Underage Fantasy Girl For Daddy Daughter Role Playing

Hi I’m Rachel and I am one of the kinkiest girls here at Taboo Temptations and can’t wait to show you just how much! I can’t imagine anyone who loves fucking as much as me!  If you are looking for a sex crazed nympho for your taboo fantasy phone sex call then I’m sure that I am the girl for you.

I’m so excited to talk to you about all the Daddy phone sex fantasies you’ve been having.  Age play phone sex fantasies are so taboo and so much fun that I can never get enough of it.  In fact, I may like even more than you, so you’re in luck when you dial me for a good time.  If you are ready to have your little girl suck your hard cock then get ready for a cum explosion!  I’m the best little cock sucker around.  I know you’ll love our daddy daughter phone sex fantasies, especially when I spread my virgin thighs wide open; giving you a sneak peak of my smooth pink slit.  You’ve been prepping me and teaching me to master the art of cock sucking before you plunge your huge, hard Daddy cock into my virgin pussy.

I know how much you love me sucking on your cock Daddy, and I really love it when you pull on my pigtails while you slide your cock right down my sweet little girl throat. It makes me feel so good when you hold my head and push it down onto your cock making me gag.  My bald little pussy tingles and vibrates each time you grunt while I’m gagging on your cock.

Daddy pops my cherry

When it’s time Daddy, I’m ready for you to poke my underage phone sex pussy with your hard cock and pop my cherry!  I’ve been waiting for the day.  I want you to slam your big, hard Daddy dick deep inside me.  I want to feel my fuck hole being stretched out as you penetrate my pink underage pussy. Oh yeah Daddy, I really love these kinds of incest phone sex games with you!  It makes me so hot and makes my pussy scream with excitement.  When you’re ready to blow your load I want you to spray it inside my little girl pussy; every last drop!  Pump my tight hole until your balls are completely emptied inside me.

After your balls are drained and you pull out, I am going to slide my fingers into my pussy and scoop out all of your cum and lick it off my fingers! I love cum more that you ever imagined possible.  There is nothing better that eating and slurping up Daddy’s love juice that you created just for me!

I can’t wait to make you cum harder than you’ve cum in a very long time so grab your cock, credit card and phone so we can start making all of your daddy daughter phone sex fantasies come true! I am a no taboos fantasy girl and the naughtier the fantasy role play the better!  I’ll be waiting for your call…

Rachel – 1-877-253-1194


  1. David on at

    Hot sexy Rachel, I am SOOOO excited at the thought of my little girl sucking my hard cock and then spreading her thighs wide open so I can slam my hard cock deep inside her fuck hole and cum inside her. Incest sex with my little girl IS so taboo – and I love it!! And that picture is SO evocative. I can’t wait to fuck you!!

  2. Rachel on at

    OMG David, I am so sorry I just saw this message buried in my mailbox! But speaking of buried, you are so hot and we have so much fun when you bury your cock deep inside my underage little girl pussy! Daddy has the BEST cock ever and can’t wait for you to fuck me again and again and again! *blushing*

    Rachel xoxo

  3. Paul on at

    Oh Rachel, daddy would love to take his underage preteen daughter’s virginity. To stretch you open with my big thick cock and to fill you with the same baby batter that made you. Daddy thinks it’s time for you to replace Mommy in my bed so we can play together all the time.

  4. Rachel on at

    Mmmm Paul that sounds so hot! I’d love to role play as your underage preteen daughter! Can’t wait to hear from you so you can fill me your baby batter and take my virginity too! Looking forward to getting naughty with you soon!

    Rachel xoxo

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