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Hi guys its Ricki the perverted phone sex girl of your dreams!  If we’ve not spoken yet, I think you should give me a try!  I thoroughly enjoy age pay phone sex fantasies of all sorts and the kinkier your fantasies are the better!  What is your definition of kink?  I know it’s an objective sort of thing and everyone has different levels of kink and typically it’s all based on boundaries.  I’d love to explore these areas with you during a very naughty sexual conversation.

I consider myself as a non-judgmental person who is has a very open mind.  I mean seriously; if one is close minded and judgmental, then being a taboo phone sex operator isn’t a job for you.  For me, this is the best part of this phone sex job; bringing perverted taboo thoughts out in the open and to the table.  The visceral things our bodies do when verbalizing such perversion out loud is incredible!  Wouldn’t you agree?

I have a particular caller that loves my voice. He says I have a great young girl voice and I remind him of his sister. So when he calls he wants me to be his younger, bratty sister that’s in high school. She is a cheerleader and on the gymnastics team which is great because I used to be that girl in high school. I love getting in character for him for a his taboo phone sex fantasy and his deliciously perverted brother sister phone sex fantasy goes like this…

Brother’s annoying girlfriend makes me curious

Today in Social Studies class I had to hear all about my brother from his cute, but annoying girlfriend. She is enamored by him. She thinks that just because they have dated for two years that they are going to marry once they get out of school. I always giggle when she says that because even I know it’s just puppy love because they are so young and if she really thinks he’s thinking about marriage she’s dreaming.  She’s really annoying when she talks about it, but I don’t burst the bubble she has formed around her thoughts.

She carries on about my brother and how enormous his cock is. I of course have no idea about this because I haven’t seen his cock since we were young kids playing in our little swimming pool. I remember we would have to hang our swimsuits to dry so we’d strip out of them after our skin was all shriveled up from being in the pool all day. So back then his cock was not enormous. Ha ha!

Anyway, that’s all she kept talking about. I just pretended to listen to her brag and I didn’t show any interest in the subject. That is until I was on the bus ride home and I kept thinking about the comments and wondered if they were true. I guess the only way to find out was to figure out a way to peek in on him or get him naked. My mind was starting to formulate a plan.

Sister makes up rumor to get her way

Once I got home he was the only one there. Mom and Dad always kept long hours with the family business so they wouldn’t be home for hours. I ran upstairs and after throwing my back pack in my room, I ran into my brother’s room. He was sitting in his gaming chair playing an online game with one of his friends. I went over to him and started to run my hands over his shoulders. I then grabbed his headset and told him to get off the game.

He looked confused and asked me if everything was alright? I nodded and said “Yes, but I have a very important question to ask you”.  He looked at me and said “What is it?” With an eager to know sort of look on my face I blurted out that there is rumor going around about him.  “What kind of rumor” he asked in a puzzled tone.  “Well, I heard that you have an enormous cock”, I squeaked out of my mouth.  “Oh yeah, who told you that”, he inquisitively grimaced.

I turned and faced him in his gaming chair and sternly said “Take your jeans off right now Riley”.  My brother chuckled and told me to get out of his room.  “Your annoying girlfriend told me you have a big, gigantic cock and I want to see it for myself”, I retaliated in a loud, stern voice.  “Now take off your jeans, I want to see”, I continued on in my bratty want-it-my-way attitude.

Incest blackmail at it’s finest

My brother said it wasn’t a good idea and that I should leave his room again. Only this time I told him that I didn’t ask for his opinion and that he really needs to do what I tell because if he didn’t, I was going to tell Mom and Dad that he and his girlfriend are having sex all the time. “You wouldn’t”, he annoyingly barked back. “Oh yes I will. And you know they will believe me, you’ll get grounded for the whole summer”. I giggled knowing this would get me my way. I really like being the one in charge and was fully aware this was kink blackmail; I loved it!

We come from a strict family and I suspect that if one of us kids were to do something as serious as have sex before marriage my parents would be devastated and probably punish the whole family for something so sinister. Even probably keep us from going on our family summer vacation. It’s almost as though they would shun us for such behavior and tell us that we are not the Kardashians and we don’t behave this way. Ha ha!

My brother is a really good looking guy too. He’s got sandy brown hair, brown eyes, stands 6’2 and probably weighs a little over 200 lbs, so I’m hoping his girlfriend is right about the size of his cock. This incest blackmail phone sex fantasy was just starting to heat up after I made that last statement to my brother because I’m about to find out just how big (or small) my brother’s cock really is!

Perverted sister sucks and slurps

With a loud sigh and a reluctant look on his face knowing how bad to could be for him if I told our parents he began to unbutton his jeans. When he stood up to unzip them, I instantly dropped to my knees in front of him to be sure I could get a good, up close and personal look.  He shimmied out of his jeans and I slid his boxers down to follow. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me for a second; he is indeed as well endowed just as his girlfriend claims and he’s very lucky in this department!  His rod was no longer flaccid so I slid my hand up and gave it a squeeze.

Within seconds I had my brother’s cock in my mouth and I was sucking and slurping like a hungry little whore.  Between breaths and licks I let out a little giggle and he told me how perverted it was that his sister was sucking his cock.  When I looked up at him his eyes rolled back in his head and moaned and groaned; it turned me on so much!

“I want to fuck you Ricki” were the next words my brother managed to get out of his mouth while savoring my hot mouth sucking, gagging, choking and sliding my deep over his cock hitting the back of my throat. I was as horny as I had ever now and without hesitation I popped up and slipped my clothes off and got on all fours, arched my back and served him my sweet, pink creamy cunt.

Brother sister blackmail done your way

Did you really think I was going to give you more details than that?  You even thought I would tell you where my brother shot his creamy load, didn’t you?  Well, I’d love to tell you every detailed perversion that took place from there so you’ll just have to call me to find out the rest.  But better yet, why don’t you call me and tell me what kinky perversions you have about your sister so we can role play your very own personal brother sister fantasy.  We can include or exclude sexual blackmail if you want, either way works for me!

Before I end this blog I will tell you one more perverted part of his fantasy that tops the cake, making this perverted incest phone sex fantasy that much more sexy, naughty and super taboo.  Just as we were both putting our clothes on, right after he bent over and kissed me I heard him say, “Uh oh”. When I asked him what that meant he sent over a wicked smile and said, “I forgot to turn my gaming camera off; the one connected to all my friends before you walked in”!

Oh boy, what a way to end this fantasy, right? I guess it only means that we could take this brother sister phone sex fantasy and spin the blackmail the other way around and my brother (and friends) could blackmail me!   Don’t you love it when one perversion leads to another?  I know I sure do!  Call me for all your perverted phone sex fantasy needs.  I’m here to play any and all types of fantasies from mild to wild and everything in between!   If our hours don’t match up, send me an email to schedule a session.  Can’t wait to play with you!

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