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UPDATED:  October 19, 2023

It’s about that time for another update…  Have you made any calls to business or institutions lately and get frustrated at the messages and menus you hear but can never connect to a human? If you answered yes to that question, then welcome to the annoyance club.  As always, my main priority is that our callers can connect with us.  There will always be a time when you call your favorite operator and she doesn’t answer your call on your first attempt.  There could be a multitude of reasons why.  Some can include; she could already be on another fantasy call, unexpected visitors arrive at her door, she’s in the ladies room, she forgot to turn her indicator off and the list goes on.  There are many times when girls just can’t get to the ringing phone before you disconnect as well.

In the past I have always encouraged callers to wait approximately 10-15 minutes and try again if you have the time to spare. But that was before; before all the craziness that has been happening with the multitude telephone cell services and VOIP services everyone is using.  What I am encouraging now is to dial at least twice as I am seeing non-connecting calls from either your phone’s end our non-connection from our end.  In a perfect world, your phone service and our phone service along with the timing of availability that each and every time you dialed in a connection is made.  Unfortunately, that is just not reality and is not happening.

Encouraging you to leave message – voice or text

I do not want to lose your business (nor do my operators) by this happening when calling our service.  Unfortunately with the way telephone services operate these days and the ever increasing use of text messaging in our world, we too are conforming to the new ways of doing things.  Some of the perks and features with a new telephone service we are testing out are voicemail and text messaging options. With this said I encourage you to leave a quick message with time you can receive call back via voicemail or send quick note via text message to call you. This is incredibly helpful if your connection just doesn’t make it to us; your operator is just finishing up another call, or just misses your call.  The message you leave allows her to call you back making it a win-win.

Over the course of the last several weeks I’ve been diligently trying all sorts of things with the telephone lines as discussed in previous threads and will continue to tackle this telephone monster to ensure you are able to connect with the operators at our phone sex service.  The newest information I want to inform you of is that I acquired a new, non toll free number for business use.  This number will be used for calls and texting communications between you, the callers/clients and my phone sex operators.  Hopefully this will be our last and final new number for the coming days, weeks, months and years to come; crossing my fingers it is anyhow!  The new number is 1-269-778-2266 or 1-269-77-TABOO.

Avenue to use until otherwise informed

Please take note if you don’t remember everything said in previous paragraphs that only SOME of the operators are fully transitioned over to the new service with the voicemail and text functionality. If you are not comfortable leaving voicemail message but would rather text, this option is available to you.  However, to ensure that your text does indeed get to us you MUST use the new number: 1-269-778-2266 unless or until your operator tells you she has been fully transitioned over to new service.  So please use this avenue until otherwise informed. I hope and pray that that this transition will continue running smoothly as it has already been months in progress.

As always, thank you for choosing Taboo Temptations!

Smiles – Kendra

UPDATED:  August 23, 2023

I want to start out by giving a big “Thank You” to those of you who called the new voicemail trial line and actually left a voicemail for a call back.  There has been some success with this avenue. I wouldn’t call it a complete fail as there have been some successful operator connections.  Meaning; the operator was working at the time of the incoming voicemail for call back.

Since my first post, I have acquired a new telephone service and have been in the “testing phase of it” for weeks now.  There are a few operators testing this out for me/us at the present moment.  With this being said; there seems to be connecting issues with this new acquired service as well.  Thus, I’m concluding that this is a phone issue that is above and beyond the scope of both of these services in today’s world of telephone technology. You’ll know what I’m speaking about if you have already been pushed or phased out of having a “land line”; wired telephone into your home from the telephone pole outside.

So far, the calls that are connecting with the new service the quality seems to be good, but we have had a couple of dropped calls as well.  Please know that my operators will not hang up on you (unless obviously warranted), so if you are in the middle of a call and it drops, please dial her back.  My operators are instructed to always let the client end the call.

Limited windows of opportunity

I know that many of you have a limited window of time when trying to place a call and there is nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach your operator when you call.  If your operator of choice is already on fantasy session with another client, that’s just life and you have to wait your turn in line.  However, what is happening is that your calls are not even ringing to us.  We get a notification seconds later that we have a missed call, while other times we get no notification at all.

It has been nothing short of infuriating to say the least, because we don’t and won’t do call backs without your permission first.  If the operator is available to play with you at the time you’re dialing in and the call won’t connect, it is a “lose – lose” for both parties.  Often times your window of opportunity is closed and we certainly understand

If I can get this new telephone service to function as advertised, an added perk we will be voicemail boxes.  This will be an added feature we will offer to our clients that we’ve never offered before.  This voicemail feature will be especially beneficial for “regular clientele” of my service, as well as effective for both operators and new clients alike.  The effectiveness will depend on you (the caller) to leave your operator a voicemail if you are looking to have a session.

Please let us know your calling by leaving operator a voicemail or text Kendra

As I stated earlier, I do have a couple of operators utilizing this new platform and doing a test run with me, so some of you may have heard some voicemails already. I am hopeful that in due time, all will pan out and the phone system will be in full functioning capacity very soon.  The ideal situation is that the operator will pick up for your fantasy call every time you dial (when her status reads “Taking Calls” of course).  Unfortunately, when she doesn’t though it means she’s already on another session. And with our old system (some girls still on), you received a busy signal.  The new system will have a voicemail option.  If you tell her who you are and leave your phone number she can dial you back when she completes the current session!  Therefore, a “win-win” for all!

This new telephone platform also opens doors for me.  I have the capability of receiving text messages. If you are unable to leave a voicemail, but want to connect with an operator who is “Taking Calls” that you can’t reach via telephone, you can text message me and I will reach out to her. Her status must read “Taking Calls”.  If she’s not already on a session she’ll call you back.

If you are texting me for the first time, please tell me your first and last name so I can tell her who you are.  My text number is (269) 525-4390.  Once I receive your text, I will pass your name and number to the operator you want a session with.  NOTE: We are a professional pay service. If you are not a paying client, do not waste my time or my operator’s time. If you do, I will block your number from our service.

* Original post date:  June 17, 2023

We have been experiencing some major connectivity issues with our toll free phone service and the issues just seem to be getting worse and are very inconsistent.  Some days our toll free numbers connect to my operators just fine and while other days the connection will not go through without multiple attempts, if at all. This is very frustrating on all sides; your side, the operators’ side and mine as well. From the looks of it, there does not seem to be any rhyme or reason as to when the issues will or will not happen.  It appears that these are random occurrences that are out of my control. Unfortunately I have been asking for and seeking resolution to my toll free lines for weeks now and for whatever reason it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Grrrr!

With all this said, I have been diligently brainstorming for a solution.  I have a few things in mind that I can try, but I may have to try multiple things on for size until something works, (as with anything in life). I am uncertain if this first “temporary solution” will even work, but want to put it out there and at least give it a good try.

What I have come up with at this point is to utilize a toll free number that I have at a completely different service and set up a voicemail box that goes to me, and only me.  Once your voicemail message reaches me (typically within a minute) I can pass along your name and number to the operator you’d like to speak with.  She then can call you back for your personal playtime.

New non toll free phone number for connection

If you have made an attempt to one of my operators individual toll free phone number and are having trouble connecting; she can’t hear you, or you can’t hear her, the call drops etc., please dial this new Taboo Temptations connection number 1-269-778-2266 (1-269-77-TABOO) to leave a voicemail for a call back.  Please leave the following information on the voicemail:

  • first and last name
  • operator’s name you want to play with
  • if you want called back on a different number than you’re calling from please state number
  • it would also be helpful if you could give a time frame in which the operator can call you back as she may already be on a call (example: she can call me back for the next 15 minutes only)

Connection issues other than a busy signal which means she’s on a call or not working

If you are not having issues connecting to your favorite operator that is terrific news!  I’m glad you are able to get through to her on her current toll free number.  I do however; want you to take note of this new Taboo Temptations voicemail / text phone number as well.  I want you to know that it is available for you to utilize if you have connection issues with your current operator in the future.  Tuck this number into your back pocket, your little black book, your cell phone contacts, or wherever else you place numbers you don’t want to lose.

PLEASE NOTE: This new Taboo Temptations voicemail / text number only applies when your operator status reads “Taking Calls” and you’re experiencing connection issues and would like her to telephone you back to complete a fantasy session.

A personal thank you for using our service

I’d like to also take this opportunity to “Thank You” for your assistance in this trial endeavor as we move forward with whatever it takes to get you (our clients) to connect with my operators.

As always you are welcome to email at [email protected] at any time.

Kendra  – 1-269-525-4390  (voicemail or text)

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