Secret Crossdressing and Sissy Fetish Secrets Explored

Hello there! I’m Stefanie, an erotic fetish phone sex expert here at Taboo Temptations.  I thought I’d fill you in about a sissy phone sex lover who used to talk with me about his crossdressing fetish.  Back in the day, when he was still in the closet, he used to cross-dress and hook up with boyfriends in hotels whenever he traveled for work.  He used to tell me about what he wore and how he would enjoy a relaxing evening with his lovers.  Majority of the time the evening would include drinking champagne, long conversations and ending in sweet and sexy seductions.

Our sissy phone sex conversations were a lot like two girlfriends would have when discussing their men.  We talked about the color of his lipstick and what kind of bra and panties he had purchased for the hotel stay.  We shared intimate details about how good it felt to feel his lover’s lips on his own as they engaged in very passionate kissing and erotic teasing before they would adjourn to the bed and begin making love together.  Of course, we talked about his lovers’ cocks too!

One thing that this particular sissy phone sex lover could not do was share these feminine feelings and his sissy cross-dressing fetish with his wife.  He had to keep his married life and his travel life completely separate so he really enjoyed being able to open up and talk to me about everything that he was feeling when he was in the mood to indulge his desires.

Intimate erotic conversations

I had not heard from him in a quite a while so when I answered the phone this past week, it was a real treat and a wonderful surprise to hear his voice.  While sissy phone sex partners come and go, I feel a very personal connection to some callers and really find that I miss our intimate, erotic phone sex conversations when I don’t hear from them for an extended amount of time.

It was so much fun reconnecting with this caller and hearing all about what he had been up to.  He told me about some of the outfits that he had recently purchased and even caught me up on his newest lover and how their relationship was progressing.  In fact, he even told me about his secret desire to experiment with some sissy transformation medications and this came as a complete surprise to me.

Fetish phone sex exploration is one of my specialties therefore; I always love sharing sissification, feminization and crossdressing phone sex conversations with my clients.  If you are a caller in need of girl-talk with a compassionate and understanding woman who enjoys hearing about their lifestyle as much as they enjoy living it, dial me today.

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Feminization Phone Sex Specialist for Intimate Pleasures

Hi I’m Stefanie and if you are looking for a feminization phone sex experience, then you have come to the right place. Over the years many of my fetish phone sex callers have told me that my style and voice has mesmerized them like no other. That there is something about me that puts them into a trance like state as I guide them to be who they really feel they are.

The feelings are definitely mutual as far as pleasure goes because I have always loved taking a man’s secret feminization phone sex fantasies and making them feel like reality during an intimate and discreet adult conversation with me.  Hearing a man become sexually aroused during a fetish phone sex sessions is something I not only strive for, but what puts me on cloud nine as well. Encouraging my callers to explore their boundaries in a safe place where he feels like he can let go of his inhibitions is exactly what I offer without any judgment.

Feminization, cross dressing, and sissification are all in the same genre so to speak, but each desire can vary person to person.  The level of variance can also depend on whether they are seeking a sexual outlet or another type of satisfaction or gratification.  I think perhaps this is why I enjoy the nature of this type of fantasy session because every call can be completely different.  Some of my fetish phone sex calls are men seeking to learn the art of erotic cock sucking, and or want to have anal penetration.  While on the other hand, some calls are men seeking advice to serve as a therapeutic outlet.  Regardless of what you’re seeking, I’m here for you.

The scope of feminization calls

Feminization phone sex can be explored in many different ways.  There are those who enjoy cross dressing in private and want to talk about women’s clothing; how they feel when they are dressed, how the clothing makes them act more girly, etc., and then there are those who wish that they could cross dress in public, so that they let the world see them for what they are.

I have also spoken with many men who enjoy feminization role play calls where we do a role reversal scenario. The type of role play where put on my big black leather strap on dildo and then dress them in something really sexy, like a pair of lace panties with a matching bra and thigh high stockings and heels and then I fuck their “pussies” while experimenting with different positions for the most pleasurable sensations.

I recently fucked one of my regular feminization phone sex callers in this way, putting him on the edge of the bed so I could raise his legs up while I held his high heels in my hand.  I stood at the side of the bed and rammed my vibrating strap on dildo into his ass and made him cream those pretty panties while he looked me in the eye and I reminded him of what a sissy slut he was.  It was really hot and he came really hard!

Sissification goes hand in hand with feminization fun and no fantasy or fetish phone sex call is ever too extreme or taboo for me.  I want to help you make your fantasies feel like reality too.  I know that you will love the way I guide you through your favorite scenario, gently and sensually, so that you feel completely comfortable sharing with me.  Let’s talk!

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Safe Place to Reveal Your Secret Feminization Desires


Hello guys, I’m Stefanie and I think cross dressing, feminization, sissification phone sex fantasies as well as all types of fetish encounters are smoking hot ways to get off.  The callers who generally dial my line with a sissification phone sex fantasy are not always able to share their passions or desires with their significant other’s;  for obvious reasons of course.

That is why I am so happy whenever a taboo phone sex caller feels comfortable enough with me to let it all out and allow himself to enjoy indulging in every aspect of his secret taboo temptations.  I offer complete discretion when you dial into my line and all of your secrets are always completely safe with me.  My goal is for every man who calls me, whether it’s just to talk or to role play his fantasies out to always feel completely free to disclose even the most intimate details with me.

I love to hear a man tell me what he is wearing when we first connect.  That’s often the “give-a-way” that he’s calling in for a sissification phone sex fantasy session. For some it is simply a pair of panties.  For others, their outfit might include a pair of pantyhose or stockings.  Some like to engage in a total feminization transformation including a specific hair style or wig, make-up, manicure or pedicure or more.

Therapeutic conversation for feminization fantasies

I have spoke with callers who want to live full time as a woman but are not able to do it for various reasons so they call me as a form of therapeutic conversation.  They tell me that it helps them to speak with a woman who understands them and does not judge them.  Just knowing that I am able to help them in even the smallest of ways makes me happy.

I have learned, through the years, that sissification phone sex calls can come in many different forms, some more extreme than others of course, but the one common factor that I have found in men who enjoy sissy talk is that they are all very passionate about their specific likes and dislikes.  I will always try to go above and beyond to learn exactly what a man is looking for when he dials my taboo phone sex number.  My goal is to make your sissy fantasy call one of the best you’ve ever had.  Either through intimate conversation or participating in role play session you have in mind.

If we’ve not spoken yet, pick up the phone and try something new.  If we have played before, I look forward to our next erotic feminization phone sex encounter soon!

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Fetish Phone Sex Playtime For Cock Sucking Panty Boys

Hi guys, I’m Stefanie one of the fetish phone sex experts here and I want to tell you about some of the awesome sissification phone sex fun that I have been having lately.

First, let me say that I absolutely adore a man in panties!  There is something really sexy about seeing a man parade around in them, especially if he is a sweet and sexy sissy boy.  Sissification goes way beyond a pair of panties though so I am always eager to help a guy explore his feminization or sissification phone sex fetish, no matter how far he wants to go.

Okay, so this guy called me the other day and said that he is a married man but that he has been secretly cross dressing behind his wife’s back for years now.  He also said that recently he has been buying his own lingerie and make up and whenever he goes out of town he packs some of his “girly things” in his suitcase.  He has even sent me some pictures of himself after he gets all dressed up and let me tell you, he is quite cute and definitely passable.  I have even been giving him some style tips and helping him with his hair and accessories.  He is a very eager to learn panty boy!

Well, during the last call that we did together, he told me that he has been having some things going through his mind lately and that he wanted to share them with me.  It seems that he has developed a fetish for cock sucking.  He bought a dildo and has been practicing but now he thinks he is ready for the real thing.  I encouraged him to get dressed up and head out to a local bar and try to pick up a horny guy.  I told him that with his looks he could easily convince a guy to come back to a hotel room with him and I know that he would probably love sucking some big hard cocks.  I think he would be really good at it too because he is so passionate about performing as a woman in every possible way.  I have a feeling that this sissification phone sex lover would get off on cum eating and maybe some fag fucking too!

If you are fetish phone sex lover who enjoys exploring your sissy side or panty boy ways give me a call and tell me all about it. I’d love to explore with you and make you feel as “girly” as you’re in the mood for! Whether it’s kinky cross dressing to feel feminine or being dressed up as a panty boy to be fully sissified, I’m ready for you.

If you’re not into being sissified or even crossdressing but still have cock sucking desires I will take you on fetish phone sex journey that will have you craving even more cock so don’t wait too long, pick up the phone and call me today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Intelligent Conversations wtih Erotic Fetish Phone Sex Expert

I’m Stefanie, an intelligent phone sex operator looking to have erotic conversations with distinguished men about anything and everything you I would consider taboo.  You know the kind; the conversations that you are not able to have with your spouse or significant other in your life for a variety of obvious reasons.  I’d love to be your personal confidante and secret keeper if that’s what you’re searching for.

Often times when men dial into my line they are looking to be “called out” for their feminization phone sex fetish.  Usually this is a caller who is very masculine in his everyday life but has a secret desire to cross dress, suck cock, eat cum, etc.  I consider myself a feminization specialist and will openly talk about and discuss all aspects of this particular fetish as well as any other taboo subject that’s on your mind.

Closet cock suckers tell me their secrets

As promised, here I am “outing” one of my favorite feminization phone sex lovers and telling the world all about his secret sissy cock sucking ways.  I will use a different name in order to protect his identity but he will know that this is post is for and about him.

Whenever “John” calls, we begin our erotic feminization phone sex fun by sharing a cigarette together.  He recently turned me on to Parliaments and I have to say that I love them!   Our smoking fetish phone sex sessions are a great way to get started while we both relax and chat about our day, week, etc. before we get to the “meat” of the conversations so to speak and literally speaking.

John has had a difficult time coming out and he and I have had many conversations about how he can enjoy cock sucking and still maintain his discretion.  He was very lucky to be able to find a friend who would meet with him on a fairly regular basis.  They meet at designated a rest area where John can suck and worship his cock with privacy and discretion where no one knows either of them.  The intimate time they spend together for this private encounter satisfies what they both crave and desire the most; cock and cum.

Share your inner most taboo secrets with me

Fortunately for John, he has been able to advance his love for all things sissy by crossdressing before he calls me and getting himself into the right frame of mind to share all of his thoughts and feelings about the men in his life and those he is still searching for.  Our easy conversations are both sensual and erotic and I absolutely love being able to help guide him through his journey and discovery about his inner girly self.

Whether our erotic talks are about kissing and caressing cock or hard core cock sucking, our intelligent phone sex chats are always a pleasure for both of us.  Perhaps you are looking for a feminization or cock sucking phone sex expert too?  One with whom you can share your inner most taboo secrets with.  I would love to be that woman for you and provide you with the stimulation and pleasure you’re seeking when it comes to feeding your secret fetish cravings.  I am a great listener and would love to talk with you too!  So either pick up the phone and dial me now or bookmark my page so you can call me when I’m available for calls.

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Feminization Fantasies For Crossdressing Phone Sex Calls

Hello, I’m Stefanie and I consider myself a crossdressing phone sex specialist of sorts.   I do a lot of calls with sissy boys or guys who enjoy wearing panties, but full blown crossdressing phone sex fantasy (or reality) calls are, hands down, some of the hottest ever!

A very special crossdressing phone sex lover (I will refer to him as Jim for the sake of privacy) often calls me after one of his business trips to tell me what kinds of fun he has had.  I always look forward to hearing from him and our last call together was simply amazing.

When Jim travels he always takes an outfit or two with him as well as something sexy to sleep in. Lately he has been dabbling in make-up, wigs and nail polish too. Personally I feel this has really enhanced his sexual fun with it all which always makes our feminization phone sex calls really hot.

Jim has a few guys that he has met while visiting different cities who also share in his kinky cross dressing fetish. Typically they meet up for dinner and/or drinks, then let things progress from there for the rest of the evening. Recently he told me that he had reconnected with an old friend and invited him back to his hotel for a night cap.

Jim was dressed in a pretty pink satin negligee that was short and had a matching pair of satin panties underneath. He said he had painted his fingernails and toes with deep purple polish earlier in the evening to feel extra sexy and feminine. And he just applied some glossy light pink lip stick just before Tony arrived. He had a bottle of champagne chilling in a bucket of ice and when Tony knocked on the door, Jim was pretty amped up.

Tony greeted him with a kiss on the lips and they sat down on the bed and shared a glass of bubbly.   As they began to relax, they laid back on the bed, side by side and Tony started to run his hands over Jim’s body, stroking his hips, his thighs, his shoulders, his nipples so gently and Jim said he started to become extremely aroused.  They kissed and touched and flirted for a while and finally Tony unzipped his pants and Jim saw that Tony was also wearing a pair of panties and that his cock was very hard!

Jim couldn’t wait to get his lips around that cock! But he said that the “teasing” is part of the fun so he licked the tip of Tony’s cock gently through his panties until he could taste a little bit of pre cum through the lace fabric. At this point Tony had his hands on the sides of Jim’s face and he was guiding him up and down until Jim finally slid Tony’s cock out of his panties and lowered his warm mouth all the way down the shaft of Tony’s cock.

This was an exciting night for Jim and one he’ll always remember. I just love when my feminization phone sex callers like to talk about their real life adventures and share them with me. The naughty details always make for a great masturbation session and I love being a part of it. Let’s just say that I can’t wait to hear about Jim’s next business trip when we share another crossdressing phone sex call together.

If you have crossdressing fetish; secretly or not, and need to share it with someone, I’m all ears. I have fetish phone sex knowledge and experience in guiding you along the way with your feminization transformation (real or fantasy) so pick up the phone and give me a call today!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631

Sensual Sissification Phone Sex Fantasies Come True

Hi guys, I’m Stefanie and I want to tell you about a super hot sissification phone sex caller who shares his fetish with me because he isn’t ready to come out of the closet quite yet.   I will refer to my client as “Bob” for the purpose of sharing our fetish sessions, as I always keep my callers identities private.  Bob was eager to tell me about all the online shopping he’d been doing and all about the really cute outfit he purchased specifically for his sissy time with me.  If fact, he was so excited the he couldn’t wait to call me for a fetish phone sex fantasy and tell me all about his new clothing and this is how our sissification phone sex fantasy call began.

Bob had purchased a pair of pink bikini style panties that were silky, stretchy and barely covered his ass cheeks.  He loves the feel of the fabric on his ass which is why he prefers bikini panties over thongs.  He also bought a matching bra and slipped in some breast enhancements so that the bra would “look right”, as he likes to say.  Bob also slipped into his new pair of barely pink, sheer thigh high stockings that had a seam up the back.   He hasn’t found a perfect pair of high heels yet, but he has been looking and I know that when he finds them and eventually puts them on, he will feel completely sissified.

Submissive sissy phone sex for exciting orgasms

Bob was already lying on his bed when he called me.  He was softly sliding his hands up and down his inner thighs, gently teasing himself.   Bob knows the rules when he plays with me; he cannot touch his “clit” until I give him permission.  Permission from me consists of specific instructions too.  When he is in “sissy mode” he becomes very submissive and obedient which is extremely exciting for me.  He told me that when he woke up this morning and decided that he was going to get dressed up and call me for a fetish phone sex session and he has been sexually turned on ever since.

Bob gave me a complete run down of what he morning routine consisted of.  First, he took a shower where he completely shaved his body smooth.  Secondly, after stepping out of shower; he covers himself in lilac scented body spray before he got dressed.  Then lastly he did his nails; both finger and toes.  And right before he picked up the phone to dial me he put on shiny lip gloss to completely embrace his sexy sissy self.

I answered my sissy phone sex line and could immediately tell he was ready to play just by the sound and tone of his voice.  In fact, the arousal in his voice turned me on too. When Bob is in this state of arousal, he is able to cum in his panties without even touching his cock.

Spankings for submissive sissies

As we begin I verbally instruct him to spread his legs nice and wide and lift his hips up into the air.  I told him hold that position so that he could feel the stretch of those panties across his hardening cock.  I wanted him to feel the tightening of his ass cheeks and the hardening of his cock all at the same time. Then I told him to turn over and he moaned because he knew what I wanted him to do.

With his legs still spread, I tell him to lift his ass up high into the air and I don’t mean on all fours either.  I mean all the way up so that his knees are locked and his head is completely down on the bed.  I make sure that he is able to see himself in the bedroom mirror so that he can view his pantied ass in all of its glory.

With my verbal commands I instruct him spank his ass cheeks. Sometimes his spanking is hard, while other times it is more sensual.  It all depends on what I feel he needs on any particular day.  The key to him achieving the ultimate orgasm is to make sure he stays obedient to my commands and maintains complete focus on my verbal instruction.

On this particular day, I knew that Bob needed a strong hand so I instructed him to spank his cheeks hard and fast until I gave the command to stop.  Next I made him grind his erection into the mattress; no hands allowed.  “Grind that clit sissy boy and grind it hard” is all I need to say next before I hear his orgasmic explosion; the sound that always puts a smile on my face.

Embrace your sexy feminine side

Sissification phone sex, for Bob, is a form of escape, allowing him to be (as he likes to say) his “real self.”  Many men have a very strong desire to get in touch with their feminine side and for some, that desire takes such a strong hold over them that they simply must find an outlet.  I have encouraged Bob to embrace his inner feminine side across multiple calls and we are both happy he found me to experience orgasms like he has never done before.

If you have a fetish phone sex fantasy you’d like to experience with me just like Bob does,  don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give me a try.  I would love to help you embrace your feminine sissy side too!

Stefanie – 1-866-539-3631