Talk Therapy For Stressful Times of COVID-19

Hi guys, its Kendra, the owner of the phone sex service offered to you here at Taboo Temptations. Wow, the last several days and couple of weeks have been a complete whirlwind! So much has changed in the United States and around the world as COVID-19 has escalated to global proportions. Sadly, we have all been affected in one way or another. Some cities have been put on lock-down, while others are nearing that threshold very soon. Businesses have shut down, people have been laid off, and the level of fear for the unknown has risen substantially.

You are not alone. We too, a small business, has taken a hit during this time. We as taboo phone sex operators are self employed, independent contractors living in different states, most of which have been put on state wide lock-down status. Thus, making our anxiety levels rise to levels we’ve never seen before. As current events have paralyzed many of us, we must continue on with much prayer and positivity.

We want you to know we are still open for business and available for fantasy phone sex calls with you. Some of the operators availability time for taking calls have been disrupted for the same reasons your privacy blocks of time have been diminished too. Not having the alone time as we once did, just a matter of days ago has definitely played a factor for all of us; clients and operators alike.

Taboo phone sex for stress relief

Please know that if sex and or self pleasure are the last thing on your mind, we understand. But also know we are also here for any type of talk therapy you are in need of. As always, our goal is to reduce your stress level with our creative minds and sexy voices. However, if mutual masturbation and or adult fantasy role play isn’t something you’re in the mood for, we understand. If you would rather have a talk therapy session about your personal situation, anxiety or stress levels, we are here for you. We are ready for any topic of conversation you wish to engage in, regardless if it is sexually driven or not.

As we all find ourselves in these extraordinary circumstances be sure to keep your mental health on the to-do list as a priority. We are all living through a time of great uncertainty and do not know exactly what will come in the weeks and months ahead. During these times, it is as important to have a sexual release as it is any type of stress relief. We are an adult service who specializes in providing sexual release using our creative minds and sexy voices to our callers.

If your private blocks of time have been compromised by inadequate alone time and would like to schedule a call with your favorite fantasy phone sex operator please send her a private email to do so. It is our privilege to serve you by providing a safe, judgment free zone where you can have adult playtime over the phone with taboo women who want to reduce your stress level and give you the release you’re after.

We appreciate your business

Our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the COVID-19, including those diagnosed with the virus, all of the caregivers at home and in health care, as well as those whose job or school has been affected.  Please know you are appreciated on both a personal level as well as a business level and we want you, your family and loved ones to follow your individual state orders in place to stay safe and healthy.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and millions of the other horny men with taboo phone sex sessions as we continue spreading positivity and prayer moving forward.


Kendra – Owner – S.T. Connections, Inc.

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