Cuckold Husband Begs Bull to Fuck Cheating Wife Fantasy

Hello boys, I’m Alexis and if you’re seeking cuckold phone sex with a woman who understands the ins and outs of what cuckold sex is all about then I may be the woman for you.   If you have questions about being cuckold husband, then perhaps reading further is exactly what you need…

You pull up to your driveway after a long, hard day at work and notice a car you have never seen before parked in your spot. Annoyed and tired you walk into your typical suburban house and call out for your wife. No response. You call her name again and when she still isn’t answering you walk to toward your bedroom with a feeling of anxiety, dread, and even a little bit of excitement. As you get closer you hear her moaning and almost screaming. You stop dead in your tracks when you hear another voice; a male voice, yelling at your wife, “Take it bitch, and back that ass up on this nigger dick”.

Did you just cum in your pants? This is the type of cheating wife scenario you fantasize about isn’t it; your beautiful wife being used by another man while you watch (or not), or even walking in on her. Calling me for cuckold phone sex will tell you everything you need to know, even the things you don’t want to know, and exactly what it will mean to be your wife’s cuckold. Let’s have some real talk too; honest conversation about what it really means from a woman’s perspective. If she’s going to embrace the hot, cheating wife lifestyle it’s always going to be with a bigger and better dick

Mandingo breeding your wife

If you are uncertain what a bigger, better dick means then let me inform you.  It means big black cock (BBC), or simply put, a superior cock to your pathetic white dick. And it doesn’t matter how big your dick is, it will never big enough and good enough for your lovely bride. It is true what they say about “once you go black you’ll never go back”.  I mean, how fucking horny do you get thinking about his Mandingo cock filling her up with his potent sperm and breeding her too? You know she’s not on birth control and he is absolutely fucking her bare back. Once she starts popping out those little black babies, everyone you know will now know what a cuckold hubby you really are!

As her cuckold husband you better be ready to make her bull lovers happy too. Helping her get ready, buying them both dinner, and having the bedroom ready for when they get back. If she’s anything like me, you’ll be waiting by the door on your hands and knees dressed only in panties and your pretty pink collar around your neck. In fact, if you were my cuckold phone sex husband, I will use as my fluffer tonight too.

You’ll be sucking his cock good and hard to get him ready for me. Remember the instructions?  Beg him to fuck me because you can never make me cum like he does. Be a good cuckold husband and guide that beautiful BBC into her pretty white cunt.  Her pussy is his now and you should be grateful to be this close to his property. In fact, it’s the only way you’ll get tastes of her pussy from now on; off his cock or when it’s filled with his cum.

Cuckold husband fantasy play

Does this type of cuckold phone sex fantasy excite you?  Which part excited you the most?  Catching your wife in the act, the fact the cock she was getting was a big black cock, or being dressed up in a pretty pink collar around your neck?  If you chose one, two or all three of those things then I think we’ll have an awesome cuckold phone sex session!

If you’d like to elaborate on the BBC / big black cock part of this taboo phone sex fantasy we can do that too!  All you have to do is say the word because the only fucking you’ll be doing as my cuckold husband will be being the recipient of my BBC strap on cock or even a real black cock up your ass! When you become a cuckold husband, it’s all about your wife and her lover’s world and you should be thanking them for letting you be a part of it.

I’m here to bring your cuckold desires and BBC phone sex fetishes to life via adult phone entertainment, so let’s play!   If you’re new to the world of being a cuckold husband just let me know and we’ll explore every nook and cranny to figure out what turns you on the most.  Can’t wait to hear from you!

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Twisted Fantasy Fun for Extreme Phone Sex Encounters

Hello there, I’m Alexis.  One of the most common questions I get when men dial my line is what my favorite taboo phone sex fantasy is.  My answer is always the same; “why do I have to choose one?!” Variety is the spice of life and it’s the spice of my real life sexual encounters and phone sex adventures alike. I am definitely on the Dominant side and even my friends call me “The Boss”. That doesn’t mean I have to be the Dom but I likely won’t be your submissive either. I love to fuck and I love to phone fuck too. Getting my callers to cum really hard is my goal and I love it best when you are loud; there is nothing better than hearing cum explosions in real-time!

Massage client gets a special surprise

If you searching for an extremely naughty accomplice then I may be your match.  I have a burning flame that’s ready to be set on fire again with the right extreme phone sex partner. Will it be you?  Just how extreme do you like it?  I’m game for whatever trips you trigger like one of my recent callers.  This particular call was one of the hottest accomplice phone sex fantasies I’ve had in a long time and I’m ready for more!

It is “take your daughter to work day” so of course I have to be the good Mom and bring my daughter to work even though my job at the massage parlor isn’t quite the appropriate job for a super young girl (use your imagination to pick any age). But hey, I don’t make the rules; I only play along.

The best part of this accomplice phone sex fantasy was when I told my massage client that today was his lucky day because I was offering a special due to having my daughter with me.  He was shocked, but thoroughly excited when I explained his massage included his cock being massaged with my daughter’s tight little puckered ass!  At first he was in disbelief but once he realized I was serious, he didn’t last long.  Laugh if you will, but you wouldn’t last long either once you felt her tight, little hot preteen butt hole milking every fucking drop of cum out of your cock too!

Slobbering all over your nasty cock

Twisted phone sex fantasies can go in many directions and the more extreme the better, wouldn’t you agree?  I enjoy playing the accomplice role no matter who my partner is and what he’s looking for.  Would you like to play the role of my landlord for an extreme phone sex fantasy?

When you, my landlord, knocks on my door tonight for the rent, I don’t hesitate to offer my young daughter (and or son) in lieu of payment. They are so fucking adorable on their knees slobbering all over your nasty cock.  In fact, it’s so nasty that I can’t help but rub my own cunt while I watch as you fuck their little pink mouths. Twisted taboo talk and fantasy role plays that bring accomplice phone sex fantasies to life are just a few examples of things that get me and my callers off.

Extreme incest and cherry popping fun

As you can see, I’m a nasty woman with a very twisted mind.  I have an insatiable appetite for extreme phone sex fantasies because hearing men cum over the phone with such taboo talk always puts a smile on my face. If you also want to incorporate a little bit of incest with your taboo phone sex experience with me, then I’m game for that too!

If extreme incest fantasy role play if what gets your rocks off then let’s take your extreme fantasy ideas even a step further…  I’m your perverted pedophile loving wife and you’re my willing husband. Of course, that’s probably why you married me. It’s our daughter’s first teen birthday and now is the time to pop that cherry of hers. I’ve been preparing her for months and even gave her very first orgasm with Mommy’s tongue.

I did make sure to keep her tight little fuck box and intact though, because no one better than Daddy to be the first to fuck his little girl. And it’s not just her pussy cherry we are going to pop tonight, but her pink backdoor rosebud will be getting a workout too. I can’t wait until I’m cumming on her face while you are cumming in her no longer virgin holes.

My hope is that after reading this blog you can you fully grasp why my reply to the question; what is my favorite taboo phone sex fantasy. I love them all and love them the most when we twist them all together!  If you are looking for an extreme phone sex fantasy with a twisted accomplice who loves incest phone sex as much as you do, then don’t hesitate and pick up the phone and dial me today!

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Nigger Dick Cuckold Fantasies with Real Life Cuckoldress

Hi boys, I’m Alexis and I a cuckold phone sex specialist here to service all of your fetish fantasies to their fullest. Not only are cuckold fantasies one of my favorite phone sex topics, but I am a Cuckoldress in my real life as well.

I was in my late teens, dating an awesome older guy; well, awesome in every way except with his little tiny dick. He knew how to spoil me, gave the best pedicures, and would even spend hours with his tongue up my ass. You know where this is going don’t you? As much as I tried to make it alright, his little tiny dick just wasn’t enough for me, so I set out to find myself a well hung lover. The next weekend I told the boyfriend I was going out with the girls, but in reality I was getting myself some hard, fat cock that I was in much need of. Of course that relationship didn’t last long, he couldn’t deal with me cheating and I couldn’t deal with the lack of a real dick.

Those years taught me that I am truly a size queen and with that became BBC lover too! Once I had those big dicks, I never looked back and believe life is too short to fuck small dicks. No worries though, I have other ways of lavishing attention on you. Listen to my wicked laugh on our cuckold phone sex call as I compare your puny peenie to my lover’s 11″ thick fat pole.

Cuckold fetish lovers dreams come true

I’ll let you jerk your little dicklet as you tell me how you fantasize about watching your wife or girlfriend bent over and pounded by a real man’s cock. Let’s face facts, even if you have an average cock, your wife deserves the pleasure she can only get from a big black nigger dick using her (and you!) as his little white slut bitch.  I enjoy talking about and sharing experiences of cream pies; cream pie eating phone sex, fluffing, forced cock sucking, strap-on cocks, breeding, and so much more with cuckold fetish lovers over the phone. Just remember that nothing is off limits and most likely won’t shock me since I’ve lived the lifestyle for years now.

If you’re looking for a little incest mixed in with cuckold fetish fantasy I’d love to play your Cuckold Mommy. We both know that you’ll never measure up and be like the other boys in school, especially when you see those big black nigger dicks in the boy’s locker room. You’re so embarrassed but Mommy will teach you it’s not the end of the world.  In fact, it will be the beginning of your tiny dick humiliation and cuckold sissy slut training with Mommy.

Don’t think that I haven’t seen you peeking in my room when Mommy is getting fucked by her favorite big black cock; I’ve seen you! I also know that when I’m away you go into my hamper and go through my dirty panties and sniff them. I’m only guessing that you’ve even take a few licks, haven’t you? In fact, the ones that have cum crust of them with my big black lover’s cum are your favorite; aren’t they?

Verbal humiliation about the size of your cock

You know that you’re not worthy of having a dip inside my juicy pussy, don’t you? Call me now and let’s discuss your little dick. We can have a role play session that involves me either being your Mommy or even your wife. It doesn’t matter to me just as long as I get to verbally humiliate you and your little tiny dick.  Let’s face it, you’ll never measure up to the big cocks I enjoy!

What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone now and let’s get a cuckold phone sex session started!

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Incest Phone Sex Mommy Makes Discipline a Family Affair

Hi its Alexis and I just adore incest humiliation phone sex so if you’re up for a good time, read on for an incest fantasy role play that will have you aroused and hornier than fuck in no time! If this fantasy makes your dick hard, pick up the phone and let’s play a version of it customized just for you!

I get off on being an incest role play specialist and there is nothing hotter than punishing, humiliating and fucking my sons and my daughters! Let’s have some fun over the phone and make an incest family where Daddy is involved too. There is so much taboo when it comes to incest phone sex that I can’t help but get hot and horny when I do these kinds of calls; incest humiliation phone sex calls. As an incest Mommy, I am a firm believer in discipline and I believe it’s my responsibility to keep the family in order. In our house, spankings are a family affair; incest affairs with a very naughty twist.

Your incest phone sex Mommy Alexis is sitting at the kitchen table when you get home from school. You see the stern look on my face and you know right away you are in big trouble. I tell you that I just got a call from your school and you were acting up in class again. “I told you what you would happen next time I got a call from school. Didn’t I, young man?” You blush and fidget as I tell you that it’s time for your punishment spanking.

Spanking punishments at their finest

You go upstairs and strip down to your little white brief underpants and sit on your bed nervously waiting for me to call you downstairs. You never know who will be sitting in the living room to watch your OTK, over the knee spanking. It’s not only the pain that is punishing, but the humiliation of being on display to your sister and maybe her friends.  You’re getting older now and you can’t help that your penis gets hard when you have to stand there for your lecture. Its little consolation right now, but you know that Mommy will take care of you when it’s all done and over. You still can’t get over the humiliation of being forced to cum in front of the whole family.

This is not the first time you’ve punished for acting up in class. So you know that means this spanking will be especially harsh. When you get downstairs you see the wooden hairbrush and the cane laid out on the table. The last time I used the cane you felt it for days after, but I knew it kept you focused on your studies. Today you’ll be getting the cane again, only this time your sister is going to get her first lesson on using the cane on her little brother. But don’t worry honey; you know Mommy is a firm believer in keeping things in the family so it won’t be long before I’m training you to use it on your naughty sister’s ass for her spanking punishments too!

When humiliation makes you horny

If you’ve been a bad boy and are looking for a stern disciplinarian to give you the humiliation phone sex session you’re after then pick up the phone and dial me now!  If you’d like to incorporate incest and make your session with me a mommy son phone sex session, let’s do it.  I am a fantasy mom who knows exactly how to take care of her little boy in more ways than one.

I can’t wait to hear all the things that made you the man you are today.  The man who gets a fierce hard on when there is a strong woman in your presence and humiliates you in the slightest way.  If you are a man who chronically masturbates to thoughts of being humiliated with strict discipline by a woman, a group of women, or even in front of your family, let me give you the fantasy session you’ve only been dreaming about.

I enjoy all types of humiliation phone sex role plays.  I think spanking as a discipline is always a win-win for all involved, but if you are in need of something a little more sinister, such as a sadistic and twisted phone sex session that includes anal punishment play and or pain, I can certainly assist in that too!  Whatever has you horny today, I think it’s time to grab your dick and give me a call!  Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973

Twisted Phone Sex: BBC Gang Bangs Your Wife Fantasy

I’m Alexis, an extreme phone sex fantasy artist who will talk about things from one end of the spectrum all the way to the other when it comes to taboo fantasies. No matter what end of the spectrum you are at, or if you are a middle of the road kind of guy, I want to talk to you!

Just the other day I got a call from a guy who said he wanted a twisted phone sex call. “What kind of twisted phone sex?” I asked.  My caller spoke in a soft whisper which told me he was really shy about what he wanted to expose to me.  When he got a little louder with a tremble I could tell he was really nervous too.  Eventually after he became a little more relaxed he revealed that he was married and has always had fantasies about seeing his wife with another man.

That could seem very taboo with a twist or someone who is more on the vanilla side, but for someone like me, that’s not so twisted.  I began to ask a few more questions before he felt comfortable enough to open up a bit more about what turns him on sexually. He went on to tell me that his sweet young wife had been raped when she was a teenager, which led him to call me for an extremely twisted phone sex fantasy role play.

Sexually aroused at thoughts of wife being raped

He confided in me that when he jerked his cock, all he could think about was her, his wife, being under a huge, hung black cock. Now that is some twisted fantasy, don’t you think? The ideas were running through my head to make him cum harder than he had ever before with my extremely twisted imagination!

I set up a twisted gang rape fantasy to take place in their home. I had become “friends” with the wife (secret agent for the husband) and stopped over with my latest lover who happened to be man with a big black cock! Little did she know but 7 or 8 of his BBC or big black cock friends were on their way over too.

My lover fixed us some drinks and spiked hers enough to relax her but not enough to knock her out. We wanted her to know what was happening! My lover sat next to her and started fondling her thighs while her hubby began pulling up her top.

Mandingo dick ramming up wife’s cunt

I was behind her and after slipping off my soaking wet panties, I stuffed them in her mouth. To keep her from spitting them out I used a piece of duct tape to hold them in place and to muffle her screams that I knew were about to come. I pulled her up and bent her over the back of the couch while my lover began slapping his 11″ Mandingo dick all over her ass.

I told her husband this was my show now, and instructed him sit in the chair, shut up and watch. Looking right into “my friend’s” eyes, my lover rammed his rock hard nigger dick right up her tight white cunt. And, oh did she scream!

Even with her mouth gagged and taped, I could hear her screams. But you know what? After a few minutes her body started to betray her. I turned to her husband and said, “Look at your whore wife getting off on my lover’s cock”. We could all see tears in her eyes as she couldn’t stop herself from cumming like a true bitch in heat.

Just as I began to rip the tape off her mouth to listen to her sweet whimpers and moans for more of his big black nigger dick… the door opened and my lover’s friends with big black rods of steel came walking in, one by one…

Extreme ball draining phone sex

I know you want to hear the rest of the story and I can’t wait to tell you about it over the phone. Believe me, this “gang bang my wife fantasy” gets a lot more twisted than just plain old fucking and BBC. You can just imagine that I had to involve the hubby with this hot BBC phone sex fantasy rape, right? Well of course! He had his first taste of cream pie and creamy ass pie too.

Cock sucking, piss drinking, white breeder sluts, and so much more. Oops did I forget to tell you about their teenage daughter who came home unexpectedly?! Of course not! I have to save the really twisted phone sex parts for our private fantasy call.

What are you waiting for? Call me now for your very own extreme phone sex fantasy session.   Whether it’s a black cock phone sex fantasy you’re after, a rape fantasy, or a BBC gang bang rape fantasy,  I’ll be sure to turn your twisted sexual desires into a ball draining experience you won’t soon forget!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973

Strap On Fetish Phone Sex for Anal Pleasure Seekers

Bend over baby, I’m Alexis and I am a strap on fetish phone sex queen! It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced strap on slut or brand new to anal phone sex play and just curious; I have the experience to make your strap on fetish phone sex call the best you have ever had! Our call will be best if you have a dildo or something similar to play with, along with a big tube of lube! If you’re new to strap on phone sex fun, a small or slender toy is best. It’s not supposed to hurt, and if it does, you’re doing it wrong. But if you’re a masochist that’s okay, I always love a man who enjoys pleasure from pain.

I am naturally Dominant and I get off on the power I feel when I’m wearing a fat, pink, plastic cock. Watch me stroke my cock for you as you feel your dick getting hard just thinking about what I’m going to do with it. Taste my strap-on and if you’re lucky you can taste my pussy juice on it from my masturbation session earlier in the day! Once we have you warmed up and open (that could take 5 min or 20 min depending on your experience) I am going to fuck your ass, hit your prostate, and make you cum like you never imagined was possible. Let’s really kick up your strap on phone sex fetish and make you cum all over my cock. I hope you’ll lick it all up, and if not, I’m going to rub my plastic lady dick right up against yours.

Strap on fetish play for lady cock lovers

The only thing that makes your strap on fetish phone sex call even better is to add some taboo role play! Let’s play that I’m your Mommy who decides her naughty, incest loving boy needs punishment that extends beyond a spanking for an extreme phone sex fantasy, or I could be your sexy sister that catches you playing with her panties and her favorite dildo! No matter the taboo phone sex fantasy you can be sure it’s going to end up with my strap-on cock right up your tight little ass!

I can’t wait to make you my extreme phone sex lover who can’t get enough of my lady cock so pick up the phone and experience strap on fetish phone sex at its best!

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973

Medical Fetish Fantasy With Sexy Twisted Nurse

Hi guys, I am Alexis and I am going to become your favorite fetish phone sex partner. There are so many fetishes that I love to play on the phone that I could write a book or two, or even three. I have to admit that medical fetish phone sex role plays are amongst my favorites fantasies too. In fact, I think there is a large percentage of men who have a secret fantasy of a sexy nurse coming in to his hospital room to give him a sponge bath.  Yes, the sexy naughty nurse in a super short white dress with the top buttons undone exposing her large, over flowing breasts.

If this is indeed a sexual fetish fantasy of yours let’s play!  I love to showing off my 36D tits, my long legs, and my tight, round ass, especially to my patients; if you know what I mean – wink.  When I pull up your gown and start to gently sponge off your cock and balls you can’t help but get a hard-on. I smile at you as I take my boobs out, lather them up and use my soapy breasts to clean you up. You think for a minute that I’m going to make you cum right then, but my pussy is dripping and it needs your cock. I straddle your cock and fuck you until we both cum right there in your hospital bed. What hot nurse fetish phone sex role play, isn’t it?

Prostate exam fantasies

I have other ideas though. You see, I am a twisted fetish girl, and while I like fucking and sucking, I also love a medical fetish phone sex call that’s a bit more on the extreme side. Step into my exam room and strip for me. I’m sorry but we’re all out of gowns, so you’ll just have to be in your birthday suit for your medical examination today.

You look around the room and see the big red enema bag and a tray of nozzles that excite and scare you at the same time. I believe in doing a complete anal and prostate exam and you need to be clean and ready. You don’t mind that I left the door open so the girls that work in the office can watch, do you? I love to hear them laugh when I have you spread open the table, legs in stirrups, and the largest speculum opening up your ass. Awww I know you can’t help that this humiliation is making your dick all hard can you?

Which part excites you the most; being exposed and girls giggling at you or the sensations of the prostate milking?  Either way I’ll have you squirting your load harder than you have in a very long time.  As a matter of fact, you’ll be scheduling your next prostate exam much sooner than you will have ever anticipated.

Extreme fetish play and more

Did I mention that I also have a ball fetish? I absolutely love taking things to extreme side when it comes to fetish play so I’ll need to stretch them, weigh them, and measure them. I’ll even hang weights from them to test their elasticity. I’ll bring out my set of Hegar sounds and one at a time slowly insert them into your pee hole. You will be bound to the exam table with leather straps and I’ll force you to orgasm over and over again. I’ll manipulate your prostate and milk you until you have given up every last drop of sperm. If you’re nervous I’ll give you an injection to help you relax. Be careful what you ask for though, once you can’t move, you really are at my mercy.

If you’re looking for an extreme medical fetish phone sex role play, then I’m the woman for you.  I can’t wait to have you in my exam room soon so don’t wait too long, pick up the phone and dial me for a fetish phone sex fantasy that I know you’re craving.  I’ll be waiting…

Alexis – 1-877-789-5973