Dirty Girl Returns from Overseas Travels

Hi guys, guess who?! Yes, that’s right, it’s Jodi and I’m back!   Yes, it’s me your favorite little age play phone sex fantasy girl from years ago.  Did you miss me?  Well, I sure missed being a naughty little taboo phone sex slut for all of you!  I’ve been back in the states for a few months now and soon realized how much I missed all the kinky talks and taboo tales from all the horny men at Taboo Temptations and decided there was no better time than the present to return!

Where have I been, you ask?  Well, I decided to go on an adventurous trip overseas to the United Kingdom to do some sightseeing to become a sophisticated traveler and it turns out that I loved it so much that I ended up staying abroad for a few years! If you’re wondering what I did all that time, let me just give you a brief explanation for now.

Shortly into my travels I met a guy who was so scrumptious that I couldn’t ever imagine giving up, so I enrolled in college to pursue a career there.  Of course, the guy turned out to be a real jerk and we didn’t last, but since I was all set up there, I stayed.  And let me just tell you, being single in the U.K. certainly allowed lots of naughty playtime for a dirty girl like me! Now that I’ve returned from my slutty travels let me just tell you that I have some super kinky phone sex stories for you! Can you just imagine me whoring myself around Manchester, Liverpool and London too?  Picture your favorite little slut riding some meaty cock and moving on to the next?

Cock hungry girl wants more

Of course, just because I left the U.K. doesn’t mean I gave up being a cock hungry little slut though!  On my return flight to the states a super-hot older man sat one seat over next to me. He was the same guy who was checking me out while waiting to board.  I saw his eyes scanning me up and down in my skin tight outfit, all the while watching his cock hardening by the second. When I glanced at his crotch while waiting for the plane to take off, I could see the bulge in his khaki short aching to be released.  Once I saw that, I knew I could make a move.

Without saying a word, I opened my complimentary bag with a pillow and blanket then, looked him in the eye and nodded for him to come closer and take the middle seat. I put the blanket over both of us and maneuvered my way into his khaki shorts to free his throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for grandpa to fill my soft hand with his hot, creamy load.

I bet you are now thinking really Jodi, is that it? You jerked him off and that is all that happened? Well first let me tell you that being a cum eating phone sex girl you know I tasted his cream! I licked my fingers clean one by one all while smiling and grinning at him. In fact, his cum was very tasty!  But no, of course that’s not where it ended.  It was a 15-hour flight, and I was not going to let grandpa get off the plane before taking his fat, veiny cock in my pussy and mouth so I could taste his delicious load over and over after we landed.

Pussy tickling to blow job explosions

So back to the story… after his load filled my hand and then my mouth, his chubby fingers found their way to my dripping wet pussy and let me tell you he could wiggle his fingers like they were his very own personal vibrator. He tickled all my holes until my sweet juices coated his fingers. After he licked them clean, I didn’t care who noticed I was horny and cock hungry for more of grandpa’s cum. I slid to my knees and ducked my head underneath the thin little blanket and began to give this dirty grandpa a sloppy wet blow job! I know everyone around could hear my hungry slurps, but I didn’t care. Sliding grandpa’s throbbing cock in and out of my wet, slutty mouth, up and down, in and out until his fat cock burst with a huge explosion of creamy cum into my mouth!

At this juncture it was only cum explosion one for me and two for him, but after looking into each other’s eyes after I slid back into my seat, I knew I was going to get a second cum explosion too.  In fact, there were a few more than just two for the both of us.  But you’ll have to call me to hear more about my flight back home to the States.

I’d love to share some of the naughty sexual encounters I engaged in since I left Taboo Temptations and I can’t wait to hear all of yours as well. Whether it’s kinky real-life experiences you want to share or taboo phone sex fantasies you want to explore, I’m here and ready!  Can’t wait to hear from you!

My general hours will be Monday through Friday  9am-4:30pm EST with occasional evenings and weekend hours.

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

Panty Boy Phone Sex: Neighbor Steals Panties Off Clothesline

Hey there all you naughty boys out there!  I’m Jodi, the all around naughty, fun girl to have a little taboo phone sex with when you’re good and horny.  If you’re sitting there in your favorite pair of panties and stroking it right now; stop and wait for me!  It’s always more exciting to have a little fun with a girl who is ready to make all your panty fetish dreams come true, don’t you think?

Topics for taboo phone sex sessions and or role play can be so many things.  Today I’d like to talk about panty fetishes.  If you like panties, then let’s have a panty fetish phone sex session and you can tell me all about how panties turn you on and make your cock stiff.  Maybe your fetish for panties is more than just the sexual desire to sniff the crotch of them and wrap them around your cock while jerking off, but to wear them too?  I can’t wait to explore your secret panty fetish with you.  I have the perfect role play scenario in mind that may entice you…

Naughty neighbor stealing panties from clothesline

You’re the naughty neighbor who has been stealing my sexy panties off the clothes line as I hang them out to dry. You’re such and naughty panty boy sneaking into my back yard each time I hand laundry out. Several ideas come to mind when I notice a pair of panties missing each week.  I can only imagine what you’re doing with them once you scamper back to your bedroom; rock hard and not doubt proud of yourself.

After several weeks of ignoring the fact that my panties keep coming up missing, curiosity finally killed the pussy cat.  I strategically place a little motion camera on the tree outside.  The camera will notify me the next time you creep into my back yard to steal a pair off my clothesline.

It’s just after sunset and I hear the “ding” from the motion on the camera.  I peek outside my window and see you stealing my panties! Once you make your move grabbing my panties, you head back to your house.  I then slip outside and sneak over to your bedroom window to have a peek. I see something I never expect to see and see you in a position that I never envisioned you were doing with my panties!

Cock encased in silk panties feels so good

There you stand; admiring yourself in your full-length mirror wearing only my sheer, silk panties. The bottom of your cheeks are falling out of the panties; making me a little jealous that your ass looked better than mine.  When you to a little twirl and turn around I see your cock perfectly concealed and encased inside the silk fabric. This is moment I hatched a plan…

I’ve seen you outside working in your garage so I assume you are handy with tools so I get creative and come up with a reason to have you help me in my bedroom.  The next day you agree and come over.  Once in my bedroom, I see you glance over to my bed where I have clothes scattered.  You spot a dirty pair of my panties that I strategically put there and fixate on them.

My laptop computer is open and the webcam is ready to go.  This is when I make up an excuse to leave you alone in my bedroom with my dirty panties at your fingertips.  I walk into the spare bedroom where I can see you via the webcam to see if you take bait and fall for my little trap.

I was right!  You immediately strip your jeans down, grab my dirty silk panties, give them a little sniff and quickly slip them on and pull your jeans back up.  Filled with satisfaction that you fell for my little trap, I make my way back to my bedroom.  When I enter the room you are kneeling on the floor in order to make yourself look busy and tell me you’re almost finished.

Panty fetish playtime for panty boys

“Almost finished Jodi”, you say as I spot the tag of my thong panties hanging out the back of your jeans.  It was “show time”, I thought to myself. I quickly slip my finger beneath the thong and give a tug upwards.  “Well, well, what do we have here”, I asked in a teasing tone….

Ooooh what happened when you read that I gave a tug upwards?  Did your balls tighten with excitement?  Did you cock start oozing precum in those panties?  Now that you fixed what I need fixing at my house, and I got what I wanted, let me give you what you want and need with some panty boy fetish phone sex!  Let me be the taboo tease you’re craving.

Whether you have a panty fetish or just like the naughtiness of being caught stealing my panties, call me for your own personalized taboo phone sex role play session today!  Oh, but don’t forget, if you’re the kind of guy looking for a young girl to humiliate you for being a panty boy, all you have to do it tell me so we can let the playtime begin!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

Age Play Fantasy Role Play: Fuck Your Son’s Girlfriend

Hey guys, it’s your sexy, age play phone sex girl Jodi here! I know it’s been a while since I’ve written a naughty taboo story for you to read so I figured I’d better get back on track. I like to write my taboo stories to get guys like you worked up before you call and play with me. It helps break the ice with guys who are new to using phone sex services and always helps guys with ideas on the types of role play fantasies we can do too.

If you’re an older man and have fantasies about fucking a young girl, specifically your son’s girlfriend, then I have the perfect age play phone sex fantasy for you! The dirty little twist on this fantasy is that I think I’m going to my boyfriend’s house to have a little sexy fun with him, but end up fucking his Dad instead!

When you call me I want you to describe to me exactly what your son’s girlfriend looks like. Tell me her name is so I can step into the role of her and make your fantasy feel as real as possible. I’m going to let you in on a little secret; most, if not all girls, love to call their man Daddy in the bedroom and I’m one of those girls. Here’s a little sneaky and very naughty phone sex fantasy role play for all you age play lovers out there…

It’s Friday night and my boyfriend sent me a text message telling me his Mom and Dad would be gone for the entire weekend and he wanted me to come over and spend some “quality time” with him all alone. I was excited at first, but have to confess I was a little disappointed that his Dad wasn’t going to be there. He is a very handsome and is always a lot of fun to be around.

In the next text message my boyfriend requested that I wear the bra and panties that I had on in the pictures I sent him the previous night. He then told me not to bother knocking; just come in. He said to go straight to his parents’ bedroom when I get there. I was not alarmed when he said that because he had a small twin sized bed in his room and we’ve played around in his parent’s queen sized bed before.

I did as he instructed by wearing the sexy panty and bra set I had on the night before. He said it turned him on so I was ready to get naughty with him. Once I arrived, I quietly entered the house, slipped my jacket off, and headed to his parents’ bedroom just like we messaged each other.

His parent’s bedroom door was wide open but it was dark inside. Just as I was tiptoeing over to the bed the light suddenly came on. To my surprise and shock, it wasn’t my boyfriend lying on the bed in his boxers. It was his father! I gasp in utter shock and embarrassment standing there in my bra and panties. I begin to stutter asking where my boyfriend is, but before I could get my full question out he tells me that he’s sent my boyfriend and his mother away for the entire weekend.

“I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve seen all the photos I’ve been sending his son”, he tells me. My face turns beet red and he followed that statement by telling me how hard I make his cock as he rubs his hands over the top of his boxer shorts right in front of me. At first I’m embarrassed that he’s seen my photos, but then realized if he’s seen photos from his son’s phone that he’s probably seen the naked ones I’ve sent too. I’m no longer embarrassed, but intrigued that seeing my naked pictures made his cock hard. It surprisingly has made my pussy wet now too.

I sit down on the bed beside him and say “I have to confess something…” I brush my hair back off my face and tell my boyfriends Dad that the only reason I’m dating his son is because it’s really him that I’m attracted to and turned on by. I only see his son because I want to be around him, the Dad.

I wiggle my way up toward his face and begin kissing him deeply as I slip my hand onto the top of his boxer shorts feeling his huge hardening cock. “I need to be inside you”, he moans as I continue giving him wet kisses with my tongue. All in one swoop he flips me over onto my back and is on top of me pulling his big cock out of his boxer shorts. He uses his legs to push my legs apart and before I know it his big huge cock is pushing inside my young pink pussy!

As he’s grunting, groaning and forcefully pushing his cock deep inside me, he lowers himself down and whispers into my ear. “Call me Daddy” he says. This was like music to my ears and made my pussy cream just from the thrill of it all. My pussy catches fire and I say, “Yes Daddy. Fuck me harder Daddy”. Just as those words flow from my lips he begins thrusting harder, deeper and much faster, then shoots his Daddy cum deep inside my pussy!

I told you this age play phone sex role play had a dirty little twist didn’t I? I mean I like guys my age but playing with older more experience men who like to take charge or more my style. So if you’re in the mood for an age play fantasy that goes something like this then give me a call!

However, if you’d like to dive right into a daddy daughter phone sex fantasy where you play with your own little girl then let’s do that. Either way I’m open. I’ll play any role you’d like me to play. Just remember Daddy, I like it a naughty, wet and wild! Call me and let’s play!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

Sibling Sex For Brother Sister Fantasy Role Play

Hi guys, its Jodi, your brother sister phone sex tease. Yes, that’s right I really enjoy incest fantasy role play with callers over the phone who like to pretend they are my brother. It doesn’t matter to me if you want to pretend you’re older or younger than me, but teenage siblings lusting for each other is something that makes me super hot.

How about if we have an incest phone sex role play that goes something along these lines…

I walked into your room in the early morning, long before anyone gets up. Lifting your head, you look up when you hear me open the door. I’m wearing my nightgown with no panties and place finger to my lips with my left hand and say, “shhh” as I work my way towards your bed.

Using my right hand I pull back the sheets and climb into your bed. I push my slender body tight up against yours while whispering for you to lie on your back.  I run my hand along the inside of your thigh until I came up and cupped your balls from the outside your underwear. You automatically part your thighs while I roll your balls in my hand. With your eyes closed you take a deep breath and sigh as I feel your penis becoming erect; making your underwear tighten.

I slowly move my hand up more; running my hand up along your hardening shaft, then further up to move my fingers under the elastic of your underwear. Once I begin pulling them down over the top of your now swollen cock head, you lift your pelvis up for me to completely remove them. After I have them down far enough you kick them off and they fly across your bedroom and land of the floor.

You begin to shudder from arousal and start moving your pelvis up and down as I gently wrap my soft hand your hard cock. By now my nightgown as worked its way up and my bare bottom is exposed. When you roll over your hard shaft lands in the crack of my butt you start pushing against me more firmly and begin to slowly and rhythmically sliding up and down.

Now on my belly, you slowly inch your way down until I feel your penis slip beyond my bottom and between my legs. My bottom automatically perches up and before I know what is even happening you push forward and slide your hard cock through my smooth pussy lips and deep into my wet hole.

As you start to thrust yourself in and out, I bend my body just right so you can go in deeper and feel every inch of my tight hole swallowing your cock. No words are spoken only the sounds of our shallow breathing and the sounds of sex as your cock glide in and out of my wetness.

With my body bent and only our genitals in contact you reach over and cup your hand around my breast; pulling me toward you as you thrust faster and harder. I’m now feeling as though I’m floating in space and think to myself; this is the ecstasy everyone talks about.

As my body climbs higher and higher and your thrusts become faster and faster, it finally happens. Electrical jolts of pure pleasure rip through our bodies as we ride the waves of our orgasms; both together and separately. I can feel the sensation of your semen shooting deep inside me with each spasm and grunting sound you make as you empty your balls.

It was finished, the moment was over and neither of us knows what to do. I know that I don’t want to wake up and face that this is the end of our pleasure filled moment, but also want to avoid the rush of guilt and shame as I feel your sperm oozing out of me.

When I finally feel your dick slip out of my warm slippery hole, I get up and walk over to your dresser and grab some tissues without saying a word; I don’t want to awaken our parents. I then come back to the bed and wipe the puddle of cum off your sheets with one hand and slide my fingers from my other hand through my puffy pussy lips scooping up the remnants of what is left of our cum and lick it off before I bringing my hand to your mouth for a taste.

I toss the tissue in your trash can as I pull my nightgown down and whisper, “This is what it’s like to fuck your sister” and tip toe out of your bedroom.

Mmmmm what a hot scenario! Don’t you think so too? If you’d like to have a brother sister phone sex fantasy experience like this then I think you should pick up the phone and call me! Incest fantasy role play scenarios always get me worked up, simply from the taboo nature of it all.

If you have had incest fantasies about your own sister that goes something like this, or something similar, then let’s get naughty with our taboo thoughts and have some brother sister sibling incest sex together today!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

Deviant Rape Fantasies Come To Life With Phone Sex Roleplay

Hi guys, guess who? Its Jodi your naughty little rape fantasy phone sex girl. If you’re looking for a sweet, submissive girl who enjoys making you cum with naughty forced sex fantasy scenarios, then I’m your girl. I’ll be that young thing that tells you “no” until your cock is so hard that your mean, aggressive side comes out and you take what you want; my pussy!

I know you’ve got intense, pent up energy that you’re dying to release, so why not call me up and have a rape phone sex  fantasy session and blast your load with me! There are so many different role play scenarios to choose from, especially when we let our imaginations run wild!

I’d love to fulfill your every dark, devious sexual desire you have when it comes to rape and forced sex, so here’s an example of something we could role play that may excite you…

I’ll be that sexy young girl dressed in a pair of loose athletic shorts and a sports bra with my hair pulled up in a pony tail, ready to hit the gym for my daily workout when my stupid car runs out of gas on the highway. It’s getting dark and the only thing I know to do is to stick out my thumb and start hitch hiking to get a ride to the gas station.

You’re the first car to pull over and being the naive young girl that I am I jump into the passenger seat without any hesitation when you ask me if I need a ride. I get excited about five minutes into the drive when I spot and point out sign stating there is a gas station off the next exit.

When you exit the ramp, you turn your turn signal on for opposite direction of the gas station sign when we reach the stop sign. My heart begins to race and I reach for the door handle to open the car to exit. This is when I hear all the doors lock simultaneously. “Sir, please”, I say in a panic.

“Shut up”, you tell me in a scary, forceful tone. And before I could another word out, you grab my wrist and force my hand to the rock hard bulge being held back by your denim jeans. “You have a choice, you either do as I say and I won’t hurt you… much, or you resist and I hurt you a lot.

You continue on by telling me that either way I belong to you until you decide and finish fucking every one of my holes. “You have 10 minutes to decide how this will go for you little girl”, you state in an evil threatening tone as you’re now pulling off the road into a deserted dark parking lot of an abandoned building.

You put car in park and with your free hand, unzip your jeans. Once you set your rock hard cock free from your fly, you grip the back of my head with your large and force my face to your crotch. You take grip of my hair in your fist and growl, “Don’t fight it, suck my cock little girl”.

Just as I open my mouth to beg you to stop, you push my head down further, forcing my mouth down on your stiff rod, hitting the back of my throat making me choke. Gripping my hair even tighter you bob my head up and down on your fat head making me gag with each bob. I can now taste the saltiness of your pre cum as it oozes out the tip of your pink swollen mushroom shaped head and bobs on my small pink throat.

When I feel you loosen your grip on my hair I try to sit up and move my mouth off your cock filling my mouth. I feel your arm push me back down. “No, keep your mouth on my cock, I have something brewing for you”, you fiercely yell at me. The next thing I feel is your hand pulling and yanking my sports bra up and over my breasts and feeling the tips of your fingers pinching at my nipples.

When you pinch my nipple so hard that I make a grunting vibration with my body is when your balls explode and cum starts shooting into my mouth and down the back of my throat. Moments pass and your cock becomes flaccid in my mouth. I push it out of my mouth with my tongue and try to get up. Applying force, you keep my head in your lap and right hand firmly on my breast. You take a deep breath and say with a deviant chuckle, “so what’s it going to be little girl; will you be a good little girl and do as I say, or will you be a bad girl who needs to be punished for my next explosion”?

Mmmmm, doesn’t that sound hot? It certainly does to me! I love being forced to suck a cock. Especially being gagged and throat fucked so hard my eyes water. Rape fantasy phone sex calls always make my pussy wet and I welcome any kind of deviant fantasy role play you have in mind.

If you are a deviant phone sex lover and want to have a rape fantasy with a young girl like me, all you have to do is pick up the phone, give me call and tell me how submissive or willing you’d like to me play for your forced sex fantasy role play. Be sure to bring the lube because you’re going to be stroking, pulling, squeezing and tugging on your cock as bring your rape fantasy to life over the phone. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

Blowjob Cutie For Anal Phone Sex Exploration

Taboo phone sex can be more than just fantasy role play, it can also be the exploration of a sexual desire you’ve kept a secret and to yourself. If you are now aching to explore those secret desires with a little help, then I am here to help a mere fantasy become reality. Call me right now and confide your inner most taboo desires, cravings and more!

Come explore the vast world of taboo fantasy phone sex with me. I know so many men love to be the dominant one in the bedroom but sometimes those dominant guys secretly desire to relinquish the rule of master and become submissive too. There are some who seek dominance and humiliation at the hands of a woman, and then there are the rest who just want a beautiful young woman to bend them over and fill their ass with a fat cock shaped dildo!

If you are one of the later guys and have been wondering what it would feel like to have your ass filled with a big fat sex toy, stop wondering and let’s try it out together during a taboo phone sex fantasy that will knock your socks off and then some. I’ve got the perfect anal phone sex role play scenario for us to engage in and it goes like this…

I am known to be the favorite babysitter in the neighborhood. My reputation is not formed by the mothers; it’s formed by the men, both married and single dads. And it’s not because I take such good care of the kids either. It’s because I’ve been deemed the best virgin cock sucker on the block. I’ll gladly suck your cock dry for just a couple of extra fifty dollar bills. I’ll suck you in the living room, in the bathroom or anywhere in the house while your wife is fast asleep. I’ll even blow you on the car ride home if you want.

But tonight, I’ll be taking “Jodi’s Virgin Sex Service for Daddies” to a whole new level as I incorporate a new specialty! I got this idea from one of my most recent encounters with one of my favorite Dad’s just down the street. After we spent some time in the bed he and his wife share with me sucking him off a few times and him eating my pussy, his cock was still rock hard.

He climbed out of the bed and went over to his closet and pulled out a box. As he was opening the box he confessed that I had him really horny and really wanted to try something new. This was something he had been wanted to do with his wife for a really long time, but was too embarrassed to ask her. When he opened the box, he pulled out a nine inch cock shaped dildo alongside a leather harness.

“I want you to fuck me Jodi”, he stated. At first I was in complete shock at his request but it didn’t take long for me to warm to the idea. He seemed to know what he was doing as he helped me into the harness and began lubing up the dildo. Next he put a large dollop of lube on the tip of his finger, bent over and lubed up his virgin puckered hole. He pushed himself back a little so the tip of the dildo was pushing against his hole, took a deep breath and said, “Fuck me now Jodi, before I change my mind”…

Wouldn’t being one of the Dad’s in the neighborhood whom I babysit for be a fun role play for a taboo phone sex session? Especially if you are looking for some anal phone sex fun! Are you more interested in having a pretty young thing like me sucking your cock, or are looking to satisfy a deeper desire for some anal penetration tonight?

Taboo phone sex role play calls can be so much fun and we can incorporate anything and everything your heart (and cock) desires. If you’re looking for a pretty young thing for some anal phone sex, lube up your dildo and give me call! Can’t wait to have you bending over and opening your sweet ass for me tonight!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411

Blowjob Phone Sex Princess for Cum Eating Fantasies

Hi guys its Jodi. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and had a great 4th of July holiday weekend. I know I did! It’s been extremely hot outside and there is nothing better to cool you down on a hot summer day than a freezing cold Popsicle! Popsicle are what brings me to what I want to talk about today and that is cock sucking and cum eating phone sex fantasies.

I’ve been incredibly horny and in the mood for some serious cock ever since I feasted on “Bomb Pop” Popsicle at our holiday cookout. You know – the red, white and blue Popsicle that look like a rocket. If you’re a closet cock sucker then you may know exactly what I’m talking about! Ha ha!

If you’re in the mood to have your cock sucked with a nice sloppy wet blowjob, let me be that girl for you. Yeah I know – it’s not every day you get to have a horny little cock sucker like me at your knees pleasing you the way you like in real life, but over the phone cock sucking phone sex role plays can be just as enjoyable. Especially for those of you who like to shoot your load down the throat of a hungry little cum eating phone sex slut like me.

Verbal blowjobs can feel so real

Lie back, get comfortable, lube up your cock and give me a call. I want to be the blowjob phone sex princess that never escapes your mind. I’ll verbally paint a picture with my words as you close your eyes and begin to stroke. I’ll make it feel like I’m right there with you and really sucking your dick. First, I’ll take your dick in my hand and slowly start stroking it, and then I’ll lick my lips and start kissing at the base of your shaft with big, wet juicy kisses using my plump lips. You’ll start to feel my wet lips slowly start moving up your shaft; inch by inch, kiss by kiss.

When I finally reach the tip, I’ll start tongue kissing around your pink, swollen, smooth mushroom head. Using my tongue and lips in tandem I’ll start sucking and licking you like a Popsicle. I’ll then gently probe the hole at the tip of your dick with my hot tongue right before I release spit all over your cock. Using my saliva as lubrication, I slowly start sliding my hand up and down your now rock hard dick.

After getting up my knees in a better position over your cock, I start sliding my hot, wet mouth over the top of your rock hard cock. I let my hot breath surround your pink rod as my mouth envelops it. You suck in air and your hold your breath as you anticipate me to clamping my wet lips around it and start sucking…

Slurping on some dick tastes so good

Does that feel good baby? What? Oh, you want to stand up and have me get on my knees in front of you instead? Okay, I can do that. I’d love to feel your hands on the back of my head as I slowly suck you and take you in deeper and deeper. I love bobbing and bouncing my throat against your fat cock head right before you start thrusting your hips and forward and really start throat fucking me. Do you like it when I gag on your dick too?

Mmmmm, do you see what I mean? That makes me so fucking horny! Every since I sucked and slurped all over the “bomb pop” at the cookout, I want to suck and slurp on some dick! If you like sloppy wet blowjobs as much as I like giving them, I think you should give me call and pound my mouth like a pussy until your bomb explodes right down my throat! I want to be your dirty little cum slut and slurp down every last drop of cum churning in your balls right now.

If this written description has turned you on and made you thirsty for cum too, I’d be glad to walk you through a cock sucking, cum eating phone sex fantasy and encourage you to suck and slurp on some big hard dick too. What are you waiting for, pick up the phone and stuff my mouth with your hard dick today! I can’t wait to be your blowjob phone sex princess or make you mine if your closet cock sucker looking to release your load and secret too!

Jodi – 1-866-610-5411