Taboo Temptations Says: Thank You for Using Our Service

Hi guys its Kendra again, the owner of Taboo Temptations.  I’m posting this blog to give a personal shout out and “Thank you” to each and every one of our callers.  Whether you’re a first time caller or a long time client, you’re the reason we are still in business.  If you didn’t place calls to the intelligent phone sex operators at my service, they wouldn’t have jobs and I wouldn’t be in business all these years later.

I take great pride in owning and operating this taboo phone sex service for 20+ years.  And I look forward to many more years of providing fantasy phone sex sessions to horny men seeking a sexy voices, perverted minds and creative imaginations.   I am very appreciative and extremely grateful to all our regular clients that choose to use my service and call my operators.  Masturbating alone has it’s perks, but daily masturbation with a like minded woman makes it so much better.

Unfortunately it’s been well over a month now that all of our worlds have been flipped upside down with the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.  I have come to accept that our lives will never go back to the way they once were.  But I am hopeful to resume some level of normalcy in both my personal life and business life in the coming days and weeks ahead.

In addition to the ever changing world we live in, technology is ever changing as well.  It’s a long and tedious task keeping up with things on the back-end of business, but always necessary to keep the wheels spinning.

Fantasy phone sex personalized just for you

Operating an online business that is independently run by one person can certainly be a challenge at times, especially since I can only do one thing at a time. Sure, I can hire outsiders to build our websites, as I have in the past.  However, when they are no longer around, for whatever reason, it leaves me in a pickle.   I have indeed had this happen and it is never a pleasant situation to be in.

With all that being said, I want it to be known that the fantasy phone sex operators here at my service write all of their own blog content; erotic stories, phone sex ads, and role play scenarios.  However, they do not publish them.  I write the main content for our site(s) and strategically place all of our phone sex material on our site(s) for you to read and enjoy.

Over the course of the upcoming weeks you will notice limited content rolling out for you to read.  This is because I am diligently working on the back-end of the business; giving it top priority at this time.  The main goal I have in mind is to make our Taboo Temptations website most efficient and user-friendly for you, our customer on the front end.

I hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and will return to their normal lives soon.  In the meantime, please be patient with me as I make efforts to making your online experience with our website and girls a better one for the future.

Thank you again for continuing to use our service and supporting the girls who work here.  Please continue calling your favorite operators to meet all your taboo phone sex needs, desires, and sexual cravings!


Kendra – Owner – S.T. Connections, Inc.


  1. James on at

    Hey, I would like to call but I’m sometimes worried about the legality of talking about certain topics.

  2. Taboo Temptations on at


    Thank you for your comment and genuine concerns. Your worries are valid. However, I’d like to offer you a different perspective that may put your worries to rest…

    Our fantasy phone sex service is designed to offer people the opportunity to express themselves. We are all humans who are designed with creative minds (the thinking brain). Society gives us rules which we must abide by; therefore legalities are in place; which is a good thing! However, fantasy is just that; fantasy. We are a fantasy service who allows and encourages you to activate your creative mind and embrace it via verbal expression; over the phone.

    Masturbation is a form of “release”. Often times you’ll hear people say it’s a stress reliever. And this is true for our human bodies. It can be of assistance in regulating one’s central nervous system. If you look at it from the angle of “self-care”, especially for those who do not have a sexual partner, it can be considered therapeutic; if that makes sense?

    Because we are all created differently and have different life experiences, certain things or topics can create sexual arousal in our body systems.

    Have you ever heard the expression or saying; “it’s human nature to always want what we can’t have?” If this statement rings true for you as well, then you may understand this can happen with sexual expression as well.

    This is where it can get tricky and lines can blur between fantasy and reality. There is a difference between fun, consensual sexual exploration and body expression and non consensual. This is why there are legalities in place and for good reason, especially when it comes to ages and certain topics.

    I am speculating these are the worries that are arising for you and are completely understandable. It’s a pretty deep subject so your worries are certainly valid.

    Our adult fantasy phone sex service is available for you explore taboo subjects via mental imagery and verbal description with women who share this same perspective. There is no physical bodily harm or mental anguish with consensual adult conversations we provide.

    My operators work from the privacy of their homes and we do not record telephone conversations. All conversations are private between you and the operator you call. My service and operators simply offer you a safe space to bring your fantasies to life without judgment.

    I hope my long winded reply opens your mind to a new and different perspective and eases your worries. Keep in mind that each operator has a different personality and skill set so you might find it helpful to try different operators on for size to see which is the best suited for you and what you are looking for/seeking.

    I hope you find the courage to call and if you do that you have a fun and exhilarating experience!


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