Twisted Fantasy School for Extreme Punishment Pain and Pleasure

Hi guys, I am Alexis and I am here to tell you about one of my favorite extremely twisted phone sex fantasies. Welcome to my school for women, girls, and others needing an education, not only of the 3 R’s, but in discipline, sexual submission, and more!

There are many phases of my program, from staff training and indoctrination, to beginning levels for the youngest girls, and advanced training for teens and beyond. We also off a special return program where the women can be sent back for additional training by any man in their life. Bosses send their secretaries, husbands send their wives, and of course fathers who send their daughters.

I know you’re most interested in the extremely twisted taboo rules I have set up. Let’s start at the beginning with our youngest group of girls. We start as young as kindergarten and most of the girls are brought by their Daddies to be groomed into the ideal women. The twenty girls in this group are gathered on their first day and lined up on the stage in the auditorium. One at a time they are stripped naked and immediately taught that there is no such thing as modesty here. They are encouraged to behave and do as they are told by their trainers, young women from an advanced program, with a spanking demerit system. Every infraction is noted and added up at the end of the day. 1 demerit, a bare hand spanking , 2 demerits, bare hand and bare bottom and 10 demerits is a caning, stripped naked in front of the entire school, and bound naked and exposed to a cross for her beating.

The next morning all punished girls are sent to me for a bottom inspection where they bend over, touch their toes, legs spread wide and wait for me to pull their panties down to expose their sore asses. They can’t help but grind against my hand when I start to rub their bald little pussy slits too. It’s best to teach them about punishment, pain, and pleasure at a very young age. As they get older they are taught to experience some shame and humiliation as part of their ongoing discipline. How fucking hot is it when they experience their first orgasm at my hands?

Of course all the men who have sent their females are invited to attend our weekly Saturday morning discipline sessions and a private party after. This is when the girls show off their serving abilities and their newfound sexual urges. When your teen daughter is on her knees sucking on your cock and she is teaching her younger counterpart the finer parts of pleasing her man, you can’t help but unload your cum right on her innocent face. Watching the first grader licking your cum off your daughter’s face is making you hard again. Taking a look around the room, you know you made the right choice sending her to my school of twisted phone sex fantasies cum true.

Stay tuned for more tales of my extremely twisted and very taboo School for Girls curriculum. Is there a young girl or woman you’d like to send to my school for enrollment? I’d love to hear who you have in mind and course when you call me for your twisted phone sex session, I will tell you all the little details and more! Call me soon!

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    Thats a school we all need

  2. Alexis on at

    Right?! One of my favorite phone sex fantasies to play. If you’d like to hear more or have ideas to share, I hope you’ll give me a call sometime 😉

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