The Making Of A Cuckold Husband Fantasy Role Play

Hi there, Jenna here. I would love to talk with you today about a fetish phone sex role play. There are so many things that fall under this category, but let me be a little more specific. I want to talk about big black cock or BBC, for short, along with cock sucking and cream pie eating.

If you just got a twinge in your pants when I said big black cock then we definitely need to talk! From my experience, big black cock makes my pussy wet! However, knowing it makes a cuckold husband’s cock ache only makes my pussy even more wet! Perhaps you are a cuckold and don’t even know it?  If you’re like a lot of men I’ve spoken to, you’re not exactly sure when it was that you became a cock sucking, cum loving, cuckold husband.

If I had to guess when you ultimately became your wife’s cuckold husband it was when you talked your wife into fulfilling your fantasy of a threesome. Then shortly thereafter she started working later and longer hours and also having more nights out with the “girls”.  Now you know it wasn’t the “girls” she was out with though.

Husband discovers he’s become a cuckold

You also began noticing sexy lingerie in her dresser drawer but had never worn it for you. Then she began being more dominant in the bedroom, didn’t she? She was sitting on your face more than she had ever done before. She also began ordering you to lick her warm creamy pussy and made you jack yourself off when you made her orgasm with your tongue, didn’t she?

Then one night it all comes out; you want to fuck your wife but she says, “No”. She tells you that her pussy belongs to her lover now and that you can’t sexually satisfy her anymore. Ultimately she agrees to stay married to you, but you’re never going to fuck her pussy again. She also tells you that from now on her lover is going to come and go whenever he pleases. And that he will be spending the night in your marriage bed with her instead of you. You can sleep on the floor or on the couch; whichever you prefer.

Today is the day you are going to meet her lover. You see her face light up when the doorbell rings and she runs to the door to greet him. As soon as she opens the door you watch as she jumps into his arms and wraps her arms and legs around his masculine body. You watch him squeeze her ass cheeks with his big manly hands and make his way easily to the couch as they kiss.

Humiliated, angry and turned on all at the same time you realize this isn’t the first time he’s been in your house.  You continue watching your wife and her bull lover make out right before your eyes.

Wife’s lover throat fucks cuckold husband

Like animals in heat; clothes start flying off and you see your wife slide down between her lover’s legs.  Your wife grabs hold of her lover’s huge bull cock and looks over at you and asks if you will be staying or going? She then licks the tip of her lover’s cock and states that if you stay, this is what your life will be like from now on while licking her lips. You can only think for a few moments before your aching cock helps you decide that you are all in!

You kneel beside your wife as she is sucking the head of her lover’s big cock, thinking you’re just going to watch, but she offers it to you and you slowly lean over to lick the head to test the waters. Then without even noticing, your wife stands up and moves out of the way and things get real, really fast! Her lover grabs your head and starts forcing his huge cock deep into your mouth.

You’re wife’s lover is gagging you as he fucks your throat with one hand on the back of your head, all while kissing your wife and fingering her very wet cunt all at the same time. You can hear the sloppy wetness of her juicy hole as her lover finger fucks her until she screams with orgasmic bliss. Through your tear filled eyes you watch him lick her juices off his fingers before kissing her.

Black monster bull cock sliding in wife’s juicy fuck hole

Your wife orders you to stay on your knees while her lover gets positioned in the chair and she climbs on top of him, reverse cowgirl. She grabs your head and makes you come closer to see that monster cock slide into her juicy fuck hole. She instructs you to lick her clit and lick his balls too. With your tongue licking away, just as instructed, you can see his giant hands wrap around her waist and begin to lift her up and down.

As she’s being bounced up and down on his huge bull cock she’s moaning with pleasure and telling you that your pathetic little dick could never please her like this and it’s the only way she wants it from now on. You’re so turned on and your tiny little dick is as hard as a rock from watching your wife get pleased by this bull cock that it’s even oozing and dripping.

After your wife orgasms for a second time, her bull lover shoots his load into her too. She stays on top of him for a few minutes before she climbs off and lies down on the couch, spreads her legs and orders you to lick, eat and slurp up the oozing cum from her swollen pussy.

You can barely contain your excitement by this point as you begin to eat your wife’s freshly fucked pussy and hump the couch at the same time. It’s simply too much excitement and you cum while eating your wife’s cream pie!

Personalized cuckold calls your way

Does this fetish phone sex fantasy sound familiar? Is this to how you became a cuckold husband too? Perhaps this how you’d like to become a cuckold husband to your wife but are too afraid to ask? Rest assured; if you are craving big black cock, cum and cream pies I’d be glad to give it to you!  I’d be happy to personalize this fetish role play scenario any way you’d like!

I’ll turn you into my cock sucking, cream pie eating clean up boy in no time! There is nothing like having my pink pussy lips stretched around big black cock and having my clit licked at the same time. I’ll cum over and over and let you eat every last drop of both my creamy cum and my lovers too! 

Don’t wait any longer; call me to have your fetish phone sex fantasy fulfilled today! All you have to do is tell which part makes your little dick hardest and we’ll take it from there… can’t wait to hear from you!

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