Coached Cum Eating Fantasy: Sister Blackmails Brother Role Play

Hey there all you incest phone sex lovers out there who love playing fantasy games on the phone with me!  It’s Jenna and I want to say that I have very much enjoyed getting to know all the cum eating phone sex sissy’s over the past several weeks. I must say; all you naughty perverts who love a good fucking with a strap on cock are a pleasure to play with! I love how many of you are afraid to eat your own cum. However, with a little coaching and coaxing from me, you always end up slurping it right up!  Yes, that’s right; deep down you know you’re destiny to gobble of that hot load of goo and you know it.

Brother sister phone sex role playing can be so much fun, especially if you have a brother like I had for a cum eating phone sex call just the other day! I’d love to share this incest fantasy with you and perhaps it will spark an interest in you that you’d like to play the same kind of role play too!

Little brother caught wearing sister’s panties

For this brother sister phone sex fantasy I was the big sister and my caller was my nosy little brother.  When I returned home after school I found him rustling through my panty drawer and playing with my big black strap on dong.  The fun part was that he had actually put on a pair of my lacy panties while continuing to snoop.

When I asked him what he was doing going through my drawers like that, all he could come up with was that he was he curious. In that moment I decide that this opportunity presented itself for me teach him a lesson and have a little fun, so why not!  I decided to blackmail him and tell him he has to do exactly what I tell him to do or I would tell our parents and all of his friends just what a panty wearing sissy boy he is.

Teaching nosy little brother a lesson

Of course my little brother surly didn’t want anyone to find out that he likes his sister’s panties, let alone that he enjoys riding my strap on cock. After a few minutes of contemplation, I began to explain to him that it was time he be taught a lesson for snooping in my panty drawer. His lesson would consist of me teaching via instruction on how to become a cum eating sissy.

His eyes are big with wonder as he watches me don my big black strap on cock. I climb on the bed, lay back and tell him to straddle my hips and climb on. I position my hand around the shaft of my black dong and point it straight up in the air awaiting his tight puckered hole.

Within seconds, much faster than I had anticipated, he climbed on plunged down right on my big fat strap on cock. I could tell he’s done this before he’s sliding up and down just like a pro! All while he is bouncing up and down on his sister’s strap on cock, his cock is standing straight out and dripping with pre-cum.

Sister blackmails brother fucking her strap on cock

I knew exactly what I was going to do next for this blackmail phone sex fantasy with my brother. While he’s enjoying my big strap on cock and feeling all the pleasures from it, I reach for my phone and start snapping several photos. First, close up pictures of his pink pussy stretched out around my strap on cock, then some of going up and down on its shaft.

I knew the pictures I wanted next were his cock squirting and him licking up the cream, so I took my hand and squeezed his cock. With a little tug I began giving him a nice hand job while he continued bouncing up and down my strap on cock. At the same time I worked his balls until the cum was boiling and ready to spew. I wanted to get the biggest load of hot sperm for him to lick up off my tummy and my fingers and knew this was just the way to do it.

Cum eating blackmail at it’s finest

After a few minutes he takes a break from his momentum and riding. I verbally praise him and tell him that he’s doing such a good job for a sissy, but to become a real sissy, he’s going to have to eat his own sperm. Immediately he says “no”. This is when I explain to him that if he doesn’t eat it, after I allow him to release his load that I will tell our parents. I will tell them all about his perverted ways and even show them, along with his friends, the photos of his man pussy stretch out around my strap on cock that I just took.

Of course he begs me not to have to eat it, so I begin to ease him into the thought of eating his own cum by scooping up the oozing pre-cum he has leaking from the tip of his mushroom head and make him lick it off. I ask him if he’s ready to cum and tell him to start bouncing and fucking himself with his sister’s strap on as I fiercely start jerking him off. I jerk and squeeze until his balls explode and cum shoots from his cock all over me!

Once his balls are empty I coach him off my strap on cock and to lick and suck up all the cream that sprayed out of his cock onto my belly. He’s on his hands and knees lapping up his jizz off my belly to end this cum eating phone sex call! And what an ending it was!

Lets customize the perfect fantasy to make you cum

If you like the thought of brother sister sex turn you on? It’s a hot taboo topic and always turns me on, but if you aren’t really into the strap on cock play, or even forced cum eating that’s okay. This is the beauty of brother sister phone sex fantasy play, we can customize your incest fantasy just the way you want it to go!

If you want to include blackmail into your phone sex fantasy, we can do that! We can do anything your perverted mind can come up with! If it’s incest, like this brother sister fantasy, we can do that, or if you like the idea of getting your man pussy fucked with my strap on cock, we can do that too!

Incest phone sex fantasy play, blackmail, forced cum eating, sissy slut training and even cock sucking cuckold play are all the things I enjoy with horny men who dial me. If your cock is standing at attention after reading this fantasy, then I think it’s time you pick up the phone and give me a call! I’m ready to make you cum harder than you have ever cum, or at least in a long time anyway. I’ll be waiting…

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