Sexual Stimulation with Fetish Phone Sex Specialist

Hey there it’s Blair.  I just want to start out by saying that being a fetish phone sex specialist allows me to interact with callers on many different topics and it’s truly something I thoroughly enjoy. Fortunately, I have been blessed with a very open mind and a creative and vivid imagination so I am easily able to jump from one subject to another while keeping the conversation flowing in the most provocative and erotic ways.

While I enjoy having an ongoing, erotic conversation with regular callers who like to engage in similar fantasies whenever they call me to play, I am always ready to take on a new phone sex fetish twist whenever they are looking for something different or outside of their comfort zone.

Sexual fetish chat for erotic stimulation

For instance, I talk to a caller who has an extremely erotic pantyhose fetish. He loves talking about wearing them, fucking in them, how his wife teases him in them, etc.., but every now and then he will call me with a totally different phone sex fetish and I really get off on exploring a totally new topic with him.

The most recent erotic conversation that we had was about smoking and how turned on he gets when he watches a woman light up a cigarette and take a drag while she is wearing bright red, super glossy, lipstick. He said whenever he sees the lipstick stain on the end of the cigarette and watches the smoke slipping out of a woman’s mouth with her lipstick covered lips barely opened, he could cum right then and there. Smoking fetish play can be sizzling hot! Changing things up a bit every now and then can make for some of the most exciting fetish phone sex fun available and I love the ever-changing world of fantasy phone sex play.

Nothing is more satisfying to me than being able to share a fetish phone sex experience with a caller – no matter what the topic or object of his desire might be. This is a subtle way of saying panty fetish for those are into this.  There are so many different fetish scenarios that we can talk about and no two calls are ever alike. I am a wide open, anything goes, fetish phone sex lover and I want to make your call the best ever! Dial my number so we can get to know each other’s sexual stimulation triggers today.

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

Sexual Arousal With Adult Fantasy Chat by Phone

Hello, I’m Blair, a taboo phone sex operator here at Taboo Temptations who has been providing fantasy sessions for several years now.  I’m a woman who believes that most of us, if not all of us have a taboo phone sex fantasy or two floating around in our minds.  

Typically I find that the only time that our fantasies escape our lips and mouths are spoken to like minded women, whether it is a person close to us, or to a no taboo fantasy operator at a service such as ours.  I find that the level or depths of sexual fantasies vary from one side or end of the spectrum to the complete opposite.  Your fantasy might be something that is on the vanilla spectrum and no that that wild or it could be something that is totally “out there” and completely wrong.

No matter where your sexual fantasies fall on the spectrum, I’m there for you.  I’m here to listen, encourage, coax or whatever it is that you’re seeking and give you sexual release through orgasm by phone.  For example; I have a thing for incest calls.  Some might consider incest a fairly vanilla taboo phone sex topic, while others think the topic of incest sex is completely off the charts.

Incest phone sex fantasies are certainly a very common topic in the professional world of phone sex; even though it is morally wrong.  But hey, how boring would life be if we couldn’t have a little adult entertainment and cross the line in our heads?  Fantasies are just fantasies and there is nothing wrong with having a little adult fun, wouldn’t you agree?

Dominant Mommy lusts for son’s cock

Mommy son phone sex fantasies are very popular for me and I enjoy hearing a grown man become submissive for Mommy through the phone lines.  I love to hear him masturbate and become sexually aroused from my words, personality and demeanor. Simply put; it’s a complete turn for me!

If you’re looking for a mommy son phone sex fantasy, tell me what’s on your mind and I’ll use my delicious, creative mind to role play with you; all while turning your sexual incest fantasy into reality.  My goal is to make you cum as hard as you can.  I’d love to role play that dominant Mommy who lusts for her teenage son’s cock and will do anything to get it. I can use my manipulative Mommy ways, to seek satisfaction for myself, or simply take what I want.

However, if you’d like to change roles and you role play as my dominant teenage son who takes what he wants from me, I’m open to that as well.  Changing fantasy roles keeps things fresh and exciting and always adds a new dimension to incest fantasy role play fun, which is always nice too.

Perverted sexual fantasies come alive

Speaking of crossing the line in our heads and entertaining very taboo subjects during fantasy phone sex sessions, I will also go in the very perverted side of the spectrum too.  As I said earlier, I’m all about making my callers cum as hard as they can and will go in any direction they guide and or would like me to lead for their specific fantasy while on the phone with me.

When guys call me I’m open and ready for all sorts of twists and turns when it comes to perverted phone sex fantasy fun.  For example, one of my frequent callers readily admits to having an attraction to young boys and girls.  He tells me that he visits local parks and masturbates while he watches the children playing on the playground.

What really gets him hot is seeing the mother’s watching their children playing and having no idea what this pedophile pervert is doing.  The dirty mystery and perverted nature of it all completely sexually excites him. And for whatever reason, living on the edge like that; potentially getting caught with his pants down, really turns him on.

I have to admit that one of the hottest parts for me is hearing his excitement increase when I degrade and humiliate this caller.  I’ve even taken his fantasy as far as threatening to call the authorities on him, and that makes him even more sexually aroused. Once I learned this about him, I go on to tell him what inmates to do child predators in prison.  As I listen to his breath quicken, I eagerly continue to touch on his trigger words; ultimately driving him over the edge putting a smile on my face.

Old fashioned fantasy fun is adult entertainment as it’s finest

Fantasy sessions are just that; fantasy.  Our service and operators, (me included) use adult fantasy entertainment as a means of sexual gratification where no one ever engages in any illegal behavior.  It’s all in good fun using our dirty imaginations, creative minds and filthy mouths to make our clients fantasies and dreams come true while masturbating over the phone.

If you have secret taboo fantasies that you’ve been masturbating to alone that perhaps involve either incest or other perverted taboo phone sex topics such as the one I mentioned above, then I think you should give yourself a little treat and experience orgasmic bliss with me!

I have a multitude of specialties when it comes to fulfilling fantasies, from incest phone sex fantasy fun to perverted phone sex conversations and everything in between. There is little that offends me or that is too kinky or taboo for me to entertain. I am an open minded, experienced intelligent phone sex operator who is ready bring every fantasy that comes my way to life.  Can’t wait to speak with you and take you over the fantasy edge soon!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

Erotic Phone Sex for Pantyhose Fetish Calls

Hello, I’m Blair and I always love hearing from men who have an extreme phone sex fetish or fantasy that they want to talk about with me.  I offer private one on one erotic, taboo fetish phone sex sessions to horny men looking to masturbate while speaking with an intelligent phone sex operator who has knowledge of a multitude of fetishes.

Pantyhose fetish phone sex calls at their finest

A few callers come to mind right away when I think about extremely erotic phone sex fun and pleasurable calls I’ve had.  I have one particular gentleman who calls me to talk about his sexual pantyhose fetish.  He goes crazy when he sees his wife put on a pair and he even loves wearing them himself.  I always have a special pair picked out to put on whenever he calls me to play too.

It’s so much fun rubbing my pussy through the nylon fabric on my pantyhose while we talk.  He strokes his cock through his while we discuss the many ways that we can make each other cum; just like he and his wife do.  When we talk about rubbing his pantyhose covered cock against my pantyhose covered pussy, I get so turned on and really wet.  In fact, I get so turned on that my clit is swollen in no time from rubbing my finger through the silky material.

I close my eyes and pretend it’s his swollen cock rubbing me until I can’t take anymore.  Sometimes he wants me to rub myself through my pantyhose until I cum, while other times he wants to hear me slide my toy into my pussy while he jerks off with his pantyhose in hand.  Either way is incredibly hot!  Cumming with him during our erotic pantyhose fetish playtime is always so much fun and I look forward to hearing from him again soon!

Call me for the sexual fetishes that make your balls ache

No matter what type of fetish fantasies you have, I’m here to satisfy your sexual cravings.  Bring to me your extremely hot nylon fetishes, erotic pantyhose fetishes, stocking fetishes, lingerie fetishes, leather fetishes or whatever clothing items that turn you on and make your cock swell and your balls ache.  I will use my creative mind and sexy voice to seduce you to the point of no return!

So call now and share with me some of the extremely hot fetish fantasies keeping you awake at night.  I can’t wait to hear from you!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865


Erotic Phone Sex Role Play For Medical Examination Fetishes

Hello, I am Blair and I want to hear what it is that you enjoy about a sensual phone sex encounter.  Most callers know that I am a totally taboo girl with lots of different kinks but many of them do not realize just how powerful an erotic and sensual phone sex experience with me can be, even one that includes a kinky fetish or a taboo topic.

Take, for example, a recent caller (Jim) who asked for a medical examination call.  He wanted me to be his fantasy nurse and as you may or may not know, I happen to love a man with a medical fetish so I was only too happy to oblige him.  The thing is, Jim is kind of a shy guy and did not really have a lot of experience with phone sex at all, let alone a medical fetish call, so I knew that if I gave him a more sensual phone sex experience, he was going to be able to enjoy his first time without fear of being pushed too hard.

We began his fantasy role play examination with him disrobing while I waited outside in the hallway.  When I knocked and asked if he was ready for me, I could tell that he was a little bit nervous so I reassured him that he was in very good hands as I gently rubbed his shoulders and told him to lie back on the bed.   While I asked him a few questions about his visit that day I gently took his vital signs and let my hands linger on his wrist and fingers a little longer than usual and I could tell that he was becoming more comfortable with me by the minute.

Gently pressing my fingers down on his belly and then slowly moving them down to his groin area, I noticed that he was beginning to get an erection.  Without any question, I looked directly into his eyes as I slipped my fingers around his cock and slowly rubbed up and down the shaft and under his balls, lifting them gently as I leaned my face in very close to examine them.  By now he was hardly making a sound but I could feel his breaths getting faster and I knew what I needed to do.

Since he presented with some discomfort “down there,” I decided to do an internal exam so I slipped on a pair of rubber gloves and lubed a finger with a warming  gel and asked him to slide to the end of the table and spread his legs.  He seemed really embarrassed but I assured him that this is a standard procedure and that I was going to go slow and easy.  As I inserted my finger into his ass, he instantly clenched around the invasion of my finger so I began to massage around his anus with my other finger until his muscles relaxed enough for me to slide my finger in and out, going deeper each time.

Jim began to move with my finger, his hips slightly lifting up off of the table to meet my gentle thrusts.  I could sense that he was very close to an orgasm so I began massaging his nipples and then leaned down to take his cock into my mouth as I rubbed his nipples and continued to penetrate his ass with my finger.  He was cumming within seconds, filling my warm mouth with his hot load and his examination came to a happy end.

So you see, no matter how hard core, extreme or vanilla you want your fantasy role play call to be, even the most intense fantasy or fetish can be explored in a very sensual way when you connect with a woman who will adapt to your needs.  I make every call a memorable one so don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and lets have an erotic medical fetish fantasy role play today!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

Medical Examinations For Fetish Phone Sex Fantasy Fun

I am Blair and I have to say that when it comes to fetish phone sex fun, medical fantasies have to be some of my very favorites.  I love being able to dress up as Nurse Blair and take a caller through the most thorough of examinations and make his sexual fantasies all come true.

One recent medical fetish phone sex call that I took included a few extreme twists and turns and ended in the most kinky way imaginable and was super hot!

My caller, I will refer to him as Tim for privacy reasons, came into the examination room with several complaints.  He was having trouble with his front and back holes being too tight.  Tim also reported having extreme sensitivity to his nipples and he couldn’t seem to ever quench his thirst.  After doing a quick exam I realized that he was in need of some very specific therapies and I got right to work.

I gathered the equipment that I was going to need and asked the patient to slip into a gown and climb up onto the exam table.   He placed his heels into the table stirrups and I pulled a light in close so I could clearly see what I was doing.  I slipped a gloved finger (which had been already properly lubricated) into his ass and found that he was, indeed, very tight.

I inserted several anal dilators until I found the perfect size to stretch him and then left it in place with a slight vibration going while I began the exam on his penis.  I found that it, too, was extremely tight so using several sound devices I was able to open his pee hole to a more manageable size.  During the exam I noticed that he was becoming quite erect so I quickly moved to his nipples where I manually pinched and squeezed.  I told  him that over-stimulation was key in being able to desensitize them, making him control the sensations that he body was reacting to.

Next, I needed to address his thirst issue and I knew exactly what he needed.  Nurse Blair has a very special drink that she can produce from her pussy and as I mounted his face, Tim quickly realized that the warm liquid flowing from my pussy was just what he needed to bring him to orgasm during our medical fetish phone sex fantasy incorporated with delicious golden showers.

This type of fetish phone sex call is just one of the many different kinds of fantasies I enjoy doing.   Hearing a horny man on the line begging for my sweet nectar always makes for an incredibly hot golden showers phone sex session and always turns me on!

No matter what your fetish is I’m ready to bring your fantasy to life with and for you during a masturbation session that will forever be etched in your mind.  Whether your fetish is with a nasty nurse or involves golden showers or not, call me!   Nothing is off limits and anything goes when you dial my line.  So don’t wait any longer, pick up the phone and lets play!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

Cock Teasing Teen for Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

Hi guys, I’m Blair and I’m feel super horny today!  I really want to engage in a hot and taboo phone sex fantasy call so that I can get off!   Being able to connect with a guy who is just as kinky minded as I am really gets my pussy wet and when things get really down and dirty, I like to let him listen as I finger myself or shove my dildo deep inside.  Doesn’t that sound hot, kinky and fun too?

Want to hear about one of my more recent taboo phone sex encounters?

“Tom” has a fetish for smoking teen princesses and he really gets worked up when I dress like a cheerleader and come over to his house after his wife leaves for work.  I always bum cigarettes off of him and sit and smoke in front of him because I know what a kinky cock tease I am when I hop up onto the kitchen counter and lean forward for him to light me up.  Sometimes I take a girlfriend with me for double the fun!

“Tom” gets so hard when he sees my low cut blouse and I never cease to take the opportunity to lean forward when I am speaking with him so that he can catch a glimpse of my perky teen tits.  Crossing my legs in a very exaggerated way so that he can sneak a peek at my silky panties is always fun too!    You should see the tent that “Tom” gets in his pants; all for me.

Our taboo phone sex calls are always kinky, steamy, wet and wild!  I love sliding his zipper down and pulling his cock out and then bouncing up and down on it while I blow smoke right into his face.  The way he wiggles and squirms underneath of me as he is covered in smoke is so exhilarating to watch and feel.   I never make him use a condom either!  Part of the fun is being able to make “Tom” my personal cream pie clean up man!  After a nice cigarette and a great fuck, I need to have my pussy licked clean.  Isn’t that what every kinky girl desires?

Why not give me a call and let me bring your own taboo phone sex fantasy to life?  If you have a smoking fetish then I’ll be sure to fulfill your fetish desire in every way possible.  If you don’t have a smoking fetish but have a cum eating fetish, be prepared to be my kinky cream pie clean up man who will be craving more!  I want to cum with you today!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865

Age Play Phone Sex: Daughter Licks Daddy’s Asshole Fantasy

Hi guys it’s Blair and I am a taboo phone sex specialist who enjoys exploring all types of fantasies and role play over the phone. I not only offer a no limits experience, but I also encourage my callers to let their inhibitions go during a session with me as it only enhances their orgasmic pleasures.

Let me tell you about a really hot incest age play phone sex call that I had. The fetish phone sex caller told me that he fantasized about having his young daughter lick his ass while she stroked his cock. Now let me disclose that this caller does not really have a daughter, this was just a taboo incest phone sex fantasy he was seeking so I was more than willing to engage in this hot taboo family fun with him.

We began his age play phone sex fantasy by sneaking into her bedroom while she was sound asleep. After all, mommy and daddy love watching her cute little innocent face while she dreams. I pulled down the covers so daddy could see her chubby little exposed legs and little cotton panties underneath of her hiked up nightie.

Daddy unzipped his pants and quietly pulled out his cock and began to rub it against her puffy pink lips and she instinctively licked and opened her mouth just enough for him to coat her lips with a few drops of pre-cum. He was so excited!

As she started to wake up he lowered his pants all the way down to his ankles and turned around. He eagerly began spreading his cheeks and hovering just above her mouth. He got so turn on by feeling her breath against his puckered up asshole right over the top of her.

When her eyes popped open, he pushed his ass down onto her face and she started to tongue his hole. She is such a good girl and she loves her daddy’s attention. She wrapped her arms around daddy’s waist and grabbed onto his cock with her tiny hands. She glided them up and down his throbbing shaft as she continued to dart her little tongue in and out, in and out of his puckered hole.

By this point I was getting so turned on and really wanted in on the fun, so daddy moved over and let me take a turn on her face as she continued stroking him. I loved feeling her soft little tongue rimming my backdoor. Glancing over, I saw him grab her wrists and move her hands to his cock, guiding her as she masturbated him at the same time.

When daddy spewed his load, she and I were both covered in his hot jizz and he leaned down to lick it all up! This type of daddy daughter phone sex fantasy can be incredibly fun to role play and fantasize about while masturbating with the right taboo fetish phone sex partner.

I am open to all types of taboo fetish fantasies, incest fantasy role plays and age play scenarios, especially if they are all rolled into one just like this call was! In fact, I’m ready for another hot call like this one, so pick up the phone and dial me now!

Blair – 1-866-848-9865