phone sex caller loved it because he’s already called me back for more!  I can’t wait to hear from him again and see what other twisted, torturous, brutal rape fantasies he has buried in his twisted head!

Extreme phone sex isn’t for everyone, but it is for this woman. No matter how twisted and kinky you like it, I am here to get you off.  Share with me that deviant fantasy that has been replaying over and over in your mind making you jerk off.  Don’t jerk off alone, call me now and I will make your fantasy come to life over the phone!

Stevie – 1-877-681-5183

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