Perverted Fantasy Mommy for Family Sex Fun

Hello to all you horny boys, who love erotic, perverted incest phone sex!  I’m Rhonda, and I’m ready to fuck and suck my sweet little baby boy during an extremely kinky role play call with you!  Mommy can’t wait to make her little boy cum as you fuck me just the way I like it. Your tiny, little boy dick gets so hard just thinking about fucking me, doesn’t it? I love teasing you with my hot, hungry mouth wrapped around your tiny dick as I give you your very first blowjob. Wrapping your pink head with my wet lips and sucking on your little boy cock just like I do to your daddy makes my pussy drip with excitement!

I love being a taboo Mommy for a perverted phone sex fantasy where we can let our imaginations run wild.  Being extremely nasty during perverted phone sex fantasy sessions can be so much fun.  If you are looking for a sensual phone sex mommy who comforts you and holds you close while your little boy mouth is wrapped around mommy’s nipples; sucking all the milk from my lactating breasts then I’m the one for you.

Family fun fantasies are the best fun

That’s a good boy… drink all mommy’s milk while I fondle your tiny dick.  Mommy loves to squeeze and tickle your little penis making it nice and hard.  Sucking you until you unload your little balls is best part because I get to give you a nasty snowball so you can taste your own sweet baby boy milk that I love so much. Family fun with mommy’s little boy and little girl is so much fun. Are you ready to teach your sister how to play with your cock and suck your cum out of mommy’s pussy?  She can be a cum eating phone sex slut too.  I think your sister’s little preteen mouth is ready for some nasty and taboo incest sex with her brother and mommy, don’t you?

If you are seeking extra perversion then we can even turn your baby sister into a pretty little golden showers queen, an extreme fuck slut and submissive fuck toy! We can pee all over her and use her as our incest toilet slave just like mommy did to her little boy when I was training you. We can all have family masturbation night for our quality time together. There are no limits with me and anything goes no matter how extreme, bizarre, or perverted your thoughts may be.  If you can think it, then we can role play and fantasize about it!

Playfully perverted Mom gives explosive orgasms

I can’t wait to take your perverted incest phone sex fantasies to a whole new level.  I’ll use my creative imagination along with my sensual, erotic voice all the while incorporating my playfully perverted mind.  My number one goal is to give you the most intense orgasm you’ve ever experienced.  Our super kinky and deliciously perverted incest family fuck fest will be one you never thought would feel so good!  In fact, be prepared because you will be filled with lust as we mentally pump our groins together fucking like animals until we reach an explosive orgasm. I will leave you physically drained and sexually sedated like never before.

Naturally it will take you some time to recuperate after our session, but you will be definitely be craving more and I can’t wait to hear all the naughty, super kinky incest games you conjure up in your perverted mind after you fully understand the kind of fun we can have together via telephone.  Mommy son phone sex with a splash of brother sister fun at it’s finest! Can’t wait to hear from you so don’t delay; call me, your phone sex mommy today!  I’ll be waiting baby boy…

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Teaching Spoiled Rotten Bitches a Lesson Fantasy Role Play

Hi guys, I’m Rhonda and for those of you who I have not had the pleasure of speaking with yet, let me just tell you that I’m one of the kinkiest phone sex gals found on the internet today. What I mean by that is that I crave extreme phone sex role play games with horny, like-minded men probably more than the average taboo phone sex operator (or so I think I do).

I developed my wild uninhibited no limits imagination early in life when I became my neighbor’s personal little plaything in my young, little-girl years. The older I grew, the more perverted I became.  So now plain, vanilla, missionary position sex just doesn’t do it for me anymore.

I like my taboo phone sex more on the darker side.  In fact, the more twisted your fantasy the hotter and nastier I’ll play. Just how extreme are your sexual desires and cravings?  How far do you like to take your fantasies when you call an extreme phone sex operator before you blow? I’m ready to take you there; edging you again and again and then beyond for the most intense mind numbing orgasm you’ve ever experienced. Role playing the accomplice partner in crime always moisten my pussy!

One of my favorite regular callers never ceases to amaze me when he calls.  Once we put our deliciously deviant, creative imaginations together we end up having the hottest extreme phone sex fantasy sessions ever!  I do have to say that one of our recent calls was so hot that I can’t stop thinking about it. When he brings in gorgeous sweet teen bitches into the mix things for our fantasy sessions together, our sexual desires only escalate tenfold, all the while making our call one of nastiest fantasy phone fucks ever!

Payback sure is a bitch

For his particular deviant phone sex fantasy role play we’re both teachers as well as guidance counselors in a prestigious private high school.  One of our tasks was to handle a huge problem that plagued our school which was bullying. The biggest offender was the captain of the cheer-leading squad. She and a few of the others in the squad started a campaign to humiliate and embarrass the newest girl in the bunch. This was started by during the opening cheer at the homecoming game. They poured an ice bucket over her head then ripped off her tank top and short pleated skirt, leaving her exposed;  wearing a lacy push up bra and matching lacy hi-cut bikini panties.  Everyone laughed and jeered at her leaving the poor girl broken, embarrassed and crying.

All my caller and I could think about was that “payback sure is a bitch”, so we cooked up a plan to switch the tables and teach this privileged, spoiled rotten bitch a lesson.  She showed up at his house for our “impromptu” meeting wearing her tiny cheer uniform along with a heavy dose of attitude. His front door was opened a crack when nobody was there to greet her, she walked into the house. Once inside my caller surprised her by grabbing her wrists from behind and quickly tied her them behind her back. She fought, kicked and spat, but finally calmed a bit after he hauled off and slapped her across her pretty face and punching her in the gut. By then he was in a rage, punching her in the face until she was unrecognizable with two black eyes and a bloodied face.

Twisted rapist takes what he wants

While my sick and twisted accomplice phone sex partner knocked the attitude out of the spoiled, sliver spooned captain of the cheer-leading squad, I was busy with the rest of the bullying delinquents. I gathered them into a room and served them a spiked drink; a little something to turn them into horny submissive sluts. They all were naked and waiting.

After he finished with beating her, my twisted phone sex caller leaned onto the couch to catch his breath and to access his damage. My cunt moistened when I noticed his eyes turning into a sadistic trance as they darted across the room where the underage teenage bitch lay sprawled on the bed. He pulled his cock out of his pants then slowly pulled on his shaft from his balls to his mushroomed cock head. While he cock stroked his man meat I stripped the girl naked then posed her with her thighs spread open. I then gathered the rest of the offenders into the room before I set up the video camera and hit the play button to record the scene.

It was now time to take this extreme phone sex fantasy even further. My caller was the director as well as the perverted rapist. He told all the drugged out, submissive teenage cunts to suck his dick. It was a sight to see I masturbated myself as I watched the greedy little pigs suck, slurp and gag on his cock. He cracked his leather bull whip leaving bloody welts across their perky tits and puffy pussies until he was completely satisfied. He then forced them to eat each other’s cunts and use a strap-on cock. They took turns one by one getting their ass cherry popped with a huge dry strap on cock.

Squeezing out her last breath

He then turned his attention to the bloodied, half dead cheerleader bitch. He pulled her to her hands and knees then rammed his cock down her cunt mouth until she choked, gagged and puked all over his cock. After blowing a load down her throat he forced a couple of the submissive sluts to suck him hard again. As I licked the bloodied bitch’s cunt my caller fucked my ass. We then switched it up a bit; the bitch was forced to lick my pussy and finger-fuck me while my caller fucked her ass.

After edging a few times and now ready to blow his load I wrapped my hands around her neck and slowly squeezed. My cunt twitched and throbbed when her face turned beet red from my hands clamping around her neck. As my caller thrust his cock deeper and faster and faster I squeezed harder forcing the bitch to gasp for a breath of air. As soon as he heard her gasp her last breath he blew his load of spunk making me cum harder than ever before. Asphyxiation fantasy play at it’s finest!

Needless to say extreme accomplice phone sex fantasy role plays are my favorite types of calls. So if you’re looking for an extremely kinky and twisted phone sex operator that will take your perverted thoughts and heated desires to a whole other level; I’m the girl for you. I will push your limits over the edge until your cock explodes into a mind numbing orgasm.  I’ll have you laying there totally sedated the only thing that’s moving is your twitching cock oozing its last drop of cum. Call me soon!

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Adult Playground For Kinky Swingers Fantasy Fun

Hello boys.  Are you a kinky fetish freak who enjoys extreme phone sex fantasies? Well, you’ve met your match!  I’m Rhonda and one of the most twisted playmates on the internet. There is nothing hotter than finger banging my fuck hole while listening to a like minded pervert on the other end of the line pumping his man meat. Just the pure nastiness of two strangers shedding all their inhibitions in a no limits, erotic, self pleasuring masturbation session kicks my filthy salacious imagination into overdrive!  Underage accomplice phone sex, forced cum eating, cross dressing with feminization dress up, forced anal play and of course family fun incest along with pedophile play are just a few things that make my pussy cream. Now why don’t you pick up your phone and tell me what makes your cock the hardest and together we’ll experience the most blissful orgasm ever!

I felt my pussy moisten when I heard my favorite caller on the line. We both experience mind blowing orgasms during our kinky phone sex fantasy role plays and this one was no different. I knew exactly what turns my man on and I never disappoint.  Here’s what happened during our very deviant phone sex playtime…

Adult playground for kinky taboo sex play

My attire for the evening was a very sexy tight red leather pencil skirt with a slit up to my ass.  My black lace half cup push-up bra played peek-a-boo under my matching sleeveless button down red leather vest. I also wore the finest ultra shear black silk pantyhose with a pair of platform spiked hooker heels.  I knew that this outfit would surely give him an instant hard on as soon as he laid his eyes on me. That is exactly what happened when he picked me up for our date. I could see his hard on as he spun me around for a closer inspection.

My caller drove while I gave the directions to an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town. The warehouse was an adult playground for kinky swingers and perverts that prefer to indulge in the darker more twisted side of perversion. There were a multitude of separate rooms throughout the warehouse.  Each room was set up to cater to genres kink; from age play, BDSM, animal play and more.

With drinks in our hands we start exploring from room to room. The first room was full of men, women, young boys and young girls. They all were naked sucking and fucking. We watched an older man who looked to be around eighty sucking on an underage boy’s penis. Next to them was a girl who looked to be a preteen licking an old lady’s wrinkled hairy cunt.

Delicious toy box of perversions

The next room we went into was a dungeon equipped with various torture devices. There was a tall masculine man ball gagged and tied in a sling being penetrated by a hot looking dominatrix’s strap on dildo.  On the other side of the room a girl was tied and bound to a robotic fucking machine. My pussy dripped with arousal as I watched the dildo thrust in and out of her cunt.

I could hear my caller whacking his cock hard as I described our delicious toy box of perversions so I lead him into another room when I opened the door a huge German shepherd greeted us. He was all worked up and panting hard.  I quickly noticed his slimy red cock was hanging low as he nudged my crotch with his wet cold nose; I knew he could smell my wetness.

Still reeling from watching a girl get fucked with the electric fucking machine I went for it. I shimmied out of my skirt, pantyhose and panties and sat on the edge of the couch with my thighs wide open inviting the dog lick my cunt. My caller (my boyfriend) encouraged me to pull my knees to my chest so the dog could lick my ass too. He had his cock out stroking as he watched the dog’s long tongue dart in and out of my holes.  He was beating his meat so hard so I just knew he loved every second of this K-9 fetish phone sex fun with his kinky girlfriend.

Kinky K-9 fetish fun at its finest

Next my boyfriend grabbed the ottoman so I could get on all fours with my ass high in the air.  He then wrapped the dog’s front paws around my waist and guided his doggie dick to my slit. As the dog made contact I felt that doggie dick slam deep into my cunt. As the dog hammered my cunt my boyfriend forced his cock down my throat.  The doggie dick thrusting into my pussy as my caller gagged me with his cock felt amazing!  There is nothing like the feeling of being a whore; penetration from both ends is pure bliss!

It wasn’t long and I felt the dog blow his load as his claws dug into me.   His is cum began to overflow out of my hole and then some! When my caller saw the buckets of doggie cum dripping down my thighs he climaxed hard; pumping his cum down my throat. Hearing the excitement from my boyfriend realizing what a cum filled whore I am all covered in that white creamy goo made me I climax harder than I ever imagined!

Like I mentioned before, there is nothing better than a really nasty extreme phone sex fantasy taken to the edge and beyond. Call me and together we can let loose of all our inhibitions during a very kinky self pleasuring masturbation session and see where it goes. I promise to not disappoint.  In fact, I promise to take your very twisted phone sex perversions and make sure we finish with a cum gushing orgasm you won’t soon forget!

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Extreme Phone Sex Perversions For Snuff Fantasy Lovers

Are you in the mood for a very perverted extreme phone sex fantasy?  If so, let me introduce myself. I’m Rhonda and I would like to assure you that I won’t be disappoint when you dial my taboo phone sex line.  In fact, you will be totally intrigued with my salacious demeanor, but most importantly, memorized by wickedly twisted imagination!

Let me start out by telling you that I am not the sweet giggly type of playmate whose into the ho-hum “sucking and fucking” type of phone sex. I love to fill my kinky calls with titillating talk.  Extreme fantasy conversations that incorporate twisted perversions are the types of calls I’m talking about.  If you’re ready to have your filthy, hardcore fantasy turned into a ball draining reality, then pick up the phone and give me a call!  I’ll tell you to lie back, let your inhibitions drop to the way side and start stroking as I guide you to orgasmic ecstasy.

Just the other day, this particular deviant phone sex caller told me, only after chatting for a few moments, that he knew that I was the perfect playmate for his totally perverted phone sex fantasy role play. I assured him I’d go anywhere his deviant, demented mind wanted travel.  I’d even push his limits by going to the next level and even beyond if that’s what it takes.

Without hesitation I proved it to him by engaging in an accomplice phone sex role play that he’d been craving and was long overdue. He gave me the reigns as to how his fantasy played out; as there was sweet young flesh, brutal beatings and ultimately a torturous ending.  I told him to get comfortable and hold on to his cock because he was in for an extremely bumpy ride!

Snatching trailer park crack whore and girls

I started our extreme accomplice phone sex role play with us driving the streets in nasty, run down trailer park looking for a lonely prepubescent girl.  It didn’t take long to spot a blonde hair, blue eyed girl slowly riding her bicycle.  She wore in a ratty old shirt and short shorts that look like they’re two sizes too small. We pulled up beside the young girl and asked her where her Mommy was, and then ask her if she would take us to her.

To our surprise, after we open the trailer door we see an even younger little girl sitting on the couch next to her Mommy who was hitting a crack pipe.  The smell of it and all the filth permeated the room. It was an easy snatch. We zip-tied their wrists behind their backs and dragged them to our car.  We threw the youngest in the trunk and I sat between the Mom and the older girl in the back seat of my deviant partner in crime’s car as he (my caller) drove us home.

Once inside the closed garage he grabbed the Mom by her hair and led her to the top of the basement stairs while I did the same with her daughter’s. My caller and I brutally kicked them until they flew down into the basement.  This is when I took over the extreme torture for this fantasy session.

Brutal beating before asphyxiation

I tied the crack whore mom to a chair so she couldn’t move, and then positioned her underage daughter by the head of her hair right in front of her.  Next I balled my fists and used her face as a punching bag and didn’t stop until she was bloodied and swollen.  I quit beating her face so that her eyes wouldn’t swell completely shut so I then began beating her body with a thick leather belt making sure the buckles left their mark. All the while beating the little bitch I made sure her mother watched every brutal stroke.

While she could still sit up, I sat the now beaten girl on the edge of the bed so I could turn my attention to the crack whore mother.  After making sure my caller was watching I began using her face as a punching bag until she was oozing and seeping blood everywhere.  I then placed both hands around her neck and squeezed with all my strength. That’s when I noticed my caller stroking his throbbing hard cock and the more I squeezed the faster he stroked. Since asphyxiation is a huge turn on for me, I pretty much knew it’d turn my caller on too.

“Do it”, he called out.  “Snuff the whore out”, he grunted while he stroked. I squeezed harder, then glanced over at her daughter’s face and when I saw the fear in her eyes, it sent me over the edge and my hands locked down tighter around her neck until she fell limp.

Deviant accomplice orders him to skull fuck her

My extremely deviant caller was so worked up now and wanted even more.  He didn’t want this snuff phone sex fantasy to end with snuffing out the mom; he wanted the little ones too; one by one.  His extreme phone sex fantasy included sexually torturing virgin holes with a sick and demented accomplice partner like me; an extremely perverted woman who didn’t hold anything back.

After tying the preteen girls’ hair to the headboard I pinched and bit her little swollen nubs while my caller watch, stroked and salivated at the mouth.  Next I straddled her little chest and spread her butt cheeks open so my caller could plunge his dry engorged cock into her pink puckered little star.  As he began to sodomize, plunder and pump she screamed and cried, which was music to my ears.  With each thrust, my caller grunted and moaned and she cried.

I knew it was almost time to finish her off so suggested he pull out his cock then shove it down her child cunt mouth.  By this time he was in a sadistic hormone induced rage and he’d do anything I’d say, so I told him to shove his shitty blood covered cock down her throat. As he skull fucked the little whore bitch I wrapped my hands around her throat just like I did to her mother and squeezed out her last breath. He fucked her lifeless body as if it was a rag doll until he blew his load.

Cherry on top for the next fantasy sundae

I had my caller in such a state of frenzy that he blew his load and drained his balls so good that I didn’t even have the chance to place the cherry on top for the extremely perverted snuff phone sex fantasy.  Yes you guess it; the underage girl/sister in the trunk of the car!  She was going to be better than all the rest, I just knew it.  Unfortunately, I’ll have to use this tiny, oh so petite little girl for our next perverted accomplice phone sex role play.  Ha ha!

If you are just as sick and twisted as this caller is then pick up the phone and let’s have an extremely perverted phone sex fantasy together today!  I’m ready to send you into orgasmic fantasy land like I did this caller and make you blast a load of cum so hard that you see the moon!

I guarantee you won’t be disappointed with my extremely kinky imagination. Just lay back and hold on to your cock and start pumping.  I’ll use my wickedly creative mind and conjure up a filthy hardcore fantasy and turn it into a mind blowing, cock spewing reality. Call me and let’s get started!

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Taboo Phone Sex Fantasy: Kinky Student Blackmails Teacher

I’m Rhonda, your passionately perverted kinky phone sex fetish fantasy freak! If you looking for a hardcore, taboo phone sex playmate that will push you to your edge and beyond, then look no further!  Now, don’t get me wrong; I will do vanilla phone sex calls all day long.  I will make your cock pulsate to the beat of your heart as your hot load of spunk works its way up your cock until it erupts like a loaded volcano.  But I must admit that when I’m deep in my wickedly twisted imagination; spinning tales of filthy forbidden hardcore fantasies full of provocative perversion is when my cunt becomes its juiciest!  Pushing your limits and making you orgasm harder then you’ve ever imagined is what I enjoy the most, but having the tables turn on me drives me absolutely wild too!

Erotic seductions become phone sex addictions

When you dial into my taboo phone sex line, I want to take a couple of minutes getting to know each other. Just lay back and relax.  Close your eyes and slowly start stroking as you listen to my sexy, mesmerizing voice.  I will coax you to release your inhibitions and share your deep, dark and most extreme sexual dreams, fantasies and desires.  I want to learn all about the things that sexually stimulate you, including your trigger words. The specific words that make your dick jump.  I’ll then I’ll have you entangled in my web of erotic seductions and before you know I’ll become your newest taboo phone sex addiction.

A recent taboo phone sex caller dialed in and was in the mood for a totally twisted teacher student phone sex fantasy.  This particular caller likes his calls a little extreme sprinkled with a lot of kink.  And today’s kink was all about blackmail.  He wanted to role play a young, teenage high school boy with raging hormones and me of course, the hot sexy teacher for his kinky phone sex fantasy session.  What I wasn’t expecting was the intensity of the orgasms that soon became a reality.

This particular student stops by my classroom between classes and sometimes during lunch just to chat.  Of course I know he’s attempting to flirt with me based on the ongoing discussion he and his friends have been recently having.  The boys think they are being quiet and discreet when talking about how they’d have their way with me (their sexy hot teacher), but clearly were not discreet enough because I heard every word and even blushed a little.  Little did I know it was more than just a case of a horny teenage student lusting for his teacher.

Horny teacher masturbates in private office

After I ate a quick bite for lunch I decided to relax for a few minutes on my small sofa in my private office before my next class started.  However, all I could think about was the incredible sex I had with my boyfriend the night before and I was extremely horny.  The window blinds looked closed and I had already locked the classroom door (or so I thought) so I figured why not release this pent up energy making me horny and masturbate before my next class started.

I hiked my skirt up to my waist and got flat on my back.  After kicking off my heels I placed one leg up on the arm of the sofa and began fingering my cunt after sliding my panties to the side. I rubbed my clit and finger banged my hole until I squirted several times over. While I was in my own little world pleasuring myself, I must have tuned out all the external sounds coming from inside my classroom.  This must have been when my teenage student had slipped in and heard me in my private office, decided to take action and slip back out before I noticed. And so the blackmail begins…

Student blackmails sexy teacher into submission

The next day during class my teenage student asks me if he can talk to me after school.  Of course I said “yes” and would wait for him.  When he arrived I invited him into my private office and left the door open.  Using a confident voice and aggressive tone he began by telling me that he and his friends wanted to gangbang me and force me to suck and fuck them.  I was in total shock and completely appalled at what I was hearing out of his mouth directly to my face.  Without blinking an eye I closed the door then told him he completely disrespectful and that I was going to report him to the principal for speaking to me in such a fashion.

This is when my student pulls out his cell phone, opens up a video and points it in my direction.  It was only seconds later that I realized it was a video he took of me yesterday during my lunch break!  Unbeknownst to me, thinking I had locked the classroom door and the mini blinds to my private office were closed, I exposed myself masturbating.  I became instantly enraged and told him he had no right to invade my privacy.  Clearly the mini blinds left enough of a gap for him to hold his phone up to the window and record me!

This blackmail phone sex fantasy started to get really good when he told me that he was going to post this masturbation video of me on Facebook so the entire school could see if he didn’t agree to show up to his house later that night.  At that point I felt completely trapped and agreed to do whatever he said.  His plan to blackmail his sexy teacher into submission was under way.

Teen student handcuffs teacher to bed

As the evening approached my anxiety increased as I drove over to his house.  Once inside I tried my best to talk him into just deleting the video but wasn’t having any part of it.  I did however; make him promise that if we had sex, he would delete it after we finished the deed.  I reluctantly followed him to his bedroom and slowly undressed as instructed by this teenage boy who was now blackmailing me. He sat back on his bed and eagerly watched my every move until I was down to my panties and bra.

When I turned my head to place my clothing on the floor I was startled by the force of his hand grabbing my wrist and handcuffing them to the bedpost.  I fought as hard as I could to keep him from doing this but his strength was just too over powering. There I was; helpless with my wrists and ankles handcuffed; spread eagle to the bed.  At this point I didn’t know what to think about this young teenage student who had what I would call a “crush” on me.

Within seconds there he was standing naked beside the bed with a menacing look on his face and stroking his young teenage prick.  Next he climbed on top of the bed, straddles my waist, dropped his hard young cock between my tits and squeezed them together before he started pumping his shaft between them. All the while I’m thinking to myself that this young teenage boy sure knows what he’s doing for being so young.

Horny teenage student gives teacher climax of her life

The next thing I know I’m brought back to reality as I begin chocking on his swollen head buried deep inside my throat.  My reflexes kick in and I start sucking and slurping on his throbbing cock as it plunges in and out of my mouth until it start spewing out hot ropes of spunk down my throat.

While catching my breath I feel him crawl down my body to my open thighs and now aroused pussy.  I gasped for air when I felt his wet, warm tongue start to tickle my clit. My back arched when I felt his strong fingers dart inside my fuck hole and it wasn’t long before I felt his entire face buried deep between my folds.  He was eating me out so good that he made me climax harder than I had ever climaxed before.

I could hardly believe that this horny teenage student could turn me into a cock craving whore that I felt like in that moment and now I wanted more!  This was perfect opportunity to tell him that I overheard him talking with his classmates, so I told him to call his friends and tell them come over for the gangbang fuck they’ve been dreaming about.  But before his friends could dive in I begged him to fuck me first. Without any hesitation he drove his hard, throbbing young cock deep into my cunt then humped and fucked me bareback as I felt his hot steamy load shoot inside me as I climaxed again. This blackmail rape had turned into an erotic phone sex fantasy role play I will never forget!

Kinky erotic blackmail fantasies and more

I get hot and bothered each and every time I think about this super kinky, twisted taboo phone sex fantasy and find myself craving hard throbbing young cock more and more.  If you’re looking to take a step back in time and play the role of a horny teenage boy who is hot for his teacher, then pick up the phone and let’s play! We do make it a blackmail rape that turns erotic like in this fantasy role play, or we can twist it in any direction your cock desires.

I’m even willing to take this kinky phone sex fantasy in a multitude of twisted fetish directions too.  Perhaps you have a stocking or nylon fetish, or even a high heel fetish that makes you hot for you your teacher.  Whether you’re looking to blackmail your teacher or you want your teacher to blackmail you, I’m game; either way works for me. Are you ready to give me a try?  I’ll do whatever it takes to rock your cock and make all your dreams come true!  Tell me what’s on your perverted mind and making your rod stiffen and together we will create a taboo phone sex fantasy that will blow both our socks off!  Pick up the phone, dial my number and let’s get started today! I’ll be waiting…

Rhonda – 1-877-953-7369

Erotic Accomplice Phone Sex For Extreme Perverts

Are you a taboo phone sex connoisseur looking for the perfect perverted playmate? Your search is over; I’m Rhonda one of the kinkiest and most extreme phone sex specialists on the internet today!  I’m here and ready to rock your cock and blow your mind! Once we’ve taken the time to get to know each other and you reveal your titillating sexual thoughts, I guarantee that I’ll intensify your cravings and you’ll want to stroke to the point of no return.  I will use my lewd words and my vivid imagination to paint a picture in your mind that will bring all your extreme salacious fantasies to life like you never knew possible.

The beauty of calling a professional taboo phone sex operator is that in our world we encourage our callers to take their sexual fantasies in “off the wall” directions to bring forth the most intense orgasms one can have.  In fact, many of my callers explain that the more sick and perverted the fantasy the harder the cum explosion he has.

Everyone had different views, thoughts and boundaries they will and will not cross when it comes to sexual fantasies.  Some men masturbate while thinking of having vanilla sex with their partner, while others need or want to take their sexual thoughts down a more extreme, sick and perverted avenue.  I am open to either situation and want to do whatever it takes to make my callers satisfied and coming back for more!

If you are into extreme versions of sexual adult fantasy chat and or role play then you may enjoy a recent fantasy session I had so I thought I’d share.  If this type of fantasy is up your alley, then call me for a session that your cock will thank you for.

Provocative accomplice fantasy

When my extreme phone sex caller wanted to be guided to ecstasy with a slow, erotic seduction in a provocative manner I knew exactly what taboo phone sex fantasy role play to bring to the table with him. I was his phone sex accomplice and knew exactly what his sexual appetite was hungry for.  This particular caller enjoys sweet preteen girls and it always turns him on when I kidnap them for his pleasure.

I looked high and low until I finally came across a pretty petite Latina with curly brown hair and blonde highlights hanging upside down on the jungle gym in the neighborhood park. I quickly glanced around to make sure we were all alone before I approached her about my missing puppy. In a matter of moments I lured her to the car looking for him.

My perverted phone sex caller opened the car door so I could push her inside then I jumped in after. I wrapped my arm tightly around her shoulders as I tried to calm her fears. Next, I told her if she did as she was told then nothing bad would happen, but if she fought we’d find her family and hurt them. I could see the fear was real in her piercing brown eyes as she followed our every move as the minutes ticked by.  After we arrive at his house we make our way to the basement and lock the door.

Performing erotic accomplice duties

Our erotic accomplice phone sex session really starts to heat up now.  After removing his pants my caller starts stroking his cock while watching our young victim standing at attention and quivering in fear.  After changing into my accomplice attire; black leather half cup bra, matching leather crotch-less hip hugging boy shorts, knee high black leather spike heeled boots, and I grabbed my riding crop and turn my attention to our little preteen virgin.  I forcefully nudge her to stand in from on my perverted phone sex freak for his viewing pleasure.

I told my caller to lie back and stroke his cock while he watches me slowly unbutton her white cotton mid-drift blouse.  After all the buttons are open I erotically unzip her tiny jean shorts and pull them along with her white cotton little girl panties down past her ankles. Next, I step behind her and push her forward as if on display for my pedophile pervert.  I wanted to give him a full body view so he could look at her soft caramel color skin before I started caressing every inch of her prepubescent body.

I laid her flat on her back in the bed that was inches away from my deviant caller. As I continued my sexy taboo accomplice duties I couldn’t help being aroused because I also am a full-fledged pedophile pervert. I began by tying her wrists and ankles spread eagle to the bed using couple pair of my nude nylon stockings. I also used a silk scarf as a blindfold to heighten the sweet young one’s arousal.

Erotic feather teasing for pedophile voyeur

I watch as my caller’s cock grow harder as he continues stroking which made it all a turn on for me as I used a long feather to barely brush over our little one’s body from her eyelashes, down the crook of her neck, to her little puffy pink nipples.  Goose bumps wash all over her body as I twirled it further down towards her bellybutton then to her inner thighs. She shook and quivered then gasped at the unknown as to where that feather would land next.

I became so engrossed with what was before my eyes all I wanted to do was lick and taste her hot young bald cunt. I heard my voyeur pervert breathing hard gasping for a breath as he jacked his pedophile cock as I flicked my tongue across her tiny glistening clit. She moaned loudly when my tongue penetrated her tight pink fuck hole the longer I tongue fucked her the more relaxed she became. I eventually buried my face into her cunt and sucked her sweet juices as she climaxed all over my face which made my caller’s cock explode shooting his load like never before.

Erotic storytelling for perverted pedophile fantasy role play

There are so many ways to view an extreme taboo fantasy, especially when it comes to accomplice phone sex fantasies.   Often times accomplice fantasies are little more extreme in the sense of physical brutality.  But as you can see, taking your extreme accomplice phone sex session down the road of erotic storytelling while you masturbate to reach climax is so hot!

Just so you know; if you are into young girls and even super young girls then that means you’re a pedophile.  But don’t you worry because young girls are always fun to incorporate into our taboo fantasy playtime and I’m just as much a perverted pedophile as you. I can’t wait for you to call me so I can hear you jerk your fuck stick to a perverted phone sex fantasy like this too!

If you have something else in mind for your accomplice phone sex partner when you call, all you have to do is tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll be sure to use my sick, perverted imagination to turn your fantasy into a reality!  I’m ready to rock your cock and blow your mind so call me today!

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Boss Hires a Cock Sucking Slut Phone Sex Fantasy

Hello boys.  It’s Rhonda.  Now that the pandemic restrictions are starting to be lifted our lives can return to some normalcy.  This means that it’s not only time to head back to the office but time to release all that pent up energy too!  I don’t think there is a better way to release all that pent up energy than by blowing a hot creamy load during an extremely taboo phone sex fantasy role play with me!

Are you the kind of boss who puts on a professional face in front of all your co-workers but you’re a player who is ready to pounce on those new, young secretaries in the office? Those young secretaries are the perfect prey, aren’t they? Especially the naive people pleasing ones; the girls who are willing to do whatever it takes to get noticed amongst her co-workers.  I’m talking about the girls who like to show a little too much cleavage and wear skirts just a little too high.  These are the ones who make your blood pump in all the right places and make your mind spin in all directions.

Do you feel your pants tighten as you get lost in the sea of sweet young cunt swimming around in your office?  Silk blouses snugly fitting over those plump breasts really get you going, not to mention those seamed stockings and stiletto heels.  Go ahead and invite them in, one by one into your office…

Office secretary interview

This is exactly how our extremely taboo phone sex role play started when my horny caller dialed me just the other day.  I was out of work and took the advice of my best friend whom was already working at the firm and applied for a job.  She forewarned me that the boss is a real ladies man; a player of sorts. So with that knowledge along with my desperation to get the secretary position, I purposely dressed like a slut.  I also teased my hair into a bee-hive and applied red lipstick while patiently waiting to be called in for my interview.

When it was finally my turn, I knew it was game time and I was prepared to do whatever I had to do to get the office secretary position.  I heard the click of the door locking behind me after I walked through the doorway into his office. The energy in the room was high and I could feel his eyes checking out my outfit.  In this moment I knew that my choice of wearing a low plunging white silk blouse, tight pencil skirt with a slit up the back that showed off my seamed stockings and strappy high heeled pumps was absolutely perfect.

After he sat behind his desk he offered me a chair and asked if I had a resume for him.  Of course I did, so I stood and walked like a runway model across the room over to his desk.  My plump breasts accidentally (on purpose) almost fell out of my blouse when leaned over to hand him my resume as did his eye balls out of his sockets, which is exactly what I was after.

Show me your cock sucking skills

I sat in the chair nervously crossing and uncrossing my legs as he glanced at my file. After a few moments he shook his head then told me my credentials weren’t all that strong, but from the way I dressed for my interview he could tell I was eager to persuade him to change his mind. He pushed his chair away from his desk then leaned back and spread his legs before he looked into my eyes then said, “Come over here and show me your cock sucking skills.”

Thank goodness my best friend forewarned me about him because his request didn’t shock me.  I stood up, slowly walked over to the front of his desk all the while erotically opening the buttons on my blouse.  As my blouse fell off my shoulders, my voluptuous tits spilled over the top of my French laced bra.  I dropped to my knees while locking eyes with his as I began to unbuckle his pants.

I reached in and pulled his now hard cock out of his unzipped pants still gazing into his big brown eyes.  Using my warm wet tongue I then lick his swollen head like a lollipop and begin twirling it around while using my tightly gripped hand to pump his shaft.  When I hear a guttural moan from him I placed my lips all the way around his shaft and sucked him down my throat down to his balls, then out again in one swift movement.

Orgasmic pussy licking explosion

I sucked his cock like a cock sucking phone sex whore eager to show off my skills. Next, turning my attention to his balls when I sucked one into my mouth manipulating it with my tongue as I rolled it around in my mouth before I worked the other. I pumped and sucked him to his edge then back again until he was breathing hard and about to blow.

He called for a “time-out” then pulled me off the floor laying me back on his desk. He licked his lips in hunger as I hiked my skirt up to my waist exposing my freshly trimmed pussy underneath my white lace thong panties. After spreading my thighs he dove in between them pulling my panties to the side and began licking my pussy. I wrapped my garter and stocking covered legs around his head and squeezed tightly holding him down as I flexed my hips grinding my juicy wet cunt on his lips.

My long nailed fingers run through his hair as I fucked his face. I felt his fingers pumping my fuck hole and him tonguing and sucking my clit. It wasn’t long before I felt my climax building and my core starting to throb. Within seconds I felt my body stiffen as my back arched with an orgasmic explosion so powerful my juices gushed into his mouth. That was when I cried out for him to fuck me.

Hiring a personal slut for sexual desires fulfilled

“You’re a real fucking slut, aren’t you”, he asked.  I batted my eyes with a desperate look on my face and nodded yes.  He flipped me over, ass end up and slapped my ass raw, all the while telling me that I will be his personal cock sucking slut and available for his every sexual desire.  He also explained that he will fuck my cunt whenever he wanted as he barked at me to spread my ass cheeks open so he had access to my sweet cunt.

Just as I opened my cheeks she slammed his raging hard cock deep into my dripping wet cunt!  He held me by the top of my shoulders and humped and pumped me; penetrating his cock balls deep into my hot honey hole.  As soon as my pussy clamped down on his rod he pumped his throbbing hard cock even deeper shooting his hot load of cum inside. After his emptied his balls he fell back into his chair.  Between his ragged breaths and gasps for air he told me I was hired.

Slutty secretary fantasy role play for pent up stress relief

Are you into boss and naughty secretary fantasies like this one too? Or do you have another taboo phone sex fantasy role play in mind?  Perhaps maybe an erotic teacher student phone sex fantasy that where do anything for good grades? Either way, I’m here for whatever gets your cock rock hard, throbbing and aching to spew. I’m the perfect anything goes, taboo phone sex playmate ready to take you on a fantasy ride like no other.  In fact, it’s my goal to provide you with a personalized erotic phone sex conversation that will make you reach the ultimate orgasm; the most intense, mind blowing orgasm that will melt all your pent up stress and sexual tension away.

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