Mommy Shares Boyfriend’s Big Black Cock With Son Fantasy

Hi boys, it’s Peggy, your incest phone sex confidant. I’m dying to know if you were you lucky enough to be raised by an extremely perverted incest loving whore mommy. Or at least second best, have you been fantasying about her since your earliest childhood memory of being stimulated by her?

Did she allow you to breast feed off her huge voluptuous milk filled tits into your preteen years and beyond? I bet if you had it your way she’d let you suckle those swollen hardened chocolate brown nipples now that you’re a grown man. Incest has always been a strictly forbidden taboo frowned by society. But a mother’s love for her son can’t be denied once she gets a taste of her son’s cock, then things get out of hand and becomes a well hidden secret.

I must admit I’m a spoiled ole girl from way back when my father treated me like a princess. He should, after all incest comes in all dynamics when I became his personal little fuck toy. Incest play was all I knew when I grew older so I introduced our special playtime to my daughters then granddaughters. Now days I consider myself an incest phone sex fantasy specialist well versed in a kinds of family fun scenarios. Once you hear my mesmerizing sexy southern drawl entwined with my twisted incestuous craving imagination your cock will be standing at attention twitching from my every word. Are you ready to get addicted? Dial my number, let’s play!

My cunt dripped with arousal when I heard my caller inquiring about mommy son phone sex fantasy role plays. He was looking for a perverted mommy to help him re-live his incestuous preteen past. I assured him I was the perfect playmate a genuine perverted incest craving whore mommy. After promising him I’ll stop at nothing to turn his fantasy into a cock exploding reality he was ready to play.

We started our role play phone sex fantasy when he came into my bedroom late at night and asked if he could crawl into bed with me. How could I say no to my young preteen son? I just told him to get naked first as I rose up the covers and let him crawl in. He wiggled his bottom towards my pussy to spoon like always. As I wrapped my arms around him pulling him closer to spoon, my hard nipples pressed into his back. I grabbed his prick and stroked it a bit then kissed him in the crook of his neck.

He told me he liked to snuggle with me and share my bed and that’s when he mentioned my boyfriend, who was asleep next to us. He confessed he’s been watching from the doorway when his I was sucking his cock. He told me how much he liked his big black cock and emphasized how big it is. I agreed and told my son he needed to suck his big black nigger dick while I watched.

When my caller placed his young preteen hands on the shaft of my boyfriend’s big black dong and opened his mouth wide my boyfriend woke up. I encouraged my son to open his mouth wider and take his thick nigger dick but he could barely fit the mushroomed knob into his mouth. Things got a little violent when my boyfriend grabbed a fist full of my son’s hair to hold him down then proceeded to force face fuck my son.

I laid back and fingered my pussy as I watched his slick black dong go down my son’s throat. My son moaned and choked on his monster cock for a few more minutes before my boyfriend pulled out and told him to turn over. That’s when I took over. I told my son to crawl on top of me and lick mommy pussy. While my son’s face was buried deep into my cunt I grabbed my son’s ass cheeks then spread them wide.

I told my boyfriend to stick his nigger dick up my son’s young boy pussy. My son screamed in pain as that nigger dick forced fucked his puckered hole. My cunt was juicy and ready to get fucked. I forced my son’s cock into my fuck hole then told my boyfriend to pound his boy pussy hard. Every time he forced his big nigger cock into my son’s little boy pussy, his little boy prick dipped deep into my cunt. I yelled at them both to fuck me harder, “Pound my pussy boys, that’s right fuck me hard I want to feel every inch of my boys’ prick inside me”.

I worked myself into a hot frenzy and climaxed hard. My love juice gushed all over my sons’ prick. I felt my boyfriend’s cock explode in my son’s pussy and that’s then my son shot his load. We all climaxed together. After a few moments, my caller confessed that his incest phone sex fantasy came true, when he shot his load of fertile seed into me, his mommy. He wanted to breed me to make a baby to turn into our own personal fuck toy for his incest phone sex fantasies.

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  1. Mike on at

    So hot….. But I don’t think ur should have stopped with your sons boy pussy. You should have brought your tiny grand daughter into the room an let him work her over too

  2. Peggy on at


    You’re absolutely right, my tiny granddaughter needs to be worked over with a big nigger dick. Give me a call, perhaps you could be my boyfriend and we’ll both turn my granddaughter and little brother into nasty underage whores one hole at a time. Doesn’t that sound like fun? I’m ready to play!


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