Adult Baby | Diaper Lover Gets his Secret Wish Come True

Hello boys, men and adult baby lovers!  It’s Deanna again.  What type of taboo phone sex calls do you like to engage in when you’re in the “mood”?  Well, if you’re looking for a little age regression and fetish play with a mature woman who plays the perfect Mommy, then you’ve hit the jackpot!  Fetish phone sex fantasies that involve men either role playing or playing real time as an adult baby in diapers is one of my many specialties.

I like to dabble in all types of adult baby phone sex session with horny men.  Of course there is a wide range and spectrum when it comes to this type of specific fetish, therefore so you’ll want to tell me specifically where you fall in this range and specifically what you’re looking for when you call me. With that said; I want to put it out there that I have extensive experience in this very specialized fetish arena.

If age regression is something that sexually pique’s your interest and you’d like to explore in a discreet fashion, then perhaps having an adult baby phone sex fantasy session could be the way to go!   If you’d like to regress all the way back to when you were a baby or infant, then we are going to have a lot of fun together!

There are many avenues to open up a fetish phone sex role play to incorporate your adult baby diaper fetish.  I just recently engaged in a role play where I thought it was going to be like any other day. Never did I think I would stumble onto my husband’s secret adult baby tendencies and closet diaper fetish. Guess it just shows you should never say never. Let me explain.

Wife innocently learns of husband’s secret sexual fetish

I was going through the bills, paying them online. As I was doing so, I thought I had missed one. So, I went into the study and turned on my husband’s desktop. I knew the bill was something he had ordered, but I wasn’t quite sure from where, and I didn’t want it to slip through the cracks.

Before I could do a search, the screen lit up with an image of what seemed to be an adult man in a diaper. And not just in a diaper.  He clearly appeared to be in a complete nursery, but sized for an adult.  Honestly, at first I was perplexed.  But I figured that some pop-up must have driven him to this website; surely. I was simply mesmerized.  But curiosity sent me to peruse the browser history and boy did I learn about my husband’s secret sexual fetish!

I got myself quite an education as to the workings of my husband’s internet perusing tastes.  He had been too many adult baby and diaper fetish websites too.  Even ones that offer customized printed diapers for adult babies. These ABDL websites also offer both cloth diapers and plastic pants alike. Another ABDL fetish website was selling full adult baby apparel; clothing items such as adult “onesies”, to bibs, to overalls with snapping inseams, to even frilly little dresses with petticoats.  All I could must up thinking was that there was everything that a secret adult baby (or sissy baby) would ever want; at least as far as clothing goes.

Birthday surprise for my husband

From there, I read all there was to know about adult babies, diaper fetish lovers, and the ABDL world in general.  The more I delved into this brave new world, the more I was intrigued. A plan started forming in my mind, but I’d need a little help with my plans. I enlisted my Mother as well as my neighbor’s eighteen year-old daughter Stacie to help.  After all, I would need their help after the “unveiling”.  His birthday was at the end of the month. I thought it would be quite apropos to surprise him then.

The big day finally arrived. It took a lot of finagling, but I finally got everything I needed in place. I had closed off his study for a couple of days, telling him it was part of his birthday surprise. I shooed him out of the house the day of his birthday, letting his friends take him out.

When he got home, the living room was all decked out, however, not in birthday decorations, but in an “It’s a Boy!!” motif. He was speechless. I knew what he was thinking. That this was my way of telling him I was pregnant, and with a boy. I thought to myself that half of that was partly true. He still was speechless, but as a smart man would act, he gave me a big hug, all excited about the supposed bundle of joy I was carrying.

Diaper lovers dream come true

I interrupted him before he could utter another word and said, “Wait, there’s more.” I took his hand and led him to the double doors that marked the entrance to his study. With a big grin, I opened the double doors; what once was his sanctuary, was now a nursery; an adult baby nursery. Complete with a crib, changing table, a complete layette, and diapers and a sundry of baby items.

He was flabbergasted as he slowly stepped inside. I knew it didn’t sink in yet. His world was going to change so much more than he ever imagined. While he took in the entire room I said to him, “I found out about your little secret fetish when I used your computer the other week. My assumption is that you would like to indulge in your little fetish and have for a very long time. So naturally, as your wife, I felt it my duty to give it to you.”

“Congratulations! You now have what you’ve always dreamed of; being a baby again; or more to the point; an adult baby! I’ve got it all fixed. Come Monday, I will be taking over your position at the company.  And I’ve arranged for both my mother and Stacie from next door to babysit you while I’m at work. Now let’s get you out of those big boy clothes and into a thick diaper and a cute little “onesie.”

Mommy always knows best is true in more ways than one

Still in shock, he slowly acquiesced. He tried once or twice to argue with me, but I shushed him immediately. I then threatened to put him over my knee and give him a firm spanking if he continued to argue with me.  After all, I was his Mommy now.  As the saying goes, “Mommy always knows best” and it now applies for her not-so-secret adult baby husband.

I had him on the adult baby sized changing table, whisking away his “big boy” hair, and encapsulating him in a nice thick diaper. I cooed over him saying, “Now aren’t you glad I found out about your secret adult baby fetish and diaper lover play desires? Isn’t this what you truly wanted for your birthday?”

What a fun ABDL phone sex fantasy, right?  So tell me, does the idea of being turned into an adult baby get you hard and throbbing? If it does, then I think you should explore these secret fetish desires with me today!  Call me for your very own, personalized adult baby or diaper fetish fantasy.  I’ll be sure to pamper you just the way you need and give you the best ABDL fetish phone sex session you have ever had! I’ll be waiting…

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