Taboo Phone Sex: Feed Your Cravings for Underage Daughter Fantasy

Hi guys, its Debbie and I enjoy all types taboo phone sex calls, especially being able to engage in fantasy role plays of all kinds with my callers. Whether it’s role playing a young girl for Daddy, or pretending to offer my fantasy daughter to my caller, (fantasy dad), I’m open and ready to bring all your perverted taboo fantasies to life while you stroke yourself to orgasm. Coaxing and verbally encouraging you to stroke it faster and harder as you grunt and groan simply turns me on!

Let me say that I take great pride in myself on being a good wife and mother so whatever my husband “needs” I’m always ready to get it for him.  If you catch my drift – wink.  I love letting my perverted imagination run wild during taboo phone sex fantasies so if you’re looking for a woman who has no boundaries and whose main goal is to make you cum then I may be the woman for you!  Incest fantasy role play that encompasses around age play phone sex is one of my specialties but let me explain a little more…

Intense taboo talk makes my husband cock hard

It’s Saturday morning and my husband and I were awakening for the day when I feel his cock pressing up against me.  It’s no surprise because we are both still recovering from the awesome and intense fuck session from the night before.  In fact, my cunt was still dripping with the thick sticky load he dumped inside me.

My husband and I have been together for a long time and have always been sexually compatible. We both agree that keeping our sex life spicy is very important to us so we began with the “dirty talk” year ago. Thus, naughty role playing is part of our normal routine.  But last night I realized the extra horniness in him and the very taboo talk that had his cock harder than it had been in a very long time only sent my sexual prowess into overdrive!

The simple fact that my naughty taboo words deviant thoughts had him worked up as ferociously as it did put an idea in my head.  We have had countless daddy daughter role plays over the years but if I actually make him cum harder than he ever had by offering him our sweet young daughter instead of just playing the daughter I wanted to do it.  I wanted to please my husband in every possible way and then some.

Snuggle time with Daddy

During open discussions about having a spicy sex life we agreed that incest was a very taboo subject that turned us both on, so in the heat of the moment it’s alright to talk to feed our cravings and achieve ultimate orgasmic pleasure. However, after last night I could sense that my husband wanted more…

I quietly slipped out of bed and down the hall to our daughter’s room. She was fast asleep curled up under her covers. Ever so gently I crawled into bed next to her and started to stroke her hair and tender body to wake her up. When her eyes opened I whispered into her ear that it was time to wake up because Daddy wanted to snuggle with her. I carried her to our bedroom where my husband was now wide awake and in more ways than one! He was propped up on some comfy pillows with his rock hard cock in his hand.

Our daughter’s eyes opened wide when she saw him stroking his dick. He held his arms out for her and she darted from my arms right between his wide spread legs. I slipped her nightgown off so he could see her sweet, tender underage body. As he fed her his cock she wrapped her lips around the flared head, my husband ran his fingers around her puffy nipples till she was moaning on his cock. He loved the way that felt and it only made his dick harder.

By now he had his hands on her head forcing his cock further and further into her mouth and touching the back of her throat. All the while he was telling her what a good little cock sucker she is as she just looked up at him with those sweet adoring eyes.

Unforgettable incest twinkle

He told her to lie back on the bed next to him because it was time for him to see just how ready her sweet, underage cunt was for Daddy’s cock.  I held her legs wide open with her knees bent so he could get down and have a little breakfast treat.

My pussy was on the verge of orgasm when I see her squirm and hear her squeal under Daddy’s tongue. I can’t help myself and start to finger my wet, horny cunt.  To my surprise, I orgasm as I see him mounting her to fill her with his cream. She brings her legs up and Daddy traces the head of his cock up and down those now wet and swollen cunt lips. After he leans in to give her a nice tender kiss he pushes his prick into her hot and very tight little pink pussy.

He tells her what a special girl she is; how pretty she is with Daddy’s cock inside her. He looks over at me as I’m rubbing my cunt again and tells me to put some of his cum from last night from my fingers to our daughter’s lips. I trace my fingers over her lips so she can not only feel Daddy shooting his load into her stretched open pussy but can also taste his cum and Mommy’s juices mixed together at the same time. When my husband thrusts himself inside our daughter until the point of climax I see a twinkle in his eye that I’ve never seen before. An incest twinkle I’ll never forget.

Family fun fantasies to age play done your way

There is nothing like sharing the family love with great taboo sex on a Saturday morning! Incest fantasy role play mixed with a little underage fantasy fun is a wonderful way to start the weekend, especially with a perverted woman like me who enjoys making daddy daughter phone sex fantasies come true!

Would you like to start your day or even weekend off with a taboo phone sex fantasy like this one or one similar? All you have to do is pick up the phone, dial my number and tell me what type of taboo phone sex fantasy you’re looking for and I’ll be sure to make your incest or ageplay fantasy dreams come alive in your mind and I’ll have you blasting a load of cum in no time!

If you are not into incest or family fun, but would rather have an age play fantasy revolving around the sexy little neighborhood girl, the slender little Girl Scout who wears pigtails, or even the sweet little shy girl at church, I’m here and ready to create whatever fantasy girl is on your horny mind.  I’ll be waiting…

Debbie – 1-800-460-0825


  1. Daddy on at

    Mmmm. So fucking hot. The only thing that could make it even hotter is using that lil ass… Or maybe getting her lil sister and having two lil mouths wrapped around Daddy’s cock. Hearing you coach them both on before Daddy bends the littlest over into the fetal position and induct her into our family fun…

  2. Debbie on at

    Mmmm… oh yeah, you’re right on the money with your deviant mind. Sounds like we’d be the perfect duo when it comes to underage family fantasy fun! Call me soon!


  3. Donnie on at

    Hi everyone I just had great taboo session with Debbie! Unfortunately it’s been while since we played, but she’s still hands down the best taboo phone girl on the planet! I always thought you couldn’t top perfection, but somehow Debbie does. If there were a hall of Fame for taboo phone girls no doubt Debbie would the crown jewel of the hall of Fame – Donnie

  4. Debbie on at

    Donnie Thank you so much for the kind words! I love being your hall of fame taboo phone sex girl. We always have so much fun together and I love being so deviant and taboo with you.

    Can’t wait to play again. Until then, staying naughty just for you…

    Debbie ❤️

  5. Michael on at

    I use to call her often she made my cock so hard with her taboo fantasies… I would get all perverted and let her go as far as she wanted. I have never been so turned on thinking about putting my fat cock in a tight little young pussy. I can’t say the things she talked about, but let me tell you my cock exploded a few times and I think about it often.

  6. Debbie on at

    Oh Michael thank you so much! Yes we had so much fun and your cock explosions were so hot! I hope we get the chance to role play those naughty scenes again very soon! Can’t wait to share our orgasms again sometime soon! 😉


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