Taboo Phone Sex: Feed Your Cravings for Underage Daughter Fantasy

Hi guys, its Debbie and I enjoy all types taboo phone sex calls, especially being able to engage in fantasy role plays of all kinds with my callers. Whether it’s role playing a young girl for Daddy, or pretending to offer my fantasy daughter to my caller, (fantasy dad), I’m open and ready to bring all your perverted taboo fantasies to life while you stroke yourself to orgasm. Coaxing and verbally encouraging you to stroke it faster and harder as you grunt and groan simply turns me on!

Let me say that I take great pride in myself on being a good wife and mother so whatever my husband “needs” I’m always ready to get it for him.  If you catch my drift – wink.  I love letting my perverted imagination run wild during taboo phone sex fantasies so if you’re looking for a woman who has no boundaries and whose main goal is to make you cum then I may be the woman for you!  Incest fantasy role play that encompasses around age play phone sex is one of my specialties but let me explain a little more…

Intense taboo talk makes my husband cock hard

It’s Saturday morning and my husband and I were awakening for the day when I feel his cock pressing up against me.  It’s no surprise because we are both still recovering from the awesome and intense fuck session from the night before.  In fact, my cunt was still dripping with the thick sticky load he dumped inside me.

My husband and I have been together for a long time and have always been sexually compatible. We both agree that keeping our sex life spicy is very important to us so we began with the “dirty talk” year ago. Thus, naughty role playing is part of our normal routine.  But last night I realized the extra horniness in him and the very taboo talk that had his cock harder than it had been in a very long time only sent my sexual prowess into overdrive!

The simple fact that my naughty taboo words deviant thoughts had him worked up as ferociously as it did put an idea in my head.  We have had countless daddy daughter role plays over the years but if I actually make him cum harder than he ever had by offering him our sweet young daughter instead of just playing the daughter I wanted to do it.  I wanted to please my husband in every possible way and then some.

Snuggle time with Daddy

During open discussions about having a spicy sex life we agreed that incest was a very taboo subject that turned us both on, so in the heat of the moment it’s alright to talk to feed our cravings and achieve ultimate orgasmic pleasure. However, after last night I could sense that my husband wanted more…

I quietly slipped out of bed and down the hall to our daughter’s room. She was fast asleep curled up under her covers. Ever so gently I crawled into bed next to her and started to stroke her hair and tender body to wake her up. When her eyes opened I whispered into her ear that it was time to wake up because Daddy wanted to snuggle with her. I carried her to our bedroom where my husband was now wide awake and in more ways than one! He was propped up on some comfy pillows with his rock hard cock in his hand.

Our daughter’s eyes opened wide when she saw him stroking his dick. He held his arms out for her and she darted from my arms right between his wide spread legs. I slipped her nightgown off so he could see her sweet, tender underage body. As he fed her his cock she wrapped her lips around the flared head, my husband ran his fingers around her puffy nipples till she was moaning on his cock. He loved the way that felt and it only made his dick harder.

By now he had his hands on her head forcing his cock further and further into her mouth and touching the back of her throat. All the while he was telling her what a good little cock sucker she is as she just looked up at him with those sweet adoring eyes.

Unforgettable incest twinkle

He told her to lie back on the bed next to him because it was time for him to see just how ready her sweet, underage cunt was for Daddy’s cock.  I held her legs wide open with her knees bent so he could get down and have a little breakfast treat.

My pussy was on the verge of orgasm when I see her squirm and hear her squeal under Daddy’s tongue. I can’t help myself and start to finger my wet, horny cunt.  To my surprise, I orgasm as I see him mounting her to fill her with his cream. She brings her legs up and Daddy traces the head of his cock up and down those now wet and swollen cunt lips. After he leans in to give her a nice tender kiss he pushes his prick into her hot and very tight little pink pussy.

He tells her what a special girl she is; how pretty she is with Daddy’s cock inside her. He looks over at me as I’m rubbing my cunt again and tells me to put some of his cum from last night from my fingers to our daughter’s lips. I trace my fingers over her lips so she can not only feel Daddy shooting his load into her stretched open pussy but can also taste his cum and Mommy’s juices mixed together at the same time. When my husband thrusts himself inside our daughter until the point of climax I see a twinkle in his eye that I’ve never seen before. An incest twinkle I’ll never forget.

Family fun fantasies to age play done your way

There is nothing like sharing the family love with great taboo sex on a Saturday morning! Incest fantasy role play mixed with a little underage fantasy fun is a wonderful way to start the weekend, especially with a perverted woman like me who enjoys making daddy daughter phone sex fantasies come true!

Would you like to start your day or even weekend off with a taboo phone sex fantasy like this one or one similar? All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial my number and tell me what type of taboo phone sex fantasy you’re looking for and I’ll be sure to make your incest or ageplay fantasy dreams come alive in your mind and I’ll have you blasting a load of cum in no time!

If you are not into incest or family fun, but would rather have an age play fantasy revolving around the sexy little neighborhood girl, the slender little Girl Scout who wears pigtails, or even the sweet little shy girl at church, I’m here and ready to create whatever fantasy girl is on your horny mind.  I’ll be waiting…

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Deviant Phone Sex Fantasy: Accepting Offer For Past Due Rent

Do you have extremely taboo thoughts that you masturbate to when you want to get your rocks off?  I hope so!  I’m Debbie, an extreme phone sex operator who is ready to help you blow a load, two or even three!  I love my job here at Taboo Temptations because I get to talk to and play with so many different men from all walks of life.  Each and every day is a new adventure when it comes to taking taboo phone sex calls.  One day may be all vanilla phone sex fantasies that involves mutual masturbation while we verbally explore each other’s bodies using our imaginations, while other days are taboo calls where I get to use my more sexually deviant side and use my extremely nasty imagination to make men cum with and for me.

I’m a no holds barred kind of gal when it comes to fulfilling fantasies over the phone.  I mean, it’s just fantasy after all, so why not do whatever it takes to have explosive orgasms; right?  We, as humans, have thoughts that we don’t talk about in our everyday lives, so I venture to say that you certainly have sexual thoughts that you don’t talk about too.  This is where I come in.

I want to be the woman you come to and can rely on to give the orgasm release that you not only need, desire and crave, but the woman who helps you maintain your mental sanity as a result.  That’s right, I provide a safe, judgment free environment for your to relieve your stress via orgasm; a very normal part of our existence.  Keep reading to see the types of things we can talk about and or role play via phone.

Fear of eviction

If you like to incorporate a few things in your fantasies, then we’ll have a great time together, because I love it all!  This particular extremely taboo role play fantasy involves incest and is a great family fun phone sex scenario that always makes my pussy cream!

Mr. Smith is my landlord (my caller) and he’s here at my door once to collect rent.  The time frame in which we set the scene is during the pandemic when I’m not working and have no money.  After becoming a young mother, I have grand kids already and they are living with me due to life circumstances.  I knew this was going to happen eventually after avoiding my landlord’s phone calls for months on end.  And today just so happen to be the day and knew it was time to face the music.   With intense fear of eviction I take a deep breath and answer the door anyway.

I am panic-stricken that he will tell me I have to move and he’s evicting me today, but luckily he senses my fear and tells me that maybe we could work something out to catch up the rent past due.  I invite him in and ask him if he would like a cup of coffee or something to drink.  He says yes and makes himself comfortable on my couch; watching my grand kids play on the living room floor.  When I return with his coffee he starts out with some sneaky manipulation tactics. “You are six months behind in your rent now, and you do realize I can kick you and your grand kids out, right”, he states in a hard tone.

He makes an offer I can’t refuse

At this point his tone and demeanor has me very nervous.  I tell him how sorry I am that I got behind, but with my place of employment being closed I couldn’t make any money to pay my rent.  Shaking like a leaf, I asked him if I could have a little more time.  He didn’t fire back a “no”, but instead seemed a bit distracted while staring at my grand kids playing on the floor.  Without looking away from the kids, he said there is a way we can stay and consider the past due rent caught up if I wanted to hear his offer.  When I hear those words come of out his mouth, my anxiety lightens and I tell him I can cook, clean, do office work or absolutely anything else he needed to catch up my past due rent.

He finally broke his glance toward the kids, slid his hand to the crotch of his pants and made an adjustment.  When I see this happen before my eyes, I instantly know what he was thinking in his twisted taboo mind.  “Since you owe me for six months of rent, I feel the only option is for you to allow me to use your kindergarten grandson and granddaughter for my sexual pleasure”, he said in an evil, sinister tone.  I immediately start shaking my head no as a tear drops started falling down my cheeks.  “There has to be another way”, I start pleading.  “No, my mind is made up and you either whore out your grand kids to me today, while you sit here and watch, or you need to move out by Friday”, he barked.

Pedophile games for deviant minds

I’m feeling a mixture of emotions in this moment.  Horror-struck that he would even insinuate such an extremely taboo thing, but also relieved that there was a way out of my past due rent.  When the kids over hear him say we have to move out by Friday, they immediately start crying and saying, “We don’t want to move Grandma, we love living here”.  This is when Mr. Smith leans back on the sofa, adjusts himself again and gives me a wicked, pedophile loving grin.  “You won’t have to move if Grandma agrees to let you play some special games with me”, he tells the kids as he licks his lips.

“Can we Grandma, can we Grandma”, the kids eagerly shout as they bounce up and down with excitement.  With tears streaming down my face I tell the kids that yes, they can play the special games Mr. Smith wants to play, but only because we don’t have anywhere else to live and don’t want to move.

I can now see a wet spot on the front of my landlord’s pants and the enormous bulge trying to break free.  “Take a deep breath Debbie and relax, everything is going to be alright.  Hell, you may even like it”, Mr. Smith whispered in my ear as he began to remove his jacket and shoes.  He gave me a wink, a deviant smile and a pat on my ass just before telling me we were all going to have loads of fun playing pedophile games together.

Extreme fantasy playtime for perverts

After Mr. Smith removed his jacket, he pulled a flask out of the inside pocket.  He took a swig and handed it to me and told me to take a drink and relax because I was going to experience something I’d never forget.  I ended up taking a few swigs and told the kids we were going to do everything that Mr. Smith tells us to do.

Needless to say, the afternoon full of pedophile phone sex fantasy games made both me and my caller cum really hard!  OMG, I had no idea that my landlord was such an extreme pervert and deviant pedophile lover!  I would love to tell you all about what happened after Mr. Smith instructed the kids to get naked to begin our little game.

If you have a deviant phone sex mind like this caller does then I think we need to play!  I can either tell you all about what happened during this extreme phone sex fantasy session, or if you’d rather have a front row seat in fantasy role play like this one of your very own then you should call me!  I specialize in satisfying all sexually deviant perverts!

As you can see I am an open minded, taboo and very perverted phone sex operator who enjoys all sorts extremely twisted phone sex fantasies and this particular one was no exception.  In fact, we have already planned our next session where the youngest happens to be home when he comes to collect rent; deviant giggles.  My sex toys are loaded with fresh batteries and I’m ready to get off when you are!  I can’t wait to hear from you and see what sort of twisted games and trouble us perverts can get into too!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Discreet Fantasy Conversations For Cock Sucking Fetishes

Hello there I’m Debbie, a taboo phone sex operator who offers a discreet, judgment free, safe space to explore all the sexual fantasies that run through you mind when you’re horny.  Many of my callers have confessed that they would love to be able to confide in their wives or girlfriends a fantasy desire or two, but have fear in doing so. Typically I find their fear is rejection. They fear their partner would not understand and shame them for the taboo nature of their specific fantasy; resulting in rejection.

I am here to reassure you that when you call me, you can leave all of your fears behind. I am an opened minded, intelligent phone sex woman who is here to provide you a no limits, taboo fetish phone sex conversation and masturbation session that will leave you satisfied at the end.

If you are wondering how many men have called me as their first time fetish phone sex session, I can answer by saying a lot! There is nothing to be fearful of, scared of, ashamed of or even embarrassed about. We are all human and have sexual fantasies that turn us on; even if they are something one would consider taboo or are fetish in nature.

Inquiring about his sexual desires

One of my most recent taboo fetish phone sex callers told me that it was his first time calling a service and he was really nervous (as most guys are) along with a little fidgety too.  I told him there was nothing to be nervous about and found it very flattering that he chose me.  After assuring him that our service is discreet and confidential, he exhaled a sigh of relief.

I explained that once the billing portion was out of the way and that our time together would be fun, relaxing and oh so enjoyable.  Once back on the line, I told him to lay back and get comfortable so I could begin asking questions.  This type in inquiry is to gather information to work the call.  My goal is to fulfill sexual fantasies so inquiring about what sexually stimulates a man is necessary.

After multiple questions I realized that his major sexual excitement was the thought of sucking another man’s cock. Cock sucking is something that a lot of men call for when they are seeking to have their kinky fetish phone sex needs met.  So with this knowledge I asked my caller if he would like to have a cock sucking fantasy role play.  When his answer was yes, I knew the series of questions to ask him next.

Asking a caller if verbal humiliation is something he likes to incorporate in his fantasy is one of the first questions I ask when a caller is seeking a cock sucking fantasy.  I’m happy to include it or exclude it based on his sexual desires. It was evident that humiliation phone sex is what he was after, because he told me that being called a sissy, faggot and a cock sucking whore make his cock instantly perk up!

Cock sucking surprise for my faggot husband

Now that I had something to work with for his fantasy role play I suggested that I played his wife, and he my husband. It was our anniversary and I had the whole evening planned for us. I found his secret stash of dirty magazines out in the garage so I knew that sucking another man’s cock was what he wanted. We had a nice dinner and then I drove to an adult book store that was a few towns over.

When I put the car in park he asked why we were at the adult book store. I told him it was time to spice up our marriage.  I took his hand and lead him in to the back entrance of the book store.  At first he had a look of confusion on his face, but once I got him on his knees in the booth and his first cock came through the hole, he was in his glory!

“Suck that cock you sissy faggot”, I demanded as I pushed his head towards it. He quickly began to slurp down his first load like a pro and looked up at me begging for another one. Not much time had gone by before another nice dick came slowly through that hole. This one was soft at first but I could tell much bigger.  Again, I demanded that my cock sucking faggot husband to suck him off. He sucked and moaned as it grew in his mouth; like he was a cock starved baby. I could tell he love his cock sucking surprise and I laughed and giggled at my husband telling him what a good cock sucking faggot he was. The more cock he sucked the bigger the spot on the front of his pants got.

Humiliation for cock sucking fetish desires

By the time he was done milking the third cock, his own cock was aching to be released out of his pants. I unzipped his pants, released his hard shaft and told him to start stroking. I continued his humiliation phone sex fantasy by calling him a cum drinking fag, cock sucking faggot, hungry homo and a few other names and he beat himself to orgasm.

My caller expressed to me that he very pleased by the end of his very first humiliation phone sex call because I took the time to get to know him and learn about his sexual desires before I just jumped right into something he wasn’t really looking for or into.

If you are looking for an experienced woman who really wants to fulfill your fetish needs with cock sucking phone sex fantasy then give me a call! I’d love for you to relax, get naked, and stroke away with me today!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Fantasy Mommy For Adult Baby Diaper Fetish Fantasy Cravings

Hey guys its Debbie and I just love it when new callers dial me up and tell me that they want to have a mommy phone sex experience with me. It’s fun to mix up the fantasy role plays I do over the phone each day and today was no exception. So here it is for the record… I want guys to know that I don’t only do pedophile phone sessions with callers who are into little girls, but I do all sorts of taboo phone sex sessions with horny men who are looking to have an intense orgasms.

Grown men who like to role play as little sissy boys that can’t keep their hands off of their pee pees are always fun to play with. And we can’t forget the horny little boys who sneak around when Mommy isn’t looking; only to steal her panties and masturbate during her shower time, are just a couple of my favorite mommy phone sex role plays that I enjoy.

Adult baby fantasy for diaper lovers

Just the other day a very horny gentleman called me and asked how taboo will I go with my son? He was searching for mommy son phone sex fantasy and wasn’t sure if I was the one for him. With my ears wide open, I listened intently as his confession came to the surface.  My caller explained that he was behind his home office door while his wife was cleaning house. She was under the assumption he was working hard for his family, but in reality he was completely naked, begging Mommy Debbie to stick him in a diaper.

When I came back on the line after completing the business end of things, I could hear his labored breathing on the other end of the phone. My phone sex caller was clearly looking for some age play humiliation as evidenced by his submissive begging tone. He started to beg me to put him in a diaper, all the while telling me that Mommy he couldn’t trust him to not to have an accident in the house. He was talking like an adult baby and using the word “diapee” instead of diaper which told me he was really into this adult baby, diaper loving fantasy.

As we moved forward for this taboo phone sex fantasy I learned he was curled up in the corner of his room playing with his little boy penis when I walked into his bedroom.  He kept asking mommy, “is it okay to make my pee pee squirt?” Clearly he wanted my permission to get off during our mommy phone sex session, but that just wasn’t going to happen right away. I firmly told him no. I told him that he would not be ejaculating with his little penis until he made a mess in his diaper.

Mommy instructs son to urinate in his diaper

After a little complaining and grumbling under his breath my son laid down and I diapered him up, like a good little boy. Once all diapered up, my baby boy verbally described how warm the diaper was and how it cradled around his penis and testicles; making him feel so good. Next, I instructed him to put a little lotion into his diaper and play with himself. “Just move side to side and feel that little penis get hard”, I said.

Of course he did exactly as he was instructed. But soon after his little pee pee was raging hard, I told him to start pushing on his tummy. I told him that until he released his bowels and soiled his diaper I would not allow him to experience a full release. He couldn’t believe that I was going to make him, an adult baby diaper lover, soil his perfectly warm and clean diaper.

Just as he began to whine a little I started telling him that he was a bad boy and was disappointing Mommy. Those were things my sweet son did not enjoying hearing, so he did just as I commanded. I heard him moaning as he began to urinate inside of his diaper, filling it up to the brim with pee. It was wet, warm and expanded around him. I praised him and told him it was now time for his reward.

ADBL fantasies to make you cum

I lay back on the floor after removing my panties and starting playing with my sweet cunt, legs wide open. This was sure to make him squirt his pee pee after having a full diaper. As I was fingering my pink, wet cunt I just kept repeating to him “make your widdle pee pee squirt” and within seconds of urinating for a second time, he started to cum. As he was squirting his load, he was moaning and groaning into the phone just like mommy loves.

There’s nothing like a good mommy phone sex call to break you into the world of ABDL phone sex! If you have a secret diaper fetish and love being in a diaper, or pretending to be an adult baby, then you should give me a call for your very own ABDL phone sex fetish fantasy session! ABDL – adult baby diaper lovers are going to be in for a real treat when you call me, Mommy Debbie.  Pick up the phone and let’s get your diaper fetish phone sex fantasy session started today!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Deviant Fantasies for Twisted Pedophile Fantasy Lovers

Hello boys, it’s Debbie and I just have to throw this out there… if perverted phone sex could rule the world, we’d all be lost in sinful fantasy land and we’d never get anything done, right? Ha ha! Well baby, that’s where I come in. I would venture to say that ninety nine percent or more of our daily time is spent playing the role of an adult with responsibilities and such, but when you call me, its fantasy playtime so we can let loose!  That’s right, let your inhibitions go and enjoy a deviant and perverted sexual encounter were everything goes!  I firmly believe there is definitely some therapeutic value to having frequent orgasms, so why not have some phone sex therapy with me today!

Get off with twisted fantasy pedophilia tales

If you’re looking for a deviant phone sex goddess then you may have just met your match. Perverted pedophilia is just the tip of the iceberg with me. I can use my own personal experiences from my past or I can make up tons of twisted phone sex tales for my callers to get off to during deviant fantasy sessions with me.  In fact, I’d love to be on my back with a pretty little girl between my legs for you. She’ll have her mouth on my cunt, but her eyes on me. I will dart my eyes back and forth between the two of you. First her, then you, as you stand bedside watching us with your dick in your hand.

You see the pleading looking in my face as my eyes meet yours. Instinctively you know just what I need. Your hand moves around my throat and you tighten your grip just enough. Mmmmm, you know how much that tiny mouth on my cunt and the pressure of your squeeze ignites my pussy don’t you? As I’m grinding my pussy into that sweet little angel between my legs I realize that this is a double ended fantasy and circles back around to you. That’s right; you’re the twisted, perverted fuck who loves getting off to underage fantasies. But what you don’t know is that even though you are the one fucking her right now, I’m the one really getting off!

Pussy smothering fantasies for twisted underage orgasms

My favorite part is listening to (and describing) her taking your great big man dick. Seeing the look in her eyes with big tear drops as she fades in and out of consciousness makes my pussy drip. As you hand her back to me, I tell you to shove her down there; pointing to my cunt. You tell me to tighten my thighs around her little head so she can’t move.

With your dick head leaking and my pussy dripping wet, you tell me to hold her head and roll over on top of her and smother her with my pussy. I do just that. I’m grinding myself onto her little body as you…

Mmmmm… are you still standing next to the bed watching and jerking off, or are you fucking me from behind while I smother the little bitch with my cunt? Where will you be busting your nut baby? I’m open to where ever you’d like! Either, inside me or on me, or even inside that tiny little pink hole! Wherever you’ll explode the hardest is where I want you to blow.

If you’re a nasty, perverted pedophile fantasy fuck like me, then call me for your very own, personalized deviant phone sex fantasy session today! If I don’t answer the first time you try me, feel free to drop me an email to set up an appointment for some twisted phone sex playtime with me. Talk to you soon!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Erotic Phone Sex Fantasy For Daddy Daughter Rape Role Play

Hi guys its Debbie.  I just recently celebrated my one year anniversary here at Taboo Temptations and I can’t even begin to tell you all what a wild ride it’s been! I mean, I’ve been talking dirty to men for years but doing this with a professional taboo phone sex service has only intensified my personal cravings for taboo incest sex even more!  Doing calls at this service has certainly made me realize that I’m not alone when it comes to dirty deviant fantasies, especially incest phone sex with Daddy.

I really enjoy role playing a much younger version of myself, especially when it comes to erotic phone sex fantasies. You know; the taboo kind of erotic fantasies that involves both incest and rape.  My pussy becomes instantly wet when a caller dials me and tells me that he’s a dirty, deviant daddy looking for a nasty little girl.  There is no question in my mind that it is due to all the incestuous sex from my colored past while growing up.

If you are a deviant phone sex daddy looking for an erotic phone sex operator who will make you blow your wad, then pick up the phone and let’s get started!  There are so many scenarios that run through my dirty mind so it’s impossible to pick a favorite, so here’s an example of an erotic incest story if you are up for the role play challenge and it goes something like this…

Daddy needs his little slut daughter

I’ve always loved being home while my Daddy was heading off to work.  This morning when he left he kissed me deep and hard and grabbed my ass tight as he told me to have a good day!   Something in my belly told me that today was going to be a different type of day for me.  That’s why it didn’t surprise me when I heard Daddy’s key in the door at lunchtime.  I could tell that he needed his slut daughter by the look in his eye.  That told me I was going to get it and get it hard!

Usually when Daddy needs his little girl he’s very loving and tender.  But not today!   He walked up to me; grabbed my arm and dragged me down the stairs to our bedroom.   He stood over me, tall and strong as I sat on the edge of our love making bed.  He opened his pants and immediately his cock popped out big and already hard!

I adore my Daddy’s cock and I love sucking it and taking it into my slut holes to make him happy, but today even his cock looked enraged.  I looked up into his eyes and the lust I saw scared me but yet excited me at the same time.  He grabbed the back of my head and demanded that I suck his dick. He pushed and pushed his rock hard cock further and further to the back of my throat till I was gagging and drooling all over it.   Barely able to breathe, I looked back up at him and all he kept saying was “suck my cock”!

Begging Daddy to fill me with his seed

Daddy slips his big hand inside my shirt and begins squeezing and pinching my tits. As I moan with his cock in my mouth he tells me what whore I am. He then pulls his cock out of my mouth, pushes me on the bed, grabs my legs and spreads them wide open.  I knew something was different when I see the glare in his eyes as he looks at my soaking wet panties.

He runs his fingers over the slit of my cunt really hard and pushes my wet panties into my fuck hole all while degrading me for having such a wet cunt.   Not even bothering to take my panties off, he spreads my legs even wider; stretching me open while he shoves his cock deep inside me.  He said his daughter’s cunt belongs to him and he was going to fill it with his baby making seed.

Nothing tender about Daddy today; he slams his dick deep inside me, making me cry out in pain with each thrust.  My painful cries put a smile on his face and make him start pounding my cunt harder and harder. He tells me to cry out in pain while begging him to fill my nasty slut cunt.

As he is pounding himself into my fuck hole he leans forward covering me with his hot sweaty body and starts to bite on my neck and shoulders. By this time I am crushed under him; crying and begging him to fill me with his Daddy seed. I even start begging for his Daddy seed as he rapes me with his huge hard daddy cock. “Rape my cunt Daddy”, I begged until I finally felt him blow his hot sticky load into my sweet honey hole.

Daddy daughter rape fantasies come true

Mmmmm… I secretly hoped Daddy would plant his seed inside of me during this incest phone sex fantasy and I’m not quite so sure who needed this afternoon more, Daddy or me! I cum so hard each and every time I think of erotic phone sex fantasies that involve incest with Daddy and rape all rolled into one.  There is nothing hotter than taboo daddy daughter phone sex, especially with a dirty deviant man who is just as nasty, if not nastier than me!

If you a horny Daddy looking for some rape or forced sex with your daughter I’d love to be the fantasy daughter of your dreams!  I will give you the daddy daughter phone sex fantasy you have been jerking off to while thinking about. You can rape all my sweet honey holes just the way you want. You can start out slow and gentle or you can rape me forcefully and violent until your balls explode.

Erotic phone sex fantasies that involve Daddy spraying his baby making batter in my sweet cunt always make me hot! And I must say that using my sex toys while playing with my callers over the phone makes it that much hotter!  What are you waiting for Daddy? Pick up the phone and let me make your taboo incest fantasy of impregnating your daughter come true today!

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825

Intense Masturbation: Divulge Your Sexual Incest Secrets

Hi there I’m Debbie and I know that extreme phone sex fantasies can bring out some very touchy subjects and sometimes those subjects can be downright abusive and definitely addictive.  Although  it’s only been almost a year since I started my taboo phone sex career here at Taboo Temptations, I have built up my confidence in making sure that your sexual fantasies can and will be met with me, either with intelligent conversation or fantasy role play.

Let’s get a bit twisted shall we? Let’s talk about your Mother.  The single Mother that is just getting by and has had her world flipped upside down by a nasty divorce or her husband just disappear.  Extreme phone sex touches base on a lot of taboo matters and your fucking mother being a nasty little fuck whore is just one of them and can be boxed into the incest phone sex fantasy realm.

There is nowhere to hide once I throw this card on the table because frankly it’s a very deep and intense weak spot with a lot of men. Unbeknownst to you, watching your mother in deep humiliating situations has sparked a sexual twinge in your pants.  Remember that smell of her stockings and heels when she came in from a long night of sex and drinking? The smell that was always sure to make your little dick stand at attention.  Am I starting to get warm?

Perhaps you are an extreme phone sex caller who has experienced watching your own mother ride the train with a couple of nice big black cocks and just want to talk about it with someone.  Someone who understands those feelings you have now when you think about it.  Don’t keep incest secrets anymore I’m here for all your incest confessions and more!

Reveal your sexual incest secrets

If you’ve been searching the internet looking for the perfect woman to reveal and expose your dirty little incest secrets with, then you’ve found your match! I’m a no taboo talking woman who will never judge you.  In fact, I want you to feel completely comfortable with me.  Come on, it’s alright; tell me what’s on your mind.

When you were a little boy did you find yourself digging for your slutty mother’s dirty panties so you could rub your little weenie with them?  Maybe she even caught you and Mommy was lucky enough to experience her baby boy in ways that would turn your cheeks red if anyone really found out?  Your incest filled secrets are safe with me.

I am an intelligent phone sex operator and woman who is ready to take your breath away as we discuss the sexual encounters you have experienced throughout your life, early years included.  I want to be your “safe space” where nothing is too taboo or off limits.  Call me to experience the freedom to explore all the extremely taboo places your mind travels, either from past experiences or simply fantasy.

I never want you to feel embarrassed, ashamed or simply weird about the thoughts that travel through your mind. Trust me; between my own personal experiences along with this taboo phone sex job I think I’ve probably heard it all!  I’d love to blow your mind with masturbation session that is so intense that you’ll never be able to erase me from your mind.  I must warn you though; several of my callers have classified me as their newest addiction.  Get comfortable and join me for your own personalized incest phone sex session and let’s see if I can make your orgasm one you won’t soon forget too!

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