Guided and Coached Cum Eating Fantasies

Hello boys, it’s Lauren and I just have to say that taboo phone sex is so much better when it’s wet and creamy.  Wouldn’t you agree?  The more cum, the better, is what I always say.

Have you ever wanted to be a cream pie eater but you’re too nervous to even try it? Well I have a few ideas that might start to make your mouth water.  Let me guide and coach you along the way…

To become a cum eating expert, you have to begin by experimenting with your own cum when you’re masturbating, first. Start with tasting your own precum little by little and eventually you will begin to love it.  Licking the precum will get you moving in the right direction of actually eating the cum later. Plus, if you do it while you’re masturbating you won’t think about it too much because you will be horny as fuck!  Well, at least that’s what happened to me anyway.  That’s exactly how I’ve acquired a taste for cum (yours and mine).  It happened to me while experimenting and practicing and before I knew it I’ve become addicted to cum.  In fact, I’ve often been called a cum eating phone sex slut, but I don’t mind!  It only feeds my addiction to cum!  Ha ha!

Guided cum eating instructions

If you’re feeling squeamish I would love to guide you on our very own cum eating phone sex call with me.  The next step of course is eating your own cum, just give it a taste and work yourself up to drinking every last drop, loving it and even craving it. Once you’ve got the cum eating down, then cream pie eating is the next step.  Eating your cum out of the pussy you just fucked is even hotter than eating your cum alone.  Watch some cream pie porn videos and see them all drinking up because it may give you the extra little push you need.

No one else needs to know except you and the cream pie pussy that you love to eat every night. Eating pussy is amazing but burying your face in a cream pie pussy is a whole different experience.  Once you taste her cum mixed with yours you will never want to go back. Give me call right now and let me guide to the ultimate fantasy of eating my cream pie phone sex pussy, and you will agree that taboo phone sex is better when wet and creamy.

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