Perverted Mommy Has Son Suck Boyfriend’s Cock

When it comes to incest mommy phone sex fun, the sky is the limit.  I am a mature and experienced phone sex mommy who can take you from mild to wild, vanilla to extreme and anywhere in between.  All you have to do is dial my line and tell me what makes you really hot and horny and I will gladly take it from there.  Lie back as you stroke and enjoy the sound of my intoxicating voice as we engage in some of the most forbidden incest and family fun fantasy play around.

Mommy son phone sex fantasies are definitely some of my favorite role plays but there are many more ways that we can explore your incest fantasy, faggot desires or even cock sucking fetish.

One of my incest fantasy callers recently asked to join his phone sex mommy and her boyfriend in bed.  He loves to snuggle up against mommy, feeling me curl up behind him as I stroke him slowly.  When he gets fully erect he begins to desire more and that is when he leans over and accepts my boyfriend’s cock into his mouth.  Of course the fun doesn’t stop there.  Mommy always gets to ride his hard cock until the cum is shooting all over, into my pussy and into my son’s mouth.  It is always a lot of fun playing with this caller.

Incest fantasies explored via conversation and role play

Another incest caller of mine who likes to play the role of my son.  The scenario he enjoys role playing is when I catch him playing in my panty drawer.  He knows that whenever he gets caught sniffing, licking or jerking off into my panties there are going to be harsh consequences.  Sometimes his punishment includes a bare hand, over the knee spanking or, if mommy is feeling somewhat generous, I might even force him to continue his jerk-off session with me watching.  Once or twice I have forced him to fuck me with that young hard cock; just to provide him with a more memorable lesson.

I am a no limits, incest fantasy mommy which means that even the most perverted fantasies can be played out between us.   Anything goes here.  Erotic phone sex fantasy play is a great way to “get it out of your system” in a safe and legal way through a one-on-one consenting adult conversation and or role play session.

Call me and tell me what’s on your mind.  I want to hear all about the naughty thoughts that have been racing through your mind making your cock stiff today!

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