Menstruation Fetish Phone Sex For Period Play Lovers

Hi guys, its Ricki again… Do you have a fetish phone sex fantasy that you’d like to talk about? Maybe you’re turned on by a fetish that isn’t always talked about; one that is thought to be taboo to the average person. If you’re a guy who gets an instant hard-on when you see the color red, then we definitely need to talk! Well, in case you haven’t guessed, I’m referring to period play. I think it’s one of those fetishes and fantasies that are widely misunderstood.

Yes, that’s right; it’s that monthly experience when you put away the lube, lay a towel down for your girl and fuck her to your heart’s content. Period fetish phone sex can be a delightful experience with the right partner, and I want to be that girl for you. I would love for you to slide down between my creamy thighs and experience this neighborhood slut for a taboo phone sex fantasy with me!

Taboo fetish phone sex can mean so many things to so many people. I’d like you to look at your imagination as a large blank canvas with so much room for you to paint. Let’s paint the perfect fantasy together; a fantasy picture that’s only been inside your head. I’d like to bring your fantasy to life for you.

Period play for sexual menstruation fetishes

You’re not alone if you get excited when you know your girl is on her monthly cycle. We’ll talk about how a cunt stays nice and slippery for your cock on a period / menstruation fetish phone sex call. For some men it’s more than just that extra natural lube once a month, it’s the phenomenon of the menstruation that excites them. Whilst others just want to touch and smell the used tampons and pads before we put them in the trash. Some men enjoy the smell and odor of menstrual blood as it flows from our delicate pussies. Some enjoy the view of seeing the red blood flowing out of a pussy hole, and then there are others get off of eating a red horny pussy, tasting blood and pussy juices together.

Don’t be shy; I want to hear all about your sexual fetish, whether they are consider taboo or not, especially your menstruation fetishes. I guess my cousin saw the string of my tampon while we were swimming at his parents’ pool over spring break. I have to admit; I was taken aback at first, and a little bit disgusted when he confessed he wanted to taste my bloody pussy. But after he explained that for the past few years he has been jerking off thinking about what pussy would taste like when blood was coming out.

My cousin told me he’s been watching period porn online and now really wants to know what pussy tastes like while menstruating, but not just any pussy, he wants mine. He wants my pussy because he likes me but also because he doesn’t want to gross out his girlfriend with his unusual desire. Well, what’s a girl to do when her cousin asks this?

Suckling on a bloody pussy never felt so good

I have found that my sensations are magnified and feels really amazing when I’ve had private masturbation session while on my period but after hearing this gave me an extra tingle I had never felt before.  I was super curious now how it would feel to have my bloody pussy eaten out. Luckily we were the only ones at the house on this day so we didn’t have to wait to find out. My cousin went a got a towel and placed it on his bed over his sheets.

I climbed on his bed, lay my head on his pillow and before I knew it, my cousin planted himself between my thighs and began untying the sides of my bikini. It felt like a jolt of electricity went through my body as I felt him slowly pulling on the string of my tampon. I could see his cock harden with every centimeter of the tampon slipping out of my bald pussy. I was at the heaviest point of my cycle and I could feel blood trickle down to my asshole as it popped out with his last tug.

His eyes lit up as he used his fingers to spread my pussy open as far as he could and he began to lick my pussy. His tongue was vigorously lapping up the menstrual blood from my pink cunt and it was only minutes before I was cumming! Feeling my cousin’s hot mouth suckle on my bloody pussy was fucking amazing, and ever since that day we get together once a month for some special oral period play!

Secret tampon fetishes explored

If you have a secret menstruation fetish or bloody tampon fetish and would like to experience period play like my cousin, then I think you should call me and confess your secret taboo fetish. I want to hear all about your fetish and what part of it sexually excites you. The taste, the smell, or the fucking sensations on your bloody cock, or is it simply the taboo nature of it?

What are waiting for? Call me now for your very own taboo phone sex session so we can talk about period play, tampon play, menstruation cycles and any other thing that sexually turns you on. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, I’m on my monthly cycle right now so come fuck this bloody pussy today!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Daddy’s Fantasy Princess Licks Sweet Young Pussy

Hey guys its Ricki, your taboo incest phone sex princess!  If you’re in need of a pussy moistening, cock throbbing get-a-way from your mundane day to day, then I’d love to be your daily dose of delicious delightful fantasy fun!  Adult fantasy exploration can be loads of fun and literally in more ways than one. I have always being a little mischievous and there is nothing like creating taboo mischief with other mischievous horny men on the other end of the telephone line.

If we’ve played before then you have come to realize how much the entire taboo nature of daddy daughter phone sex fantasies turn me on.  I’m always looking to role play with any “Daddy” because this type of incest definitely moistens me in all the right places.  It doesn’t matter the context in which you like to be called Daddy, if just the word is enough of a trigger to harden your rod, and you don’t want me to play the role of your daughter, there are many other ways to incorporate it into your fantasy.  Keep reading and you’ll catch on…

Kinky vacations are always be best time

My boyfriend, who I refer to as Daddy in this fantasy story is all about vacation with Daddy. We’ve been dating for a few years now and vacations with Daddy have always been a great time and they just keep getting better and better with every passing year and in more ways than one!  He’s just as kinky and perverted as I am and I think that’s why we get along so great.  In fact, he loves the idea that I do kinky phone sex fantasies over the phone. And sometimes, the incest fantasy role plays I do over the phone, I bring to our bedroom making our sex the best ever!

Daddy loves to play and is always looking to have good time with young girls.  Walking down the red light district looking for the perfect young play toy for Daddy the first night was super exciting! After shopping for the right girl, we ultimately went back to our room alone because we couldn’t contain our sexual heat any longer. The moment we walked in our hotel room Daddy pushed me to the bed and thrust his throbbing cock deep inside my tight, wet pussy.  We fucked for hours and in every position too.  We had so much fun and were thoroughly exhausted by the time he was done filling all my holes with his creamy white loads of hot cum.

Perverted girlfriend plays incest accomplice for Daddy

The next morning Daddy woke me with his rock hard throbbing wood as he slid his swollen head across my lips.  He was eager to have his princess suck him dry so I opened my pretty lips and began to lick and slurp at his cock.  Mmmm, I could taste my pussy juice from the fuck fest the night before too.  This is when I knew that this was just the beginning of the fun we were going to have on vacation!

We would spend our days sightseeing and doing tourist stuff and we would start girl shopping each day in the early evening.  After several days of shopping for the perfect young girl and fucking each other like rabbits we finally found a young blonde girl with a tight little body that we both agreed on.  She had short blonde hair and big brown eyes; she was so perfect!  Her flat chest, pink puffy nipples, round bubbly butt and smooth pink puffy pussy lips made both of our mouths water.  When we picked her up she was dressed in a mesh pink dress that barely fit her tiny body.  When I looked at her all I could think was, wow, she’s a yummy doll for us to share!

Daddy sat on her left and I sat on her right slowly undressing her before we ran our hands all over her smooth skin.  Daddy’s fingers parted her soft thighs and began caressing her silky pink pussy.  He began tickling her sweet little clit getting our sweet doll nice and wet.  Once we got her nice and wet Daddy wanted to watch me have a little fun first, so I laid her on her back and opened her legs spread eagle.

Orgasmic ecstasy via adult phone fantasies

After crawling between her legs, parting her moist pink pussy lips I gave her sweet slit a long slow lick.  Mmmmm, her pussy tasted like strawberries and cream!  I buried my tongue deep in her tasty pussy and ate her out until she squirted in my hungry mouth.  This was just the appetizer and we were far from being done with our sweet little fuck doll so you’ll have to call me to hear what else we did!

As you can see not all accomplice phone sex fantasies are rough and tough.  They can be soft, sensual and deliciously delightful.  It’s all about the delivery and I’m all about reading both your mind and cock all the while taking you on a journey of ecstasy. I’m a judgment free girl who has a very open mind and love getting men off over the phone.  Hearing you cum and blowing not only your mind but load too all while using my sexy voice and creative imagination is like music to my ears.  I offer a smorgasbord of adult fantasies from incest phone sex fantasies, to perverted accomplice playtime, just like in this story and with everything in between.

If you’re looking for an incest or taboo phone sex princess to act out all your kinky sexual desires that you have swimming around in your head about your underage daughter, niece or any young girl for that matter, give me call and let’s get kinky together!  Orgasms are an important part of our lives, just like vitamins are.  So whether you are giving yourself a treat, or searching for your daily dose of delicious delightful fantasy fun I’ll be here waiting to hear from you!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Role Play Fantasy: Dirty Incest Girl Cums with Step-Daddy

Hi guys, it’s Ricki and if we’ve not had the chance to play over the phone yet, you should give me a try!  I enjoy all sorts of taboo phone sex calls and almost nothing is off limits when it comes to adult entertainment.  I’ll set the mood for you…  while mommy is away, Ricki and step-daddy will play!  Yes, you read that right, I have a new step-daddy caller and I love sharing dirty stories and fantasies with him when he calls for incest phone sex fun. We just had a really naughty fantasy role play that I’d like to share with you. Maybe it will make your balls tingle and want to call me for your very own age play phone sex session with me too!  This particular call went like this…

Incest phone sex fantasies that revolve around age play are always the best, especially when it’s a really dirty step-daddy like me caller.  We started out our fantasy when Mom went out shopping with her friends yesterday and left us all alone.  We cuddled on the couch and began watching ourselves on our very own porn movie that we made a few weeks earlier.  It was within only minutes before I had my clothes off and my mouth wrapped around his cock; suckling and milking his swollen head while we watched the TV screen.

As I took his giant cock down my throat, my warm spit and saliva began dripping down to his balls. I felt his hands cup my perfect tits lightly pinching and twisting my nipples.  Taking his time to make sure my nipples were as stiff as his cock, before grazing his fingertips down my stomach to my moist panties.

Aching to finish what we started

“Mmmm”, I moaned as his fingertips grazed my stiff clit.  I could feel my step-daddies cock grow harder and harder every minute, throbbing against my back.  Just as his large manly fingers slipped inside my wet folds we heard mom’s car pull into the driveway.  Kissing me on the cheek he whispered in my ear, “later sweetie”.  Smirking as he licked his fingers clean.

Finally mommy was fast asleep and we were aching to finish what we had started.  He laid me back on my bed slipping between my legs and lowering his mouth to my clit.  He was driving me wild with every kiss, lick and suck on my dripping wet pussy.  After a short period of time, I couldn’t take it another minute of him fucking me with his tongue; I needed to feel his fat cock inside me!

He is so good at what he does and I couldn’t take it anymore. I pulled him up on top of me and grabbed my step-daddy’s cock.  I gave it a squeeze and pulled him closer to my tight slit. It sent shivers through me when he began touching the tip to my eager slit.  Teasing me, step-daddy rubbed the tip of his throbbing cock all over my wet slit, finally with one thrust burying his cock deep inside me.

Orgasmic explosions never felt so good

“Yes fuck me,” I practically screamed out loud.  Putting my legs on his shoulders he began to pound my pussy hard and fast filling me with every inch of his massive cock.  I was first on my back, then on my knees getting fucked doggy style from behind and finally on top of daddy riding his cock. I don’t remember it feeling this good before.  It was like my pussy was starving and needed to be stuffed, drilled and pumped harder and harder.

My sweet pussy started squeezing around his cock so tight in preparation to milk his cock and balls full of cum deep inside me. As I rocked back and forth I felt his fists grip my tight perky nipples pulling them down to his mouth. At the same time he thrust his cock up into me violently letting out a loud groan as we both experienced intense orgasmic explosions together.  I could feel shots of hot cum fill my belly as he kissed me deeply squeezing my sweet ass.

Age play fantasies for the extra naughty

Wow! What an intense daddy daughter phone sex fantasy we had! Dad or step-dad, it doesn’t matter to me, any kind of incest is always a good time in my book! This incest phone sex fantasy was so hot that I left a big wet spot on my sheets by the time our age play phone sex call was over!

I can’t wait to see what my step-daddy has in mind for our next incest fantasy role play. Maybe mommy will catch us in the act next time and really bring extra naughtiness to our call that I can share? If you are looking for a dirty girl who has sex on the brain then give me a call for your very own personalized session, so let’s get naked and cum together now!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Perverted Brother Sister Blackmail Phone Sex

Hi guys its Ricki the perverted phone sex girl of your dreams!  If we’ve not spoken yet, I think you should give me a try!  I thoroughly enjoy age pay phone sex fantasies of all sorts and the kinkier your fantasies are the better!  What is your definition of kink?  I know it’s an objective sort of thing and everyone has different levels of kink and typically it’s all based on boundaries.  I’d love to explore these areas with you during a very naughty sexual conversation.

I consider myself as a non-judgmental person who is has a very open mind.  I mean seriously; if one is close minded and judgmental, then being a taboo phone sex operator isn’t a job for you.  For me, this is the best part of this phone sex job; bringing perverted taboo thoughts out in the open and to the table.  The visceral things our bodies do when verbalizing such perversion out loud is incredible!  Wouldn’t you agree?

I have a particular caller that loves my voice. He says I have a great young girl voice and I remind him of his sister. So when he calls he wants me to be his younger, bratty sister that’s in high school. She is a cheerleader and on the gymnastics team which is great because I used to be that girl in high school. I love getting in character for him for a his taboo phone sex fantasy and his deliciously perverted brother sister phone sex fantasy goes like this…

Brother’s annoying girlfriend makes me curious

Today in Social Studies class I had to hear all about my brother from his cute, but annoying girlfriend. She is enamored by him. She thinks that just because they have dated for two years that they are going to marry once they get out of school. I always giggle when she says that because even I know it’s just puppy love because they are so young and if she really thinks he’s thinking about marriage she’s dreaming.  She’s really annoying when she talks about it, but I don’t burst the bubble she has formed around her thoughts.

She carries on about my brother and how enormous his cock is. I of course have no idea about this because I haven’t seen his cock since we were young kids playing in our little swimming pool. I remember we would have to hang our swimsuits to dry so we’d strip out of them after our skin was all shriveled up from being in the pool all day. So back then his cock was not enormous. Ha ha!

Anyway, that’s all she kept talking about. I just pretended to listen to her brag and I didn’t show any interest in the subject. That is until I was on the bus ride home and I kept thinking about the comments and wondered if they were true. I guess the only way to find out was to figure out a way to peek in on him or get him naked. My mind was starting to formulate a plan.

Sister makes up rumor to get her way

Once I got home he was the only one there. Mom and Dad always kept long hours with the family business so they wouldn’t be home for hours. I ran upstairs and after throwing my back pack in my room, I ran into my brother’s room. He was sitting in his gaming chair playing an online game with one of his friends. I went over to him and started to run my hands over his shoulders. I then grabbed his headset and told him to get off the game.

He looked confused and asked me if everything was alright? I nodded and said “Yes, but I have a very important question to ask you”.  He looked at me and said “What is it?” With an eager to know sort of look on my face I blurted out that there is rumor going around about him.  “What kind of rumor” he asked in a puzzled tone.  “Well, I heard that you have an enormous cock”, I squeaked out of my mouth.  “Oh yeah, who told you that”, he inquisitively grimaced.

I turned and faced him in his gaming chair and sternly said “Take your jeans off right now Riley”.  My brother chuckled and told me to get out of his room.  “Your annoying girlfriend told me you have a big, gigantic cock and I want to see it for myself”, I retaliated in a loud, stern voice.  “Now take off your jeans, I want to see”, I continued on in my bratty want-it-my-way attitude.

Incest blackmail at it’s finest

My brother said it wasn’t a good idea and that I should leave his room again. Only this time I told him that I didn’t ask for his opinion and that he really needs to do what I tell because if he didn’t, I was going to tell Mom and Dad that he and his girlfriend are having sex all the time. “You wouldn’t”, he annoyingly barked back. “Oh yes I will. And you know they will believe me, you’ll get grounded for the whole summer”. I giggled knowing this would get me my way. I really like being the one in charge and was fully aware this was kink blackmail; I loved it!

We come from a strict family and I suspect that if one of us kids were to do something as serious as have sex before marriage my parents would be devastated and probably punish the whole family for something so sinister. Even probably keep us from going on our family summer vacation. It’s almost as though they would shun us for such behavior and tell us that we are not the Kardashians and we don’t behave this way. Ha ha!

My brother is a really good looking guy too. He’s got sandy brown hair, brown eyes, stands 6’2 and probably weighs a little over 200 lbs, so I’m hoping his girlfriend is right about the size of his cock. This incest blackmail phone sex fantasy was just starting to heat up after I made that last statement to my brother because I’m about to find out just how big (or small) my brother’s cock really is!

Perverted sister sucks and slurps

With a loud sigh and a reluctant look on his face knowing how bad to could be for him if I told our parents he began to unbutton his jeans. When he stood up to unzip them, I instantly dropped to my knees in front of him to be sure I could get a good, up close and personal look.  He shimmied out of his jeans and I slid his boxers down to follow. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me for a second; he is indeed as well endowed just as his girlfriend claims and he’s very lucky in this department!  His rod was no longer flaccid so I slid my hand up and gave it a squeeze.

Within seconds I had my brother’s cock in my mouth and I was sucking and slurping like a hungry little whore.  Between breaths and licks I let out a little giggle and he told me how perverted it was that his sister was sucking his cock.  When I looked up at him his eyes rolled back in his head and moaned and groaned; it turned me on so much!

“I want to fuck you Ricki” were the next words my brother managed to get out of his mouth while savoring my hot mouth sucking, gagging, choking and sliding my deep over his cock hitting the back of my throat. I was as horny as I had ever now and without hesitation I popped up and slipped my clothes off and got on all fours, arched my back and served him my sweet, pink creamy cunt.

Brother sister blackmail done your way

Did you really think I was going to give you more details than that?  You even thought I would tell you where my brother shot his creamy load, didn’t you?  Well, I’d love to tell you every detailed perversion that took place from there so you’ll just have to call me to find out the rest.  But better yet, why don’t you call me and tell me what kinky perversions you have about your sister so we can role play your very own personal brother sister fantasy.  We can include or exclude sexual blackmail if you want, either way works for me!

Before I end this blog I will tell you one more perverted part of his fantasy that tops the cake, making this perverted incest phone sex fantasy that much more sexy, naughty and super taboo.  Just as we were both putting our clothes on, right after he bent over and kissed me I heard him say, “Uh oh”. When I asked him what that meant he sent over a wicked smile and said, “I forgot to turn my gaming camera off; the one connected to all my friends before you walked in”!

Oh boy, what a way to end this fantasy, right? I guess it only means that we could take this brother sister phone sex fantasy and spin the blackmail the other way around and my brother (and friends) could blackmail me!   Don’t you love it when one perversion leads to another?  I know I sure do!  Call me for all your perverted phone sex fantasy needs.  I’m here to play any and all types of fantasies from mild to wild and everything in between!   If our hours don’t match up, send me an email to schedule a session.  Can’t wait to play with you!

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Taboo Phone Sex Girl On The Prowl

I’m Ricki, a sexy little vixen ready to play!  I have to tell you that returning to Taboo Temptations and taking perverted phone sex calls again has been the hottest and wettest decision I’ve made in a long time!  Yes, I said wettest!  I think I have masturbated and cum more in the past several weeks doing taboo phone sex sessions than I have ever cum in my life!  All you incredibly sexy men calling me are certainly keeping me on my back; oops, I mean toes!

There is nothing sexier than a man knowing what he wants and taking action to get what he desires. This type of man is always a turn on to me. If you are a man who likes to take charge of his life, especially when it comes to satisfying his sexual urges and cravings with taboo phone sex sessions, then I’m your girl! I love to oblige men by being the girl or woman who completely envelopes your cock and mind during our sessions together.

Sometimes I like to regress to my younger years and play that naughty, innocent little girl during an incest phone sex fantasy with Daddy, while other times I like to have knowledge of sex and demonstrate my nymphomaniac side. What do you like to bring out of yourself when you engage in taboo fantasies with a quality phone sex operator like me? I will encourage you to let your walls down and inhibitions go when you call me to play, because unrestricted, perverted phone sex sessions are bucket loads of fun! Below you’ll read a sample of the kind of fun I’m talking about…

Girl’s day out at a spring training game

After a long winter break, it’s time to play!  It’s time for a “girl’s day out”. I gathered up a couple of my girlfriends and today is the day. We originally planned a night out on the town, but since we were all so eager to be together we decided to meet early and have lunch first.  While at lunch we all came to the conclusion that since we all love a man in uniform what better place would there be than the ball field.   It’s spring training and the games are in full swing so we knew we’d catch several men in uniform there!

Of course we are all dressed to draw some attention; we always dress this way when having a girl’s day. I was wearing my short jean shorts, a cute blouse that hung open to show off my pretty cleavage and of course my favorite super shiny nude lip gloss.  My hair is straight with a couple of pretty gold barrettes that compliment the shimmery highlights on my cheek bones. I am feeling really sexy.

After getting to the ballpark, we grabbed some beer and started making our way through the bleachers row by row, trying to get as close to the ball players as possible. Once we got situated in our seats we took note that we had already started drawing attention from both the guys in the crowd as well as from a couple of the ball players too. This is exactly our intention and was excited it was working.

Prowling for a sexual escapade

When us girls get together one never knows what is going to happen, especially when it there is alcohol involved; giggles. We have always been open with each other about our sex lives, adventures and rendezvous and today was no different.  It’s clearly evident that since we all happen to be single at this particular time that we are tigresses on the prowl for our next sexual escapade.  This stage was already set at the restaurant while having lunch; way before we got to the ballpark.

Conversation amongst us was flowing and it was a continuation of our lunchtime chat about sex.  When I mentioned to both my girlfriends that I wanted to find someone who would “take me” in the situation, Bethany asked out of curiosity “you mean like rape you”? I replied, “Yes”. I went on to explain that since it’s been a while since I’ve had cock, that I just want to be ravaged and that I was definitely on the prowl for a guy that I can have some fun with for a while.

Before we knew it the people around us were celebrating a bachelor party and serving up shots to almost everyone in the section. Of course we aren’t going to turn down a shot and a few shots later we are all feeling really good!  When I to look over my shoulder there was a really hot guy staring me down so I decided now was my time to pounce!  My liquid courage makes me bold so I waved my finger at him to come down and join us.

Invitation back to hotel

This guy was so damn sexy and there was nothing I wouldn’t do to get him addicted to me. We flirted and talked a great deal and by the end of the game he invited me and my girlfriends back to his hotel room.  It was a hotel close by and all his teammates were staying there too.  He was a minor league player for a MLB team. I couldn’t be more excited!

After a few more drinks at the hotel everyone decided to go sit in the hot tub. By this time it was getting late and we figured we’d be safe from any families coming down to the pool area and since none of us girls had swimsuits we didn’t care, we just stripped down to our bras and panties.

I snuggled up to my guy in the hot tub and my girlfriends did the same with the hunky men they were with.  When my sexy man started rubbing my leg his hand began to slowly creep up, but I was impatient so I just took his hand and planted it right on my pussy. I turned to look at him and he laid the sexiest kiss on my lips. He turned me on so much with this kiss. I whispered in his ear that I wanted him to take me back to the hotel room and fuck me like I needed to be fucked. He smiled a big smile. Before long we were making excuses to get out of there. Everyone else was going to go get in the pool but we headed to his room to go have some animalistic fun instead!

Scrumptious ball player makes me cum

After hours in the fresh air, beer, shots and sexual tension building throughout the day we didn’t waste any time once we closed the hotel room door behind us.  We made our way to the bathroom while stripping each other’s clothes off.  With our lips never parting, I spun the shower head knob to heat the water. The kissing and fondling of each other’s bodies felt amazing, especially with the slippery soapy lathering!  When the water became cold we used towels to dry off then went under the covers to get warmed up.

I sensed his kinkiness in the shower but knew I was in store for more when he began licking and sucking my toes before making his way up my legs with his tongue to my wet awaiting mound.  Let me just tell you, this kinky man ate my pussy like I no man ever had!  In fact, just thinking about our first night together turns me on and makes me wet every time!

This man was so strong and scrumptious!  We spend the next several hours licking, sucking, penetrating, thrusting, bouncing and cumming over and over with and for each other.  It was body shivering, mind blowing, orgasmic ecstasy!

I learned the next morning that Bethany hooked up with his one teammates and Chloe the other teammate. It worked out exactly as we had hoped!  We all spent the next day together before they guys had to head back home.  It was such a fun weekend and just what this horny tigress was looking for!

Masturbate with a kinky girl

I’d love to share every detail of my kinky escapades with you over the phone.  In fact, this sexy scrumptious ball player and I have hooked up multiple times now so I have lots of kinky sex stories to share.  If you want to masturbate while I tell you all about my baseball player escapades just let me know!  You will definitely learn how much of a perverted phone sex girl I really am!

I enjoy using my real life stories and incorporating them into my taboo phone sex calls. The best part is adding, mixing and twisting in a little extra perverted kink to intensify your orgasm.  I can’t wait to hear all about your kinky sexual escapades too! Whether you are looking for a perverted phone sex girl for taboo tales, a mutual masturbation session or a kinky fantasy role play, I’m ready for you!  Pick up the phone and let’s play!

Ricki – 1-888-878-1918

Erotic Taboo Princess For Trailer Park Perversions

Hello again guys! It’s Ricki, one of the new taboo phone sex princesses here who’s ready to meet all your fantasy needs and more! What do I mean by more, you ask? I mean I’m here to listen to all the taboo tales, naughty fantasies and erotic stories running around in that perverted mind of yours. Please don’t take that in a derogatory way though.  I prefer you understand that I mean in a playful and erotic way. In such a way that makes you want to get naked and naughty with me!

I enjoy all types of taboo phone sex calls and have already spoken to and played with several horny men since my return, but I can’t wait to enjoy even more erotic phone sex sessions as time continues on.  Upon my return to this phone sex job, I had a new caller whose very naughty fantasy story had me so sexually aroused that I feel compelled to share it.  Every time I think about that erotic taboo story my slit moistens and I want to hear it all over again.

Not only do I hope this perverted phone sex fantasy story turns you on as much as does me, but it makes your mouth water, your cock stiffen and your urge to call me unstoppable!  Will you be masturbating while you tell me a story like this particular gentlemen does, or shall we engage in a role play?  The choice is yours, you lead the way…

Sweet little girl hears the ice cream truck

Imagine being on the edge of the earth in the wisp of the desert; wind blowing softly through your hair, palm trees and clothes lines all throughout this run-down mobile home park which is on the border of New Mexico and Arizona.  At night some of the porch lights are red while others are white.  If they don’t have a red porch light then there is a red neck tie hanging on the door knob.  There is a meaning behind this that you’ll piece together as you continue reading on.

“Carmen” sits on the porch step while mommy’s boyfriend (we will call him “G”) is inside waiting for her to finish up and return from the laundry mat.  Excitedly Carmen runs inside because she hears the tune from the ice cream truck.  She remembers she doesn’t have any money so she asks mommy’s boyfriend if she could get some from him.  G pulls out a twenty dollar bill and with a smirk on his face and dangles it in front of little Carmen.  She jumps and up down trying to snatch the money, but he says to her, “not so fast little one”, you know what you need to do to get this money.

Carmen is this tiny, soft caramel skinned girl with long black hair who is dressed in flared blue jeans with an elastic waist and a canary yellow t-shirt that shows off and exposes her cute tummy.  This is not the first time she’s asked G for money, so she already knows when she asks that she must do him a “favor”.

He pokes a finger into her little butt

With the ice cream truck nearing she quickly turns around and grabs each side of her elastic jeans and starts slowly pulling them down to expose a portion of her cute white panties and her sweet baby butt. Next, she effortlessly tugs her panties down and exposes more of her bald, virgin pussy; the pink, pure and untouched little girl pussy.  Then she bends all the way down and touches her feet just as G taught her to do.

She hears him moan and then feels his warm breath up against her mettlesome little butt and down to her little slice of heaven. He pokes his finger into her little butt, and she giggles; almost falling forward.  Next he tells her to stand up and turn around; she does as instructed as he hungrily gazes at her sweet young pussy.

After G is satisfied he gives her acknowledgment and she quickly reaches down to her ankles and pulls her panties and jeans back up. She turns around, takes the money and starts to dart for the door.  When she hears G mumble “ahem”, she realizes she forgot to give him thanks so she darts back over to him, kisses his cheek and licks his ear just as she has seen mommy do so many times.  She giggles as mommy’s boyfriend gets so turned on by it too. “Go on now, get your ice cream” were the next words out of G’s mouth before she dashes out the door.

Licking and swirling tongues

Carmen is feeling extremely delightful as she makes her way to the line at the ice cream truck.  She’s not only ecstatic about getting a frozen yummy treat, but she’s on cloud nine that she’s once again made mommy’s boyfriend happy.  She has figured out that making mommy’s boyfriend G happy, makes mommy happy and that means more money for her for when the ice cream man comes around the park.

Carmen patiently waits her turn in line with a glowing grin on her face.  She spots her friend Cinnamon standing nearby with a frown on her face when she curiously looks around to see all the kids running towards the ice cream truck to get in line.  She waves for Cinnamon to come get in line with her.  When Cinnamon approaches she explains that she would love to get ice cream but has no money.  “I have money and I can buy you whatever you want”, Carmen says with a smile.  They are now both over the moon with money in hand and next to order from the ice cream man.

The two girls with their double-scooped ice cream cones in hand are giggling and talking like little schoolgirls as they make their way back to Carmen’s trailer. Once back to Carmen’s trailer they sit on the steps by the door within visual view and earshot of G; unbeknownst to the girls. G instantly becomes aroused by watching the girls sliding and swirling their tongues up and down their ice cream cones, all the while imagining it’s their pink little tongues on his cock.

Trailer park red lights for perverts

Of course the girls have no clue that G is listening and watching them as they ravenously lick their ice cream cones with their greedy little mouths.  I bet you’re wondering what is going through his very perverted mind right about now aren’t you?  If you’re anything like G then you already know that he is right on the edge and just about lose it when he hears his girlfriend’s daughter, Carmen, begin to tell her friend what she does to earn money from him!

When Cinnamon suggests that she could do what Carmen does to Mr. G to earn money, Carmen quickly changes the subject.  She certainly didn’t want anything to do with that; someone else taking her place or her money.  In fact, the only thing that crossed her mind is that Cinnamon’s Mommy can get her own boyfriend that she could earn money from; not mine.

Every night those red lights on the border come on in that trailer park like clockwork.  In fact, those that live nearby know exactly where to direct folks looking.  I hope you have pieced together the meaning of the red porch lights and red neck ties by now; giggles.

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Incest Phone Sex Princess Returns For Daddy’s Girl Fantasies

Hi guys its Ricki. I hope I look familiar to some of you, because I was a part of this amazingly fun, taboo phone sex family a while back; more than a few years even. Life events in my personal journey pulled me away back then, but I’m back and ready to play! I am more than grateful to be back here; “home” to the best family of taboo phone sex operators that the internet has to offer! Words can’t even express my excitement to re-introduce myself to all you horny guys out there.

I was told that I was naughty years ago, but let me just tell you, I’ve had much more life experience since then!  I would describe this as meaning that my wickedly delicious imagination has had time to marinate; therefore perverted taboo playtime with me will be extremely hot! My panties are already moist because I can’t wait to talk, play and get to know all of you all over again.  Hint: I may have been your flirty age play fantasy girl or hardcore rape delight.

I want to remind those who remember me that I come from family that gave me answers instead of more questions.  My family was very loving but learned later in life, very dysfunctional too.  I wouldn’t trade my taboo experiences growing up for anything though. It gave me the open-mindedness and confidence I needed to be able to explore all my incest phone sex fantasies with all of you. Every time I hear the words “Daddy’s little princess” it sends electricity through my body. And trust me, I work hard to live up to that little nickname too!

Daddy’s girl fantasies come true

Daddy daughter phone sex is one of the hottest fantasy role plays for me. For as long as I can remember being my daddy’s favorite was my number one goal. Even to the point that I would get jealous of my siblings when they were getting more affection than me. As I got older though it became clearer to me that the best way to be any daddy’s favorite is to learn to take care of all of his needs.  And I do mean all of them too!

My ideal daddy daughter phone sex fantasy is one where he makes me earn his love, by doing as I am told. The idea of being daddy’s personal fuck toy gets me excited. Knowing he is the only man I would submit to with no questions asked. Thinking of bending over for his big cock, makes my sweet peach juicy just the way he likes it.   But let’s be honest; it would even be a little hotter if he just happens to share me with my brothers too.  The more cock and family joining in on the fun, the hotter and juicier my peach gets!

Another fantasy that creeps into my mind when I’m lying in my warm bed at night is how daddy treats me when I’ve been bad. Even though I may be his favorite girl in the whole wide world and incest princess, I’m sometimes a little naughty and need to be punished too. The thought of him pulling down my panties and putting me over his knee for a bare bottom spanking is exciting. I can hear the spanking ringing in my ears and always remember that it hurts right now, but I love it because I know he will make it feel so much better soon.

Big, strong sexy Daddy’s turn me on

As you can tell I’m not ashamed to admit being a Daddy lover. In fact, in my opinion, I think it’s a very common fantasy for girls like me who are close to our male role models to fantasize these very taboo thoughts. I’ve never met a boy who gets me excited the way I do when I think of a big, strong, sexy Daddy.  Would you like to engage in an incest fantasy role play with me and be my Daddy too?

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