Perverted Roleplay: Mom Gives Teenage Son Special Present

Hi guys, I’m Sallie and if you’re looking for an older, very perverted phone sex woman for your fantasies, I’m here and ready for you. I know it sounds pretty vague to say that I’m into everything when it comes to fantasy role play but it’s the truth. It’s exciting to me that every call is different and not knowing what we’re going to do, only adds to the excitement. When I hear my phone ring it puts me right in the mood and I can’t wait to get a kinky call started with you!

There is nothing better than an adventurous incest fantasy with a little age play mixed in. What I mean by that is role playing a deliciously deviant pedophile fantasy Mom to very young teenage son.  I am open to any age you desire playing; from a very young boy, an underage teen, or even older teenager.  Here’s an example of a session that I recently had that was super fun and I can’t wait to do it again.  Give me a call and let’s role play this scene, or if you prefer to change it up a bit we can do that too. You set the scene and the fantasy games can begin!

Special celebration for excellent report card

You, my son arrives home from school super excited to show me your report card because once again, you got straight “A’s”.  Of course I already know because your teacher called me earlier in the day to let me know.  She knows I like to have a special celebration when you bring home an excellent report from school. So I spent the afternoon getting ready…

When you come barreling in the door with your paper in hand, I give you a kiss and tell you to take a quick shower to get cleaned up and change. While you are in the shower I shimmy out of my dress and make my way to your bedroom.  I have on a new bra and panties for the special occasion with a big ribbon tied to my bra strap.

When my son got out of the shower he saw his present; me, his Mommy ready and waiting for him. After he finished towel drying himself he smiled and walked his naked body over to me as his cock began to harden. He slowly began to unwrap his present by pulling the ribbon off and started playing with my big tits.

Driving your teenage cock in deep

This was just the sexy, sensual start to our very perverted phone sex session too! Once my nipples were hard and my pussy started to get wet, I lean back on the bed and tell you that you can have a taste if you want.   After you gently spread my legs and climb up on the bed between them, you start licking my pussy.  Mmmm, I have to admit that you have become very skilled at it over the many years of practice with as many straight “A” report cards you have brought home!

In fact, it only takes minutes of your warm tongue lapping and darting against my pink folds before I can’t wait any longer.  I want your teenage cock inside me and I want it now!  You climb up on your knees and guide your teenage cock into my wet slit. You fuck me slowly at first, watching my big tits wiggle and jiggle beneath your chest.  Then you grab hold of them and begin kneading and squeezing them as you drive your teenage cock in deeper, faster and harder.

I will let you drill, pump and fuck my pussy until you are ready to cum, but as always, I make you pull out before you cum. We’ve made it a fun game for me to beg you to cum all over my titties while you jack yourself off using my pussy juice as lube. One of the best things about you being so young is that I know you can go and cum for multiple rounds.  Thus, pleasing me multiple times too!

Penetrating pretty pink holes

After you finish draining your balls for the first time all over my tits I give you a big smile and tell you that today is the day. The day you’ve been begging for, for a very long time.  I tell you how proud I am of you for continuing to get the excellent grades you have been getting and that today is the day I’m going to let you penetrate and fuck my pretty pink asshole!

There’s nothing hotter than a perverted mommy son phone sex where I let my teenage son penetrate both my ass and my pussy, one after the other. So I get up on all fours in doggie style position so he can spread my cheeks and see both holes before he begins. I tell you to rub your cock up and down my slit to get some of my juices on your cock before you poke your head inside my ass.  You do as instructed and start poking and prodding my holes before you drive yourself in balls deep.  It only took two swaps from ass to pussy and pussy to ass before you can wait any longer and you spray your load inside my pink hole.

The timing worked out well with this report card because I wasn’t able to get pregnant this fuck session.  However, with your birthday approaching and the knowledge of your “wish”; to get Mommy pregnant, we’ll have to see what happens! Oh how I enjoy having mommy phone sex and feeling my teenage son fuck me!

Perverted incest fantasy fun

If you are horny and love incest fantasies as much as I do then I’m sure we’ll have a great time together.  As you can see I am a perverted woman who likes to have mommy son phone sex fun no matter what it entails.  The taboo nature of it all always turns me on!  So whether you want engage in an incest fantasy as two grown adults or you would like to role play as a much younger version of yourself I’m game!  I especially enjoy the naughtiness of age play as noted in this session as I find teenage boy fantasies to be so much fun!

Some would call this a taboo pedophile fantasy, while other may think of it as just plain taboo due to the mommy son aspect of it and not even think about the ages. There is no need to dissect it though, let’s just call it good old fashioned adult fantasy role playing that makes us cum!

Call me soon and I’ll be sure to make your perverted incest phone sex fantasy come alive in your mind and make your balls explode!

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