Fantasy Mommy Satisfies all Types Of Incest Callers

I’m Vera and being an incest phone sex mommy requires me to wear many different hats in order to satisfy every fantasy and fetish that comes my way.  I do not mind this at all because I believe that variety is the spice of life.  Men who call me with incest phone sex requests often have a very particular type of erotic fantasy role play in mind and I am more than happy to accommodate even the most kinky, twisted or taboo topics.  I am, after all, an anything goes kinky phone sex mommy who does it all!

One of my regular taboo clients enjoys it when Mommy Vera calls him a faggot or a queer during our sessions. During one of our first sessions he confessed that he has been keeping some very dirty secrets from his wife. He loves to wear panties and watch gay porn whenever he finds himself home alone and horny.  Several sessions in he finally confessed even more. This confession was that he no longer enjoys having sex with his wife.  But instead prefers to think about other men while he is performing his marital obligations by fucking his wife.  He said that he always cums really hard when he thinks about sucking another man’s cock or even more kinky, licking his ass.  He gets really turned on when I tell him what a gay, cock sucking faggot he is.  It’s so much fun!

Incest fantasy scenarios for all

Another incest phone sex caller of mine enjoys doing a role play where I (as his mommy, a MILF) walk into my bedroom and find my son jerking off into my favorite panties.  He loves it when I act mad and decide to punish him but instead of giving him a spanking or forcing him to stop jerking off immediately, instead I tell him to continue stroking for me. I even get into the fun and make him hold his cock straight up so that I can ride him, forcing him to cum, bareback into my pussy.  These types of mommy son phone sex role plays are extremely hot and very enjoyable.

I would consider myself a versatile operator and will accommodate whatever type of scenario your cock is in need of for your session with me. I fully understand that your needs, desires and cravings can change day to day so if you want to mix it up each time we play and or even experiment with something that piques your interest, let’s do it! Whether your craving is role play a teenage boy who’s Mom catches you sniffing her panties to watching gay porn.  All you have to is tell me what has your cock stiff when you call.

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Erotic Role Play Specialist Brings Your MILF Fantasies Alive

I’m Vera, your incest fantasy role play specialist ready to indulge in some exciting and exhilarating erotic phone sex role plays with all you horny men out there looking to have a little fun. I’m wondering if you had a pick, who is the phone sex MILF of your wildest and most taboo dreams?  Is she the neighbor who lived next door when you were a horny teen?  Maybe she stepped outside to get the newspaper in a scanty outfit that made your young cock throb with desire?  Or maybe you sneak a peek at her as she sunbathed in full view of your bedroom window?  Better yet you pulled her panties off the clothesline to jerk off into them when you watered her plants while she was out of town?

Maybe the phone sex MILF that you lusted for was your mother’s best friend.  You know which one, the one who kissed you gently on the lips every time she came to visit.  The woman who teased you about your girlfriends at school and the woman who wasn’t afraid to playfully tickle you in tantalizing ways that barely crossed the line of appropriate before laughing it off as “just having a little fun with you.”

Intoxicating erotic MILF fantasies

Did you best friend’s mother send shivers through your body whenever she walked into a room?  Was she the hot mommy that you and all of your other friends talked about?  Did you secretly jerk off while thinking of her while you were lying in bed at night?  It doesn’t matter who or what the scenario was (or is), I am a mature and erotic phone sex MILF who can bring all of those fantasies to life through sensual, seductive role play and adult conversation.

I have no limits or boundaries so even the most extreme fantasies can be role played out between the two of us.  I know that you are going to love my nurturing expertise as well as my “take control” kind of attitude that allows every caller to just sit back and enjoy the ride while listening to my intoxicating voice as we explore all of your favorite erotic taboo phone sex topics together.

Give me a call.  I can’t wait to be the erotic phone sex MILF of your dreams and make you cum with me today!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

Erotic Masturbation with Fantasy Incest Mom

Having trouble relaxing after a long, hard day?  Get the comfort you need, both mentally and physically when you call a mature erotic phone sex mommy like me.  If we’ve not met yet, I’m Vera and I’ve been a professional phone sex artist for quite some time and thoroughly enjoy it.  There are many aspects of adult fantasy phone sex that I enjoy.  First and foremost; getting to know men over the phone on an intimate level is very satisfying for me and secondly hearing men empty their balls because of me is something that never gets old!

I know how to put you in the most blissful state of mind as we share an erotic conversation or a mutual masturbation session together.  Let’s release all that pent up stress and energy and enjoy each other as we explore our deepest and most forbidden fantasies and fetishes.  There are no limits when you let your imagination go.

Let me be your guide as you lie back and allow my soft voice to seep into your soul.  Let your inhibitions go with me because I am an experienced and mature phone sex partner whom you can trust.  I want you to feel completely comfortable disclosing your sexual secrets to me, even those secrets that are really taboo and extreme, and the ones you could not possibly share with anybody else.  Once your call has ended, my lips are sealed and nobody ever needs to know what we talked about.  I want to be your confidante, the first woman you turn to when you want to share a really naughty fantasy.

Erotic mom for incest fantasies

I would love nothing more than to be your nurturing mom for a mommy son phone sex fantasy session.  I’ll take your incest fantasy role play session to a level you’ve never experienced.  I will lie down next to you; stroke your cock gently between my fingers as I begin to whisper into your ear what a good boy you are.  There is nothing better than feeling your erection begin to throb as I slide down between the sheets and wrap my lips around you, sucking every inch of that raging hard-on deep down into my throat.

If you’re in need of something a little more extreme or hardcore for your mommy son phone sex fantasy I can do that too.  I can be that demanding aggressive mother you’ve been longing for who seduces her innocent or not so innocent teenage son.

I take great pride when it comes to fulfilling erotic incest phone sex fantasies with all my fantasy sons.  So if you’re looking for that perfect minx to role play as your taboo mom, let me be her for you.  There is absolutely no fantasy scenario that I will not entertain, so bring me the taboo incest fantasy that plays over and over in your head like a broken record and cum with me today! Whether it’s an erotic phone sex adventure you’re looking for, to a steamy, erotic mutual masturbation phone sex session, I’m here to make your dreams come true.  So don’t wait too long, I’m ready for you!

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Guilty Pleasures Fulfilled: Erotic Incest Phone Sex Fantasies

Hello boys, I’m Vera.  Some refer to me as Mommy Vera while others refer to me as their erotic incest phone sex lover.  Tell me, what kind of incest phone sex fantasies do you have?  Were you the horny teen boy who frequently sniffed your mother’s dirty panties?  Did you fantasize about how hot it would be to have your mommy wake you up in the middle of the night with her pussy on your face or your cock in her mouth?  You might be surprised to know just how many mommy son incest phone sex role play requests that I get.  It is a very common fantasy although each call has its own unique twists and turns which keeps everyone just as exciting and hot as the next.

Erotic fantasy indulgence feels so good

I will indulge any type of incest fantasy session you’d like.  Your erotic phone sex session can simply be an incest filled sex chat to an adult fantasy role play with me; an intelligent phone sex partner.  I’m open to whatever your interests are; incest or otherwise.  But if you are a man who fantasizes about sexual encounters with a family member, please fill me in!  I will encourage you to stroke loud enough so I can hear you.  Nothing makes me hotter than hearing a man shoot his load over the phone with me.

Kinky family fun fantasies and secrets come to life

One of the incest phone sex role play requests that I often get includes a dad.  I should elaborate.  Callers will sometimes want to play with their mom and dad together.  You know; a little family fun time.  They crave the taste, touch and smell of mommy’s pussy but they have a special interest in daddy’s cock as well.  These fantasy calls can be very kinky and so much fun to play out!  They allow the caller to experiment with cock sucking, cum eating and even cream pie fantasies that he might have, all in a safe environment, between two consenting adults.  In other words, nobody needs to know you’re about your taboo incest fetish but you and me.  Your secrets are always safe with me.

Let your inhibitions go and indulge your guilty pleasures with an erotic incest phone sex role play fantasy today! We’ll travel down roads you never thought possible and your cock will thank you for it!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574


Mommy Phone Sex Role Play Fantasies for Sissy Boys

Hello, I am your phone sex Mommy Vera and I want to share an incest phone sex experience that I just recently had with a caller who was in need of a mature woman to share his fantasy with.

This caller is sissy phone sex connoisseur and openly admits he loves his fantasy sessions revolving around Mommy dressing him up and used by my boyfriends.  And because I enjoy these types of role play fantasies, I was the prefect match for him.  I told him that I couldn’t wait to invite my boyfriend and his best friend over for a little mommy son phone sex fantasy fun.

Our incest phone sex role play began with Ryan coming into my room where I dressed him in a pair of pink backless panties, a dainty bra and some pretty pink lipstick.  I also put him in a pair of my high heels which made his ass stick out as he walked.  What a sweet sissy boy he is!  Once he is in his sissy attire the there is a knock on the door. I ask him to answer the door and when he did, my boyfriend was standing there with his friend and both of them had nice big bulges in their pants.

They stepped into the foyer and pushed my sissy son down to his knees.  That’s when I instructed my son to unzip their jeans.  When their cocks popped out and slapped him right in the face so I told him to start sucking.  I thoroughly watching my sissy son be the cock sucking faggot he was born to be and could not believe what a natural he was!

Sweet sissy boy performs with Mommy

Ryan locked his lipstick covered lips onto the first cock while he stroked away at the second cock.  By this time, I have to admit that I was getting pretty turned on so I told Ryan to turn around and rub his panties against my boyfriend while I turned around and backed up against his friend.

Both of us slid back and forth on those big stiff rods and I certainly was having a good time and I was so turned on.  I turned my head so that I could kiss my sweet sissy boy deeply.   Feeling a cock pumping a hot load into my pussy while I was kissing my son while he was taking a load into his own sissy faggot pussy was enough to bring me to a very hard orgasm.  I gasped as I felt my pussy quiver all over that cock!

The four of us had so much fun together and I have to admit that this was an over-the-top incest fantasy role play that brought out the naughty both me and the caller.  I can’t wait to do it again! If you are a closet sissy who wants to get naughty with a fantasy Mommy, give me a call and I’ll be sure to have multiple cocks ready for both of us!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

Incest Affairs With An Erotic Phone Sex Mommy

Are you a naughty boy in need of some one-on-one mommy phone sex time?  I’m Vera and I can bring your naughtiest incest or family fun fantasies to life through the most erotic telephone seductions that you have ever experienced.  My callers often ask me if mommy phone sex fantasy calls are common.  So if you’re wondering too, let me assure you that not only are they very common, they are one of the most requested calls that I receive.  I will have to mention that there a a multitude of ways a mother son fantasy can play out.  I suppose it all depends on what your sexual desires are and what kind of kinky mood you are in when you pick up the phone and call me.

One particular caller, for example, loves it when we imagine that I divorce his dad and marry him, my son, instead.  He loves it when I describe how I want to make love to his hot young cock every night and convince him that he is a much better lover than his father.  Recently we even talked about my son impregnating me and then we could have three way fun with his sister when she becomes a teen cock tease later down the road.  See?  Mommy son phone sex fantasies can be really hot, especially when we involve the whole family!

Anything goes phone sex mommy

Another recent caller asked to have his phone sex mommy spank him for sniffing her dirty panties out of the hamper.  As a mature woman who loves to take control of a situation like this, I couldn’t wait to oblige him with an OTK spanking; over-the-knee bare hand spanking.  Seeing those ass cheeks turn shades of pink with my hand prints etched onto his skin was all that I needed to make my pussy drip!  In fact,  I found myself playing right along with the caller, fingering myself as he stroked until I came right along with him.

As you can see incest fantasy role play sessions can go from one extreme to the next.  It all depends on what you like, what you’re in the mood for and what is ultimately going to make you cum the hardest.  I can be a very stern phone sex mommy or I can be the most sensual, compassionate and loving mother you could ever imagine.  I can even role play your kinky aunt or your sister too!  Anything goes!  Don’t be afraid to let your inhibitions go and give this erotic, incest loving, phone sex mommy a call!  I can’t wait to have an erotic incest affair with my own son.  Are you ready?  Don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and let’s get your fantasy role play started now!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574

Mommy For Erotic Humiliaton Phone Sex Fantasies

Hello boys, I’m Vera.  I am not only a mother in real life, but I also wear many hats when it comes to fulfilling erotic mommy phone sex fantasies with men over the phone.  I can be a kind, loving and nurturing mommy for your fantasy, or I can be a stern disciplinarian with a  pinch of humiliation to go along with it.

I just had a very exciting and erotic mommy phone sex fantasy with a taboo caller and it went like this…

My caller set the scene for his teen phone sex fantasy with mommy.   He disclosed that having heart-to-heart conversations about his sex life with his older girlfriend was always a topic open for discussion between the two of us.   Me and my son have always been very close so when I drove him home from a minor surgical procedure this morning and he was still feeling the effects of his sedation, he was more than willing to share the details of his recent split with his girlfriend.

I am an attentive phone sex mommy and always want what is best for my son so as he began to tell me about how his girlfriend liked to dress him up and spank him, I was sure to take copious notes.  I had some very interesting ideas about how our evening was going to be spent together.

One thing that he admitted was that he kind of liked being pantied and then bent over her knee  for a good hard bare hand, even though he protested to her that the humiliation was a lot to handle.  He said that while she spanked him, she often fingered his tight little asshole and that made him even more excited.  Deep down inside, I knew that my teenage son was a sissy boy.

We pulled into the driveway and I helped him from the car and into the house.  I told him that I would run a hot bath for him because I knew he wanted to get cleaned up after his surgery.  I helped him out of his clothes and got him into the tub and began to wash him all over.  I began rubbing the soapy cloth over his body as he relaxed.  I told him to lean to the side and I slid a slippery finger into his bottom, just like his girlfriend did, as his cock began to rise.

He was still a little loopy from the medication but he moaned with pleasure as my finger gently slipped in and out of his back end.  When I had him all worked up  I drained the water and helped him stand up so that I could get him dry for my next adventure.  Once he was dry I told him I was going to get him dressed.

He was completely shocked to see that I had a silky pair of panties, a lace training bra and a very short skirt waiting for him.  Of course he protested but he knew that his phone sex mommy had a plan.  What he didn’t know was that I also had a surprise hidden underneath my own skirt.  It was a large vibrating strap on dildo and I knew that this was exactly what my sweet teenage son needed to complete his evening.

Want to hear what happened next for this steamy mommy phone sex fantasy?  Well you are just going to have to call to find out the details!  I will tell you though, this erotic humiliation phone sex call turned me on and now I am craving more!   I can’t tell you the name of this caller (I never disclose those personal facts) but I can tell you the dirty fantasy finale to this very hot call.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Vera – 1-866-587-7574