Filthy Fantasy Playtime For Perverted Age Play Phone Sex

Hi everyone Peggy here!  I’m the last one you need to tell that we’re living in an extremely crazy world of late.  This craziness seems to be trickling down because guys seem to be craving extreme age play phone sex fantasies for than ever now. But I have to say this is what I love about being a perverted playmate specialist.  I get to use the perverted tricks in my mental toy box of perversion; therefore I can handle any scenario that comes my way! I’m an older more mature woman that indulges in filthy underage fantasy games that definitely makes my ole pussy cream. I’ll even twist any age play fantasy you have and turn it upside down and transform myself into that sweet underage fuck doll.  I’ll be sure to turn your salacious underage desires a reality until you’re releasing your hot creamy load with me.

Have you ever thought of using an age regression technique in your age play phone sex fantasy role play? If you haven’t, let me just tell you that is the perfect for the times you’re craving a fantasy mommy, especially one catching you sniffing her dirty panties as you regress to that preteen boy you once were. Imagine feeling as if you were actually right there living that experience all over again.  Would it be exactly as you remember? Well that’s what happened recently; let me tell you all about it. This is when things went a tad bit crazy and that’s to say the least!

Prepubescent boy plays underage girl fantasy

My extremely taboo phone sex caller wanted to go back to the time when he was a prepubescent boy for his age play phone sex fantasy role play. He wanted to twist things up just a bit and be a little girl living with his single mother who was late on the rent again. As we got further into his fantasy I found out I was to be the landlady and her babysitter as well. I had made arrangements with her mother to get caught up on the rent. The deal was I would babysit for free during the summer and consider her paid up on the rent and she agreed I could “have” her innocent daughter to use for my pleasure. I unconsciously rubbed my horny cunt as we negotiated the deal.

All I could think to myself while my caller what mapping out the details was that I am going to really like teaching this little slut and her worthless mommy too.  They are both going to be my bitches and personal fuck toys all summer long and I can’t wait to get things started. Summer break has started and today is the day they’re making good on their promise. So I quickly started with the age regression technique coaching my phone sex caller using my low slow monotone voice. As I did, I felt my core heat with desire. I quietly reached down into my panties and my finger easily slipped inside my soaking wet pussy.

Phone sex hypnosis for age regression

I must admit I was so close to climaxing I quickly had to compose myself to the task at hand. Without missing a hitch in my breath I coaxed my extreme phone sex caller to lie down, close his eyes and relax. I began the age regression hypnosis by telling him to start thinking about being the little girl he craves to be. After a few more words I stated, “That’s it sweetheart you’re the prepubescent little girl now with flat mosquito bite nipples and a hairless little cunny. When you wake your mommy will be right here beside you.”

My soaking wet cunt was fueled with insatiable lustful anticipation and it was intensely building as this age regression technique got underway. As soon as she opened her eyes and let out a little grunt I climaxed so hard I gushed soaking myself and everything around me.

There I was sprawled out lying naked on my bed watching her mother prepare my little treat. Mommy had her standing on the edge of the bed. She pulled her blouse over her head then unbuttoned her shorts, she then told her to lie next to me.  I noticed her sweet innocence as she was sucking her thumb and I noticed a bit of a nervous tremble as well when mommy told her to lift up her hips so she can pull down her panties, the high pitched grunt coming out of her little innocent mouth made my cunt quiver.

Horny molestation fantasies

My fingers were knuckle deep fucking my cunt.  In a heated breath I commanded mommy to French kiss her baby daughter. I watched her press her hot wet hot wet tongue between her tiny lips. Watching her own mother molesting her daughter made me hornier than hell!  I ran my tongue towards my littler fuck dolls’ little nips.  My hands molested and caressed her; including her bubble butt as well.  I then pinched her flat nipples with my sharp nails then grazed them with my teeth. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed my phone sex caller’s mother masturbating her cunt while watching me molesting her daughter.

Knowing I was going to fondle and lick my phone sex caller’s virgin pussy made my hungry cunt dripped with arousal.  Wasting no time at all I grabbed her ass cheeks with both my hands lifted her up into my face and held her there as if she were a sweet Georgia peach. After stiffening the tip of my tongue I massaged the pink folds of her little cunt then slowly licked; separating her baby labia before going deeper.  I kept pushing my tongue deeper until my face was buried deep inside her little cunny.  This sweet baby girl was moaning in delight and oh fuck needless to say my ole pussy was creaming too!

I made her mommy join me; I told her to rim her daughter’s tiny puckered star with her tongue then finger fuck her butt hole. Mommy wasted no time at all, she first sucked her finger before sliding it into her daughters tight shit box and pumped it knuckle deep. I continued sucking on my caller’s clit; we both didn’t stop pleasuring, finger-fucking and sucking until we all climaxed in unison.

Filthy insatiable imaginations running wild

I’m ready to make any and all your age play phone sex fantasies come true. I’m even ready to make it extra special using an age regressing technique to send you back in time to relive your own special time and or place of being an innocent little boy. If you’d like to pretend to be a little girl like this caller did, we can certainly do that!  But if you have another deliciously sinful fantasy your perverted imagination wants to explore, we can do that too!

I’m an opened minded woman who has no limitations during an adult fantasy chat and or age play phone sex role play.  I’ll travel down any taboo phone sex fantasy road and make as many twists and turns your mind, heart and cock wants.  It’s all about the orgasm with me and I’ll do whatever it takes to facilitate an incredible experience with me. From mild to wild or something in between; call me and let our filthy insatiable imaginations guide you to ecstasy. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call! If my phone rings busy shoot me an email and schedule your own personalized underage fantasy experience with me today.  Talk to you soon!

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  1. Paublo on at

    Peggy, we both know everything you said is true.

    But mother, she was never a moment late on the rent or house payment.

    It’s our story only!!

  2. Peggy on at

    Hi Paul

    You know it, I wouldn’t let her forget that’s for sure. Once a month I’d relive her of her “duties” to do so.


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