Safe Place to Reveal Your Secret Feminization Desires


Hello guys, I’m Stefanie and I think cross dressing, feminization, sissification phone sex fantasies as well as all types of fetish encounters are smoking hot ways to get off.  The callers who generally dial my line with a sissification phone sex fantasy are not always able to share their passions or desires with their significant other’s;  for obvious reasons of course.

That is why I am so happy whenever a taboo phone sex caller feels comfortable enough with me to let it all out and allow himself to enjoy indulging in every aspect of his secret taboo temptations.  I offer complete discretion when you dial into my line and all of your secrets are always completely safe with me.  My goal is for every man who calls me, whether it’s just to talk or to role play his fantasies out to always feel completely free to disclose even the most intimate details with me.

I love to hear a man tell me what he is wearing when we first connect.  That’s often the “give-a-way” that he’s calling in for a sissification phone sex fantasy session. For some it is simply a pair of panties.  For others, their outfit might include a pair of pantyhose or stockings.  Some like to engage in a total feminization transformation including a specific hair style or wig, make-up, manicure or pedicure or more.

Therapeutic conversation for feminization fantasies

I have spoke with callers who want to live full time as a woman but are not able to do it for various reasons so they call me as a form of therapeutic conversation.  They tell me that it helps them to speak with a woman who understands them and does not judge them.  Just knowing that I am able to help them in even the smallest of ways makes me happy.

I have learned, through the years, that sissification phone sex calls can come in many different forms, some more extreme than others of course, but the one common factor that I have found in men who enjoy sissy talk is that they are all very passionate about their specific likes and dislikes.  I will always try to go above and beyond to learn exactly what a man is looking for when he dials my taboo phone sex number.  My goal is to make your sissy fantasy call one of the best you’ve ever had.  Either through intimate conversation or participating in role play session you have in mind.

If we’ve not spoken yet, pick up the phone and try something new.  If we have played before, I look forward to our next erotic feminization phone sex encounter soon!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631



  1. John on at

    Will you force me to take female hormones to get big tits?

  2. Stefanie on at


    You’ve already asked a question on another post of mine… Are you planning on placing a call? Watch for my availability and call me. Comments are reserved for callers who place calls and would like to share the positive outcome they’ve experienced.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  3. Zach on at

    I’ve been crossdressing for a while and have this fantasy about developing some nice tits to go along with my rather large dick. I dress up in a schoolgirl outfit with my tits pushing through my bra and the shirt with my hard dick bulging my panties and lifting my skirt up. Love your posts!

  4. Stefanie on at

    Hello Zach – Thank you for your compliment! Your fantasy sounds like it’s right up my alley too. Give me a call and let’s see if we can bring your fantasy to life… Perhaps I can give you a potion to make those tits grow then take you on a shopping spree to buy that sexy schoolgirl outfit your talking about. Hope to hear from you soon!


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