Filthy Incest Fantasies Fulfilled with Taboo Granny

I’m Peggy and if you’re looking for an incest phone sex role play session involving your mommy, grandmother (Granny), auntie or even your sister, then I’m the operator for you!  I’m an experienced older woman with lots of family incest stories to share but I have a few questions for you first…

Were you lucky enough to grow up with sexy Granny? Did she show off her big busty tits and curvy hips in tight fitting dresses with plunging necklines? If the answer to your question is yes, then I only imagine your prick turned into a “woody” whenever you were around her, especially when she leaned down and wrapped her arms around your shoulders pulling you into her big soft breasts with a firm squeeze.

I bet she would pinch your young little cheeks and tell you how cute you were and asked if you had any girlfriends before she carried on about kissing and such. I know if I were your Granny I’d be doing just that. I’d ask you to stay for a visit then give you all kinds of chores to finish. While you’re busy doing the chores for me I’d flutter around in my loosely fitted, flimsy robe teasing and tantalizing you and your teenage cock.  It would make my snatch wet watching you adjust yourself in your pants and you squirm while around me.  I know what’s happening to your body, do you?  If yes, then what would you do about it?  If no, would you like me to educate and teach you?

Bubble bath playtime fun

I just finished a naughty and very nasty granny phone sex fantasy role play that left my ole pussy soaking wet from arousal and I’m in need of another teenage fantasy fuck! Let’s lay back and masturbate together while I tell you all about it!  This particular incest phone sex caller told me he’d been following my blogs for some time now and loves my wild and twisted no limits, sex craved imagination.  He was looking to role play my teenage grandson that caught me being very naughty and wanted to be forced into submission and blackmailed to keep our little sex secrets safe.

My caller had his incest fantasy role play all mapped out and was ready to play when picked up the phone.  He explained that I’m an owner of a small day care center that offers an after school program for parents that work late in the evenings. These two particular very young girls stay with us often; until their Mommy gets off work.  Their Mom is a young single mother that works long hours and sometimes she even pulls all-nighters. When she does the girls spends the night with me and my teenage grandson.  Tonight is one of those nights so here is where my caller wanted to begin his very taboo phone sex fantasy…

I’m naked with the girls in the bathtub having “bubble bath playtime”.  This isn’t the first time we’ve played in the bathtub and the girls couldn’t wait until they had another sleepover so we could play again.  I thought tonight would be the perfect night to incorporate my teenage grandson into our bubble bath playtime so I purposely left the bathroom door ajar as I knew he’d have to walk by the doorway when he returned home from football practice.

Pleasure filled squeals

When I heard the back door slam I knew my grandson was home and it was show time.  I lifted the youngest little girl up on the edge of the bathtub and told her to spread her legs wide open for me.  She placed both her tiny hands on the back of my head holding onto a handful of my hair as she whimpered with pleasure filled squeals while I darted my hot tongue in and out of her smooth hairless little cunt. The older sister was sucking and milking my erect hard nipple as I pumped my middle finger deep inside her pink puffy pussy as the same time.  The moans and whimpers the girls were making with their little voice boxes was music to my ears! The sweet sounds were echoing off the walls of the bathtub so I knew my grandson would hear us.

It was only moments before I spotted teenage grandson from the corner of my eye at the doorway tugging on his young prick. This only fueled my filthy lustful pedophile desires, so I amped up the show with the girls until I climaxed and the girls went limp with exhaustion too.  My grandson continued to watch as I towel dried the girls before rubbing baby oil all over their smooth flat chests and hairless bodies. After gently rubbing oil in and around their holes I got them dressed tucked into bed.  This is when my grandson made his way to the couch and turned on the television.  I know he was hoping I didn’t see him in the doorway and that I would go to bed too so he could take care of his hard-on. But of course, you know this filthy horny Granny wasn’t about to let that happen!

Rigid teenage dick never looked so good

When I approached him beside the sofa he tried covering his hard-on but I called him out about it. I told him I noticed him enjoying himself while watching the whole time I was playing with the sweet young girls, but he vehemently denied doing so. So I grabbed his wrist then led him into his bedroom. As I told him I needed his undivided attention I made him undress then lay on the bed and proceeded to tie him spread eagle. His wrist tied to either side of the headboard and his ankles tied to either side of the foot board. This perverted incest playtime was just heating up and about to get really good.

Next, I began to humiliate my grandson telling him his arousal proves he’s a pedophile just like me. I explained to him that his body will do some weird things at his age and took hold of his rigid teenage dick giving it a strong tug.  It should have gone limp given their circumstance of being tied up naked as a jay bird in front of his Granny.  I mean one would think it would anyway. Nope, in fact, when I told him he was a filthy pedophile just like me his teenage dick began to leak, harden and throb before my eyes. It was now evident to me that tonight was the perfect night for him to experience so much more!  More than his teenage brain and dick both could even handle, but I would be here guiding him along with the two young girls like the perfect symphony.

Penetration paradise

My body was tingling all over and knew tonight was a night I never wanted to forget so I told him grandson I needed to retrieve some toys for our playtime and I’d be right back.  When I returned I set up my cell phone on his dresser and hit record. I explained to my grandson that I was filming this encounter with him to ensure he wouldn’t tell anyone about our filthy sexual desires for underage little ones.  When I heard him gasped I knew that this blackmail phone sex fantasy was exactly what I was after.

Tonight I was going to teach my grandson more in one night that he could have ever dreamed of.  I donned my strap-on cock and told him to suck it to give him experience of what he was going to feel in only a few minutes.  While he was doing as instructed the girls entered the room and I told the youngest to suck on his dick just like he was sucking on mine.  She climbed on the bed and did exactly as told.  When I saw my grandson’s eyes roll back in his head with pleasure as she wrapped her tiny mouth around him and began to suck and slurp is when I instructed the oldest girl to untie his arms and legs from the bed.

My pussy was dripping with excitement and decided that penetration paradise was next. I had both girls get on the bed on their backs and spread their legs wide like cheerleaders.  With a hungry tone in my voice I told my grandson to follow my lead and do exactly as I do.  This is when I took hold of my strap-on cock and guided it towards one of the pink puffy slits…

Intense orgasms with a nasty Granny

I told you I was a nasty incest granny who likes her fantasies wild and yes this one is a bit on the wild side, but I couldn’t turn it away.  The more abstract our imaginations the more fun our taboo phone sex fantasies can be!  Which part of this particular fantasy turned you on the most?  Being the voyeur to the bathtub playtime with Granny and the girls, playing sexual games with your filthy phone sex Granny, being tied up, being blackmailed, or the penetration paradise of your first fuck?

Yes, I know this fantasy encompassed a lot taboo things all rolled into one.  This is why twisted phone sex can be so popular.  Twisting a bunch of taboo, incest, underage things together can give you the most intense orgasms you can experience.  If you’ve not gone down this road with your fantasy playtime before but want to try it, give me call!  Let’s turn your pedophile lust into filthy underage fantasy games where nothing is off limits and you’re guaranteed a cock explosion!  I’ll me waiting for your call…

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744

Forced Sex Fantasy: A Son Seeks Sexual Revenge

Are you the kind of man that gets hard as a rock whenever age play phone sex comes to mind? I picture me as a mommy or granny with a son or grandson who is on the brink of coming of age. I teased him when he became shy and a little embarrassed when he got a little “stiffie” when I helped him dress or undress. Or I was a little more sinister during those impressionable times when I humiliated him into total submission, forcing him pleasure me and my girlfriends. I love losing all my inhibitions and letting my imagination run wild when it comes to a boy’s very first sexual experience.

What age play scenario gets your balls stirring and cock throbbing? Do you spend a lot of time dreaming of being a young boy and playing with your mommy? Or maybe a man in your prime and want to take back control of your life from a mother who spent your entire childhood treating you like shit? Is it time for revenge? I think it sounds like time for a therapeutic sexual role play fantasy with me. Let’s engage in a fantasy that will get your rocks off and more!  Let me play the role of your mother for you like I did for a recent call that went like this…

Son seeking sexual revenge on his Mother

We started our fantasy role play with my incest phone sex caller being my son and showing up at my doorstep unannounced. He had business in town and wanted to take some time for a visit to check up on me. I’ve been making adjustments after his father has passed. After a few moments of settling in, my son walked into the kitchen and stood before me glaring me in the eyes. Then without a word he forced me to my knees, unzipped his pants and stuffed his cock into my mouth. I choked slobbered and gagged on his shaft and barely got a breath of air. I felt his hand on the back of my head pulling my hair as he thrust his hips forward making his cock go throat deep. He pulled out then shoved his balls in my face forcing me to suck them.

He started screaming calling me names telling me he hasn’t forgotten all the times I forced him to be my sex slave. How I slapped him around pulled and pinched his little dick and the thing he hated the most was how he was forced to take all those hot water enemas. He has been dreaming of the time to show his bitch of a mother who is boss now. Dad is gone now so he is the man of the house. I was to do everything he said.

Turning the tables on enema fun

My son stayed the whole weekend and turned me into his sex slave in his mommy son phone fantasy. Later that evening after he had been fucking my anal hole for hours, he found the old red rubber enema bag with the long white plastic tube and thick nozzle. He forced me into the bathroom on my hands and knees on the cold tile floor. He rammed the dry nozzle up my sore ass hole deep into my bowels then removed the clamped from the tube. I immediately felt unbearable cramping and begged him to clamp the tube I couldn’t take another drop.

He just laughed at me, saying it’s just like he remembers, but this time the tables are turned. He’s the one that’s laughing and I’m the one crying for it to stop. He forced me to take the whole bag then shoved his cock up my ass and fucked, plundered and pumped all the while telling me not to let anything leak or I’d get the belt. That was how I threatened him when he was a young boy.

Son uses Mom for himself along with buddies too

He even invited some of his high school buddies over to join in on the rape and forced sex revenge he wanted.  They all had their way with me. I’ve never sucked so much cock in my life. They were stuffing all my holes at once, cock in my pussy, one up my ass and another down my throat. They circle jerked me shooting their cum at me I had cum dripping down my face all over my clothes. I wasn’t allowed to wipe it off. I was totally use abused and degraded by the time it was over.

Does this kind of forced sex phone sex fantasy with incest, age play, rage, revenge and rape make your cock hard as a rock?  If so, give me a call and we can do this incest fantasy role play now!  If this specific fantasy doesn’t do it for you, it’s alright, give me a call we’ll masturbate together as we go back in time when you were on the brink of coming of age and explore exactly what happened to you for a cum spewing forced age play phone sex role play!

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Nasty Mommy For Underage Incest Phone Sex Fantasy

For all you horny men sniffing around for a totally twisted, nasty mature ole lady that’s an extreme phone sex pervert like yourself, then you’ve met your match! I’m Peggy, a perverted, playful playmate ready to knock your socks off. I live in a fantasy world filled with pedophiles like just like you.  That’s right; in my taboo phone sex world playing with pedophiles whose mind is as twisted and nasty as mine are the most fun! In my fantasy play land there are sweet little boys and girls with ages from the cradle to the grave along with every age in between.

The sky is the limit when it comes to fantasy phone sex role plays with me.  There is no such thing as repercussions, judgments or limits when you play with me. We’ll explore those filthy forbidden fantasies that you’ve been repressing for years. Yes; including those fantasies that give you the biggest hard on while thinking about those deliciously sinful underage bitches. Are you ready to molest, fondle and rape them until they whimper and cry? Or are you the nurturing and teaching type who would rather pet, groom and ravish their tiny little holes in a gentle, devious manipulating way? Either way works for me!  Just say the word and follow my lead as I guide you towards experiencing the ultimate orgasm. By the time we’re done your cock will erupt like a volcano spewing cum like you’ve only imagined until now.

Preteen son masturbates for sex crazed mother

I have a caller whom I’ve been speaking to for quite some time now and our tantalizing, titillating conversations always make my pussy drip with excitement.  He is quite the extreme perverted pedophile; just like me. Thus, making our taboo phone sex playtime hotter than ever! My callers’ sexual awakening started at a very early age when his mother caught him masturbating his very young little penis. As all good mothers do she lent her hand to the task so she could teach him how to do it correctly. That was the beginning of her forced bed time ritual.

Each night after his shower she insisted they engage in mutual masturbation sessions to satisfy her insatiable appetite for her young son’s penis. She would be lying naked in her bed and ready to jack him off when these escapades started.  He went on to say she started sucking his penis only a short time later. It was only a time or two before he learned that her hot breath and warm tongue stiffened his shaft and felt so good!  In fact, it made him hornier than ever for his Mommy to suck him off every night.  He concluded that this bed time ritual wasn’t as awful as he had initially thought it would be.

The whole time he spoke of his sex crazed mother I heard him stroking his cock and the longer we chatted the faster he jerked it. I then heard a hitch in is breath when he described her lewd manners and nasty words whenever his cock was near her mouth. He told me that she was a really nasty mommy and would begin talking dirty to him.  It was such a surprise being that he was such a young, underage boy.

Sexual excitement using anatomical body part names

I asked my incest phone sex caller what turned him on the most during the times he played with his mother as a young underage boy. He explained that it was the way she described their body parts and functions.  She used the anatomically correct terminology such as his cock a penis and her pussy a vagina. The nasty, lewd verbiage she would use right before she inhaled his penis into her mouth is what would excite him. In fact, the time she told him she wanted to feel his underage penis pump into her mature vagina still makes him hard to this day.  Every time he revisits his early sexual experiences he is ready to play.  This is why he called me.  He wanted to use mommy son phone sex to relive a particular encounter he had and this is how our nasty, pedophile phone sex fantasy played out…

Extreme play time sleep over for my son and friends

I played the extreme phone sex mommy for his fantasy and it was late Friday afternoon. I could hardly contain my excitement because in a few hours my son would me home from school along with two of his friends.  My son was going to host a sleep over. I changed into my sexiest lounging attire; a black satin camisole and loose pajama pants with a matching flowing robe. My hardened nipples clearly clung to the fabric as well as my ass cheeks.  In my perverted mind I was sure I’d get a rise from these boys with raging hormones.

After dinner and later in the evening I suggested they get shower and get ready for bed. I went into my son’s room to make his bed ready before I made myself comfortable lying on the top. My son must have told them what was to happen because the next thing I knew three smooth penises were standing at attention right in my face.

My vagina melted now wet with my juices as I took my son’s penis into my mouth to suck. I told the other two to jack off because this whore of a mommy needs them hard for her needs. As I sucked my son’s penis I noticed him staring at his friend’s penis and the longer he watched them jack off the harder he got. I sucked until his hot semen shot into the back of my throat before going for one of my son’s friends. After grabbing onto his penis and stroking, I then flicked his swollen head with my tongue. I worked his penis with my mouth until he blew all over my tits, then made the three boys lick my tits clean.

Deliciously perverted underage desires come true

Since the three boys were all underage, I knew there were many more loads of hot semen left. They just experienced round one. I told them I wanted my hairy vagina fucked by their hairless underage penises one by one. I secretly wanted them to spray their semen deep into my womb in hopes that they would breed me. They took their turns while my son was at my side. After the first one blew his load inside me I forced my son to lick his penis clean then suck him hard again.

I was in my glory sucking and fucking these smooth underage pricks!  But more importantly, it was all about teaching my son becoming just like me; a perverted phone sex pedophile.  This of course opened the door to having my son pump his penis deep into his friend’s little boy pussy to blow yet another load of hot cream.

This was the perfect climactic ending our extreme phone sex fantasy and mutual masturbation session. My caller said he experienced a cum gushing volcano and it was the perfect way to satisfy his insatiable appetite. I can’t wait to hear all about your deliciously perverted underage desires.  Just remember when you dial me; you enter into my perverted pedophile play land where the sky is the limit.  You choose the perverted fantasy that makes your cock the hardest.  Whether you’re looking for an incest phone sex fantasy with mommy or just a nasty underage fantasy involving young boys or girls, I’m ready for you!  I can’t wait to rock your cock into an orgasm you won’t soon forget, so call me soon!

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Tiny Dick Humiliation For Sissy Phone Sex Sessions

Hi guys, its Peggy your horny ole’ perverted playmate and phone sex granny here waiting to get nasty with you!  I may be an ole southern belle with discriminating taste and good manners, but don’t let that deceive you, because when I’m behind closed doors I lose all my inhibitions and become an extreme pervert and wanton whore with an insatiable appetite for all things totally taboo!

If we’ve not had the pleasure of playing over the phone yet, let me start out by telling you that having erotic phone sex conversations with horny men who enjoy disclosing their deep, dark and twisted fantasies always makes my cunt drip with arousal.  If you’re horny and ready for a call, then choose your most forbidden fantasy and give this mature phone sex granny a call!  Together we’ll masturbate as we role play each nasty detail and every vivid description until we turn it into a cum spewing reality!

Being an older woman who is both a mother and grandmother in real life, I can easily play whichever fantasy role you have in mind.  I’d like to give you a little taste of what my calls can entail, so I’ll fill you in on a recent mommy son phone sex fantasy role play with one of my taboo phone sex clients….

Sexual experimentation as a preteen boy

This particular taboo phone sex caller told me he wanted to be my son for his fantasy role play. But before we start the role play he wanted to fill me in about his formative years as a preteen boy; the time frame in which he started experimenting with his sexuality. He would sneak into his mother’s room to try on her clothes from time to time.  Then one day his mother caught him playing around.  And on this particular day he donned the entire lingerie outfit; bra and panties, stockings and dress.

When his mother walked in on him, he was looking in the mirror and watching himself jacking his prick. She just looked at him with disgust; shaking her head while she looked him over. After taking hold of his prick she told him he was such a disappointment because his prick was so tiny and small compared to his large stature for a boy his age.

From then on she humiliated him every chance she got telling him he was a sissy with a tiny dick. Whenever she invited her girlfriends over she would dress him her panties garters and stockings then make him serve them drinks and hors d’oeuvres. Then for their amusement she would make him stand in the corner for hours with his face towards the wall and his panties pulled down to his ankles. After awhile she would make him turn around and jerk his pitiful little penis while she and her girlfriends laughed.

Mom turns sissy son into her house boy

When it came time to role play I took up where his mother left off. Although he’s a grown man now, his cock didn’t grow an inch and I’m still very angry of the whole situation that my only child is a sissy. To make matters worse, he has moved back home.  I decided to turn up the punishment and the humiliation to remind him of my disappointment. I told him if he was living in my house he’s to follow my rules.

First and foremost he will be my house boy; a domestic slave to be exact. His uniform will be a cropped muscle tee along with a thin pink ribbon around the shaft of his tiny 4” penis. Oh can’t forget,  a feather duster rammed up his tight asshole. After doing all the cooking, cleaning, laundry and ironing he would be my toilet slave as well.

Tiny dick humiliation for sissy phone sex calls

One evening I decided to have a little party and invited a few of my girlfriends and their dates over, but before they got there I turned my son into a whore. I had him dressed in a lacy red thong, a matching red bra, red garters and black silk seamed stockings paired with stiletto heels.

As my guests arrived he greeted them at the door with a cocktail. Once the party got started I told my guests that he was the “party favor” and was to be used as they wished. I announced that his tiny dick was only 4” when hard, but he sure could suck. A few of the well hung men started sniffing around my little faggot phone sex son. They rubbed their cock head against his lips then slapped his face with their thick 10” cocks. The next time I looked at my “party favor” he was getting gang banged with two cocks in his cunt mouth and another one up his sissy hole getting fucked in the ass.

Later in the evening I checked in on my sissy phone sex son and three of my girlfriends were having their way with him. He was on his hands and knees.  Two had strap-on dicks and he was getting fucked in his mouth and ass.  The third girl had placed her foot on the small of his back as she pulled down her panties and placed her fingers on her piss hole and aimed her piss stream all over his face.

Perverted mom/granny for sissy son fantasies

Once they were finished with him, I forced him to stand in the corner of the room. I placed a big dunce on top his head before I pulled his panties down to his ankles. He automatically grabbed his tiny little dick with two fingers and started jacking off just like he did years ago. Everyone at the party watched and laughed until he was thoroughly and completely humiliated.  But this is exactly what he wanted to end his tiny dick humiliation phone sex fantasy as his pitiful little pecker finally squirted making his fantasy cum true.

If this is the type of taboo phone sex you’re looking for them I’m the phone sex mommy / granny for you!  I enjoy doing tiny dick humiliation fantasies for phone sex sissies like this caller and can’t wait to acquire more sissy sons too!  If you like it even more hard core than this fantasy, all you have to do is say the word and I’ll put my perverted imagination to work.

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744


Extreme Phone Sex Stories for Twisted Perversions

Hello boys, its Peggy.  You all should know how much of an extremely perverted phone sex lover I am by now, but if you’re still on the fence I say it’s time to pick up that phone and give me a try. Whether you’re in the mood for a kinky conversation that will guide you to ecstasy with a little filthy salacious banter or if you’re looking for a lewd butt slamming fantasy role play that will send you to your edge and beyond I promise you’ll be blowing your load as if there is no tomorrow. My imagination has no boundaries and is overflowing with my endless insatiable appetite for pornographic perversions and the more twisted they are the nastier I’ll play.

I’d like to tell you all about a particular chronic masturbating pervert who calls me.  He’s an extreme phone sex caller who is also a pedophile lover and he’s just the way I like em’.  He likes to lie back in his favorite easy chair and stroke his cock while listening to smutty stories of underage girls and/or boys being forced by their mommies into being little anal sluts for nasty old men. And just like me, the more twisted the story the harder he cums.

Nothing makes me hotter than listening to him jack his cock hard and fast as I tell my filthy, smutty stories of perversion to him over the phone.  I have to say though, that when I twist incest phone sex into the nastiness of my extreme fantasy stories he cums the hardest and here’s how it goes…

Step 1: Preparing my son for his new Daddy

I’ve been running an escort service for the past few years and recently decided to expand on my brand, so to speak, by offering my clients whom have more of an eccentric taste; sweet young innocent boy dick to be exact. So with this said, I’ve been grooming my son to be a total little girl slut for the task.  When I received a call last week in the wee hours of the morning for a young boy, I woke my young, underage son (my caller) from a deep slumber and as he awoke I told it was time to meet his new “Daddy”. This is when pedophile daddy phone sex story got going.

A hot soapy enema to clean his boy pussy was a requirement for the meeting with his new Daddy so I lead my son into the bathroom for his first anal cleaning.  After I hung the enema bag on the shower bar I sat on the toilet seat and placed him tummy down over my lap.  I then pulled down his pajama bottoms down and exposed his lily white butt cheeks. I squeezed a big blob of KY jelly between his slit then pushed my finger full of jelly up his ass before I pushed the enema nozzle deep into his bowels.  Once all the way in I popped open the tube allowing the hot water gush up his hole. He wiggles and fights the entire time, but I hold him down forcing him to take every drop.

Step 2: Dressing my son up to look like a little slut

After his little pussy is clean I dress him in a sexy, silk negligee along with an overstuffed training bra. With each piece of little girl clothing I put on him he is soon the slutty little girl my client described he was looking for. He really looked the part with her lacy pink panties, thigh high stockings and thin strapped heels. I even did her hair and make-up especially her pouty lips in fuck me red lipstick. Once he/she looked like a slutty little girl whore we were off to my clients house.

As we approach my client’s front door I whispered into her ear reminding her to call the man “Daddy” and to do whatever he says before I rang the door bell. When the door opened there stood was a very tall black man.  I could tell my son was intimidated from his size and probably looked like a giant to him.  When I nudged his arm my son whispered, “Hi Daddy” to my client.

Once inside Daddy made her strut around shaking her ass acting like a cock tease little whore until he grabbed her upper arm to pull her closer. She stood still like an obedient slut while he groped, fondled and molested her perky little nipples and tight little ass before planning a hot sloppy tongue kiss on her lips forcing his tongue down her throat.

Step 3: Ass spanking to face fucking

When my son was free from his mouth, I leaned into his ear and whispered that it was time to show Daddy his pussy. Like an obedient little slut, my son turned her back to Daddy and bent over.  I reached over, pulled her little negligee up over her head and pulled her panties to her ankles to expose her pretty little puckered pussy.  Daddy then proceeded to spank her ass raw with his hand and as he did I whispered into her ear to cry for daddy.  He/she began to wail, whimper and cry for him after his pulled his belt out and really spank him harder.

A few moments later I yanked her to her feet then sternly told her to suck daddy’s cock. She placed her lips around his flaring mushroomed cock head and as she did I placed my hand on the back of her head holding mouth her down on his cock.  This is when I encouraged my client to fuck her face. He fucked her cunt mouth deep making her choke and gag; which I knew he liked.

As the tears stream down my son’s face lean in and I whisper again.  This time, telling my slut of a son, “it’s time for daddy to fuck your pussy and when he does, tell daddy to hurt you”.  I guide my son to my lap and bend her over my knees.  After placing my hands on her cheeks I spread them open and give a look to my client that his ass (her pussy) is all his for the taking.

Step 4:  Penetrating pink puckered hole

My client then rubs his hard swollen knob up and down the slit of his ass before penetrating her puckered pussy hole.  Just as soon as the penetration starts I hear my slut son call out, “Daddy, hurt me!  Hurt me Daddy!”  As soon as those words came out of my son’s mouth my client pumped harder and deeper until he blew his load!  This is exactly when I hear my perverted phone sex caller scream out in ecstasy; climaxing hard and blowing a load like I’ve never heard him blow before!

Are you ready for an extreme phone sex fuck or perverted story telling session like this? I know I’m ready for more!  Let me guide you to ecstasy using my lewd butt slamming stories and or fantasy role playing skills to send to you over the edge!  My sick imagination is the perfect way to fuel your twisted and perverted pedophile thoughts.  Your horniness paired with my insatiable appetite for pornographic sexual perversions is the perfect recipe for a ball busting afternoon delight or evening encounter, so call me soon!  I’ll be waiting…

Peggy – 1-888-810-9744

Filthy Fantasy Playtime For Perverted Age Play Phone Sex

Hi everyone Peggy here!  I’m the last one you need to tell that we’re living in an extremely crazy world of late.  This craziness seems to be trickling down because guys seem to be craving extreme age play phone sex fantasies for than ever now. But I have to say this is what I love about being a perverted playmate specialist.  I get to use the perverted tricks in my mental toy box of perversion; therefore I can handle any scenario that comes my way! I’m an older more mature woman that indulges in filthy underage fantasy games that definitely makes my ole pussy cream. I’ll even twist any age play fantasy you have and turn it upside down and transform myself into that sweet underage fuck doll.  I’ll be sure to turn your salacious underage desires a reality until you’re releasing your hot creamy load with me.

Have you ever thought of using an age regression technique in your age play phone sex fantasy role play? If you haven’t, let me just tell you that is the perfect for the times you’re craving a fantasy mommy, especially one catching you sniffing her dirty panties as you regress to that preteen boy you once were. Imagine feeling as if you were actually right there living that experience all over again.  Would it be exactly as you remember? Well that’s what happened recently; let me tell you all about it. This is when things went a tad bit crazy and that’s to say the least!

Prepubescent boy plays underage girl fantasy

My extremely taboo phone sex caller wanted to go back to the time when he was a prepubescent boy for his age play phone sex fantasy role play. He wanted to twist things up just a bit and be a little girl living with his single mother who was late on the rent again. As we got further into his fantasy I found out I was to be the landlady and her babysitter as well. I had made arrangements with her mother to get caught up on the rent. The deal was I would babysit for free during the summer and consider her paid up on the rent and she agreed I could “have” her innocent daughter to use for my pleasure. I unconsciously rubbed my horny cunt as we negotiated the deal.

All I could think to myself while my caller what mapping out the details was that I am going to really like teaching this little slut and her worthless mommy too.  They are both going to be my bitches and personal fuck toys all summer long and I can’t wait to get things started. Summer break has started and today is the day they’re making good on their promise. So I quickly started with the age regression technique coaching my phone sex caller using my low slow monotone voice. As I did, I felt my core heat with desire. I quietly reached down into my panties and my finger easily slipped inside my soaking wet pussy.

Phone sex hypnosis for age regression

I must admit I was so close to climaxing I quickly had to compose myself to the task at hand. Without missing a hitch in my breath I coaxed my extreme phone sex caller to lie down, close his eyes and relax. I began the age regression hypnosis by telling him to start thinking about being the little girl he craves to be. After a few more words I stated, “That’s it sweetheart you’re the prepubescent little girl now with flat mosquito bite nipples and a hairless little cunny. When you wake your mommy will be right here beside you.”

My soaking wet cunt was fueled with insatiable lustful anticipation and it was intensely building as this age regression technique got underway. As soon as she opened her eyes and let out a little grunt I climaxed so hard I gushed soaking myself and everything around me.

There I was sprawled out lying naked on my bed watching her mother prepare my little treat. Mommy had her standing on the edge of the bed. She pulled her blouse over her head then unbuttoned her shorts, she then told her to lie next to me.  I noticed her sweet innocence as she was sucking her thumb and I noticed a bit of a nervous tremble as well when mommy told her to lift up her hips so she can pull down her panties, the high pitched grunt coming out of her little innocent mouth made my cunt quiver.

Horny molestation fantasies

My fingers were knuckle deep fucking my cunt.  In a heated breath I commanded mommy to French kiss her baby daughter. I watched her press her hot wet hot wet tongue between her tiny lips. Watching her own mother molesting her daughter made me hornier than hell!  I ran my tongue towards my littler fuck dolls’ little nips.  My hands molested and caressed her; including her bubble butt as well.  I then pinched her flat nipples with my sharp nails then grazed them with my teeth. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my phone sex caller’s mother masturbating her cunt while watching me molesting her daughter.

Knowing I was going to fondle and lick my phone sex caller’s virgin pussy made my hungry cunt dripped with arousal.  Wasting no time at all I grabbed her ass cheeks with both my hands lifted her up into my face and held her there as if she were a sweet Georgia peach. After stiffening the tip of my tongue I massaged the pink folds of her little cunt then slowly licked; separating her baby labia before going deeper.  I kept pushing my tongue deeper until my face was buried deep inside her little cunny.  This sweet baby girl was moaning in delight and oh fuck needless to say my ole pussy was creaming too!

I made her mommy join me; I told her to rim her daughter’s tiny puckered star with her tongue then finger fuck her butt hole. Mommy wasted no time at all, she first sucked her finger before sliding it into her daughters tight shit box and pumped it knuckle deep. I continued sucking on my caller’s clit; we both didn’t stop pleasuring, finger-fucking and sucking until we all climaxed in unison.

Filthy insatiable imaginations running wild

I’m ready to make any and all your age play phone sex fantasies come true. I’m even ready to make it extra special using an age regressing technique to send you back in time to relive your own special time and or place of being an innocent little boy. If you’d like to pretend to be a little girl like this caller did, we can certainly do that!  But if you have another deliciously sinful fantasy your perverted imagination wants to explore, we can do that too!

I’m an opened minded woman who has no limitations during an adult fantasy chat and or age play phone sex role play.  I’ll travel down any taboo phone sex fantasy road and make as many twists and turns your mind, heart and cock wants.  It’s all about the orgasm with me and I’ll do whatever it takes to facilitate an incredible experience with me. From mild to wild or something in between; call me and let our filthy insatiable imaginations guide you to ecstasy. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call! If my phone rings busy shoot me an email and schedule your own personalized underage fantasy experience with me today.  Talk to you soon!

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Accomplice Fun: Cock Teasing Flirt Gets Raped Fantasy

Hello boys Peggy here. I may be an ole sexy southern belle; all prim and proper on the outside, but I must warn you that when my taboo phone sex line rings I turn into the most extreme perverted playmate found on the internet today! If you are looking for the perfect combination to feed your filthy mind, and horny cock and balls then I’m the woman for you!

I am that delicious deviant who will bring all your totally twisted taboo phone sex thoughts, desires and cravings to life with and for you. I started down my path of playful incest perversions at a very early age; the age when daddy started grooming me to be his special little play thing by licking my sweet little cunny.  This of course set me up to a total slut who craved sexual satisfaction from anyone who gave me attention.

Filthy forbidden fantasies of incest lust and age play cravings make my ole cunt quiver and gush! If you are ready for your totally twisted and extremely taboo phone sex fantasy ride then let’s get started!  Grab hold of your cock, start stroking and give me a call!  If you’re being a bad boy and searching for extreme phone sex at work, then let me share a super taboo phone sex encounter with you that will get your blood pumping in all the right spots to call me when you get off work!

Pantyhose wearing cock tease

I realized my caller was in need of a filthy accomplice fantasy for his role play session as he began to confess that he is at his wits end and not able to withstand another encounter with this particular woman.  He went on to explain that the woman he is referring to is his bank teller.  She’s young and hot as hell; a cock teasing flirt he called her.

I could tell this woman made him hot under the collar as he went on to describe her being very petite with cute little size B tits.  She always wears a dress with silky tan pantyhose that drive him crazy, especially with his pantyhose fetish.  He tells me every time he goes to the lobby to make a deposit she’s sitting with her legs crossed on her stool. When he approaches her teller window the flirtatious cock teasing behavior starts.  She knows her smile and giggle always make his cock spring to attention which sent him over the edge today. He said he’s simply had enough and wanted my help for his accomplice fantasy cravings.

My horny ole pussy was dripping wet with excitement as I listened to every detail my caller spoke. I told my caller I was already fingering myself from his story and would be more than happy to be the extreme fantasy accomplice he was looking for his kidnapping phone sex fantasy.

Kidnapping young cock teasing bank teller

We were parked down the street late afternoon; almost dusk waiting for the cock teasing bank teller to get off work for the day.  It was “game time” when she made her way toward her car which was right behind ours.  I grabbed her from behind and pushed her into the back seat of our car.  Once inside I push the lock on the door and began slapping her pretty little face before I squeezed her cheeks together making a duck face.  “Oh she’s young alright”, I called out to the driver (my caller).  “I bet she’s barely legal!  No wonder you’re getting all hot and bothered”, I exclaimed.

I tied her wrists behind her back with a scarf I had in my purse before I repeatedly sucker punched her in the stomach making her gasp for air. Before she could see straight I slid my hand between her legs and rubbed my fingers in the crotch of her pantyhose fast and furiously while my caller drove us home.

As soon as we arrived my caller and I dragged her into the house and into his bedroom all the while she was kicking and screaming. Using restraints we managed to tie her wrist and ankles to either side of the head and foot boards on his bed; just where he wanted her. He made himself comfortable in the chair stroking his raging hard-on as he watched me using the sharp knife he handed me to slice off every piece of clothing except her pantyhose.

Cock teasing bitch gets throat fucked

I was completely naked sitting on her pantyhose covered stomach wielding the sharp pointed blade between her little B cup tits to slice off her bra. I’ve never done such a thing before but my pussy got so fucking wet!  Believe me I surprised myself when the bra fell off because I creamed all over her pantyhose. After that I was thinking to myself; this is going to be fun teaching this bitch a lesson and I can’t wait to see what my caller has in store for her next.

By now my caller’s cock rock hard and he wanted revenge; a hot piece of that cock teasing bitch. I held her pretty little head still while he shoved his cock down her throat forcing her to suck it.  He grabbed a handful of her hair then slammed his cock into her face fucking her hard making her suck, slurp and gag until snot was coming out of her nose and she was drooling.

As he fucked her face I pushed my hand through her pantyhose and began to finger fuck her pussy starting with one finger. Being so caught up in the moment that I just couldn’t help myself so I stuck my tongue into hole of her pantyhose and licked her cunt. I poked and prodded my horny tongue around until I found her clit.  I sucked her swollen little button and finger fucked her cunt at the same time, all the while my caller made her gag on his big fat cock until she couldn’t breathe.

Rape the little cock teasing bitch

I knew my role as the accomplice wasn’t over yet and it was time to remind my caller what happens to little cock teasing bitches like her.  “Pull your cock out of her mouth and rape the little bitch”, I encouraged him.  It didn’t take but a second and my caller was on top of her and ramming his hard cock through the hole in her pantyhose that I made earlier.  He could feel her silky pantyhose on his steely hard cock with every thrust he made; going balls deep with each pump. He humped, pumped and fucked her over and over until he drained every last drop of his seed into her hot young cunt making his extreme, pantyhose wearing cock tease fantasy come true!

Do you have built up tension from a young cock tease that’s been driving you wild too? As you can see, playing the accomplice makes my horny pussy purr and gush! I will gladly role play any accomplice phone sex you have in mind.  You name the girl, the age and the scenario you’re looking for and I’ll deliver the cum explosions you’re craving and then some!

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