Family Fun Sex Games: Incest with Daddy and Brothers

I’m Dylan and anything goes during taboo phone sex fantasies with me.  Don’t be shy, we can talk about anything you want to that will make you cum good and hard with me. Incest is a popular fantasy topic and it’s one of my favorites too, especially when we add a little underage play with it.

You could be the new Daddy who rubs my little underage pussy before bedtime and convinces me to give you a blowjob.  Or you could be the incest phone sex Daddy I’ve been sucking, fucking and pleasing when Mommy’s out of town. We could have a sensual role play or a “fuck me hard” scenario for being such a slut. Yes, you can use my dildo, butt plug or other sex toys if you’d like.  You can even give me a spanking for being such naughty girl.  I’m open to whatever you want to do with me and my young body; whatever makes your dick hard and balls boil is what I’m all about.

Family fun fantasies gone wild

Some of the best fantasy sessions I have are when both, me and my caller put our minds to work and let our creative imaginations run wild!  I’ve been a girl who has always enjoyed using my creative mind, but boy was I in for a shocker when I started incorporating sex and talking with dirty men over the phone!  I love it even more now and can’t wait to keep talking about all the incest games I’ve been a part of, especially the ones that start with brother sister sex.

I had a caller who wanted to hear all the dirty details of some family fun phone sex calls I’ve had.  He explained that he love taboo phone sex calls where he can masturbate while a kinky girl like me tells him taboo incest stories.

While my caller got comfortable, I began by telling him about how my brothers were the ones who taught me to give my first blowjob and about some of the sex games we played.  Playing “doctor” was always my favorite game because I got to play the patient.  And playing the patient meant that I got to be naked while my brother would take my temperature with his “special thermometer”.  Of course this developed my cock sucking skills until they started penetrating all of my pink holes.

When Daddy found out I was sucking cock, he had me show him what I was doing with my brother’s. His dick was so big so it was extra fun to suck!  When Mommy found out she asked me if my brother’s had been licking my pussy and I told her “yes” she taught me how to lick hers too.

Kinky incest stories and taboo role plays

I want to tell you about all the incest threesomes we had just like I told my caller last night. So if you’re into hearing incest stories while you masturbate call me!  I also enjoy role play and pretending to be any age girl for you; from Daddy’s girl, sister, babysitter, girl next door and the list goes on.  If you like sensual calls, romantic calls, rough sex, or even forced play, I’m open to it.  I’m open to all taboo phone sex scenarios without any restrictions.  Yes, that means I have no limits when it comes to satisfying your sexual urges and cravings.

Whether it’s a hot incest phone sex fantasy you’re looking for or you’d like to share your family fun experiences and stories, I’m the girl for you.  Call and tell me all about the naughty fun you’ve had and I’ll tell you about mine!  Can’t wait to hear from you and cum with you too!

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    It’s been too long since Dylan was a little whore for daddy MK and all his big black friends

  2. Dylan on at

    Way too long Daddy. We should do that again soon!

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