Taboo Phone Sex Fantasy: Kinky Student Blackmails Teacher

I’m Rhonda, your passionately perverted kinky phone sex fetish fantasy freak! If you looking for a hardcore, taboo phone sex playmate that will push you to your edge and beyond, then look no further!  Now, don’t get me wrong; I will do vanilla phone sex calls all day long.  I will make your cock pulsate to the beat of your heart as your hot load of spunk works its way up your cock until it erupts like a loaded volcano.  But I must admit that when I’m deep in my wickedly twisted imagination; spinning tales of filthy forbidden hardcore fantasies full of provocative perversion is when my cunt becomes its juiciest!  Pushing your limits and making you orgasm harder then you’ve ever imagined is what I enjoy the most, but having the tables turn on me drives me absolutely wild too!

Erotic seductions become phone sex addictions

When you dial into my taboo phone sex line, I want to take a couple of minutes getting to know each other. Just lay back and relax.  Close your eyes and slowly start stroking as you listen to my sexy, mesmerizing voice.  I will coax you to release your inhibitions and share your deep, dark and most extreme sexual dreams, fantasies and desires.  I want to learn all about the things that sexually stimulate you, including your trigger words. The specific words that make your dick jump.  I’ll then I’ll have you entangled in my web of erotic seductions and before you know I’ll become your newest taboo phone sex addiction.

A recent taboo phone sex caller dialed in and was in the mood for a totally twisted teacher student phone sex fantasy.  This particular caller likes his calls a little extreme sprinkled with a lot of kink.  And today’s kink was all about blackmail.  He wanted to role play a young, teenage high school boy with raging hormones and me of course, the hot sexy teacher for his kinky phone sex fantasy session.  What I wasn’t expecting was the intensity of the orgasms that soon became a reality.

This particular student stops by my classroom between classes and sometimes during lunch just to chat.  Of course I know he’s attempting to flirt with me based on the ongoing discussion he and his friends have been recently having.  The boys think they are being quiet and discreet when talking about how they’d have their way with me (their sexy hot teacher), but clearly were not discreet enough because I heard every word and even blushed a little.  Little did I know it was more than just a case of a horny teenage student lusting for his teacher.

Horny teacher masturbates in private office

After I ate a quick bite for lunch I decided to relax for a few minutes on my small sofa in my private office before my next class started.  However, all I could think about was the incredible sex I had with my boyfriend the night before and I was extremely horny.  The window blinds looked closed and I had already locked the classroom door (or so I thought) so I figured why not release this pent up energy making me horny and masturbate before my next class started.

I hiked my skirt up to my waist and got flat on my back.  After kicking off my heels I placed one leg up on the arm of the sofa and began fingering my cunt after sliding my panties to the side. I rubbed my clit and finger banged my hole until I squirted several times over. While I was in my own little world pleasuring myself, I must have tuned out all the external sounds coming from inside my classroom.  This must have been when my teenage student had slipped in and heard me in my private office, decided to take action and slip back out before I noticed. And so the blackmail begins…

Student blackmails sexy teacher into submission

The next day during class my teenage student asks me if he can talk to me after school.  Of course I said “yes” and would wait for him.  When he arrived I invited him into my private office and left the door open.  Using a confident voice and aggressive tone he began by telling me that he and his friends wanted to gangbang me and force me to suck and fuck them.  I was in total shock and completely appalled at what I was hearing out of his mouth directly to my face.  Without blinking an eye I closed the door then told him he completely disrespectful and that I was going to report him to the principal for speaking to me in such a fashion.

This is when my student pulls out his cell phone, opens up a video and points it in my direction.  It was only seconds later that I realized it was a video he took of me yesterday during my lunch break!  Unbeknownst to me, thinking I had locked the classroom door and the mini blinds to my private office were closed, I exposed myself masturbating.  I became instantly enraged and told him he had no right to invade my privacy.  Clearly the mini blinds left enough of a gap for him to hold his phone up to the window and record me!

This blackmail phone sex fantasy started to get really good when he told me that he was going to post this masturbation video of me on Facebook so the entire school could see if he didn’t agree to show up to his house later that night.  At that point I felt completely trapped and agreed to do whatever he said.  His plan to blackmail his sexy teacher into submission was under way.

Teen student handcuffs teacher to bed

As the evening approached my anxiety increased as I drove over to his house.  Once inside I tried my best to talk him into just deleting the video but wasn’t having any part of it.  I did however; make him promise that if we had sex, he would delete it after we finished the deed.  I reluctantly followed him to his bedroom and slowly undressed as instructed by this teenage boy who was now blackmailing me. He sat back on his bed and eagerly watched my every move until I was down to my panties and bra.

When I turned my head to place my clothing on the floor I was startled by the force of his hand grabbing my wrist and handcuffing them to the bedpost.  I fought as hard as I could to keep him from doing this but his strength was just too over powering. There I was; helpless with my wrists and ankles handcuffed; spread eagle to the bed.  At this point I didn’t know what to think about this young teenage student who had what I would call a “crush” on me.

Within seconds there he was standing naked beside the bed with a menacing look on his face and stroking his young teenage prick.  Next he climbed on top of the bed, straddles my waist, dropped his hard young cock between my tits and squeezed them together before he started pumping his shaft between them. All the while I’m thinking to myself that this young teenage boy sure knows what he’s doing for being so young.

Horny teenage student gives teacher climax of her life

The next thing I know I’m brought back to reality as I begin chocking on his swollen head buried deep inside my throat.  My reflexes kick in and I start sucking and slurping on his throbbing cock as it plunges in and out of my mouth until it start spewing out hot ropes of spunk down my throat.

While catching my breath I feel him crawl down my body to my open thighs and now aroused pussy.  I gasped for air when I felt his wet, warm tongue start to tickle my clit. My back arched when I felt his strong fingers dart inside my fuck hole and it wasn’t long before I felt his entire face buried deep between my folds.  He was eating me out so good that he made me climax harder than I had ever climaxed before.

I could hardly believe that this horny teenage student could turn me into a cock craving whore that I felt like in that moment and now I wanted more!  This was perfect opportunity to tell him that I overheard him talking with his classmates, so I told him to call his friends and tell them come over for the gangbang fuck they’ve been dreaming about.  But before his friends could dive in I begged him to fuck me first. Without any hesitation he drove his hard, throbbing young cock deep into my cunt then humped and fucked me bareback as I felt his hot steamy load shoot inside me as I climaxed again. This blackmail rape had turned into an erotic phone sex fantasy role play I will never forget!

Kinky erotic blackmail fantasies and more

I get hot and bothered each and every time I think about this super kinky, twisted taboo phone sex fantasy and find myself craving hard throbbing young cock more and more.  If you’re looking to take a step back in time and play the role of a horny teenage boy who is hot for his teacher, then pick up the phone and let’s play! We do make it a blackmail rape that turns erotic like in this fantasy role play, or we can twist it in any direction your cock desires.

I’m even willing to take this kinky phone sex fantasy in a multitude of twisted fetish directions too.  Perhaps you have a stocking or nylon fetish, or even a high heel fetish that makes you hot for you your teacher.  Whether you’re looking to blackmail your teacher or you want your teacher to blackmail you, I’m game; either way works for me. Are you ready to give me a try?  I’ll do whatever it takes to rock your cock and make all your dreams come true!  Tell me what’s on your perverted mind and making your rod stiffen and together we will create a taboo phone sex fantasy that will blow both our socks off!  Pick up the phone, dial my number and let’s get started today! I’ll be waiting…

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