Perverted Roleplay: Mom Gives Teenage Son Special Present

Hi guys, I’m Sallie and if you’re looking for an older, very perverted phone sex woman for your fantasies, I’m here and ready for you. I know it sounds pretty vague to say that I’m into everything when it comes to fantasy role play but it’s the truth. It’s exciting to me that every call is different and not knowing what we’re going to do, only adds to the excitement. When I hear my phone ring it puts me right in the mood and I can’t wait to get a kinky call started with you!

There is nothing better than an adventurous incest fantasy with a little age play mixed in. What I mean by that is role playing a deliciously deviant pedophile fantasy Mom to very young teenage son.  I am open to any age you desire playing; from a very young boy, an underage teen, or even older teenager.  Here’s an example of a session that I recently had that was super fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  Give me a call and let’s role play this scene, or if you prefer to change it up a bit we can do that too. You set the scene and the fantasy games can begin!

Special celebration for excellent report card

You, my son arrives home from school super excited to show me your report card because once again, you got straight “A’s”.  Of course I already know because your teacher called me earlier in the day to let me know.  She knows I like to have a special celebration when you bring home an excellent report from school. So I spent the afternoon getting ready…

When you come barreling in the door with your paper in hand, I give you a kiss and tell you to take a quick shower to get cleaned up and change. While you are in the shower I shimmy out of my dress and make my way to your bedroom.  I have on a new bra and panties for the special occasion with a big ribbon tied to my bra strap.

When my son got out of the shower he saw his present; me, his Mommy ready and waiting for him. After he finished towel drying himself he smiled and walked his naked body over to me as his cock began to harden. He slowly began to unwrap his present by pulling the ribbon off and started playing with my big tits.

Driving your teenage cock in deep

This was just the sexy, sensual start to our very perverted phone sex session too! Once my nipples were hard and my pussy started to get wet, I lean back on the bed and tell you that you can have a taste if you want.   After you gently spread my legs and climb up on the bed between them, you start licking my pussy.  Mmmm, I have to admit that you have become very skilled at it over the many years of practice with as many straight “A” report cards you have brought home!

In fact, it only takes minutes of your warm tongue lapping and darting against my pink folds before I can’t wait any longer.  I want your teenage cock inside me and I want it now!  You climb up on your knees and guide your teenage cock into my wet slit. You fuck me slowly at first, watching my big tits wiggle and jiggle beneath your chest.  Then you grab hold of them and begin kneading and squeezing them as you drive your teenage cock in deeper, faster and harder.

I will let you drill, pump and fuck my pussy until you are ready to cum, but as always, I make you pull out before you cum. We’ve made it a fun game for me to beg you to cum all over my titties while you jack yourself off using my pussy juice as lube. One of the best things about you being so young is that I know you can go and cum for multiple rounds.  Thus, pleasing me multiple times too!

Penetrating pretty pink holes

After you finish draining your balls for the first time all over my tits I give you a big smile and tell you that today is the day. The day you’ve been begging for, for a very long time.  I tell you how proud I am of you for continuing to get the excellent grades you have been getting and that today is the day I’m going to let you penetrate and fuck my pretty pink asshole!

There’s nothing hotter than a perverted mommy son phone sex where I let my teenage son penetrate both my ass and my pussy, one after the other. So I get up on all fours in doggie style position so he can spread my cheeks and see both holes before he begins. I tell you to rub your cock up and down my slit to get some of my juices on your cock before you poke your head inside my ass.  You do as instructed and start poking and prodding my holes before you drive yourself in balls deep.  It only took two swaps from ass to pussy and pussy to ass before you can wait any longer and you spray your load inside my pink hole.

The timing worked out well with this report card because I wasn’t able to get pregnant this fuck session.  However, with your birthday approaching and the knowledge of your “wish”; to get Mommy pregnant, we’ll have to see what happens! Oh how I enjoy having mommy phone sex and feeling my teenage son fuck me!

Perverted incest fantasy fun

If you are horny and love incest fantasies as much as I do then I’m sure we’ll have a great time together.  As you can see I am a perverted woman who likes to have mommy son phone sex fun no matter what it entails.  The taboo nature of it all always turns me on!  So whether you want engage in an incest fantasy as two grown adults or you would like to role play as a much younger version of yourself I’m game!  I especially enjoy the naughtiness of age play as noted in this session as I find teenage boy fantasies to be so much fun!

Some would call this a taboo pedophile fantasy, while other may think of it as just plain taboo due to the mommy son aspect of it and not even think about the ages. There is no need to dissect it though, let’s just call it good old fashioned adult fantasy role playing that makes us cum!

Call me soon and I’ll be sure to make your perverted incest phone sex fantasy come alive in your mind and make your balls explode!

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147

Incest Phone Sex: Titty Fucking Mom Fantasies

Hi guys, I’m Sallie.  I’m probably old enough to be your grandma, so that only means that I do mommy phone sex fantasies as well as granny phone sex calls too!  Being a versatile operator leaves the door wide open for you.  I will be step into any role you’re looking for to bring your incest fantasy alive; mom, grandma, sister and or even the MILF or GILF neighbor next door.

My taboo phone sex line is what I consider a “one-stop-shop”. What I mean by that is that I enjoy taking your fantasies to the next level no matter what has turned you on to the point of no return.  There is nothing like creating steamy incest phone sex fantasies with men over the phone where we can both let our imaginations run wild.  When you call me there are no boundaries (except the ones you set) or restrictions for the conversation or adult fantasy role play we engage in.  I offer a judgment free zone where everything goes.

When you make private taboo phone sex calls do you like to take the lead and the operator follows along, or do you prefer the operator take the lead and you follow?  I’m open to either, so just say the word and let’s have some creative sexy fun together!

Checking in to a dive motel

I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you about the incredibly hot mommy son phone sex fantasy I had the other day and went like this…

My son’s graduation from boot camp had finally arrived!  So I hit the road and got to the graduation ceremony just in time. Being an ex-stripper with gigantic tits you can imagine the attention from all the men the moment I stepped out of the car in the parking lot.  All of his friends were falling over each other to find out who I was.  And of course that always makes my son hot and hard.

After the ceremony my son told me that he got a weekend pass and booked a motel room so we could spend some time together before I headed back on the long drive home the following day.  I was smiling from ear to hear with pure delight that my son would do that for me and thought “oh good this will the perfect night” as I got into the passenger seat and he drove us to the motel.

It turns out its little dive motel with just a king size bed and a night stand. I don’t mind though, I’m just a little shocked my son would go for such a dive; he’s a bit of a prude, or so I thought he was. When my son was a younger man, a teenager to be exact, I caught him masturbating with one of my bra’s and a photo of my huge tits so I know he’s a boob man. However, I’ve always wondered if it was my tits he was masturbating to or me being his mom? Either way, I wanted him to experience incest with Mommy as a special graduation gift to him.

Mommy ravishes son’s cock

After a few drinks and a very long conversation I finally convinced my super stubborn son that incest is not a bad thing.  I explained to him that because we’re both adults now, we can make our own decisions.  And that if he’d let Mommy give him a blowjob and suck his beautiful cock he’d fully understand the excitement of incest sex.

I knew after filling his glass a few times I’d finally get him to agree.  Especially after I changed into my sexy black negligee; accidentally, on purpose exposing extra cleavage. When I came out of the bathroom I literally saw the bulge in his pants swell.  I made my way back over to the bed and sat next to him propped up on the pillows against the headboard and began rubbing my hand over the top of his pants making his bulge rock hard.

It didn’t take long before my son couldn’t take the pressure of his cock in his pants so he let me unbutton, unzip and expose his big beautiful cock.  I told him that he should just remove his pants and underwear all together so after he did, he spread his legs and invited me back onto the bed between them.

I licked my lips and gave him a look that he will never forget; a look that his Mommy was about to ravish him like no other.  This incest phone sex fantasy was just getting hot as I took my time rolling my hot, wet tongue all over the head of his pink swollen dick. I began to lick up and down his thick shaft while giving him his first slow and sensual deep throat blowjob. I wanted to make our very first incest blowjob playtime special for my son.

Titty fucking orgasm with Mom

I could tell how much my son was enjoying Mommy’s hot mouth on his dick by all the moaning he was doing.  So between the moans and the sensual blowjob I was giving my pussy was dripping wet.  Eventually I pulled my mouth off his throbbing cock because I didn’t want him to cum just yet.  I definitely had more things in store for our very first mommy son incest night together!

Next I climbed on top of my son and teased him with my gigantic tits and he almost came right then, but I made him wait. He caressed, squeezed and rubbed my tits while he licked and sucked my nipples at the same time.  I can only imagine that he’s wanted this for so long so I made sure he got as much pleasure as he wanted from my giant tits as possible.

After my nipples were rock hard I moved down and slid my big melons around his dick and gave a squeeze. “Do you want to fuck Mommy’s tits?” I asked my son.  When his face lit up with a huge smile I slid from between his legs and got on my back on the bed. I squeezed my tits together and told him to climb on top of Mommy and slide his dick between them.  My son did exactly as instructed and even dripped some of his saliva on his shaft before he started titty fucking his Mom the way he’s been masturbating to for years!

I licked and suck the head of his swollen rod with every thrust and it didn’t take long before his moans became an orgasm of ecstasy!  When my son finally released, his cum spray down my throat and I swallowed every drop!

Soft and sensual to downright kinky

If you’re looking and incest phone sex fantasy with a woman who enjoys pleasing her partners in every way possible, then give me call! We can do mommy son phone sex fantasy like this where blowjobs and titty fucking phone sex are on the menu, or we can do any scenario that makes your dick drip with excitement.

Like I said earlier, my incest fantasies with me can include any family member your cock desires; mom, sister, granny, aunt, daughter, or even the family dog if you’re looking something with a little extra kink!  Fantasies with me can go from one end of the spectrum to the other, and even somewhere in between; from soft and sensual to downright kinky!

All you have to do is tell me what’s on your mind when you call me and between the two of us using our creative imaginations we will surely have a terrific time! Hope we can connect and play some naughty MILF phone sex games or even GILF phone sex fantasies together very soon!

Sallie -1-888-792-3147

Feed The Faggot Phone Sex Parties

Hi guys, its Sallie and I just have to tell you that my cum eating phone sex faggot has kept me busy with several cock sucking fantasies this week! I always have fun feeding this phone sex faggot big creamy loads during our fantasy role plays too. I’m also very proud of the cock sucking sissy boys who have read about him in some of my previous blogs and found the courage to put their sex toys down and start sucking cock for real, especially when they call to tell me about how incredible it was!

I think it’s wonderful to be a part of the realizations men have when they read that they’re not alone in their kinky fetish desires by utilizing our quality phone sex service.  I can always hear the sense of relief from clients when they expose their secret cum eating and or cock sucking fetish to me.  I’ve been told more than once, that if this man or that man can suck cock, then so can I. If that’s happened to you while reading our taboo phone sex profile, stories, blogs etc, then I want to hear all about it.

Feed the faggot parties

Getting back to my phone sex faggot… I’ve had lots of parties for him over the years so I’d like to share with you a couple of different parties we both have enjoyed.  For one of our “feed the faggot” parties I dressed him up in a schoolgirl outfit then took him to the school gymnasium for the a sports assembly in the morning and introduced him as the sissy schoolgirl who would be sucking all the school boys’ dicks.  During this announcement I encouraged all the school boys to bring their Dad’s along for a blowjob for the evening game too. My schoolgirl faggot sucked so many dicks that I lost count!  He even licked all the school girls shit holes who wanted in on some fun too.  All while he masturbated his tiny little dick. It was so much fun and hilarious to see him this vulnerable too!

During another “feed the faggot” party and cum eating phone sex role play, we had a cookout where my neighbor and about a dozen of his male friends were over.  I spoke to each of our guests one by one and asked them if they’d like to “feed the faggot” after dinner and they all eagerly said yes and couldn’t wait.   My caller is my number one cum dumpster and dressed in his little schoolgirl when his feeding started.  The compliments came pouring in one by one as my little phone sex faggot drained each of their balls dry!  He’s such a good little faggot!

Blowjob bitch boy loves humiliation

My horny little faggot ultimate drained his own balls as I pulled on his little dick and told all of our guests we’d be having another “feed the faggot” party in a few days. Only this time I wanted them to bring as many dicks as they could.  Their brothers, Dad’s, and anyone else they could think of because I wanted to keep my blowjob bitch boy busy all weekend long!

When my blowjob bitch boy would come up for air he told me how much the humiliation was turning him on and asked if they could bring girls too because he was craving the taste of little shit holes too.  Of course I said “yes”, and encouraged him he jerked his little dick harder than ever as I told him how delicious the little shit holes were going to taste!

I’m always in the mood to throw a cum eating phone sex party for all of the faggots out there. Give me a call and I’ll be sure to have all of the big dicks you can take!  My goal is to make you spew hard during a cock sucking fantasy that will forever be etched in your mind

Pick up the phone and call me so the feed the faggot party can begin! Talk to you soon!

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147

Fantasy Phone Sex GILF Milks Your Cock

I’m guys I’m Sallie.  I’m a taboo phone sex playmate who will never say “no” to any role play fantasy you bring my way.  I may be an older, more mature woman, but with age comes wisdom and experience. There isn’t a role play fantasy that I haven’t enjoyed when it comes to masturbating with men over the phone.  For me, one of the best parts of my day and being a mature phone sex operator is hearing and listening to men stroke their cocks to cum for and with me.

One of the best parts of engaging in a fantasy phone sex role play with an operator at a service who specializes in taboo phone sex is that we hear every kind and or type of fantasy or fetish that is out there. We not only hear about them from our callers, but we also learn from our callers about their specific sexual desires and urges as well.  This allows us to enhance our skills and knowledge base about specific sexual thoughts, desires and fetishes from all you horny men out there. I want to thank the guys out there who have introduced new things my naughty mind and storybook of role play tales.

Sexy young neighborhood boy does chores

I’d like to share with you a recent GILF (grandma I’d like to fuck) phone sex role play I engaged in with a horny young man looking for a mature phone sex partner.  I am the older, mature woman down the street who has been using the young men in the neighborhood to mow my lawn, do outside house work and such for quite some time now.  Over the summer this particular young man and neighbor had offered to mow my lawn on more than one occasion and always seemed quite eager to come over and assist me.

Oh, I forgot to say that over the summer I took note on the large bulge in his shorts when I was serving him lemonade after he mowed the lawn.  I actually watched his package stiffen while we flirted. This was my “cue” that he liked older women. Or perhaps he just likes my big tits?  Not exactly sure, but I am certainly going to find out!

After he knocked on my door and asked if he could shovel my driveway for me, I knew today was the day!  I told him “yes” that I would be delighted if he would do that for me.  While he was out shoveling in the cold I changed into a sexy teddy and silk robe.  I then went into the kitchen and put some water on the stove to make some hot chocolate.

Big tits falling out of my robe

Watching this sexy young man use his muscles to shovel my driveway certainly made me hot!  When I saw that he was nearing the end of the snow shoveling I opened the door and told him to come inside to warm up and get some hot chocolate after he was finished. I opened the top of my robe when leaning out the door certain to expose some cleavage in hopes to stiffen his package once again.

I was standing at the counter with my robe loosely tied at the waist so my big tits were just about falling out when he came inside.  He stomped his boots and entered into the kitchen.  He asked if he should remove his boots and of course I said yes, because I had plans for us in the making.

When I glanced over at him while taking off his boots I saw him “adjust” himself in his pants. After swirling the whipped cream on the top of our hot chocolate mugs I carried them to the table and invited him to sit at the table with me.  By the time I made it to the table my robe had completely loosened and exposed one of my tits. I quickly tightened up my robe, but knew he got a peek and gave him a big smile.

Young hard cock is so delicious

It was time to begin my flirting and get what I wanted; hard young cock! I stuck my tongue out and began to slowly lick the whipped cream off the top of my hot chocolate. When I asked him about his hard-on he denied it, and even said older women would never turn him on. Can you believe he’d say that with a big bulge in his pants?

I was a big angry and offended so I stood up; letting my robe loosen a little more and told him to stand up.  I’m sure he thought I was going to ask him to leave, but instead I yanked his pants down and exposed his huge hard dick!  “You’re telling me older women don’t turn you on?” I asked in a snooty, sarcastic tone.  Next I forced him down to the chair and got on my knees in front of him; opening his legs and grabbing a hold of his big stiff dick.

I lowered my mouth to his tip and begin licking and sucking on his mushroom head making his rod stiffen like a rock.  At this point he had never had a mature woman suck him and give him a blowjob like this before!  I told him how delicious he was and tugged on his dick even more.  He leaned back in the chair and let out some loud moans as I licked, sucked and milked his dick with my hot, hungry mouth.

Neighborhood MILF or GILF love sexy young men

I wasn’t done proving this young man that a “mature, older woman” could never turn him on and make his dick hard, so I stood up, opened my robe and straddle his lap.  After taking hold of his stiff dick, I guided him into my wet horny pussy and began to ride him.  As I was riding him I told him how foolish it is to lie about having a raging hard-on for me.  His return argument was that I forced him to get hard, but he would never cum for an old woman.

His statement angered me and I began to ride him harder and faster as my big tits jiggle in his face.  I took his hands and pushed them up to my tits, forcing him squeeze them as I brought my nipples to his mouth. As my moans got louder so did his and it was only moments later before my hot pussy clamped down on his stiff dick and I began to orgasm.

Just as I began to orgasm on his dick, he too shot his load inside of me.  As soon as my pussy finished milking his stiff dick I chuckled and said, “Thought you’d never cum for an old woman”.  I climbed off is lap with juices running down my legs and told him I’m the neighborhood MILF, GILF or whatever he wanted to call me because I’m always ready for a good fuck from sexy young man like him!

Masturbate with an older woman

Don’t be embarrassed for wanting to fuck an older woman, mommy or even a granny like me.  Older women have experience and go for what we want; with no games or strings attached.  We just like to milk sexy young dick as much as anyone else.  If you’re looking for a mature phone sex operator who knows how to give a good phone sex blowjob and prep your delicious cock for a good fuck then I’m the woman for you.

I really enjoy erotic conversations that lead to us down the path to adult fantasy role play games.  The story above is just one example of a fantasy role play I participated in and it was so much fun!  I absolutely love being the older, mature and experienced woman who makes your body do things you didn’t realize were possible and make you blow a huge load for me!

If you don’t think an experienced older woman, or phone sex GILF or granny like me can make you cum, then pick up the phone and tell me you’re up for the challenge!  I’m open to any and all types of  taboo phone sex role plays, so pick a fantasy you’ve been masturbating to and call me today!

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147


Erotic Blackmail For Man Pussy Penetration Fantasy

Hi guys, I’m Sallie.  I’m a perverted phone sex granny who is all ready to bring all your kinky fantasies to life and then some!  I enjoy all types of adult fantasy exploration over the phone and always have fun with my callers.  Sometimes the fantasy phone sex sessions I engage in are on the sensual and erotic spectrum. While other times they can be darker on the more extreme spectrum.  I am open to both ends of the spectrum and everything in between too.

Reading is a personal interest of mine and I have my nose stuck in a book whenever I get the chance.  Mysteries and crime stories are my favorites because I pretend and fantasize about interjecting myself into the story line.  Sometimes my thoughts revolve around me playing the detective role while other times playing the victim role.  I must admit that this hobby of reading has fueled my imagination over the years.  In fact, it has assisted me with creating erotically perverted phone sex fantasy role play sessions with my callers.   My favorite stories run the gambit from romantic to criminally extreme.

Another interest of mine when it comes to personal entertainment is porn.  I enjoy all genres, but lately I’ve been honed in on watching gang bang parties, orgies and big strap on sex videos.  Many of my callers tell me that watching porn videos fuels their imagination and helps them with achieving awesome orgasms while masturbating, but of course their best orgasms are with me when we verbally interact with a perverted phone sex partner like me.

Boss will pay for embarrassing me

I have a caller who is definitely like-minded when it comes to his taste in extremely perverted fantasies. This time he wanted to pretend to be my boss who “tried” to call me out for making a mistake in the weekly payroll. Of course my accounts were in perfect order but he embarrassed me in front of the office staff; this did not sit well with me.  He did apologize, but that doesn’t matter to me, he’s still going to have to pay for that embarrassment.

Our perverted phone sex fantasy started a week later at the end of the work day. He always stays late to lock up the office and make sure everything is put away properly at the end of the day. I slipped into the ladies room and waited until I thought he locked the office doors to “do his rounds” before I came out. He was surprised to see me and told me he was locking up. I told him I had something else in mind.

Perverted panty wearing blackmail fantasy

There was no way I’d let him get away with just an apology after the things he said in front of my co-workers about my not being able to do my job and I told him so. I also told him I knew his secret and wearing lace panties. I knew that information would come in handy some day and I would be able to blackmail him just the way I wanted!

With a strong firm voice I told him the way he spoke to me in front of my co-workers was unacceptable and I pushed him up against the wall. I grabbed his pants, undid his belt and zipper and pulled his pants down to reveal a silky red pair of panties he had on. I stepped back snapped a picture and told him he was going to have to pay for embarrassing me or that picture was going to get around. This type of blackmail phone sex was so much fun!

The fear in his trembling voice demonstrated how scared he was of me blackmailing him like this. Oh, I do like the way he begged me not to let anyone see that picture! Next I pulled out the strap on dildo I had hidden in the bottom drawer earlier in the week. He was practically drooling when he first saw it, and then there was a touch of fear in his eyes when he saw the size of it. That put a huge smile on my face. I bent him over my desk, told him to spread his sissy ass open, dropped a bit of oil on my dildo and fucked him deep and hard.

Man pussy penetration and humiliation for sissy fantasies

When I first penetrated his man pussy, he was almost in tears and was begging me to stop. But of course that just makes me thrust my dick in harder until he shit all over my dick when he came for the first time.  I was having so much fun, that this was not the end for him.  I loved having control over him and his orgasms.  This type of humiliation phone sex really makes me hot so I wanted to keep going and my caller didn’t stop me.

After my caller gained a bit of composure and relaxed he started enjoying his man pussy penetration with my big strap-on dick and blew a bigger and better load than he ever has before!  He said between the kinky blackmail and verbal humiliation I was dishing out, along with his man pussy penetration this was exactly what he was in need of.

But before we ended our call I told him I couldn’t let him get away with enjoying that ass fucking as much as he did, so I was going to put his sissy ass panty picture on every screen saver in the room in hopes the humiliation would drive him wild and make for a super hot perverted phone sex session the next time he’s in the mood.

Perverted phone sex operator to drain your balls dry

I told you I was a perverted phone sex woman, did you believe me?  I may be an older woman and granny but that only means that my age brings experience.  Bringing my experience from age to the table along with being a perverted phone sex operator for several years is a good thing.  And don’t forget that being an avid reader of mysteries and crime stories only fuels my imagination to make taboo fantasy session with me so much fun!

I mean seriously, what better combination is there? I’m a well rounded, no holds bar kind of woman who will make any and all your perverted fantasies come to life over the phone.  Whether you’re a sissy who is need of some verbal humiliation, blackmail, or even having your man pussy penetrated, I’m the experienced erotic woman for you!

Are you ready to play the role of my “boss” whom I turn the tables on too?  If so, pick up the phone and let’s have some erotically perverted phone sex fun today!  If this particular fantasy scenario isn’t up your alley, that’s okay too.  All you have to do is give me a call and tell me what has you all hot, horny and ready to stroke and together we’ll take a trip down fantasy road and drain your balls dry!  Can’t wait to hear from you…

Sallie – 1-888-792-3147

Age Play Phone Sex: Teenage Grandson Learns Sex Fantasy

Hi everyone, Sallie here.  Is it still spring?  Well, I’m ready for summer and all the hot granny phone sex stories and role plays to start rolling in! Summer break fantasies are always the best. If you are looking for an older woman with experience, then look no further.  I’m hot, wet and ready to play naughty incest games with you! When you call me we can go wherever your naughty imagination takes us for a taboo phone sex role play without any restrictions.  I’m a no limits woman who loves taboo talk with all my horny callers, especially the ones who like to play without boundaries.

When it comes to fulfilling taboo phone sex fantasies over the phone, there is nothing that is ever too much, too taboo, too extreme or whatever else you can think of.  I’m a very open minded woman whose goal is to make my callers cum and cum hard.  A lot of my callers who dial me like to turn the clock back and engage in taboo age play phone sex fantasies.  The types of fantasy role play sessions where they go back to their teenage years.  Often times my callers like to go way back to even pre pubescent age.  The age where boys start getting erections and I have to admit, it’s just so much fun!  Here’s a peek at one of my latest calls…

Teenage grandson role play with a sexy granny

This particular caller enjoys playing the role of my young and innocent grandson.  And for this age play phone sex call he wanted to be the young teenage boy who was curious about sex.  Lately he had been hearing things from his friends in school and was wondering what was real and what his friends were hoping he was gullible enough to believe.

I have always been and open mom and grandma with my kids and grandkids. I’ve always told them we could talk about whatever they want to; without any repercussions about the topic of conversation either. Now that it’s summer break my grandson is staying with me at the beach for a few weeks and this when he finally got up the courage to ask me about sex.

My grandson and I were sitting outside along the shoreline at the beach and it was late morning when he began to ask me sexually natured questions.  “What’s a blow job Grandma”, he asked.  His inquisitive little mind didn’t stop there.  The next question he asked was what 69 meant. He had a look of confusion on his face as well as a perplexed look when I began to explain what a blow job is. I knew exactly what I had to do to help my grandson understand, so I told him that we should go inside and talk more while I prepared lunch for us.

I have to admit playing the phone sex granny for these types of taboo phone sex fantasies involving age play with innocent little boys looking to learns about sex for the first time always make my pussy purr!  And this fantasy was headed in that direction too!

Incestuous sex playtime with teenage grandson

My grandson started talking nonstop about the things his friends told him at school while I stood at the counter and made us sandwiches.  Some of the things his friends told him were ridiculous and clearly evident that they knew nothing about sex.   I giggled and told him to laugh those silly things off because they simply weren’t true.  Things like s squeezing girls tits will make her cum in a matter of seconds.  The funniest one was that if you put your tongue in a girl’s mouth you can tell if she’ll have a baby when you fuck her.  Oh boy!  Kids; right!

After we finished our sandwiches I explained to my teenage grandson that the best way to learn something is to just do it.  In fact, sex is just like anything else in life.  The more you do it the better you get at it.  I told him that I would be more than happy to show him how to kiss a girl, what a blow job is and even what 69 is if he really wanted.  When my grandson replied with excitement in his voice I knew I was about to not only blow his virgin teenage cock, but blow his mind too!

I led my grandson to my bedroom and began to remove my swimsuit and told him to do the same.  My pussy moistened when I saw his big, rock hard teenage cock spring out of his swim trunks!  Before we began this incestuous sex playtime I had to explain in depth to my grandson that his is our special secret and that no one; absolutely no one could ever know what were about to do.

Granny phone sex for teenage grandson fantasies

This incest fantasy role play got hot and steamy really fast!  After I allowed my warm tongue enter his mouth and showed him how to kiss a girl I made my way down to his rock hard teenage cock and gave him his first blow job too!  Of course being a young man and all, I was able to make him cum more than once so this wonderful incest sex penetrated more holes as our playtime continued.

The beauty of taboo phone sex fantasy fun is that we can let our minds travel down any road no matter how wrong it is, as long as it feels good!  This is exactly what we did for this granny grandson fantasy! After we were both left spent we talked about a continuation of this fantasy for our next playtime too!

We talked about my grandson’s summer stay with me and he’s going to sleep in my room with me so I can teach him all about anal sex next!  If you enjoy incest phone sex fantasies and really get off on the taboo nature of playing the role of a young teenage boy, then let’s do it!  Call me for all your age play phone sex desires and play any take a step back in time with me…

Remember that I have absolutely no limits so no matter what your fantasy is; we can do it together.  I’ll use my sexual experience to teach you anything and everything there is to know about sex and achieving orgasms the way they should be!  Pick up the phone and call this taboo incest phone sex granny today!

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Kinky Phone Sex Fantasy: Cheating Wife Horny For Hot Paramedic

Hello everyone, I’m Sallie, the mature, older woman who is here for all of your taboo phone sex fantasy needs.   If you like it kinky, then we’re a match.  If you have kinky fetishes, then we are even more of a match!  I like anything and everything that involves fetish kink and makes your dick hard!

I understand that everyone’s kink meter is different, so I always like to find out where you fall in the kink spectrum during our fantasy sessions together. Some people think fetishes are kinky, while others do not.  I am an opened minded, non judgmental woman so whether its porn, pictures or simply a role play fantasy that you would like to explore, I am ready for you!

Cheating wife has kinky fetish for sexy paramedics

Recently, I had a caller with a very hot medical fetish fantasy for us to role play for his session. He played the role of a paramedic in his mid 20’s.  The ambulance service he works with has to report to any and all medical distress calls when an alarm goes off. I of course played the older woman in her 60’s who loves a man in uniform and is also a cheating wife.  I called into the hotline and stated that I was under medical distress and would like someone to come over and check me out.

When he showed up and knocked on my door I quickly opened it wearing a pair of black panties and a white silky robe. I did not have my robe tied tightly at the waist; therefore my breasts were almost completely exposed. He began to stutter and apologize as he thought there had been a mistake.  When he turned to leave I explained to him that there was no mistake, that I really was in distress and needed his help. After a bit of convincing the young man entered my house.

I shut the door behind him and got a good look at this sexy paramedic in uniform from behind.  Instantly my thoughts told me he was much better in person than in my fantasy thoughts before he arrived. I led him to the living room; the place he could check my vitals and I could get comfortable.

Paramedic helps horny older woman with her “condition”

Once seated on the sofa I let him check my pulse and take my blood pressure.  He said that both were slightly elevated but that’s when I chimed in and told him there was an easy explanation for the high numbers. I told him I had been masturbating just before he showed up and the distress I was feeling was utter frustration over not being able to orgasm. He seemed a bit shocked to hear me say that, but also looked very intrigued and definitely interested. He leaned in and told me that one of the best parts of his job were meeting mature women like me.  With a wink and smile he gave my hand a squeeze.

He stood up, put the blood pressure cuff away and told me he could definitely help with my condition.  This is when he requested I lie back on the sofa.  He opened my robe and gently pushed my legs wide open.  The crotch of my panties were soaking wet and he said he loved the musty aroma as he sniffed them.  “Do you mind”, he asked as he began to inch my panties down and off one leg.

I was in heaven!  This is exactly what my fantasy was like that I was masturbating to earlier, only this sexy paramedic’s hot tongue on my pussy was way better than my fingers. He licked and worked magic on my pussy until I was right on the verge of cumming.  I knew he definitely knew what he was doing when he backed off of my pussy and gave my big tits all of his attention. He licked and sucked my nipples and finally worked his fingers back to my hot, wet pussy.

Horny cheating wife caught by husband yet again

I could tell this sexy paramedic was enjoying himself as much as he was pleasing me with his talents.   He had one hand feverishly fucking my pussy while he used the other to strip out of his uniform.  In fact, he had his big hard dick in my pussy faster than anyone has every stripped and started fucking me ever in my life!

Just as he started thrusting his hard dick faster inside me, the phone rang. The telephone was on the table next to the sofa and I told the paramedic I had to answer it.  He stopped thrusting for a minute and left his hard shaft buried deep inside me. I answered the phone knowing it was going to be my hubby.  As always I tried to sound like I was just out of breath from exercising but he figured out someone was with me; again.

Once the paramedic realized it was my husband on the phone it turned up his lust meter and he started fucking me harder and deeper without any reservations.  The pleasure was so intense that I accidentally (on purpose) dropped the phone without turning it off so my hubby could hear his wife getting pleasured by another man.  My moans got louder the harder he drilled my pussy with his big, hard dick.  I begged my young lover to make me cum and within minutes my pussy clamped down on his dick and we both came so hard!

Before catching my breath, the sexy paramedic pulled his wet dick out, leaned over, picked up the phone and told my husband, “That’s how to really please your wife” and hung up on him.

Taboo fetish role plays for every kinky desire

This paramedic fetish fantasy is just one example of the taboo phone sex calls I do with my horny clients over the phone.  Sometimes I feel like these kinky callers know exactly what’s on my mind because when they bring me taboo role plays like this, I’m not sure who is more excited; me or him?  Ha ha ha!  All I know is that by the end of our time, we’re both spent and can’t wait for next time.

If you are a younger man and have a kinky fetish for older women, I’m the perfect taboo phone sex playmate for you!  I will gladly engage in any kinky fantasy role play with you.  If your sexual kink involves a fetish, I want to hear all about that too.  In fact, after the paramedic checked my vitals again to make sure my blood pressure returned to normal, I told him I had something special to do to “thank him”.

I slipped into my room and came back wearing my harness and huge strap on cock.  We turned up the kinky side of this taboo fetish phone sex fantasy and ended it with a hard ass fucking for his pleasure!  I fucked him on his back so I could watch him jerk off while I slid my strap on deep into his ass. He likes nothing more than playing with kinky, mature older woman like me!

Where do your sexual fantasies fall on the kink spectrum?  Do your sexual kinks involve fetishes too?  As you can see, I do it all; from kinky cheating wife fantasies to kinky strap on play.  If you’re horny and looking for an older woman who has a naughty imagination and loves to cum, pick up the phone and let’s play!

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