Incest Fantasy: Brother Eats Sister’s Cream Pie

Hi guys, its Jenna. Do you have sexual thoughts about your own family members? I hope so and I also hope you’re looking for an incest phone sex playmate that is open minded and ready to explore these types of perverted family fun experiences with you. Let me assure you that you’re not alone in these types of thoughts and you’re certainly not alone when it comes to jerking off and blasting out your load to these thoughts either!

My incestuous experiences were revolved around my brother. He was a very naughty boy and I very much enjoyed putting him in his place. This is when I first began the playing with the ins and outs of cuckold fetishes. Of course, I had no idea at the time that’s what I was doing, nor did I know what it was called.

To this day I still love putting little dick men in their place. We all have our place in this world and helping my brother understand what his place is, is just something I felt needed to be done. And who better to teach this to him than his own sister? The experiences with my own brother really helped me out the other day when talking with an incest caller looking for a brother sister phone sex fantasy role play.

Brother sister family fun incest specialist

I remember the first time I caught my brother in my room jacking off his little dick. His face was buried in the crotch of my dirty, cum filled panties, while he had another pair wrapped around his dick. He was jacking himself off with such vigor. He stopped what he was doing when he saw me standing in the doorway; I told him that he was a sick, twisted pervert.

I slammed my door and went stomping off to the family room. I was laying on the couch thinking about the way he was stroking himself. It started to excite me, and soon I had slid my hand into my panties and was masturbating myself. I decided the next time I caught him; I was going to teach him a lesson for jacking off in my panties.

A few nights later, I came home from a date with my boyfriend and caught him once again jacking himself off with more of my dirty panties. Only this time I stood in the doorway peeking in until he shot his load of cum all over my panties.

That’s when I stormed into his bedroom, telling him what a dirty pervert he was. If he was going to jack off in my panties he was going to clean them up also. I grabbed the cum filled panties out of his hands and stuffed them into his mouth. I told him to eat his cum off my dirty panties and suck them dry.

Power and control turns me on

Unbeknownst to me, watching him lick and suck the cum off my panties turned me on and made me incredibly aroused! He was not only sucking the cum he just jerked out, but the cum from my saturated panties from the night before too. At that point I knew then I needed to do something. So I asked him if he liked the taste of his cum on my panties as he eagerly sucked on them. Seeing the hunger in his eyes when he replied with a whimpering moan and a nod of his head gave me an idea that would really make me happy!

I told him that he was a naughty boy as I closed and locked his bedroom door. I then instructed him to lie down on the bed. Looking a little puzzled he did what I said with slight hesitation. I could tell he liked what I was doing because I saw his little dick get hard in his pants.

At this point I pushed my skirt up around my waist and pulled my dirty, cum saturated panties off and dangled them in his face. I told him that my boyfriend just fucked me and there was his cum all over them. He moaned and asked if he could suck them. In fact, the longer I stood there dangling and teasing him with them he pathetically started begging to suck them. That’s when I realized I had some control and power over him and loved it!

Feeding my brother my cream pie

After giving a little chuckle and denying him my cum soaked panties I climbed up on the bed and straddled his face. I told him that he was going to have the best cream pie ever and that he was going to eat the cum out of my freshly fucked pussy instead! I also told him if he didn’t, I was going to tell our parents what he was up to. And of course not wanting that to happen he agreed to my terms.

By this time my pussy was oozing my boyfriends cum and almost dripping into my brother’s mouth. I got such pleasure and satisfaction telling my brother to lick, suck and eat my cream pie filled pussy that I just wanted to ride his face. So that’s just what I did.

I fed my brother my cream pie and had several orgasms along the way while riding his face. The combination of feeling my brothers tongue in my juicy hole and knowing he just ate my boyfriends cum was so fucking hot! He was doing such a good job eating my cream pie that I reached for my cum soaked panties and wrapped them around his little dick and started jerking him off.

I climbed off his face and jerked his little dick good and hard all while telling him he was a cum hungry little whore. The more I said it, the harder he was breathing and within seconds he exploded. As soon as his little dick stopped pulsating and dripping cum, I scooped it all up and fed it to him.

Incest filled cuckold fantasies and more

This particular night was not only the beginning of our incestuous relationship, but also what I now know is our cuckold relationship too. It wasn’t long and I had him sucking my boyfriends cock before he fucked me; making him the best fluffer ever! He always looked forward to nights with my boyfriend because he knew they always ended with a yummy cream pie!

Do you have a little dick that you jerk off while thinking of eating a yummy cream pie too? Is it a family members cream pie your craving? Perhaps you’re craving a cream pie from your sister, your mom or even your daughter’s cream pie? Is it only the cream pie you’re after, or are you interested in both cock sucking and cum eating too?

I would love to hear you jerking your little dick with me over the phone while doing an incest fantasy role play. If brother sister phone sex with a cuckold twist turns you on then I think we should play! If you prefer that we play other family members for your fantasy that works for me too. Just let me know what you’re looking for and I’ll turn your cream pie phone sex fantasy into what feels like reality!

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Sperm Delivery For Cum Eating Fetishes Cream Pie Eating Fantasies

Hi guys its Jenna and I just have to tell you how much I love cum eating phone sex fantasies! Feeding cum connoisseurs the hot creamy loads of sperm they crave is so satisfying to me! I have to tell you though that there is more than one way to feed a cum addict his craving.  Sometimes it could be a load shooting out of a pink swollen rod he’s sucking, milking and feasting on.  While other times it may require one to slurp it out of my tasty pink pussy (or ass) right after I’ve received a good pounding. I enjoy filling the bellies of all types of cum eaters, cum fetishists and cum addicts out there, but there’s nothing like cream pie phone sex and I can’t wait to give it to you so good that that you can’t soon forget.

If you are fetish phone sex lover and really enjoy the dance of cum play, then you may also enjoy the tasty treat; white cream I have saved just for you. There are lots of ways you can lavishly lick, suck and eat my cream pie so ultimately the choice is yours. I can squat over your mouth, lie on my back with my legs spread eagle or even get more creative if you want.  Just don’t forget I have more than one hole to have cum sprayed in to; giggles.

If you’re looking for a girl to feed you a tasty load of hot sperm all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me up for your very own cum eating phone sex session!

Here’s a kinky cum fetish story to get cock hard and your mouth salivating for some hot cum…

Feeding a cum fetish addiction

Right after being pumped full of a hot load in my behind, I got prepared to deliver the sperm. With pussy lips still pink and swollen from just reaching an orgasm I stepped over his head giving him the perfect view of my glistening pussy and hollow butt plug, wedged firmly in my ass hole with a transparent tube attached to the base. The tube was clear so he could watch the payload leave the storage compartment (my ass hole) and continue it’s down the tube.

I could see his mouth begin to salivate knowing how tasty the ass cocktail oozing from my derriere as the tube dangled over his face. Crouching down a little more I aim the opening of the tube toward his face letting it slowly sway between his nose and mouth. I can see the anticipation and wait was excruciating for him as evidenced by his hard cock oozing with precum. After a few minutes of this tease and denial fetish game I put all my effort into relaxing and expelling the white cream from my puckered hole to feed his addiction.

The payload was on the move through the clear tube as he intensely watched its slow journey down the tube. He knew the first couple of sticky drops were not to be swallowed, those were the rules. He prepared for the first contact of the warm, sticky deposit against his skin with a gasp. The first dollop landed on his left cheek whilst the second dollop landed perfectly on his upper lip.

Swallowing and savoring every gulp

I capped the opening of the tube with my fingers to prolong his pleasure as he smeared the dollops of cum all over his face. He was moaning in ecstasy and licking the remainder of cum on his fingertips. I could see the hunger, the yearning and the desire in his eyes. He wanted more.

After moments of teasing and denying him what he was desired so much, I gave him what he craved the most. I pulled his cum coated finger out of his mouth and replaced it with the end of the tube. As gravity would take hold, the cum poured out the tube like a fountain! He clamped his lips around the tube tightly to make sure he didn’t miss a single drop. After several minutes of slurping, gulping, and making gargling/gagging noises his mouth was filled to capacity with sperm! He was in heaven and savored every gulp of this creamy sperm deposit right down his throat!

Cum eating phone sex fantasies can be so much fun, especially if you have the right play partner! Cum, cum, and more cum is what I’m all about. I’m a cum eating phone sex specialist and then some. If you have a cum fetish phone sex fantasy and are looking to be fed the protein meal you are hungry for, call me to role play this fantasy, or any other type of cream pie phone sex fantasy you have in mind. I want to make you cum with me no matter what it takes. I want to drain your balls even it takes more than one load to whet your appetite and quench your thirst!

Call me soon and be sure to have an empty belly before you call! Giggles

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Kinky Nurse For Golden Showers Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy

Hi guys, I’m Jenna and I consider myself to be an intelligent phone sex playmate and fetish specialist because I am experienced in many areas of fetish fantasies and role play. I’ve completed a variety of fetish fantasies over the phone with men who get horny about a particular thought, object, situation or encounter that have given them slight erections to full blown orgasms.

If you are one of these men, I want to talk to you! I want to know the details of what makes your cock hard, balls full and ultimately, what makes you explode. There are so many factors and categories of fetishes that some men think their sexual desire is simply something that is kinky to them and makes them horny. While others know they have full blown sexual fetish and they crave to have their fetish fed.  This is why they call me!  I will fulfill your deep hunger, need and desire to talk about your kinky fetish without limitations.

Kinky nurse feeds your fetish fantasies and more

I just recently had a caller who has a golden showers fetish but is particularly turned on by it when it involves receiving the golden nectar from a kinky nurse. He was looking for a kinky fetish phone sex woman who would role play his nurse fetish and give him a prostate exam and end his fantasy by showering him with her warm, wet golden juice.

I was more than happy to indulge in this fetish fantasy with him! I put on a sexy white nurse’s uniform; the white button down dress, white thigh high stockings and white stiletto heels with the red medical cross across the front strap.

Once realizing his ass hole was too tight to insert my lubed finger, I opted to don my strap on cock to stretch out his anal cavity to reach his prostate and complete his exam. Once my caller was lying back with his feet up in the stir ups and completely vulnerable, I began massaging his prostate with the slow rhythmic motion of my thick strap on cock, sliding in and out of his hole.

Deep anal penetration with toys over the phone

My kinky fetish phone sex caller on the other end of the phone was actually slowly sliding a small vibrating dildo into ass as we pretended it was my strap on cock. He was enjoying the sensation of it as much as I was enjoying the sounds of his breath each time it went in deeper and deeper.

When my callers balls began to fill he knew he wouldn’t have much longer until he exploded, so that’s when he asked he could have something to drink. He said all this action was making him thirsty.  I really knew his thirst was to feed his fetish, so of course, I obliged. I pulled out my strap on cock from his ass and climbed up on the exam table and quenched his thirst with my sweet golden showers.

As he gulped down the last drop of my golden shower I told him to slide his wet tongue deep inside my ass hole and that’s when his balls exploded and he was experiencing orgasmic bliss!

Fulfilling taboo fantasies fetish or otherwise

If you have a fetish for a sexy nurse in uniform and want a prostate exam of your very own, call me for an appointment! I will indulge in any type of taboo phone sex fantasy you have regardless if you feel it’s a sexual fetish or not. As a matter of fact, your fantasy doesn’t even have to be fetish related at all.  If it’s something that simply turns you on I want in on the fun!

Anal fun or prostate play with toys, golden showers fetishes, cock sucking lessons and even cum eating instruction are things on my short list of specialties.  I welcome any and all types of fetish fantasies and intelligent phone sex role play with horny men like you!

What are you waiting for?  Pick up the phone and experience a taboo phone sex call like you’ve never experienced before!  I am a fun and intelligent woman who stops at nothing at pleasing callers.  Make sure you have a towel or tissue for clean up because I’ll have you blasting a big load before our session ends. Look forward to hearing from you soon!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Fetish Phone Sex Specialist: Cum Eating, Black Cock, Cuckold

Hi there, I am Jenna and I have to tell you that I just love that callers dial me to talk to me about their fetish phone sex fantasies. A very popular subject I talk to a lot of men about is how their cocks throb with delight when they think about eating sperm, jizz, spunk, semen, cum, and ooey gooey cream! Are you one of these men too?

Cum eating phone sex fantasies are super hot and it doesn’t matter to me how you eat it, just that you do. As long as you are eating and tasting that salty, sweet flavor of sperm, I’m satisfied and I know you are too! Down on your knees sucking the cream from a throbbing penis or even sucking it from your wife’s freshly fucked pussy. You love being a cock sucking, cum eating connoisseur don’t you?

I did a call the yesterday afternoon involving a combination of cuckold, little dick humiliation and big black cock. I must admit it was incredibly fun role playing this fantasy so I’d like to give you a little taste of what kind of fantasy phone sex call we did and perhaps you could call me next and we could role play a version something similar…

Hot cream eating husband turns into a cuckold

You come home early from work anticipating sitting on the deck outside, relaxing and enjoying a cocktail with your wife. However, what you found instead is your wife enjoying a beautiful 12 inch black cock. You’re standing in the doorway watching your wife begging her lover to fuck her good and hard. She begs her lover to plunge deep inside her neglected pussy to places her husband is unable to touch. Even though those words coming from your wife’s mouth are hurtful to hear but your cock instantly becomes rock hard.

When your wife looks up and sees you standing there with a huge hard-on, she just laughs. Taunting you about how you like watching her lover fuck her like she deserved to be fucked. She continues on by telling you how you’re not going to be fucking her pussy anymore. But you’re more than welcome to clean up her cream pie and whack your little dick while you do it.

My caller discovered during in his fetish phone sex fantasy role play that he enjoyed masturbating when his wife sat on his face so that all of her lover’s creamy sperm would slide into his waiting mouth. He discovered his true destiny as a cuckold husband was not only to eat hot cream but to suck big black cock.

Feeding cum to cuckold fetish lovers

Obviously this cuckold phone sex fantasy went into much more detail with my caller during our role play over the phone.  This is just a sweet, short, condensed version to give you and idea of the types of fantasies I do.  I was able to hone in on what his sexual trigger words were and used them to their fullest extent while he masturbated with me on the line.  I think one of the hottest things for me was how incredibly turned on he became when I introduced different options to feed not only him, but his fantasy desires as well. So hot!

Did the thought of this kind of cum eating phone sex fantasy involving big black cock as well as the idea of being a cuckold husband turn you on? Perhaps the little dick humiliation that turns you on instead?  Either way, I can’t wait to role play this erotic cum fetish fantasy with as many horny men as I possibly can!  I’d love to either play the role of your wife getting fucked by the big black cock, or simply guide you through a fantasy scene while you jerk off with me. So pick up the phone and dial my number today to have ball busting time today!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Coached Cum Eating Fantasy: Sister Blackmails Brother Role Play

Hey there all you incest phone sex lovers out there who love playing fantasy games on the phone with me!  It’s Jenna and I want to say that I have very much enjoyed getting to know all the cum eating phone sex sissy’s over the past several weeks. I must say; all you naughty perverts who love a good fucking with a strap on cock are a pleasure to play with! I love how many of you are afraid to eat your own cum. However, with a little coaching and coaxing from me, you always end up slurping it right up!  Yes, that’s right; deep down you know you’re destiny to gobble of that hot load of goo and you know it.

Brother sister phone sex role playing can be so much fun, especially if you have a brother like I had for a cum eating phone sex call just the other day! I’d love to share this incest fantasy with you and perhaps it will spark an interest in you that you’d like to play the same kind of role play too!

Little brother caught wearing sister’s panties

For this brother sister phone sex fantasy I was the big sister and my caller was my nosy little brother.  When I returned home after school I found him rustling through my panty drawer and playing with my big black strap on dong.  The fun part was that he had actually put on a pair of my lacy panties while continuing to snoop.

When I asked him what he was doing going through my drawers like that, all he could come up with was that he was he curious. In that moment I decide that this opportunity presented itself for me teach him a lesson and have a little fun, so why not!  I decided to blackmail him and tell him he has to do exactly what I tell him to do or I would tell our parents and all of his friends just what a panty wearing sissy boy he is.

Teaching nosy little brother a lesson

Of course my little brother surly didn’t want anyone to find out that he likes his sister’s panties, let alone that he enjoys riding my strap on cock. After a few minutes of contemplation, I began to explain to him that it was time he be taught a lesson for snooping in my panty drawer. His lesson would consist of me teaching via instruction on how to become a cum eating sissy.

His eyes are big with wonder as he watches me don my big black strap on cock. I climb on the bed, lay back and tell him to straddle my hips and climb on. I position my hand around the shaft of my black dong and point it straight up in the air awaiting his tight puckered hole.

Within seconds, much faster than I had anticipated, he climbed on plunged down right on my big fat strap on cock. I could tell he’s done this before he’s sliding up and down just like a pro! All while he is bouncing up and down on his sister’s strap on cock, his cock is standing straight out and dripping with pre-cum.

Sister blackmails brother fucking her strap on cock

I knew exactly what I was going to do next for this blackmail phone sex fantasy with my brother. While he’s enjoying my big strap on cock and feeling all the pleasures from it, I reach for my phone and start snapping several photos. First, close up pictures of his pink pussy stretched out around my strap on cock, then some of going up and down on its shaft.

I knew the pictures I wanted next were his cock squirting and him licking up the cream, so I took my hand and squeezed his cock. With a little tug I began giving him a nice hand job while he continued bouncing up and down my strap on cock. At the same time I worked his balls until the cum was boiling and ready to spew. I wanted to get the biggest load of hot sperm for him to lick up off my tummy and my fingers and knew this was just the way to do it.

Cum eating blackmail at it’s finest

After a few minutes he takes a break from his momentum and riding. I verbally praise him and tell him that he’s doing such a good job for a sissy, but to become a real sissy, he’s going to have to eat his own sperm. Immediately he says “no”. This is when I explain to him that if he doesn’t eat it, after I allow him to release his load that I will tell our parents. I will tell them all about his perverted ways and even show them, along with his friends, the photos of his man pussy stretch out around my strap on cock that I just took.

Of course he begs me not to have to eat it, so I begin to ease him into the thought of eating his own cum by scooping up the oozing pre-cum he has leaking from the tip of his mushroom head and make him lick it off. I ask him if he’s ready to cum and tell him to start bouncing and fucking himself with his sister’s strap on as I fiercely start jerking him off. I jerk and squeeze until his balls explode and cum shoots from his cock all over me!

Once his balls are empty I coach him off my strap on cock and to lick and suck up all the cream that sprayed out of his cock onto my belly. He’s on his hands and knees lapping up his jizz off my belly to end this cum eating phone sex call! And what an ending it was!

Lets customize the perfect fantasy to make you cum

If you like the thought of brother sister sex turn you on? It’s a hot taboo topic and always turns me on, but if you aren’t really into the strap on cock play, or even forced cum eating that’s okay. This is the beauty of brother sister phone sex fantasy play, we can customize your incest fantasy just the way you want it to go!

If you want to include blackmail into your phone sex fantasy, we can do that! We can do anything your perverted mind can come up with! If it’s incest, like this brother sister fantasy, we can do that, or if you like the idea of getting your man pussy fucked with my strap on cock, we can do that too!

Incest phone sex fantasy play, blackmail, forced cum eating, sissy slut training and even cock sucking cuckold play are all the things I enjoy with horny men who dial me. If your cock is standing at attention after reading this fantasy, then I think it’s time you pick up the phone and give me a call! I’m ready to make you cum harder than you have ever cum, or at least in a long time anyway. I’ll be waiting…

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Cuckold Fantasy: Husband Wants Wife’s Bull Lovers Cock

Hi there, its Jenna. Are you looking for a cum eating phone sex specialist? Someone to help guide you in becoming the best cock sucking slut you can be? I have so many first-time callers who want to have their mouths used like a hot wet cunt. Some of my callers have even gone so far as to buy their first dildo for cock sucking phone sex session with me to make their fantasy feel as real as possible!

I am only who fully understands how difficult it can be hard to approach your wife about the desires that you have to be a cock sucker. You are afraid she will just see you as a little sissy bitch after she finds out you get turned on at the thought of your lips around a cock, aren’t you? You may even have a fear that she’ll think you’re a faggot when you tell her you want to swallow a hot load of sperm and take a real cock in your man pussy.

Hearing men confess their secret desires to be on their knees sucking a big cock really excites me. In fact, I know just how many times you’ve jerked yourself off while fantasizing about it too. Don’t deny your inner sexual secrets any longer! Pick up the phone and call me, a cock sucking, cum eating phone sex specialist who will gladly help guide you through the processing of becoming all you can be!

A four inch penis can’t satisfy any woman

Recently I had a new caller confess that he’s been jacking himself off all while thinking about cock ever since his very first erection from his youth. His fear of being teased and called a faggot has hindered him all these years from achieving deep sexual satisfaction. When he finally had enough, he called me and confessed that he has wasted years fucking his wife without ever feeling as though he was completed satisfied. He was looking to dig deeper and really figure out what he truly wants, needs and desires sexually. The ultimate conclusion is that he believes he is a cuckold husband and desires to be used by his wife’s bull from time to time.

Once my now cuckold phone sex caller felt comfortable with me he was finally able to release and admit that he had a small penis. In fact, so small that he was only almost four inches on a good day. He explained that his wife has always told him that the size of his cock didn’t matter. But then I piped up and told him that she was straight up lying and trying not to hurt his feelings, because size does matter! I assured him that no woman, including his wife wants a four inch cock.

All women need a bull cock to fuck her deep and touch her in places that can give her full sexual pleasure. A tiny, little four inch penis can’t possibly give her, or any woman for that matter the kind of sexual satisfaction a man of size can; no matter how hard a man tries.

Cuckold husband takes wife’s bull cock

I could tell by the change in tone of my cuckold phone sex callers’ voice that he was jerking his cock good and hard as we continued our conversation. I kept probing him with questions to help him better understand what he was indeed looking for; sexually speaking. When he told me that he had a dildo in hand I instantly knew what he was after. He wants his wife’s bull lover to stuff his faggot ass!

When I began to encourage him to express to his wife that she deserves pleasure from a real man, he sounded reluctant, yet excited at the same time. As a husband he wants his wife to have sexual satisfaction. But he also knows in the back of his mind that he deserves sexual satisfaction too. I then told him that he needs to purchase a strap-on cock so that his wife could stretch is pussy ass open. It was going to be preparation to be able to take her lovers bull cock too.

“Let’s practice”, I told him. I encouraged him to slip the tip of his dildo into his ass and pretend it’s his wife’s bull cock lover. Even before he could get a half inch in, he exploded all over his hand! Just the mental thought of taking his wife’s bull lover’s cock sent him over the edge!

Once he finished squeezing the last of his cream out of his balls I told him to lick his hand clean. I expressed that from here on out that he needs to eat his loads of sperm each and every time he masturbates thinking about this. This will prepare him for the day he starts eating his wife’s cream pie pussy after her bull fucks her!

Kinky cravings come true with this fantasy girl

Do you think you have what it takes to get a pussy pounding from your wife’s bull lover too? Whether you are a cuckold husband, a cock sucking faggot, a cream pie eater, or a cum eating glory hole addict, I’m the fantasy phone sex girl for you! I will turn whatever kind of fantasy you have into a reality when you call me.

Cum eating phone sex fantasies are on the short list of things I will make come alive in your mind while you jerk your cock with me. As you can see there are many layers to becoming a cuckold husband; which layer best describes you? What cravings do you have; cock sucking, cum eating, or having your faggot ass pumped full? Doesn’t matter to me; I love each and every aspect and can’t wait to make you cum with me today!

Jenna – 1-866-389-8540

Cum Eating Instruction: CEI Phone Sex Fantasies

Hello there.  Do you have fantasies about sucking cock?  Do you ever wonder if you are meant to be on your knees with a cock in your mouth and or you are meant to be someone’s personal cock sucking faggot? If you have these thoughts, questions or internal dialogue with yourself, you’re not alone.  I’m Jenna, a cock sucking, cum eating phone sex specialist here to listen to all your secret confessions and cock sucking desires.

If you wonder what your purpose is and need advice or assistance in coming to terms with being a cock sucking faggot, then I’m the one you need to talk to.  The cravings are real aren’t they?  Maybe right now you just fantasize about sucking a thick swollen rod and get extra excited knowing you’re going to be swallowing a big load of warm cum if you suck it and milk it just right.

Maybe you sucked a cock as a teenage boy and those sexual feelings of arousal are returning?  Hell, you probably even have a girlfriend or wife whom you are fucking several times a week, but find yourself unsatisfied.  Am I right?  Well, don’t you think it’s time to figure this out; time for some sexual gratification that you’ve been longing for? Let me help you with these hidden desires.  Does the act of sucking another man’s cock turn you on or does the idea of swallowing a hot load of creamy sperm turn you on? Either way, cock sucking and or cum eating phone sex conversations with an open minded woman is a great place to start to figure this out.

Cock sucking cravings always resurface

If your cock twitched with excitement when you read “swallowing a hot load of creamy sperm”, then I think we are going to have loads of fun together.  I recently had a faggot phone sex session with gentlemen the other night who was wondering about all the things I’ve mentioned up to this point.  He did indeed confess that he was a cock sucker early in life as a teenage boy.  That he had sucked his cousin’s cock many times over the summer, but hadn’t swallowed any cum or sucked any cock since then; almost twenty years now.

He, like many men, buried these teenage sexual experiences and continued on with life by getting married and having children.  However, those cock sucking days always seem to resurface and have now developed into a craving that he can’t shake.  My caller even confessed that he was having a hard time fucking his wife at this point.  The only way he could orgasm while fucking her was to think about swallowing his cousin’s hot load of cum all those years ago.

The topic of cock sucking and or cum eating is certainly not something people talk about in relationships or marriages and his was no different.  This was not something his wife would understand or even entertain and he just didn’t know what to do at the point.  After secretly researching the internet about cock sucking and cum eating desires he soon realized he wasn’t alone in this when he stumbled upon my profile and advertisements for cum eating phone sex sessions.

Delicious coached cum eating sessions

The simplest answer to satisfying a man’s cum cravings is of course is to go out and find another man to suck off.  This would be the simplest way to figure out exactly what is going on with these secret desires.  However, since he is married and undecided what these cravings were about, we decided the best course of action was for him to practice sucking on his wife’s dildo and eating his own cum first.

CEI, otherwise known as cum eating instruction is a very popular subject for me when it comes to men calling my cum eating phone sex line.  Another widely searched description for the kinds of session I do over the phone are called coached cum eating phone sex sessions.  This is exactly what my caller and I decided to do for our first session together.

After digging through his wife’s panty drawer he found a dildo that he could suck on while we talked. I had him masturbate slowly; working up lots of pre cum for him to taste as we got started. Every time he worked some pre cum up, I had him rub the head of the dildo on his cock then suck it off. He said it was delicious and really loved the taste of his pre cum.

I explained to him that these intense cravings were normal when his sexual arousal is heightened, but once he reaches orgasm his intense desires to eat his cum would subside.  Some men’s desires subside very quickly while others not as quickly.  I stressed that it was very important that he didn’t think about it and that he just listen to my voice coaching him and giving him instruction.

CEI phone sex for cum craving satisfaction

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