Mutual Masturbation for Sensual Rape Role Play Sessions


Hi guys, it’s Blair, your sensual phone sex lover.  Do you have a really taboo or extreme fantasy that you want to share, but want it to angle it in sensually erotic fashion? That sounds terrific to me!  I will provide you the sexual mental stimulation with my sultry voice as you masturbate with me over the phone.

So often when someone thinks about sensual phone sex conversations they think about topics that are vanilla, loving, soft and romantic. I’m no different.  This is exactly what comes to mind for me too. However, after years of doing erotic phone sex I have learned that even the most kinky or twisted subjects can be enjoyed sensually, intimately and erotically.  Like I said, it’s all in the way that the fantasy is presented.

For example, I talk to a caller who, on occasion, is into rape fantasies.  Now normally you would think of those types of taboo calls as being extreme, perverted, forceful, etc., but when he and I role play his fantasy it is always very stimulating because he seduces me before taking control of me and that makes the rape something that seems almost inviting.  It’s fun to tap into a submissive side every now and then, no matter which side of the “rape” you are on.

Forbidden secrets explored

Sometimes just hearing a man confess some of his darker or forbidden secrets can be powerfully sensual in nature.  Imagine having a woman with a soft, sexy voice listening in as you disclose a truly taboo thought and then engage in a mutual masturbation phone sex session that leaves you both breathless and sexually satisfied.  Sharing an orgasm together during an adult conversation can be very intense and invigorating as well as powerfully stimulating.

Any type of taboo phone sex call can turn into an amazing and sensual phone sex encounter when you share it with a partner who has an erotically sweet disposition, a sultry voice and a wild and creative imagination to go with it.  I can’t wait to walk on the wild side with you as we enjoy a mental as well as physical connection.  No subject is off limits with me.  Call me for your private, taboo, mutual masturbation session today!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

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