Teen Fantasy Role Play; Babysitter Bouncing on your Dick

Hello! It’s Debbie again and I can’t wait to play with naughty games on the phone with you.  I’m a taboo phone sex operator who does it all.  I enjoy kinky incest role plays where I’m your Mommy and you’re my son or we can flip it around and you role play my Daddy and I’m the daughter you’ve always wanted. It doesn’t have to revolve around incest though.  We can travel wherever your horny mind wants venture.  Tell me your ideas and let’s visit the adult fantasy playground where there are no rules to follow. In fact, drop your walls and release your sexual inhibitions so you can enjoy some much deserved sexual release with me today!

If thinking about fucking the teenage babysitter makes your cock rock hard, then let’s go there!  I know how much some of you kinky phone sex perverts love those little teen kittens, especially when it comes to role playing fantasies about popping their young virgin cherries!  We can simply talk about it while you jerk off, or I’ll role play that hot teenage girl for you for your own personalized babysitter phone sex fantasy. I’d be more than happy to be that babysitter for you; the one who just out of reach and completely forbidden.

After you dropped me off at home last night from babysitting your kids you just couldn’t get me out of your head could you?  Yes, I know you were thinking of me while you were fucking your wife last night too.  In fact, I also know you have been thinking of me while you’ve been “rubbing one out” when you’re alone too.

Blackmail fantasies that make you explode

So what do you say we bring those perverted phone sex fantasies that you have been having about fucking the cock teasing teenage babysitter to life? I’d love to be that hot, wicked teenage girl that you gives you an instant hard on when you see me.  Your sexual urges to poke my pussy are in overdrive tonight so you come up with a plan.  At dinner you tell your wife that you mistakenly left your wallet at home and need to run home and grab it and will only be gone for a short time. To cover your butt you order a round of cocktails for the entire dinner party and tell them you’ll return shortly. Next you head over to the waitress and tell her to refill the cocktails at the table until he returns; even if it means more than a couple of refills.

Your cock is a rod of steel on your drive back to the house and your heart is racing.  After glancing at the clock on the car dash you realize the kids should be in bed and you can talk to me alone for a few minutes.  In fact, you’ve already got a blackmail phone sex plan in your head, don’t you? You’re going to threaten me and make me get naked and spread my legs for you so you can finally poke my pussy.  However, unbeknownst to you I’m already a little busy…

Taboo teenage fantasies for all your cravings

Upon entering the house you expect find me in the living room watching TV, playing on my phone, or even reading a book, but you’re puzzled when you don’t find me there. You start looking for me by checking thing kid’s rooms because you think maybe I’m checking in on them or something.  But no such luck.  When you start to make your way down the hall you see light coming from your bedroom.  There I am fingering my little cunt with one of your porn flicks on the television screen. Your instant thought when you see me is that you’re really going blackmail me now, but before you could even open your mouth to react to the visual you are looking at, I don’t begin to apologize; I immediately start begging you to fuck me!

Of course this is not the scenario you had envisioned while driving home from the dinner party to make your move on me.  And you certainly didn’t imagine those words coming out of my mouth either. So what are you going to do about now?  Who do you think should blackmail who at this point?

I’m open to either taboo phone sex scene when you call me.  You can blackmail me into sucking your cock or bouncing on your dick.  Or if you prefer I can blackmail you into teasing and pleasing my horny teenage cunt the way it needs.  I may not be a teenage girl in life anymore, but it doesn’t stop me from fantasizing I’m that young teen girl again; always horny and craving ooey gooey sticky cum!  Call me for all your taboo cravings whether they are for young teen pussy, babysitter fun or blackmail fantasy play. Can’t wait see where our naughty games lead us…

Debbie – 1-800-460-0025


  1. Jacob on at

    I want to share an underage girl with mommy. Turn her into a teen mommy and make her completely dependent on us.

  2. Debbie on at

    Jacob Yes, let’s breed her and make her our little whore. We would have such fun with this fantasy…

    Call me soon so we can role play this super taboo nastiness!


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