Perverted Phone Sex Role Play For Accomplice Fantasies

I’m Sallie, your mature phone sex playmate and I’d like to start out by saying “Happy New Year” to everyone. I hope your holidays have been fun-filled and you’re ready to add a little spice to the New Year by calling me for a naughty role play fantasy. I am an experienced older woman who wants to make your taboo fantasies feel real each and every time we play adult fantasy games over the phone.

I’d love to tell you about a recent underage role play fantasy that I had with a very perverted taboo phone sex caller. This fantasy session was so hot that we could have melted an entire ice-covered lake! This particular caller is an extreme pervert and his perverted pedophile fantasy was detailed and all mapped out for me and it went like this…

Interviewing for housekeeper fantasy

He posted an ad in the local newspaper looking for a more mature, older woman to be his babysitter and housekeeper for the week of the holidays. I went to his home for the interview and he hired me on the spot.  We talked for a bit about what he expected of me then said he had some things in his bedroom that I might find offensive. So to make sure I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable he took me down the hall to his room to give me a guided tour before I started cleaning.

He had several pictures of the neighborhood girls up on his wall. Some were in bikinis, some in summer shorts, and some were even in winter clothes. I told him it didn’t make me uncomfortable to see all these lovely pictures; in fact, it actually was turning me on.  I was so turned on that I reached over and grabbed a hold of his growing dick inside his pants. When I felt it had reached its full potential, I got down on my knees, opened his pants, pulled it out and began sucking him off.   I encourage him to tell me about each of the girls and what made his dick hard while I was on my knees sucking and slurping on his rock hard dick.

I could tell his balls were boiling but I wanted that rod of steel to fuck me before he came so I got up, went to his bed, spread my legs and told him to fuck me. As he slid his hard dick inside me I told him it would be so much fun to make and take “action photos” for his wall that he could jerk off to. The look on his face when I said that was priceless!

Hired housekeeper turns into deviant accomplice

He continued to fuck me slowly while we talked about enticing those young, underage girls over to the house. I painted a visual picture with my words about intoxicating the girls and taking better pictures of them for his wall. And that was just to start… Let me tell you, my caller dialed this perverted phone sex granny at the right time because I was horny as hell and ready to be the perfect phone sex accomplice and make all his underage fantasies feel real!

He knew a mature woman like me would certainly make these young girls feel at ease with my wickedly nurturing ways.  So together we conjured up a scenario that I was his babysitter and the “baby” I was sitting for had four feet, not two. What better way to get close to these neighborhood girls that to invite them over to see his new puppy, right?  This afternoon they were out playing in the snow when I called them over and got them inside. After I got all the girls snow suits off them, I led them to kitchen where I baked cookies for them.

I prepared some hot chocolate and sprinkled tiny marshmallows on top after I added a little something extra so they’d all be ready for my deviant pedophile to enjoy. I’ve always fantasized about being an accomplice to a sexual deviant and my taboo phone sex caller certainly played the role perfectly.

Adult fantasies; horny for underage girls

Our afternoon of licking sweet, young, underage pussy for the camera was incredibly hot. It was even more deliciously devious when the girls would open their mouths really wide and suck his dick for the camera too. I was sure to make them feel like Princess movie stars and let them see themselves in the Polaroid pictures I’d set out on the table to

The best part of the fantasy is the special spiced drink that my caller made for the girls. It was sort of like the date rape drug but this one hypnotized them to only remember playing with the puppy, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate with us. We did a whole lot more that just take photos with these pretty little underage girls for this very perverted phone sex fantasy, but I can’t tell you everything here and spoil it.

If you are looking for a perverted phone sex call with a mature woman who is always horny for underage girls too, then give me a call! I’d love to give you the biggest, most powerful orgasm ever with a devious accomplice phone sex role play that will make you blow gallons of cum and ring in the New Year the right way!  Call me soon.

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147


  1. jd55 on at

    Perfect Sallie.

  2. Sallie on at

    Thank you JD! You have such fun fantasies for us and I can’t wait for our next one. I hope that happens soon!

  3. jd55 on at

    Yes babe sent you an email or two. I need a twisted perverted girlfriend like you. I could love you

  4. Sallie on at

    We’re going to have so much fun JD!

  5. Joe on at

    Invite me over while you are babysitting your toddler granddaughters, what should we do with them for a very perverted taboo fantasy?

  6. Sallie on at

    Hi Joe. We can do anything you want! I’m an anything goes kind of Granny and we can get as naughty and nasty as you want with them. I can’t wait to find out what you have in mind for our underage fantasy. I hope we talk soon!

  7. Hapygrl on at

    Hi Sallie! I love your stories! I’m a young woman and I’d like to have phone sex with a mature, experienced, dominating woman. Do you have phone sex with women? Please let me know and I look forward to hearing from you.

  8. Sallie on at

    Hi Hapygrl! I would love to have a phone sex session with you. Sex with another woman is so erotic and definitely something I enjoy. I hope we talk soon!

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