ABDL Fetish Fantasies Explored (Adult Baby, Diaper Lover)


Hello, I’m Stefanie and I have found that most callers have a specific “turn on” that they enjoy talking about when they call me to play.  While many callers dial my line when they are looking for a feminization or sissy phone sex fetish call, sometimes it is a very unique or unfamiliar type of role play or scenario that they want to explore.

A very common phone sex fetish is cross dressing.  I definitely enjoy talking to cross dressers about everything from clothing or make up to hair styles, hair color, shoes, accessories and lingerie but when a regular caller wants to experience something completely different, they know that they can count on me to provide them with a sexual adventure that is if full of erotic surprises.

One such caller recently told me that ABDL phone sex play was something that surprisingly made his cock jump and was looking to explore it a bit more. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, ABDL = Adult Baby, Diaper Lover.  This gentleman did not necessarily have an interest in role playing as a baby, nor did he want to be spoken as a baby, however he was looking for was a diaper wearing experience.  He said that the thick diaper between his legs made him feel coddled and he wanted to explore, a little deeper, why this excited him so much.

Fetish phone sex exploration at its finest

Being a knowledgeable fetish phone sex operator, I was able to quickly zero in on the feelings of arousal that the caller was experiencing and through some sensual interaction with the caller, allowing him the discretion that this type of taboo call required, he was able to really let go of his inhibitions without any fear of judgment by me and get into a very deep state of sexual awareness.

We shared some thoughts and a very intimate role play where I gently bathed him, towel dried him and then diapered him while kissing him passionately as we slid into bed together.  I will leave the remaining details to your imagination but I was so happy when I heard the caller cum and he thanked me for the opportunity to step outside of his comfort zone in order to pursue this particular passion that had been running through his mind for so long.

I would love to hear about your own personal secret taboos and explore them together in a setting that is both enriching and personal and will touch you in ways that you have never felt before. Whether you’re looking to explore a fetish as an adult baby, or just looking for a diaper wearing experience, pick up the phone and dial me now for a fetish phone sex experience you’ll be sure to remember.

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  1. Peter on at

    Hi. I am wearing my diapers and would love to do a call.
    Love being talked to like a sissy baby and I have fantasies that make me really like being in diapers and talking to a girl who is controlling and condescending to me for being a baby. Like sending me to school in my diapers and telling everyone I am a baby. Or exposing me as your baby to other people that would make me feel like a sissy baby. taking me shopping with a diaper bag and making me choose the diapers we are going to put in the cart and on the check out counter while another girl realizes I am your baby and you have put me back in diapers to punish me and humiliate me. When you take me out in public and make me be a diaper baby that gets diaper checks and changes in front of everyone. it is such a turn on to be humiliated and babied and diapered and made to ask to have a new plastic baby diaper put on me instead of staying in a wet diaper. Love when mommy makes me ask to have a new diaper put on like a little baby especially when it is girls that are going to now know I am a little sissy baby

  2. Stefanie on at

    Hi Peter,

    I would to share an adult baby, diaper lover (ABDL) fetish call with you! I think we could have a lot of fun on the phone together!


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