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Are you looking for a telephone playmate who loves playing the role of a naughty young preteen girl?  I’m Rachel and I’m that girl!  I love talking with and role playing with men who get a sexual charge with the thought  of underage and age play phone sex just like me!  Sometimes my filthy mouth gets me into trouble, but not with this job!  I love talking dirty with horny older men who are just as perverted as I am. Life would be boring if we didn’t have an outlet to really let our minds and mouth go a little crazy at times, don’t you think?

I sound so sweet but I am kinky as they come. I’m an authentic  taboo phone sex girl that does everything under the sun, from age play, underage fantasies, daddy phone sex role playing and anything else your perverted horny mind can think of! I know a lot of girls say they do, but I really do! Pretty much anything and everything gets my young pussy throbbing and soaking wet when it comes to adult fantasy entertainment. I mean who doesn’t like to hear a man cum, I know I sure love it and I’ll do whatever I can to hear my caller on the other end of the line panting, moaning, groaning and ultimately tugging on his man meat and squirting a huge load just for me!  Call me and tell me what makes your cock throb and let’s get off together.

Extreme underage fantasy girl will make you cum

One of my favorite age play phone sex fantasies that gets my pussy wet are preteen fantasies. I think I love it so much because I know so many of you men are get instant erections at just the thought of young underage pussy.  And when you’re turned on, I get turned on and all I care about is making you blast your load cum!

Since you can’t have the real thing, for obvious reasons, why don’t we pretend I’m your little underage cum slut in a naughty fantasy phone sex role play? I have tiny little tits for you to play with and suck on and a bald pussy for you to lick and fuck! Call me and tell me what you want to do with a sweet little underage thing that you can’t possibly tell anyone else. I know I could never share my taboo fantasies with anyone in my real life so why not tell each other our taboo fantasy secrets and become phone lovers who make each other cum?

I have lots of experience with underage fun and extreme phone sex fantasies so we can talk about or role play anything that’s on your mind. Age play phone sex is just one of my favorites but I have many more fantasies that I go crazy over too! Is there a specific preteen fantasy or underage fantasy that gets your dick hard? Then call me so we can talk all about it and I can make your dick explode! Anything goes with me, no matter how taboo it is!

I can’t wait to play with you and make you cum so call me soon!

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Underage Fantasy Girl For Daddy Daughter Role Playing

Hi I’m Rachel and I am one of the kinkiest girls here at Taboo Temptations and can’t wait to show you just how much! I can’t imagine anyone who loves fucking as much as me!  If you are looking for a sex crazed nympho for your taboo fantasy phone sex call then I’m sure that I am the girl for you.

I’m so excited to talk to you about all the Daddy phone sex fantasies you’ve been having.  Age play phone sex fantasies are so taboo and so much fun that I can never get enough of it.  In fact, I may like even more than you, so you’re in luck when you dial me for a good time.  If you are ready to have your little girl suck your hard cock then get ready for a cum explosion!  I’m the best little cock sucker around.  I know you’ll love our daddy daughter phone sex fantasies, especially when I spread my virgin thighs wide open; giving you a sneak peak of my smooth pink slit.  You’ve been prepping me and teaching me to master the art of cock sucking before you plunge your huge, hard Daddy cock into my virgin pussy.

I know how much you love me sucking on your cock Daddy, and I really love it when you pull on my pigtails while you slide your cock right down my sweet little girl throat. It makes me feel so good when you hold my head and push it down onto your cock making me gag.  My bald little pussy tingles and vibrates each time you grunt while I’m gagging on your cock.

Daddy pops my cherry

When it’s time Daddy, I’m ready for you to poke my underage phone sex pussy with your hard cock and pop my cherry!  I’ve been waiting for the day.  I want you to slam your big, hard Daddy dick deep inside me.  I want to feel my fuck hole being stretched out as you penetrate my pink underage pussy. Oh yeah Daddy, I really love these kinds of incest phone sex games with you!  It makes me so hot and makes my pussy scream with excitement.  When you’re ready to blow your load I want you to spray it inside my little girl pussy; every last drop!  Pump my tight hole until your balls are completely emptied inside me.

After your balls are drained and you pull out, I am going to slide my fingers into my pussy and scoop out all of your cum and lick it off my fingers! I love cum more that you ever imagined possible.  There is nothing better that eating and slurping up Daddy’s love juice that you created just for me!

I can’t wait to make you cum harder than you’ve cum in a very long time so grab your cock, credit card and phone so we can start making all of your daddy daughter phone sex fantasies come true! I am a no taboos fantasy girl and the naughtier the fantasy role play the better!  I’ll be waiting for your call…

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Phone Sex Role Play: Daddy Gets Daughter Pregnant Fantasy

Hi guys I’m Rachel, a sweet girl who is a little extra naughty. I can’t wait to be the taboo phone sex girl of your dreams by satisfying all your sexual fantasies and then some. I love talking to guys who are horny and looking for someone as naughty as I am to jerk off with. If you jerk off to perverted thoughts about young pussy, then I think we’re a match. I have always liked the more twisted side of kinky calls because the vanilla stuff just doesn’t do it for me any more now that I’ve been to the other side of incest fantasy role plays with a twist!

What I mean by this is that I love pretending to be a little underage girl who gets knocked up by Daddy! How twisted is that?  If you are into the same thing we could do a incest phone sex fantasy session where I role play as your little girl, (any age you desire) and you can seduce me and pop my underage little cherry!   Or if you prefer, you can just skip the seduction and take what’s yours. I mean, you helped make me and I’m yours to do what with you want, right?

Daddy daughter phone sex role plays always makes my pussy so wet! I have dildos that I use on my calls to fuck my pussy with and I’ll pretend it’s your Daddy dick the whole time!  I’ll let you in on a little secret… the idea that always send me over the edge and sometimes multiple times when Daddy dumps his baby making seed inside me and gets me pregnant! There is just something about begging a phone sex Daddy for his cum in my bald little cunt that is so fucking hot!

Cum gushing orgasms

It may take a couple of tries to get your baby girl pregnant, are you okay with that? I know I am! Ha ha! I think the more tries it takes the more fun it is! But once I’m pregnant, the kinky pregnant fetish fun doesn’t have to stop there you know. You can suck my milk filled titties as I ride your big, thick, daddy dick throughout my entire pregnancy!  I know, I know it’s really kinky and super perverted, but isn’t that was taboo phone sex all about?  Twisted phone sex fantasies that include incest with Daddy along with pregnant fetish play always make me have cum gushing orgasms.  Just imagine all the extremely kinky and very twisted things we can do once I have the baby and there are more holes to penetrate!

The possibilities are endless with me when it comes to making you cum. I will go to any length to make you cum really hard when you call me. Our twisted, underage pregnant phone sex playtime can go in any direction you want.   If you just want to fondle and play with my tight little underage body we can do that. You can lick, nibble and suck on my pink puffy nipples while my little hand jerks you off, or you can stuff your big Daddy dick inside me and make your little girl pregnant if you like intertwining and twisting incest into the mix of things.

Whether you are looking for a daughter to fulfill a daddy phone sex fantasy or just a girl who loves playing the underage girl for your fantasy role play, I’m your girl!  No matter what kind of taboo phone sex fantasy you have about young pussy I’ll be sure to make your dreams come true!

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Taboo Daughter for Daddy Fantasy Sex Role Play

I’m Rachel and I’m feeling super horny for some Daddy phone sex playtime today!  I want to sit on my Daddy’s face and ride his big hard cock all day long.  Call me right now Daddy and let’s have some taboo incest phone sex until we both cream in the sheets!

Fantasy phone sex where we can pretend to be who ever we want and play any age we want always makes for a super hot time on the phone!  I have a particular incest phone sex caller who always plays my Daddy and when he gets home from work I am always the first person he calls for some naughty daddy phone sex.

Daddy is always between my legs eating my little pink pussy until I cum all over his tongue.  But today for our Daddy daughter phone sex fantasy I did something a bit different.  Today at school we were given an assignment to write a paper about one of our favorite books.  Of course I chose, “Lolita” as my book;  it’s the first book Daddy read to me after he licked my pussy for the first time.

Reading to Daddy

Now it was my turn to read it to Daddy in preparation for my school assignment. While he got comfy in his favorite spot; between my legs with his head resting on my thigh, he eager began to listen.  Daddy loves listening to my sweet little moan as he worships my pussy but tonight he got listen to me read and moan!  He loves his schoolgirl phone sex fantasies as much as I do!

We were a few pages away from completing the first half of the book when I felt Daddy’s hands start to move up and down my silky soft legs.  As I continued to read I felt his lips kiss my thighs.  He knows I love the way his hot breath feels on my bare freckled skin.  I felt my cotton panties instantly get soaking wet.  In that moment I wanted to rip off my panties and sit on his face but he insisted that I keep reading the book to him.  Before I could finish the next sentence Daddy parted my legs and pulled off my drenched cotton panties.  As his kisses moved up my thighs and closer to my little pink pussy it kept getting more difficult to finish reading the current paragraph.  But I’m a good girl and I did what I was told.

Cum explosions for Daddy and me

Turning the page I felt my Daddy’s tongue slide inside the moist folds of my tight little pussy.  He continued to probe my pussy with his tongue making me squirm and moan between words.  Daddy know how to make my whole body shake as he eats out my sweet tender hole while flicking his tongue over my ass hole.  My thighs start to tremble is I start feeling the sensation like I’m getting ready to cum.  That’s exactly what happens every time Daddy devours my tight pink cunt; cum explosions.

After I came in Daddy’s mouth he took the book out of my hands and said, “My turn”.  That’s when he began to read as my mouth explored his already rock hard cock…

If you’re looking for a naughty operator to role play as your little girl for your daddy daughter phone sex fantasy, I’m ready!  I can promise I will make it a memorably wet encounter and leave us both craving more!  Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

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Incest Blowjob Games for Daddy Fantasy Role Play

Hi guys, I’m Rachel and my pussy is always wet for incest phone sex playtime! I’ve been rubbing my little, young underage pussy all day and it just never seems like enough. I need a horny Daddy like you to call me so you can slide your big dick inside of my tight hole and make my body shiver and spasm the way I like it to when you do that. Do you like incest phone sex too? If so, then call me and I will make your fantasy (and mine) feel like reality while we talk and or role play a daddy daughter phone sex fantasy together. There are no limits on what I do or where we can take your fantasy session, just so as long as it is perverted and kinky and we both have a good time is all that matters!

Cock hungry slut wants Daddy dick

If you enjoy daddy daughter phone sex fantasies as much as I do then call me, we’ll have the best time and I’ll be the incest phone sex slut of your dreams! I enjoy role playing the young innocent daughter who spreads her legs for Daddy only to feel his finger inside my pretty, pink cunt.  Seeing how happy you get when I moan with the pleasure you give me really makes me happy!  I really love super young, underage phone sex fantasies too.  So for me, the younger the better, especially the fantasies where I get to be a total cock hungry slut who craves Daddy’s cock in all my holes.

When you call me we can pretend and role play whatever taboo fantasy is on your mind; without any restrictions.  I will be as young and dirty as you want. I like to wrap my lips around Daddy’s big dick and give you a hot, wet blowjob phone sex session like you’ve never had before!  But the best part is after getting you nice and hard, I get to climb on top of your hard dick and slide it up inside my tight pussy, then bounce up and down on it!  Daddy’s dick stretches my pink box open and it feels so good!

Daddy daughter dates

A recent incest phone sex fantasy that was brought to me was so much fun and I can’t wait to do it again and again!  And of course the more cream filled Daddy donuts the better; giggles!  This is what I mean by “Daddy donuts”…

For this underage phone sex fantasy I was not quite a teenager but Daddy always made me feel like I was much older than I really was.  This fantasy revolved around our Sunday morning “daddy daughter date”.  Mom always worked the weekend and her twelve hour shift started at 7am so she would be up and out of the house super early in the morning.  This allotted time for Dad to plot some super naughty grooming tactics in his horny, incestuous filled imagination.

Our Sunday dates consisted of heading to our local bakery for a big glass of chocolate milk and delicious donuts to start out our mornings.  Daddy would always buy a few extra donuts to bring home and since cream filled long john were my favorite; these were always in the box. On this particular Sunday I noticed Daddy squirming in the kitchen chair as I licked and sucked the cream out of my donuts. “You really like those cream filled dongs, don’t you Rachel”, he asked while sipping on his coffee.  I replied “I do Daddy”, with great enthusiasm and cream oozing from the corners of my mouth.

He then asked me if I would like to have one of his special cream filled daddy donuts some day.  Of course I answered “yes” because I love cream filled donuts! “Okay baby doll, we’ll save these last few long johns that we bought from the bakery this morning and have them for dessert after lunch today”, he replied.

Cream filled daddy donut

After cleaning up our lunch plates Daddy grabbed a bag off the counter and handed it to me.  He told me he bought me a new outfit and wanted me to try it on for him.  I eagerly took the bag from him with a smile on my face.  “Then can we eat the donuts for dessert”, I asked.  He replied, “Of course baby girl.  In fact, meet me downstairs on the couch and I’ll give you my special cream filled daddy donut today”.

When I got downstairs Daddy was on the couch with the box of donuts beside him. He told me to twirl around and show off my new outfit which was a cute little black plaid mini skirt and black long sleeve sweater. I did exactly as he said and that’s when he told me that I made his daddy donut long and hard.  I was a bit confused but that’s when he stood up and pulled his pants down and showed me his big, thick, long and hard daddy donut!

Daddy explained that his dong would shoot out cream if I licked and sucked on it just like I did the long john donuts.  He said it would not only make him feel good but his cream would be sticky and sweet just like in the donuts too. When I told Daddy I didn’t know how to do it, he told me he would verbally walk me through exactly how to do it.

After I got on my hands and knees between Daddy’s legs that he spread wide open, he had me wrap my little girl hands around the shaft of his rod (that barely fit around) and lick the mushroom head; the end of it where the cream would shoot out…

I love sucking Daddy’s dick

Mmmm, was your cock starting to stiffen as you read the beginning of that role play?  You thought I was going to give you the full on fantasy, didn’t you?  This daddy daughter role play was so naughty and makes my pussy drip with excitement every time I think about it! I stopped where I did because the possibilities are endless when it comes to finishing this super taboo fantasy.  I want to hear how you would want this specific fantasy to play out.  Do you want me to play the part of the innocent little girl who knows absolutely nothing, just like this fantasy I started to tell you? Or should I be a slut who knows exactly what I’m doing?

Are you ready to have your little girl suck your dick too?  I know how much you love our Daddy phone sex fantasies, just as much, if not more than me! Come on Daddy, pull my hair while I give you a hot wet blowjob and you push my head up and down on your hard cock.  I even love gagging on it; knowing it went down my throat so deep is a really big turn on.   Sucking your cock and balls until you shoot your hot, creamy, load of cum right down my young, baby girl throat is such a turn on! It makes me feel so special that I get to eat your love juice Daddy!

If you have not tried me out for an incest fantasy role play yet, but are looking for a Daddy phone sex call with a horny girl, you should give me a call!  I’m open to any kind of incest fantasy role play you have in mind. And remember, I’m always hungry for cream filled daddy donuts!

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Daddy Licks My Teenage Pink Parts Phone Sex Fantasy

Hi guys I’m Rachel I think I am one of the horniest girls here at Taboo Temptations! I believe that if you start very young sexually as you get older you just get hornier and hornier. Well at least from my experience that is true anyways! If you love age play and teen phone sex then I am the girl for you. I started doing phone sex years ago because I have so many stories to share with you horny guys. I just know my teenage sex stories will have you cumming so hard too!

If age play or teen phone sex is your thing, I can honestly say I get it! I know how much so many guys love the idea of fucking a young teenage girl or even younger. I mean, who wouldn’t, right? I’d love to be that dirty teenage girl for you during a raunchy taboo role play too. Age play is my absolute favorite type of fantasy phone sex call especially if we incorporate incest and make it a daddy phone sex fantasy!

Daddy uses his slippery tongue on my pink parts

I’d love to share with you how it all started. It began with my Daddy sneaking into my bedroom one night when I was a wee little one. It was dark and I felt my blankets being pulled off of me and my nightgown being pushed up. Once my nightgown was up to my belly, I then felt my panties being pulled down. I woke up when it was happening, but didn’t let Daddy know I was actually awake and didn’t make a peep either.

Because I was so young I wasn’t really sure what was happening, but then next thing I felt were my legs being pulled apart and my pussy lips being opened up by his two fingers. I felt the cool air hit my pink parts then all of the sudden I felt something warm and slippery slide up and down my slit. It was Daddy’s tongue!

Daddy’s tongue felt so good and it felt like I was in a dream and didn’t want him to stop. I tried really hard to keep still and quiet because I thought if he knew I was awake he’d stop licking my pussy. My little body had never felt something so good in my life and I wanted him to keep making me feel so good.

Daddy licked and sucked on my tiny pink pussy until my body convulsed and I came all over his tongue. It almost felt like I peed but much better. Through the tiny slits of my eyes I could see Daddy stand up and within seconds, I felt something warm hit my pussy slit. He came on my pussy!

Daddy fantasy role play makes me squirt

After he was finished he carefully pussy my panties back up, pulled my nightgown down, and covered me back up with my blanket. I was so sad for it to end and I wanted to call him back in the room and beg him to do that again! I was secretly hoping it wouldn’t be the last time and that it would be the start of something new. Somehow I knew it was wrong but I didn’t care. Sometimes when things feel that good your morals just go right out the window. Don’t you agree?

If you would like to hear what happened the next day, let me know. I would love to tell you all about it. There are so many family fun incest stories like this that I can tell you about and to this very day it makes me so damn hot! I can’t tell anyone in my real life, as I am sure you can imagine why, no one would ever get it or understand, but I know you sure will!

If you like teen phone sex stories and fantasy role play as much as I do then you should call me! You can stroke while I tell you taboo stories or we can role play a teenage fantasy out where I play your daughter and you play my Daddy. For me there is nothing better than daddy daughter phone sex fun!

What are you waiting for Daddy? I’m ready to play and make us both squirt, so pick up the phone and call me for your own Daddy daughter phone sex fantasy role play today!

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Incest Fantasies For Daddy’s Girl Phone Sex

Hi, I’m Rachel, your little underage phone sex slut who will do anything to get you off when you dial my taboo phone sex number. My pussy is always wet for incest playtime with Daddy too. I’ve been rubbing my underage pink pussy and it just isn’t enough if you know what I mean.

I need a horny Daddy like you to call me so you can slide your big daddy dick inside my tight pink hole and make me feel good. Of course I’ll return the favor during our incest phone sex session and make you feel good too. We can take our fantasy call in any direction you want, so as long as it’s really perverted and super kinky!

It’ll be so much fun when you call me for a daddy daughter phone sex role play and you slip your finger inside my tight virgin cunt for the first time. I will pretend to be any age you desire without any questions or judgment. I will be as dirty and perverted as you want too. I’ll use my filthy mouth to make your dick hard with my words and my saliva too if that’s what you want.

Being a horny underage little slut for Daddy during my incest phone sex sessions always heat me up and make me so hot. I become a total cock hungry slut who will wrap my hungry lips around your daddy dick and suck you so good! I’ll give you the hottest blowjob, making you hard as a rock, then climb on top of that hard dick. My pussy will grab a hold of your shaft as I ride you and bounce up and down as we sexually enjoy each other.

Gentle but forceful Daddy for naughty playtime

You tell me where you’d like to blow your load Daddy. I’ll eat it no matter where you blow it. If you fill my pussy up with your hot sticky load of cum, I’ll scoop it out of my cunt and lick it off my fingers. However, if you’d like me to climb off you and get on my knees with an open mouth, I’d love that too!

I really enjoy dirty Daddies who are gentle and coaxing at first, but then really get into their fantasy and even use a little force. There’s something extra naughty and kinky when you pull my hair while I’m sucking your dick. I even like it when you push my head down onto your dick as I give you a sloppy wet blowjob. Gagging on your dick really turns me on! I’m not called the deep throat blowjob princess for nothing!

It always makes me feel special; like a real Daddy’s girl when I get to suck your cock and balls until you shoot your creamy load. I am so happy and so proud to be eating, drinking and slurping up your love juice that I helped create! I mean, what daughter wouldn’t?

Horny girl who is eager for Daddy cum

Whatever you’d like to do with me during your incest phone sex session is perfectly fine with me! I’m eager to have any and all of my holes fucked, penetrated, slammed and filled with delicious daddy cum! If you have not tried me out for an incest phone sex role play session yet and are looking for a daddy phone sex call with a horny girl, you should give me a call!  I’m open to any kind of incest fantasy role play call you have in mind so pick up the phone and call me now!

Rachel  – 1-877-253-1194