Perverted School Principal For Deviant Fantasy Role Play

Hello there, I’m Rhonda an extremely perverted phone sex operator who’s ready to play! For me, the more deviant your fantasy, the nastier I’ll play. Lately my pussy gets all moist and tingly when I fantasize about me being a salacious whore servicing my prepubescent sons’ penis or the lewd MILF who lives next door that preys on young boy dick.

Have I piqued your interest? If so, I think you should let your inner little boy come out to play with me today. Let your mind drift back to when you were a young boy and your cock throbbed for your mother’s attention. We can masturbate together while you tell me you’re most lascivious desires before we get down and dirty and have some twisted and perverted phone sex fun.

Let me tell you about my latest call to get your juices flowing. This phone sex caller had my pussy gushing from the start and craving sweet underage boy penis as he told me all about his perverted phone sex fantasy. He wanted me to be the principal of the middle school he just started to attend after being home schooled since first grade.

Our deviant fantasy role play started when I asked him to come to my office after lunch that day. When he arrived I told him that his teachers asked that I have a talk with him about something that they brought to my attention. I pointed to the chair facing my desk then said, “Have a seat.” I then closed my door and locked it. I was a little nervous so I paced about the room while I asked if he liked school better than being home schooled. His answer was an enthusiastic yes. I probed a little deeper and asked him why. I knew what his answer was but my heated wetness needed to hear it come from his underage mouth and he didn’t disappoint.

He said, “I love looking at all my pretty teachers, their tits look just like my mommy’s.” I kneeled down to his level then looked at him eye to eye, smiled and said, “I thought so, I can tell by your little hard on, by the bulge in your pants, honey.” I explained that it’s not acceptable to walk around with an erection all day because all the other boys and girls would start talking about him and call him names.

I then assured him that everything would be all right because I knew how to get rid of his hard on for him. But I might have to do it over and over again until it finally goes away, and of course it would have to be our special secret. He agreed and wanted my help.

I didn’t waste a minute. I helped him out of his pants then lead him to the couch. I placed my warm hand around the shaft of his little hairless penis then squeezed and jerked his virgin fuck pole.   As I jerked I explained that little boys his age needed this extra attention. I told him that it’s natural to play with his penis like this and that something really special was going to happen if just took a deep breath and relax. After a few more strokes I told him to let it out and shoot cummies for me. And with one more stroke he shot his load all over my hand.

Being that he’s so young; his penis was still hard as a rock after the first load so I told him we had to make it shoot again. This time I unbuttoned my blouse and exposed my tits. I then hiked my skirt up and exposed my pussy to him. I told him to pretend that I was him mommy and squeeze my titties as I reclined back on the couch. I spread my legs and told him to stick his hand inside my pussy and fist fuck me while I played with his little boy prick.

As he was fist fucking me I wanted to suck him off so I put all of him in my mouth, his balls and prick and sucked him off until he shot another load down my throat. I was so turned on from sucking his prick I felt like I was back in time when my son was this boy’s age; it was as if I was reliving our incestuous relationship.

I went crazy with this boy.  I even told his teacher she was to send him to my office mid-morning everyday for “detention”. When he arrived I drew the shade the locked the door. I groomed him into my personal little fuck toy just as I did years ago with my son. I fondled and groped his smooth underage body as I undressed him then made him watch as I undressed during our fantasy role play.

His young penis grew erect as he watched me squeeze my breasts then pinch my nipples until they were swollen hard. I cradled him in my arms while I placed my nipple in his mouth. I told him to squeeze, suckle and bite mommy’s tit. Before long my cunt dripped from arousal and lusted for more. That’s when I shoved him between my legs and made him eat my cunt.

My perverted phone sex boy did exactly as told during our fantasy role play. He sucked and bit my clit and fingered my fuck hole so good. He asked if he was a good boy for mommy, my answer was, “yes dear”. He then went for my ass using his warm wet tongue to rim my hole. I was so close to climaxing so I told my student to climb on top of me and stick his prick into my cunt and start humping. As soon as I felt his young boy dick quiver and squirt inside me my pussy clamped down on his prick and squirted and throbbed into the hottest climax I’ve ever felt before.

If you haven’t figure it out by now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Sucking little boy cock is my favorite perverted phone sex fantasy! What’s yours? Why don’t you give pick up the phone and tell me!  We can start with a sexy, but deviant phone chat then end with hard core phone sex fuck!

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  1. Eric on at

    Hello Rhonda,
    I have always had a fantasy about a 1st grade teacher (you) punishing two black students from your class. When all of a sudden a man walks in to the class room. You inform him that your busy with your students and ask him to wait outside. The interns asked if your are going to discipline the little black girls. You respond by saying that you will be with me in a moment, and yes you’re about to give swats to both black girls for fighting. I smile and ask if you spank them with their panties on or off. You say that that’s inappropriate, and again asked me to wait outside. I then pull out a 357 handgun and show it to you, smile and ask if you spank them with their panties on or off. You respond nervously. With them on. I say not today. Today your going to teach those little nigger girls a good lesson. One of the girls says that nigger is a bad word. I tell you to slap her face and tell them to go in the corner and stand. I then order you to come to me and remove my big hard white cock out of my pants. I inform yo that if you want to walk out of here that you will do as I say and make these little niggers no there place. As you stick my cock up and down you say say sir. I ask their age… I tell you to have both of them come over and lick my cock after you slap there faces real hard. Crying they come over, (AND MY FANTASY FUN BEGINS) How do I know when your working??

  2. Rhonda on at

    Hi Eric

    After reading your sick, deviant and perverted fantasy that’s on your mind, it really got my juices flowing! The nastier you wanna play makes me lose all my inhibitions and turn into that salacious whore of a 1st grade teacher you’ve been searching for. Nothing better than using two little preteen nigger girls… any way your big white hard cock wants. Yes, that’s when the fantasy fun begins… and then some… Call me, I’ll be waiting!

    Rhonda – xoxo

    My link can be found here > My page shows if I’m taking calls or not. If I’m “taking calls” and my line rings busy, I’m on another call either drop me an email ([email protected]) to let me know you’re ready for a fantasy session, or try again in approximately 15 minutes. My direct number is: 1-877-953-7369

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