Erotic Role Play Specialist Brings Your MILF Fantasies Alive

I’m Vera, your incest fantasy role play specialist ready to indulge in some exciting and exhilarating erotic phone sex role plays with all you horny men out there looking to have a little fun. I’m wondering if you had a pick, who is the phone sex MILF of your wildest and most taboo dreams?  Is she the neighbor who lived next door when you were a horny teen?  Maybe she stepped outside to get the newspaper in a scanty outfit that made your young cock throb with desire?  Or maybe you sneak a peek at her as she sunbathed in full view of your bedroom window?  Better yet you pulled her panties off the clothesline to jerk off into them when you watered her plants while she was out of town?

Maybe the phone sex MILF that you lusted for was your mother’s best friend.  You know which one, the one who kissed you gently on the lips every time she came to visit.  The woman who teased you about your girlfriends at school and the woman who wasn’t afraid to playfully tickle you in tantalizing ways that barely crossed the line of appropriate before laughing it off as “just having a little fun with you.”

Intoxicating erotic MILF fantasies

Did you best friend’s mother send shivers through your body whenever she walked into a room?  Was she the hot mommy that you and all of your other friends talked about?  Did you secretly jerk off while thinking of her while you were lying in bed at night?  It doesn’t matter who or what the scenario was (or is), I am a mature and erotic phone sex MILF who can bring all of those fantasies to life through sensual, seductive role play and adult conversation.

I have no limits or boundaries so even the most extreme fantasies can be role played out between the two of us.  I know that you are going to love my nurturing expertise as well as my “take control” kind of attitude that allows every caller to just sit back and enjoy the ride while listening to my intoxicating voice as we explore all of your favorite erotic taboo phone sex topics together.

Give me a call.  I can’t wait to be the erotic phone sex MILF of your dreams and make you cum with me today!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

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